Are Psychics Real? Different Types of Psychic Skills and How to Identify Scam Artists

Psychic Skills

Sofia Adamson, Staff Writer
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Parapsychology, sometimes known as psi, deals with the study of psychic phenomenon. This mental phenomenon cannot be explained by the common laws of science and hence has been the central topic of many studies conducted by prominent researchers. From Freud to William James, all have been mystified by the workings of psychic readings and elements. Some scientists have even worked vigorously to prove psychic readers as frauds. So naturally, one tends to wonder: are psychics real? And if yes, how can you identify a genuine one from the fraudulent kinds?

If you are wondering the same, then you have come to the right place! Let’s find out!

  • Are Psychics Real?

    The first scientist to publicly be psi-friendly was a psychologist by the name of Daryl Ben, who conducted a set of experiments in 2011 and presented a paper on the art of free psychic reading. The paper was so controversial that even some of Bem’s colleagues proclaimed that the study was a hoax. Some humored him but also asked him to prove his claim with a more substantial method than the social-science technique that he had employed. This event was followed by an additional study carried out by Etzel Cardena, a parapsychology researcher, who supported Bem’s findings. She proposed the use of the Ganzfeld procedure to test the verifiability of psychic elements.

    Ganzfeld Procedure

    In the Ganzfeld Procedure, subjects are blindfolded and kept in a soundproofed room. They are then asked to describe a film clip, which they have not seen before. The film clip is often played in the adjacent room simultaneously. Interestingly, the meta-analyses of the Ganzfeld Procedure supported the psi hypothesis, thereby, offering significant backup to psychic effects.

    Thus, scientific studies have consistently supported psychic phenomenon and have not ruled out the possibility of the occurrences to be fake. This discovery also means that psychics are real too! Even though the matter is still up for debate and there are compelling arguments from both ends, it finally boils down to the fact that it is a matter of belief that proves psychic phenomenon to be real or false.

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    Different Types of Psychic Skills

    Apart from being mystical, psychic abilities are also intuitive in nature. Psychic mediums are capable of extrasensory perception, which means that they have highly developed senses and that goes beyond our regular sense of taste, smell, sight, audition, and touch. Psychic skills can be broadly classified in the following four categories:


    Clairvoyance means clear sight or inner seeing. This gift is by far the most well-known psychic ability. However, it is also not clearly understood by commoners who do not possess this gift. Clairvoyants often describe this skill as the ability to watch events unfold like a movie playing in the head. Some psychics can only see subtle references in their vision while some can have a full-fledged premonition.


    Clairsentience means the ability to feel clearly. Someone who possesses this skill can receive messages through emotions, physical sensations, or feelings. Some clairsentients are strong empaths. They can easily pick up the moods, emotions, and feelings of those around them, which can be harmful if these emotions are negative. Adverse emotions can leave the clairsentient feeling drained, overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted.


    Clairaudience implies clear hearing. A clairaudient can receive messages intuitively that cannot be heard from physical ears. Thus, in simple words, clairaudience can be considered as inner hearing. In clairaudience, a small voice inside can be your guiding light. Clairaudients have the capacity even to hear sounds associated with spirits. Some clairaudients can hear their own voice telling them things while others can hear the voice of the real speaker inside their head.


    Claircognizance is the ability to be aware of something without any logical or factual connection. It indicates clear or inner knowing. These instincts can be very strong and randomly appear in your stream of thought. Claircognizance is not just limited to psychics but touches our lives in some ways too. What we call “gut feeling” is a classic case of experiencing claircognizance.


    How to Identify Scam Artists

    If you wish to experience a true psychic phenomenon, you need to know the tricks that separate the genuine psychics from the fraudsters. Here are some ways to spot a scam artist:

    They Make High Assertions

    True psychic mediums know that their powers have some limitations. Thus, if someone claims to give you a 100% guarantee on your psychic reading, they are clearly pulling wool over your eyes. The future is not set in stone, and a single chain of events can transform the future. Even genuine psychic mediums are aware of this uncertainty and will not boast of such a claim.

    They Claim to Remove Curses

    Dud psychics will try to lure you by offering to remove a curse on you. In reality, many psychics offer assurances that there is no such thing as curses. And if there aren’t any curses, the only thing that you would lose would be a thick wad of cash!

    They Claim to Help You Find Love

    Is there a psychic who says that they can help you win the love of your life? Someone who says that they can transform your unrequited love into a two-way traffic is clearly a sham. While real psychics may have a bunch of gifts, controlling people’s will is not one of them.

    They Ask Too Many Questions

    Instead of assuaging your doubts and queries, scam artists concentrate more on extracting information from you. Thus, your session with them would mostly revolve around them asking leading questions. Some fake psychics can also gain insight through your appearances or the emotions.

    They Project Themselves as Superhuman

    Sure psychic abilities are a gift, but if your reader claims to have supernatural abilities or extrasensory perception that sounds simply fantabulous, then chances are that it is just a marketing gimmick to attract more clients. Even psychic gifts have boundaries.

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