8 Hurdles to Living a Happy Life

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Happiness is the dream and desire of every individual. It’s a feeling when you’ve some goal in life. It is all about doing something useful that gives you satisfaction. Below are some tips on how to lead a happy life.

1. Do not let hatred ruin your heart

Hatred is the most common factor that can make you frustrated very easily. Many factors are responsible for a person to develop hatred against some individual or something. Whatever the reason, hatred fills your mind with negative thoughts and emotions. When you dislike a person you show a strange behavior. Once you develop such a behavior, it’s difficult for you to come out of it when you realize that it is wrong. Moreover, hatred makes the person strong and ready to fight with the other person. Once you give up in the fight, you get frustrated and may develop mental imbalance. Life of the person who develops hatred will become difficult. So if you want to be happy and peaceful, do not let hatred ruin your heart.

2. Live for yourself

When you learn to live yourself and feel happy with whom you are, you start developing positive attitude. Perform your tasks in such a way that keeps you happy at the end of the day.

  • 3. Stop worrying

    Every person experiences some sort of worries in his life. Financial problems, unemployment, illness, family fights and other emotional disorders can make a person upset. It’s difficult for a worried person to remain cool and peaceful and hence will always have negative attitude. Try to overcome your worries. Do not get upset by the problems. Look for solutions to solve them. If possible share your worries with whom you trust as this will lessen your burden.

    4. Lead a simple life

    Have realistic goals in your life. Be satisfied with what you have. Never compare your lifestyle with celebrities or millionaires. You will be mentally disturbed and will end up with sleepless nights. Work at things that are within your limits.

    5. Be kind to others

    You always need to be kind to others. Try to console people in distress. If you are financially strong help those in need for health, education or food. True happiness is felt when you share something with others.

    6. Learn to say ‘No’

    There are some people who always try to please others and care for what others feel about them. Such people suffer from stress whereas those who focus on their own choice, experience comparatively less stress. Learn to stand by your decisions. If you really want to do something, do it the right way or else don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ politely. You will realize that this ability to say ‘no’ has relieved your stress and has made you feel happy. On the other hand the person whom you say no would not take the matter seriously. Never promise anyone about the work you cannot do as you become tensed at the moment you think of that work. Also the person who entrust the work to you will get frustrated when the task is not done.

    7. Laugh several times a day

    It is still a wonder how laughing results in positive reactions in human body. Laughing improves blood circulation, maintains a good respiratory system and keeps you off from mental worries. So make use of even a small occasion in your everyday life to laugh. Keep in touch with cheerful, active and happy people. Watch comedy Shows and have fun with children.

    8. Practice meditation regularly

    Nobody can claim to be relaxed by spending more time in watching TV. All your troubles and stress of the day may remain in the same state even when you are watching your favorite shows. So, why not try some relaxation technique? Sit in a calm place for about half an hour. Inhale deeply to relax your mind completely. Think of the happiest moments in your life. Thus your soul and mind will be completely relaxed and you will be happier than ever before.

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