A Righteous Cause

righteous cause

Freefall, Guest
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As much as anything else, the enemy wants us spiritually compromised. When I launch into my tirades to the troops, invariably I have an awakened veteran give me a bad time about it. He still hasn’t forgiven himself and this detracts from his ability fight for the cause in the way he was meant to do so. You’re not supposed to wait for the next phase; you’re supposed to do what you can to wake up enough of this current batch of “king’s men” so it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m not sure a better world has ever been created after a bloodbath.

These wars are also about fighting for a lost cause because that does something negative to the soul of a soldier also. They either spend the rest of their lives lying to themselves and believing the lies from others about how they “fought for freedom” or at some point they choose to face the music.

  • The first step for all of us who will ever awaken is to admit that we were duped. It’s just that the consequences of a soldier’s actions are most extreme, especially on a spiritual level.

    But we need you to come back now—come back to yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and forgive yourself for the ignorance of youth. You were just given the opportunity to do more damage than most of us (as I listen to the screams coming from Milgram’s minions in the background).

    The one true righteous war, the fight for freedom, is coming soon. If you are cut from the type of cloth in which you know that the violence will never quite leave you, it would be best that you put it to good use.

    For those who find this last statement offensive, how’s that mass awakening going for the people of Venezuela right now? The last I heard, many of them were eating their pets just to stay alive. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get any worse than that unless it’s “Soylent Green” time.

    I find it unbelievable that so many “awakened” people have no extra supplies or weapons to defend themselves against aggressors after the bottom falls out. It reminds me of the Jesus-freaks waiting for the rapture. Is there no pragmatic side to this awakening? Will we not need food and other supplies before we can build a better world after collapse?

    If evil comes for us before the consciousness arrives that could save us from this misery, do you really think we should just let ourselves be enslaved or murdered? Sorry, but that is not my way; it is not the way for many of us. And because we are living in accordance with natural law, I don’t much care what other people think of us.

    Looking back at history, America has had its problems when it comes to doing the right thing. But how is that different than any other empire throughout history? It’s the same old story time and time again—“might makes right.” And when the laws first meant to protect us from this situation end up protecting those who are violating us at every level, you can see that nothing has ever really changed.

    So here we go again. I didn’t want this and I will hold out as best I can when it comes to using violence. But I will not hesitate to defend myself and my loved ones with lethal force if and when it becomes necessary.

    For those having this same intent, it’s time to let go of past guilts and traumas. There is nothing left to feel guilty about regarding your past. And there certainly is nothing to feel guilty about regarding what you may be called to do in the future.

    As for myself, whatever sins I’ve committed have been paid for by being cast down into this society of such hellish designs. And although I will remain forever grateful for my continuing awakening, I can find no good reason to lay down and die to those who have so wantonly squandered this same opportunity.



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