Awake and Loving Is No Contradiction

Love-FireSoren Dreier, Guest
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Someone said to me the other day: “I feel like entering in a relationship will contradict my spiritual work, which I’m here to do, but sometimes I get so lonely.”

I don’t always get it, since I don’t subscribe to the decision making in this world that is either this or that. It is often both.

Deepak says: ‘Every love affair on this planet is a love affair with God’. It is since: Love is horizontal – out into this world, love is vertical – up into the celestial and love is both.

Maybe we fabricate opposites to keep ourselves safe against love and intimacy, because it is the most vulnerable place we can go.

It depends on where we’re coming from. We may have a history of betrayal, getting tricked, getting left behind. Maybe it was done to us, maybe we did it. But it’s history and we can’t let that define our further choices. It’s a loveless dead end street and we cannot prevail in such a place.

  • We know there is a lot of love out there still. The collective love vibe is picking up tremendous speed and the frequency is high. That’s really something. That’s really revolutionary. That is the glue that holds us together, It’s the water between the Isles. From muddy boots to shiny shoes: it impacts.

    We need that fuel since we’re pilgrims to this world. Sometimes our hearts sings: “And I can’t stay alone tonight.” When it does, when it calls, it seems like that high altitude metaphysical love doesn’t cut it anymore.

    We need it to manifest in the physical. We need the touch. We need eyes to disappear in. We need warm healing fingers up our spine. We need to hear a breathing beside us.

    There is a world of a difference in: Being alone or feeling alone, and I see new ripples on the water now. Many have been alone or are alone by choice. Very good. We need time-outs. All good. That is not what I’m targeting.

    But, everything moves in the rhythm of ebb and flow. Seasons for growth and seasons for rest.

    Collectively, it seems to shift now.

    Many good folks in Heart People County are about to tear down that wall of aloneness and go for the manifesting of personal/romantic love now. As noted before, when I first spotted that movement in the Ether, it transcends all Matrix definition of how relationships should be.

    There is no ‘should be’ in this field – because it’s a new field, that stretches from the etheric Avalon to the line at the supermarket counter. It has been magnetized and I think it would be a fair suggestion to say: Go for it, no matter what, as long as one can be loyal to the longing.

    In many ways, the spiritual warriors in this ‘put a torch to the Matrix’ gathering are cutting out new territories, sailing uncharted seas of new ideas, so brutally awakened from the ‘please bend over – here it comes’ bloody blatant abuses of the powers that be. Reflected maybe, in the blueprints of prior relationships that mirrored the matrix.
    That’s clearly within many good warriors’ burden baskets.

    But wasn’t that, way back when?

    We can’t define our future by the wounds of past time hurts. Maybe that ‘alone time’ – was the detaching from this.  We’re entering a new dawn of Valor, Honor, Truth, Generosity and all I know are pioneers.

    We now know that we can’t go back, it’s not an option, that this world is a Matrix of control, lies, abuse, and so on… it’s a reflection of hell on earth.

    We’re here to manifest an opposite side. We’re the yin in the yang.

    I see, feel and touch that fact, that we’re all doing a pretty good job – differences aside.

    I sincerely doubt that we can keep on keeping on without making the switch to recharge ourselves, and that is what I see: Good people starting to crumble and again, in a world of contradictions, it holds none: Love of it all and love in the eyes of the beloved.

    We need to personalize love again in Fucked Up City where love seems to be but an excuse for precisely the mechanical movements of bodies. New skin for the old ceremony.

    We need the personal soul to soul love more than ever. We need to receive it and we need to give it.

    If not, I fear we´re in for a colder year than is has to be.

    Never, never give up on love.

    ‘Awake and Loving’ holds no contradiction. Love should wake us all up in every form and shape.

    Let’s practice.

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