75 Benefits of Meditation for an Inspired Life

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How many times have you heard ‘meditation is good for you!’, yet you resist the actual act of sitting in silence because the mind is too great a foe to face? You’re not alone if the word ‘meditation’ strikes more fear than chords of peace, but by changing the way you think about it, perhaps it will become easier to devote at least 5 minutes per day towards contemplative reflection.

Whatever your religion, spiritual beliefs, or hectic schedule looks like, there is always time to nurture yourself a bit; this is exactly what meditation is, and the following benefits prove it!

Instead of dreading the ‘quiet time’, look forward to all the amazing benefits you can receive just by choosing to be good to yourself while letting the busy world fade away…

  • Psychological Benefits

        1. Builds self-confidence

        2. Increases Serotonin levels

        3. Resolves phobias and fears

        4. Helps control own thoughts

        5. Helps with focus and concentration

        6. Increases creativity

        7. Increased brain wave coherence

        8. Improves learning ability and memory

        9. Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation

        10. Increased emotional stability

        11. Improves relationships

        12. Mind ages at a slower rate

        13. Develops Intuition

        14. Improves relations at home & work

        15. Able to see the larger picture in a given situation

        16. Develop will power

        17. Develops emotional maturity

        18. Grows a stable, more balanced personality

        19. Greater tolerance

        20. Gives composure to act in a considered & constructive way

        21. Need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation

        22. Decreased tendency to worry

        23. Helps make more accurate judgments

        24. Decrease in restless thinking

        25. Require less time to fall asleep, beneficial for insomnia

    Physiological Benefits

        1. It lowers oxygen consumption rate

        2. Decreases respiratory rate

        3. Increases blood flow and slows the heart

        4. Increases exercise tolerance

        5. Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation

        6. Good for people with high blood pressure

        7. Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate

        8. Enhances the immune system

        9. Helps in chronic diseases such as arthritis, allergies, etc…

        10. Helps in post-operative healing

        11. Decreases muscle tension

        12. Reduces pre-menstrual symptoms

        13. Reduces activity of viruses and emotional distress

        14. Drop in cholesterol levels, lowering risk of cardiovascular disease

        15. Helps with weight loss

        16. Higher skin resistance

        17. Improved flow of air to lungs, resulting in easier breathing

        18. Higher levels of DHEAS (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

        19. Cure headaches and migraines

        20. More inclined to sports, activities

        21. Harmonize your endocrine system

        22. Reduced need for medical care

        23. Greater orderliness of brain functioning

        24. Relaxes the nervous system

        25. Heals infertility (the stress of infertility can interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation)

    Spiritual Benefits

        1. Helps keep things in perspective

        2. Provides peace of mind

        3. Helps you discover your purpose

        4. Increased compassion

        5. Growing wisdom

        6. Increases self-actualization

        7. Deeper understanding of yourself and others

        8. Brings body, mind, and spirit into harmony

        9. Helps learn forgiveness

        10. Changes attitude towards life

        11. Helps one live in the present

        12. Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love

        13. Increases the synchronicity in life

        14. Allows the experience of ‘One-ness’

        15. Attain enlightenment

        16. Increases acceptance of oneself

        17. Discovery of the power and consciousness beyond the ego

        18. Deeper level of spiritual relaxation

        19. Creates a deeper relationship with God

        20. Greater inner-directedness

        21. Allows the inner sense of “Assurance” and “Knowledge”

        22. Reduces pattern of judgment

        23. Allows one to ‘let go’

        24. Opens one to limit-less belief

        25. Shifts one to being happier with simplicity, nature, and the self

    If these benefits inspire you, consider printing the various gifts meditation offers and leave it in a place you’re likely to see every day for further inspiration. The art of meditation is not only free, it requires no equipment, is not time consuming (15-20 minutes per day), and has no negative side effects.

    The only individual you are around your entire existence is yourself, so why not begin to gain a better relationship with the beautiful existence you are and reap the physical benefits! Meditation allows one to break away from the limited thinking of human existence and experience your true potential, so consider starting today!

    About the Author

    Amanda Froelich is a staff writer for TrueActivist.com, where this article was originally featured.


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