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There are times when we say, “No one will ever truly know me but me.” I suppose those are the moments we would call lonesome or melancholy. Still, when it comes to being known, we may shut down a little too quickly. I think there is more ‘knowing’ going on than we realize, considering how our individual universes intermingle, when we love.

Our joy is found in creating, and we offer our creations to others of the One that is all of us… for the good, we intend, to heal our separations. As we talk about oneness and even attempt to live in alignment with the concept, it’s obvious that thousands of years won’t be overcome in one giant leap. Respect is a great place to begin, though.

Today’s story focuses on the Western matrix programming with regard to sex, and the woman’s role in the downfall of man. Other cultures and religions have a different story of the origin of humans, an uplifted role of the woman, and a much more advanced view as to what enlightenment can be achieved in lovemaking.

That said, I’m ready to get into today’s subject, even as I wonder how to express it. It’s about the ‘sin of Eve’ and the fall of man. There has been so much written on that story… knowledge of good and evil, the separation from God, death coming in, pain in childbirth, the required blood sacrifice… can we benefit from a slightly different take on it?

  • One of the often-heard scenarios is that the experience of sex was the ‘fruit’ that Eve offered Adam. So we are to believe that God wanted sexless humans but he made them with all the body parts for reproduction. The story told to me had the effect of making sex into something sinful, the woman into someone wicked, and God into an all-powerful male being who kept two pet humans in a garden. What nonsense. Maybe we can do better.

    Nearly 30 years ago I read an article with a bit more sense. In essence it stated that the ‘serpent’ whispered to Eve, “You don’t have to wait until you’re fertile… you and Adam can have sex whenever you want. You know you love to be close to him. God was wrong about that ‘only when you’re intending to reproduce’ rule. Go tell Adam… he’ll be so happy.”

    To re-use Leonard Cohen’s words: From his lips she drew the ‘hallelujah’. “We are separate,” she whispered. “We need this.” Adam agreed and there began the downfall. They were ashamed and hid from God.

    If we are to buy the story, this version would be a more logical choice. Eve’s whisper seems so honest and true, natural and human. It still doesn’t relieve her of the blame and the stigma though, and I wonder about that. There’s still something so off-kilter about this.

    Here’s what I took note of just during the past week: a television evangelist expressed concern about women getting ‘clean’; a pundit announced that civilization failed when women and their vaginas were allowed in the workplace; a political candidate told us that women who have sex before marriage are like ‘filthy dishrags’.

    It appears that for a long time, and I mean a Long time, the woman’s sexuality has been something of a torment… not just because of the Bible story, but a torment for real. Virgins and prostitutes are very clean or very filthy. Faithful wives or girlfriends… these women are not tormenting but their motives are sometimes suspect. Mothers who don’t seem at all sexual are wonderful. Women who don’t fit the stereotypes are inviting, frustrating, disgusting, exciting… who knows.

    Just for the exercise of it, let’s say that the whisper of Eve is true. Could Eve or Adam have projected their moment of decision into the future and known that unleashed desire would lead to patriarchy, repression of her sexuality, misuse of his, and worse: pedophilia, bestiality, and nauseating horrors that we have no difficulty referring to as satanic? I wouldn’t imagine so, but let’s look.

    From my own experience and observation, I would say that feeling is more on the feminine side of the duality, and desire on the masculine. I’m talking about feeling in the physical sense in this case… the touch, the embrace, the feel of his physical presence. So I can envision Eve as having a true need for that ‘feeling’ of him far more often than during her fertile time. The desire of Adam would lean more toward the sensation of orgasm, so she offered him the perfect agreement… her receptivity.

    In his writings about the Triune Self, Harold Percival says that feeling and desire are the doer part of the human being, separated ages ago from the thinker and knower parts, and he points to this separation as the fall of man, a separation from what he calls the realm of permanence. I’ve thought about this and wondered if he refers to the same separation from God as the Adam and Eve story, minus the guilt and blame. While I’m no scholar, it does seem to me that we’re talking the same story.

    It’s a lot to grasp… if the descent into the ‘feeling and desire’ physical body was brought about by the magnetic attraction of feminine receptivity. Receptivity is natural, beautiful, essential and not contrived. So is desire for pleasurable sensations. But wow… in this world we can see where both have been used for power and control to a terrible end. Quite a devolution.

    Surely we did not go through all of this only to say oops, that was a mistake, let’s go back to the ‘only when we’re intending to reproduce’ model. We now have the knowledge of good and evil: can’t take it back.

    Since, in this age of uncovering the truth of ourselves, we’re realizing that ‘I Am in God – God Is within me’, then we are no longer hiding from God as were Adam and Eve. The return is here. Acting as ‘I Am’ and ‘God Is’, decisions to change would not be errors, but rather a means of the Divine ‘self knowing’.

    Let’s just say that Adam and Eve could not have separated from God, since God is what they were. And there are no mistakes. If they gave up conscious awareness of their divinity intentionally, not out of weakness but for a purpose, what could that purpose be other than to learn from an experience?

    It seems we are returning to doing, thinking and knowing, as in a spiral, not as uninformed as we were before. We’ve had a profound experience of the extremes humans will go to with regard to the sexual urge… we’ve seen it all. We know.

    So, where are we now? I believe there is both a physical and a spiritual need to ease separation, or be ‘known’ in a deeper sense with our bodies. In other words, a natural, healthy, loving cultivation of the sexual urge can lead to more than procreation: our baby is a new human, or, our baby is a new creation… in either case it’s the trinity, and that implies movement.

    Stuart Wilde talked about human beings separating into two evolutions and it often looks like that is happening. We choose to be far away from the unbridled degeneracy… although it still exists. Our conversations are more about the masculine and feminine polarities within the individual coming into greater balance, with men no longer reluctant to experience the softness of feeling, and women no longer holding desire at bay due to fear or shame. And we’re filled with respect for each other. That seems pretty darn divine to me.

    If Eve set us on this trek, I don’t think it was satan who whispered to her… I think it was her receptive nature speaking with her divine wisdom. Together they were imagining a more perfect garden.

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