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Is it true that nothing is going to change until the people change? Years ago I heard a smart old lady say, “People never change… they just become ‘more so’. I objected when I heard her words… that’s not true! But now, having been through more than a few decades, I can look back and see the very same person that was little me, present all of this time; picking up info, putting it to use, learning, falling down, searching for more info, getting back up… returning to Self again and again, with more information.

It seems to me that the original goes walking in a spiral… growth, yes; change, yes, but then again… how do we change. If you look at it from a backwards in time perspective, the original is simply becoming ‘more so’. Stuart Wilde used to teach that everything is backward, and we are living from the end to the beginning. It’s a strange thing to try and wrap your mind around, but for the first time I can actually see something of that process in my own life.

I was raised in a religious environment, and that conditioning used to bother me… but I have to give it to my higher self. I chose the right parents and the right environment. Conditioning doesn’t have to box you in… you can take the jewels and leave the box. One of my childhood jewels was a verse from the Psalms: “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

  • The only thing wrong with that is the presumption of separation. As we gain information and evolve, we come to realize that no one or nothing outside of us is going to create that clean heart or renew that spirit… we are the creators and the renewers. Humans are not separate from the divine, and I think ‘little me’ knew that intrinsically. The conditioning of this world turns it all upside down, inside out, but our evolutionary impulse takes us to the truth: it compels us there by a desire to feel right again… that ‘right spirit’.

    My intention in this writing is to talk about imagining the future… holding a dream in place. What’s the point of that? Well, for one thing, it recognizes and validates our power. ‘Inevitability’ is an interesting tool of the control system. It wants us to believe its architecture of darkness is inevitable, and that future worlds must fit into one of the patterns that already exist. Not true, if we say so.

    Life in this 3-D matrix steadily exerts pressure to compromise, adapt, get broken in or make an ‘agreement’. It threatens, berates, teases, tempts, misleads, bribes, shames and traumatizes. If the ‘more so’ notion is correct, I guess it would follow that all along there have been some really nasty incarnations growing up to be ‘more so’. They’re now running the show. The matrix itself is also becoming ‘more so’ – more confining, more restricting, more deadly.

    But the good news is, it’s also weakening. The best laid plans have an end point, and we can surely see that. The current system is taking itself out by its own limited vision, and there is help in the take-down as well. The forces of light are intensifying. We are playing a part; helping by refusing to buy what they’re selling: the ideas, the version of history, the notion of separation, the top-down hierarchy. We’re not buying it.

    A friend and I were talking about the great teachers who visited and took on a few pupils in the Western world in the early 20th century. The essence of their teaching was self knowledge. Humans are the divinity, the power and the wisdom. Humans are also the darkness and destruction. The information brought by these teachers ignited some light that couldn’t be put out, and in the decades that followed more and more people began to realize that the light was within, and the power was within as well.

    We may want to look at this arrival of higher consciousness as completely new information, but it really is ancient and esoteric… hidden or forgotten knowledge that is spiraling around again. One would have to presume that the information has evolved; naturally updated for the time we are living in. Humans have experienced much over thousands of years; a ‘yang-style’ matrix has been built and I would think that’s quite a unique addition to the empirical knowledge of what is… we now know what happens when the masculine and feminine fall so badly out of balance.

    So the question now becomes… if we are into the clean heart and right spirit can we live here without being harmed or broken? Can we Be? The battle becomes one to keep the Essence real – not hiding or dodging, not slippery or shifty, not fearful or guilty, but balanced and unbroken. It takes both undoing and doing. We’re all learning and evolving from our experiences, and compassion for ourselves is primary: we need to be our first love.

    I’ve talked before about there being no judgment, and there isn’t. Divine unconditional love does not judge; pure awareness does not judge. What that means is that there is no superiority, no specialness. No preference for the ‘really really good’ over the ‘really really evil’. So what’s the point of walking the warrior’s way? It’s natural, we’re nature, it takes us to our love, it feels better, it’s a return to the divine and to balance.

    ‘No judgment’ doesn’t mean that the negative energies that we’ve put out there won’t come back to us. There is a karma loop. We can imagine the karma loop as the wake of a speedboat. We’re going to come across those waves as our ‘stuff’ coming back to us. For those of us who are into evolving, the waves can be met with gratitude, i.e. here comes my opportunity to right a wrong, transmute a weakness or overcome a fear.

    The architecture of darkness: we’ve been living within it and we know it well… deceit, fear, cold heart, and the ego’s tower of separation and specialness. The notion of separation is leaving as the light increases, and as it does, the matrix loses its greatest deception.

    So what would the architecture of light look like? Do we have to imagine that, or is it already forming? It certainly wouldn’t have any height or elevation… no big egos or special people. It would have a very deep and strong infrastructure… ancient knowledge, vastly older than this yang domination of the past few thousand years. It would be so connected… we may find that we don’t need the Internet for that connection. Peoples, tribes, small groups, larger groups… all individuals knowing that ‘I am one with the divine, and with all that is’. Wow, I enjoy these lovely thoughts.

    It’s well within the realm of possibility, to my mind at least, that we’re going to sustain more karmic waves incoming, and they will be the return of collective deeds, not individual ones. Although we might think and act as individuals, we still live in a location and are still part of a collective. So we do need to strengthen ourselves; and be prepared to receive even these waves as opportunities to make right, transmute and overcome.

    There’s a song that begins with the words, “I believe the children are our future.” Yes, of course they are. When we look upon them as the light that they are, protect them from the notion of separation, and teach them to love themselves, they’ll have what they need to continue creating the architecture of the light. Let’s dedicate ourselves to our evolution, and to being ever ‘more so’.

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