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The Hidden Forces of Life

Kingsley L. Dennis – We are tasked, in these times, to assist these ‘vibrations of Truth and Harmony’ and to help them to push their way through the resistance.

Materialism & the Loss of Soul

Kingsley L. Dennis – The non-material, or non-visible, realm does not lie dormant. It is active, constantly.

The Eleventh Hour

Kingsley L. Dennis – The great depth of materialism represents the final stage of a grand cycle where the world reaches its ‘extremity of separation.’

Leaving an Obsolete System Behind

Kingsley L. Dennis – We are here now to build a new model whilst existing within the current one that is fast becoming obsolete. 

The Power of Discernment

Kingsley L. Dennis – The act of discernment is an inward one; as such, it requires a disciplined focus.

The Sovereign Self

Kingsley L. Dennis – From a place of centeredness, we can be connected to our own source of energy, wholeness, and resonant balance.

Rise of the Heretics

Kingsley L. Dennis – It is now necessary for human beings to activate their ‘higher mind’ thinking and to eliminate their dependency, or over-reliance, upon lower brain influences.

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