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During a recent equinox celebration, I was urged to create a very specific meditation process that was focused on multidimensional healing, and particularly in re-connecting with and healing the ancestral patterns within us. In the process of structuring the meditative journey, I was drawn to look with fresh eyes at the indigenous practices of honouring ancestors in all the work that they do.

How many of us understand at a visceral level that the vast numbers of ancestors who have gone before us are all connected both in our bodies as well as in the collective unconscious? Our very physical existence on this planet, right now, is as a consequence of the lives of all those who have lived before. Perhaps, like me, you’d never really thought of it this way before.

In the way of the most divine synchronicity, a friend sent me notice of a lecture presentation just as I was about to start recording the meditation, and I smiled to read the words as they echoed exactly what I was guided to work with and to convey. The lecture topic was, “Remembering our Ancestors – healing the past” by a world renowned author and Psychotherapist, Roger Woolger. Here’s what he says in his introduction:

Ancestral memories are part of us all; traditionally the universal memory has been called the akasha or the anima mundi (world soul). Jung called it the collective or transpersonal unconscious and repeatedly urged us to take more responsibility for the collective psychic imprints of mass traumas – of war, famine, addictions, sexual exploitation, slavery, poverty, oppression, mass migration etc that have afflicted all our histories for many, many centuries.

  • In this lecture Roger describes a powerful way in which not just individuals but also small and large groups can practice Ancestral Field Work to clear these destructive residues and help heal the collective psychic wounds afflicting mankind today.

    Your ancestral lineage is embedded or coded into your DNA, and the imprints continue to impact in many ways on your life today. You are literally a compilation of all the beliefs and experiences of those who have gone before you, coloured through the lens of your own soul and its imprints. DNA activation is not just about awakening star lineages, memories from ancient and advanced civilisations like Atlantis, Lemuria etc. It is also about recognising and honouring the very real human beings who have passed through this life – they all exist within you. Their lives, their joys, hopes, sorrows and loves sit within numerous codes at the very heart of who you are.

    This perhaps gives a new perspective on the concept of oneness and unity. All that IS, is also everyone who has ever passed through this life and it all converges within you.

    Consider for a moment how deeply connected we are with each other through the ancestral lineages, more so than we realise. For instance, if you had to mathematically calculate how many direct ancestors there would have been in the 13th century based on the number of people alive today, there would have to have been 80 billion human beings alive on the planet then. This is clearly not the case, and what this means is the we have far more in common than we perhaps thought – we have common lineage and common DNA.

    Taking this further, as we heal one aspect of our ancestral coding, this energetic change is imprinted into the collective energy fields. That same DNA that exists in at least 50 other people is also healed, and awakening is catalysed in others. This healing is our service of love to humanity. To remember who we are is to acknowledge All that we are.

    When I connected in to my guiding ancestors, I could see and hear multitudes, thousands of ancestral beings standing by just waiting to be a part of this process. They are your ancestors clamouring to be reconnected, to be heard – it was quite a cacophony of noise!!

    It is known and told in the shamanic traditions that a shaman can’t take his gifts with him when he passes on. He can however continue to guide and support those working with the gifts in human embodiment.

    So it is with the ancestors. They are waiting to be heard and to also be healed. Among them are many thousands of evolved and aware souls waiting to share their wisdom and knowledge and to work with us to move humanity forward. They honour your journey and your life and are just waiting to support you.

    Our healing is their healing. What they learned WE can bring to life. Hear their call stirring deep ancestral memories within you, feel the truth of their being resonating in the very cells of your body.

    Where there are qualities we feel we may be lacking in this life, we can find these qualities within our ancestral lineage. If you want more courage, peace, love, strength, intuition, patience, guidance – whatever it is that you seek is within you. It is the age old spiritual wisdom. It all exists through your DNA and its links with the rest of life on this planet.

    At this time, we have the opportunity to stand in a place of balance and love, poised energetically to hold our past within the light of the future, so that we can bring in a new dimension of healing. Only we can do this. The psychic and energetic imprints of recent and past humanitarian traumas affect all of humanity.

    Our very life is more important than we realise. This is our purpose.

    The Diamond Equinox Healing meditation was created, not just for use at the equinox, but to continue to use as we deepen our healing and help humanity to awaken. It is one of the free meditations offered by Diamond Light World at:

    As we focus on reconnecting our ancestral links, healing the damaged imprints, and strengthening the diamond bridge that connects us all, we become the change that we wish to see in the world.

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    Julie is an energy therapist and international teacher of a number of spiritual development and energy awareness programs. She is the founder of The Diamond Light Grid Alignment, a system of advanced vibrational alignments for restoring energy field integrity and a higher level of balance. The Diamond Light Grid facilitates spiritual growth and soul wholeness in a very down to earth, modern way with updated practices from the ancient world.

    Julie also facilitates a number of hands-on Diamond development and other spiritual expansion workshops.

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