Baltic Amber as an Alternative to Baby Products Containing These 3 Harmful Toxins

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From teething rings to mattress pads and even baby toys, you might be exposing your infant to all kinds of toxic chemicals that interfere with their development and overall health. Just a few of the hundreds of toxins in mass-manufactured baby items include:

Organotin compounds: These chemicals used stabilize PVC. They are found in vinyl flooring, but also in baby toys made of hard plastic. They can cause hormonal changes and interrupt the endocrine system. You can read more about their toxic properties here.

Phthalates: this type of chemical is used to soften PVC plastic, especially in teething rings, and toys. Multiple peer reviewed studies have shown that phthalates can interrupt the development of the reproductive system, especially adversely affecting a male baby’s testicular health. The European Union (EU) does not allow phthalates in any of their products for this reason. The US does.

Bisphenol A (BPA): BPAs are often found in plastic cups, children’s toys and in the metal lids of jars and food containers. BPAs have been linked to cancer, hormonal disruption, heart disease and diabetes. The US has banned BPAs from baby feeding bottles but they still show up in US bottles and teething rings regularly.

  • As a natural solution to caring for their babies, people in the Baltic region of Europe have been using amber for centuries. Amber is not a stone, it is actually a fossilized resin which is high in succinic acid, a short chain fatty acid and a natural compound known to have anti-inflammatory affects as well as pain-reducing effects. You can find out more about amber for your baby, here.

    Baltic amber is especially high in this healing succinic acid (between 3-8%) and is both antibiotic and extremely soothing, so parents can skip the unhealthy chemicals found in teething toys and also even dismiss over the counter products, which only offer temporary relief. These amber ‘necklaces’ are even sold in European pharmaceutical stores as a natural alternative to relieving pain.

    The compounds in the amber are not only absorbed through the mouth when the baby sucks on the amber beads, but are also absorbed through the skin (via the body’s own heat) offering natural antiseptic and antibiotic benefits once absorbed into the blood. Succinic acids have also been shown to improve the immune system and reduce anxiety. Even adults can use Baltic amber to soothe their own frustrations.

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