BBC Silent On the Biggest Animal Rights March in Recent History

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
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Thousands of concerned U.K. citizens gathered in London in late May 2017 to protest the Conservative Party’s position on the country’s fox hunting ban. This animal rights march will make history as the largest public protest during the general election campaign.

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    Protesters from across the U.K. gathered to voice their opinion regarding the Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to put fox hunting back on the agenda. May has stated that if the Conservatives win the General Election, she will offer Parliament a free vote on the issue. It will be up to Parliament to decide if they want to repeal the existing ban.

    “As it happens, I’ve always been in favor of fox hunting,” stated May during an interview.

    An alliance of anti-hunt campaign groups organized the march. In addition, many activists, including as actor Peter Egan, were involved. Egan spoke at the event.

    In addition to the large turnout at the animal rights march, over 130,000 have signed an online petition that seeks to find out where the running parliamentary candidates stand on fox hunting. The election will take place on June 8, 2017. Furthermore, some estimate that over 80% of the UK public want the fox hunt ban to remain.

    Former Prime Minister Tony Blair first banned the controversial country sport in 2004. You will understand why so many oppose this “sport” after reading the description below.

    Fox hunting is a horrifically cruel bloodsport that was outlawed in the UK in 2004, by the Labour government. In a hunt, a fox is chased by bloodhounds which, when the exhausted fox is caught, will rip the fox to shreds until it dies.

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