A.I. – Virtually Giving Our Humanity Away

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Humanity is quite creative when it comes to abdicating its power and authority. Religion, royalty, politics, power figures, aliens, trans-dimensionals, they’re all game. We seem to give our authority away at the drop of some fancy hat, badge, extraterrestrial influence or newfangled technology.

Quite fundamentally pathetic.

This latest accelerated trend toward transhumanism and artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a sort of culmination of these inclinations, bestowing some sort of created synthetic centralized brain with the power to call the shots and thus relieve any accountability. It may not be everyone’s idea, but vast amounts of sleepers are walking into it with open arms.

Sterilized, sanitized and self-sacrificed, the subdued human mind and spirit seems to seek its own destruction to avoid any form of awakened, responsible accountability. I don’t know how else to define it. Giving away our power and sovereignty for whatever reason is tantamount to individual and collective suicide.

What’s the Plan?

So much is afoot right now and being brought into the public eye regarding the takeover of so called intelligent machines. From barring exchanges other than moving digital credit to “smart” technologies intruding into our lives at every level towards global governance, we appear to be at the receiving end of a massive agenda to so-called computerize any and every aspect of our lives.

How convenient. After all, centralized control is the end game of those seeking full dominion over the human race. Why not depersonalize this system and avoid accountability and controversy?

What better way than to sterilize exchanges of any sort, including societal control mechanisms and even warfare, by putting it into the hands of so-called super intelligent cyber systems? And pre-program them accordingly.

  • Disturbing Trends Made Trendy

    The following video encapsulates the ongoing sales job by corporate arms to facilitate such a takeover, always disguised as tools for advancement. A smooth sales job if I ever saw one:

    IBM’s Lauri Saft explains how we are on the brink on a new cognitive computer era, in which the benefits will come from man and machine, rather than man vs machine. This collaboration is set to change our work, our homes, our toys, our cars and even how we prepare our meals and create great works of art.

    They think we can’t see through this agenda but thankfully we can. As she admits here, it’s been in the works for over 30 years, as she fondly refers to IBM’s visionary “Watson” as if he’s some living entity. Quite disturbing.

    Bringing A.I. Up To Date, Front and Center

    The Jade Helm “exercise” has had a lot of coverage and is now under way. We don’t know what will come of it but it clearly has the potential for civil unrest and false flag events to spur on their program.

    The A.I. aspect of the Jade Helm operation has been well exposed and more information is coming out continually regarding this. It’s important to follow as we’re witnessing the new world agenda in full test mode, all the while conditioning public responses and accomplishing local goals at the same time.

    Don’t be too surprised if spin off false flags and governmental clampdowns possibly ensue during “exercises” such as these. That’s what they do.

    Jade Helm Roll Out – The Commanders’ Virtual Staff:

    Not Pleasant, To Say the Least

    The good news is people are waking up to this insanity. The information is out there and it’s empowering. Knowing what is being perpetrated is essential to self control and preparation, and especially conscious awareness wherein we tap into our core empowerment.

    Don’t be overly disturbed by these events, but do let them propel you even further in your convictions regarding what is really going on. Times are very weird right now, and apparently accelerating in the direction of external madness.

    Stay centered, stay focused, and keep your inner peace. We’re being shown what is really going on and that in itself attests to Universal conscious transcendence.

    Be well, be strong and be wise. Knowing their plan is empowerment. None of us need to fall under their spell of control and dominance. Do your best to educate others and dig in and find local community. This is essential for personal strength and firm footing. It’s happening on a global scale and something to be encouraged about.

    Go to FullCircleProject.net (full website coming very soon) for a way to find others in your local area as well as those worldwide working to make a difference.

    We are the change we wish to see in the world!

    Much love always,


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