An Awakening in Darkest Africa

Linda Smith
Waking Times

I am a white African, privileged to have spent my youth in one of Central Africa’s most magnificent countries. A country founded by and named after Cecil John Rhodes.

I grew up in an environment where being strong was the only option available to me. I never believed the media’s version of events and I innately knew they were far from the truth.

I watched magnificent and prosperous African countries being torn apart and I witnessed prosperity being converted into poverty.

My close friend, Dr Credo Mutwa, the great South African Sangoma (Shaman), told me about the earlier years when missionaries arrived. Under the auspices of doing good they alienated rural communities from their natural ways and traditional beliefs. They instilled the fear of death in people who had previously accepted death as the natural cycle of life. After these missionaries had spied out the lay of the land, merchants were sent in and then the military arrived.

In Northern Rhodesia, on the Copperbelt where I lived, the towns were hacked out of dense bush. Here the African people outnumbered the Europeans by many thousands. Over weekends the night sky filled with the rhythmic tribal thumping of skin drums. Those were the days when the song ‘In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight’ regularly came over the radio and I felt the thrill and exuberance of living in Central Africa.

Here everyone lived peacefully and abundantly; of beggars and crime we knew nothing. Life was idyllic, wild and adventurous, good and uncomplicated. When we viewed our future we could see into forever.

The Federation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland1 was ruled by Britain, its colonial overseer. Britain established systems of divide and conquer. Their political manipulations infiltrated and twisted the minds of the innocent who were used as mere pawns to further the careers of political puppets whose strings were pulled by major players in games of Socialism, Communism, Marxism and Democracy.

  • In recent years I learned how the British Intelligence positioned into big companies, those who, with false identities and fictitious histories, lived lives of luxury when in fact, they should have been tried for war crimes against humanity. These ruthless puppets held on short strings, manipulated business to their master’s bidding.

    Even as a child, I felt appalled when Britain, who had pledged that the Federation would never be split up, orchestrated its demise. After a lifespan of only ten years the Federation was dissolved at the end 1963. In July 1964 Nyasaland, a poor and overpopulated country with little potential or resources became known as Malawi. Under Hastings Banda, its Ghanaian dictator president, the ‘freed and liberated’ Malawian population were ruled with a fearsome rod.

    On 24 October 1964, United Nations Day, our Northern Rhodesian flag was replaced with the flag of Zambia. Our democratically elected President Kenneth Kaunda, with his one-party state, led our prosperous country along the path of Socialism to economic ruin.

    Southern Rhodesia became known as Rhodesia. Its’ Prime Minister, the Honourable Ian Douglas Smith who had the courage to stand up against the world, declared The Unilateral Declaration of Independence on Armistice Day 1965.

    The now despised Britain, working to its own agenda would not let go. For over a decade Rhodesians of all races defended their country in the bloody and brutal bush-war. The puppet soldiers of opposing political parties, financed by foreign interests, fought against Smith’s regime. All their efforts contributed to the victory of their common political enemy. The sanctions imposed by multi-national organisations proved to be a blessing and led to an explosion of self-development.

    However, interference from neighbouring and overseas countries eventually brought Rhodesia to its knees. The 1980 rigged election brought the Jesuit educated Marxist Robert Mugabe into power. Rhodesia became known Zimbabwe.

    Britain, holding no responsibility for the mayhem it initiated, sailed home, blameless and innocent.

    The freedom for which the various political parties fought never materialised and opposition were soon crushed. In the early 1980s tens of thousands of Zimbabwe’s Ndebele citizens, deprived of the right to own or carry weapons, were mercilessly slaughtered by Mugabe’s Korean trained Fifth Brigade soldiers.

    Illegal farm seizures and business and mining takeovers turned the breadbasket of Africa into an empty and desperate begging bowl. The government now owns just about everything and the people barely own anything.

    The Congo’s recent history reveals that during19th century the great explorers, David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley who had worked for King Leopold II of Belgium, negotiated the signing of treaties with the local primitive population for its untapped mineral resources.

    Until stopped, Leopold reigned over the Congo’s rubber plantations with a heavy and cruel rod. The Belgian government then established itself as the Congo’s colonial overseer.

    As political awareness dawned in the Belgian Congo African people began to break from tribal authority and various political parties were formed.

    The ‘rumblings in the jungle’ started in 1948 and the ever-present tribal tensions erupted. In acts of barbarism whole villages were massacred. In 1959 riots erupted. The Congolese demanded immediate emancipation from their Belgian overseers. Key Belgians who were well known to us who lived across the border on the Copperbelt were hung ‘to be an example’ to the Belgians.

    On 30 June 1960 Belgian having submitted to the pressure placed on it by the United Nations and America, granted the Congo its Independence. The situation went from bad to worse and on my ninth birthday, Sunday 11 July, to escape the horrors, thousands of Belgian’s fled across the border into Northern Rhodesia. Their endless convoy snaked into Southern Rhodesia and down into South Africa. We watched as many of these desperate and possessionless people were loaded into Hercules aircraft and flown to various destinations to ease the load on the Copperbelt.

    The United Nations was brought in to keep the peace. Under the direction of Dag Hammarskjold2 the Swedish Secretary-General, the United Nations manoeuvred to destroy Moise Tshombe, the legitimate leader of the Congo’s mineral rich seceded Katanga province. Fifty years on, while the Congolese have known little peace or prosperity, mining has continued unabated.

    Rwandans met a similar fate. In a mere 100 days, one million Rwandan citizens were slaughtered in a government-sponsored massacre. Neither the United States government nor the United Nations made any attempt to assist the innocent. However, the mining industry continues to flourish regardless of chaos that reigns.

    Mocambique3, a country built up by Portuguese settlers, tells a similar story of chaos, war and demise.

    South West Africa colonised by Germany, then overseen by South Africa, also experienced a needless bloody war before being handed over to Namibian rule.

    South Africa where I was born was also colonised by Britain who won the Boer war through acts of cowardice. They rounded Boer women and children up and left them to perish in tens of thousands in concentration camps. African people who remained loyal to their Boer employers also perished in concentration camps.

    Here, Britain initiated the process of divesting the African population of their rights, which was continued by the Nationalist government under their Apartheid policy.

    Now, under majority rule, the South African government is brazenly directing this country’s wealth into its own coffers. With it’s vastly expanding business interests, endless corruption and devouring taxes the general population is being driven to poverty.

    It is apparent that an evil and conniving hand orchestrates atrocities against humanity. When I connect the dots I notice that global governments, religious institutions, organisations of authority, and big business plot together against humanity in games of ‘divide and conquer’.

    It has become clear to me that we do not elect governments; they elect themselves. They do not work for us; they work against us.

    I have noticed that because people have become so mesmerised by political distractions they do not see the big picture. Because they focus on the antics of the puppet politicians they do not see the puppeteers hiding in the rafters.

    Even though I initially felt that I was walking a lonely path, always wondering how I could find the answers, in the late 1990s I was fortunate to watch a video titled Robots Rebellion by David Icke. I was delighted to learn that there are brave souls out there who are successfully uncovering and exposing the global manipulations designed to cause the downfall and total control of humanity.

    It has been my great privilege to support David and to become a close friend to him. I am ever grateful for David’s relentless efforts to expose the truths that are bringing an end to draconian rule on Earth.

    Linda Smith
    Durban, South Africa

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