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What Happens to Our Qi When We Eat Processed Foods?

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times What happens to our Qi if we eat a lot of processed foods?  Processed foods usually includes more preservatives, chemicals, fats, fillers, and sugars than other foods.  As a result, our body has to spend a lot of its energy and effort, not only to digest the food, but

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times Continual stress and anxiety stagnates the flow of your Qi (chee) in your body and when that happens, it will also impact the flow of your blood. Over time, this stagnation of Qi and blood will cause health problems for you.  The organ most affected with continual stress and

Apple Cider Vinegar for Health & Wellness

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times According to Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA, apple cider vinegar has lots of healing benefits. It has been used for hundreds of years by traditional healers.  It’s alkaline property assists your body in restoring proper pH levels and brings health and balance back to your digestive system. Rich

Protecting Your Home With Subtle Energy

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times  You can use subtle energy (Qi/Life Force Energy) to help protect your home. You can also direct subtle energy to help create an atmosphere of love, peace, and stability in your home. To purge your home of negative energy, you will need some sage, mugwort, or some other dried

Qigong Exercises for the Heart

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times In Chinese Medicine, the heart is considered the emperor of the body.  The emperor needs peace and order in its kingdom, and so governs the bodily functions with routine, like a clock, providing consistent order to its kingdom. The heart is what houses the Five Spirits, known as the

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