Avalon and The ‘Oneness’ Matrix

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In the introduction to this series on Avalon, I mentioned this as an idea for considering:

“We hardly ever encounter the same metaphysical reality package. Perceptions alter and transcend between shared reality and personal reality. Personal reality not to be understood as: Ego, but merging out of the conception differences in the soul resonance of the beholder.”

I would like to go more into those mechanics before I go Esoteric since the acknowledgement of a ‘shared’ reality and a ‘personal’ reality can be a bit controversial and at the same time the solution to getting there.

But I believe it is so and please note that personal doesn’t equal ego in this context. Personal is: You and me and our perceptional bandwidths.

What do we perceive with? Roughly spoken:

The Intellectual antenna, the Emotional antenna and the Physical antenna.

The Spiritual Antenna, defined as the merging between the thought, the feel and the physical impact of a metaphysical reality which I would like to label: The Celestial Force.

  • The Movies:

    Movies are one of the best venues for practicing and experiencing  shared and personal universes…

    Movies are very interesting,  they present a universe often described as: ‘The Universe of the Director’ since he is the one visualizing it. Maybe that’s why the scriptwriter and the director often argue; they are in the process of making a shared universe as a construct for the audience to behold.  A genuine personal universe visualized and laid out there – a very vulnerable and brave deed.

    Movies are very good emotional massage therapists and I often use them that way and plug into their universe and bypass my own. That’s what kids do, right? They think its real. I had to teach myself that again.

    So actually, movies are a good way to practice and allow others’ interpretations of reality in their context to take the stage and allow our own reality to take a couple of steps back. Very healthy in this: ‘It’s my reality that’s interesting´ – Yang, that most peoples hype.

    But the mechanic in that is that the movie has to draw us in, and it can only do so if we can identify with the story and the people in the movie at some level. If a movie offers no identification, it can’t hook us and frankly it will bore the living daylight out of us.

    So there has to be a mechanic of: Shared reality, Personal reality and Archetypes. Archetypes are the main characters playing the leading role. That is one of the reasons that it’s more or less the same 15 actors who cash in box office wise because they embed the shared reality of being a ‘Man’ or a ‘Woman’. Either as icons on the silver screen or for their private lives.

    Ingmar Bergman the Swedish director said in an interview, and I have to quote from memory: “Movies are the only media that resemble the sub-conscious. You have to go into a very dark room and the ‘reality’ of that universe you are about to experience will be projected with a ray of light and it becomes reality because the experience of that is just like the mind works.” I think he is right on that.

    So we can have 500 people watching the same movie and interview them after and find that the experience had 500 interpretations, some of the high impact emotional scenes will maybe be shared, but the details on the rest will very much differ.

    So be it for the reality outside the theater: The 3D movies we all experience and are the main character in, we define as our: living Reality.

    Spiritually we have The Oneness. I like to use the movies as an example of what we’re dealing with before entering the Avalon Mystery.

    People go: ‘We are all One’

    Okay, really? Well, do you also feel like we are all one? And most people stop and go: Whut?

    It’s very easy to incorporate that phrase: ‘We are all One’ to the intellect but if it stays in the intellect its only another ‘show-off’ sentence that the mind parrots. It has no feel to it and its easily spotted. Very hollow and thats what I’m aiming at.

    Consider beginning to feel the oneness. A whole other ballgame and not many travel that pathway. Many try to bargain it with: ‘Yes I feel one with this crowd’.

    Ok that’s very good but it’s tribal consciousness. Me, us and them. That illusion has gone totally berserk since the evolvement of new age spirituality from the seventies and up till now.

    An illusion, a safe haven, a comfort zone, since the ‘feel’ of oneness will start to evolve genuinely when we expand it to: The people we don’t necessarily dig.

    In the start of this, if you’re on that challenge right now: You don’t have to loooove them the sticky way, know what I’m saying – just don’t use them as an excuse to feel safe where you are and with whom your identifying. It’s a spiritual stupid man’s trap.

    Yes and I did say: We don’t have to love them, just know that they are there and we don’t even have to label them as low or high frequency, which is just judgments passed still, not granted by the framework of the eternal Dao.

    And it’s a misconception of the Dao, The Dao just says: There is no right and wrong – There are high and low frequencies. That’s not endorsing the labeling – that is a request to stop judging in any way and be silent and listen to the sound of water.

    So most of the: ‘we are all one hype’ well, it might be good to state but one has to work it out emotionally and physically too.

    I think there are 333 people on this planet that have incorporated the: ‘Oneness’ as a force and a state of mind-feel-body in them. They are not on the Internet and on blogs – they don’t have to be. They are One with it…

    So lets sober up a bit – acknowledge different perceptual bandwidths in a shared reality with the scent of you and me, and the almond scent of Avalon, since we have not transcended into 5D yet on a personal level.

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