Are You and I from Outer Space?

Phillip Schneider, Assistant Editor
Waking Times

You are the bridge between Spirit and Matter, between Creator and Creation – Ken Carey

That is my favorite line from a book called The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey, a spiritual teacher who published this particular book all the way back in 1982. I’m not much for some of the ideas expressed in his book, particularly the 2012 predictions because so many of them have been proven totally false given the passage of time. But nevertheless, I’m enthused by a lot of the spiritual teachings in books such as this.

Think about the idea of the Starseed for a moment. The concept in short, is the idea that there exist people living on this planet right now whose souls, if you like, originated from somewhere out in the cosmos. It could be an appeal to the ego – “well you just don’t understand because you’re not spiritually evolved like me”, or it could be a completely legitimate and real phenomenon. Who knows?

  • It’s things like this that rattle my mind. I love thinking outside the box and experimenting with new ideas to figure out which work and which don’t. Of course, you can take this too far and get lost in the ideological weeds (as you can with any belief system), or you can use it to stretch your mind and accept that you don’t, and will never have all of the answers.

    Regardless, I think that it is important to have some basis of purpose and intent within “that which we do not know” – the spiritual side of life, if you like. Our generation (mainly Westerners) are the first since the dawn of human civilization to so lack this connection with the spirit, with some form of higher purpose and divinity in life.

    Even if you the reader don’t believe in this sort of thing, you can at least acknowledge the impact that having this kind of purpose has on the morale and ethics of any given person. If you think that life is just as it is, then why not do whatever you want? It’s your life, so damn the consequences! That’s essentially the Satanic view of life, whereas more spiritual observers prefer to see existence as a hopeful progression toward something better.

    The universe bends toward justice! – Martin Luther King Jr. used to say.

    And it was a spiritual path that he took indeed, becoming a pastor in his early 20’s and later attempting to fulfill God’s vision of a free and unified people, able to fight for liberty side by side without the shackles of racism binding them down to one of the lowest forms of human existence.

    Spiritual ideas such as these do inevitably take the form of physical action which in turn progresses us all forward. Of course, without the weight of the world as it is at least partially grounding you to some sort of stability and focus, it is entirely possible to get lost in spiritual ideas and lose yourself to the abyss of “that which we do now know.” I’ve personally seen people go down this road and it’s very unhealthy. But without at least a little of both as-it-is reality, and spiritual wonder, life can be a meaningless and confusing ride.

    So, I implore to think about it this way: that asking the question is indeed to answer it. That simply asking the questions that spark wonder in your mind, fire in your heart, or a feeling in your jellies, is to progress as a living, thinking human being. We would be nowhere without new ideas that break the mould of modern conceptual thinking.

    So, I ask you again, might one of us really descend from somewhere out there in the cosmos? Or is life “as-it-is” just much too simple for our minds to accept? It doesn’t really matter the answer, as long as you ask the question, and consider the possibility that you could be wrong.

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    Phillip Schneider is a student as well as a staff writer and assistant editor for Waking Times. If you would like to see more of his work, you can follow him on the pro-free speech social network Minds.

    This article (Are You and I from Outer Space?) was originally created by Phillip Schneider and is re-posted with permission.

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