Battered Souls – A Podcast About Transformation with Dylan Charles – Episode #001

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Strange times we live in these days. The global pandemic and government lockdown s triggering a massive wave of fear, anxiety, grief, and stress. People just aren’t ready to deal with the fact that life isn’t all joy. It’s also terror, and the work of being human is to learn to balance these, so that inner peace, happiness and gratitude become the position from which we view the world. From here, nothing can shake us, and no matter happens we’re able to do what we’re here to do: evolve and serve.

After taking a long break from podcasting and a considerable mental break from this website in general, I’ve decided that now is a great time to get back to this format.

More than just about anything in this world I love people, and I love having open conversations about life and  illuminating those things which cause darkness. The ideas and shared thoughts that come out of long talks with friends and teachers are like milestones for me on my journey of personal growth, and there is so much to be shared with the world.

This the first episode of my new podcast, Battered Souls. It’s a free-form conversation with people I admire, believe in, respect, and feel have something to offer the world. It’s about personal transformation, and I’ve named it Battered Souls because all of the most enlightened people I know seem to have one thing in common, which is they all went through something in life that broke them down, pushed them beyond their limits, and challenged them to choose between giving up or evolving.

This first episode is a conversation with my personal medicine teacher, Jonathon Miller Weisberger. He is the author of the book Rainforest Medicine and for 20 years he has been serving the sacred medicine Ayahuasca in a traditional setting at his place Ocean Forest EcoLodge in Costa Rica.

This episode was recorded late 2019, and so the event we discuss has already come and gone. It was epic, by the way, and unfortunately all events this year have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Take a listen though, as there is much to be enjoyed in this one. Shamanic medicines are powerful tools for transformation, but they’re being misunderstood as they are pulled out of their traditional context, and this conversation brings some new perspectives to the larger talk about our world and how to heal it.

Enjoy, thank you, and be safe out there!


This is Battered Souls with Dylan Charles. In this episode I talk with ethnobotanist and author Jonathon Miller-Weisberger.

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