Which Of The 7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening Did You Experience?

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Awakening to your full potential

Spiritual seekers who are on the path to re-enlightenment tend to fall into one of the following seven categories. A person can go through these levels in almost any order. That’s because we all awaken in our own way, at our own pace. For instance, some people need multiple catalysts in order to fully own their spiritual power so they may continue to cycle back to the first level. Others may skip several stages and end up living the life their soul intended without having gone through the same trials. At whichever stage you find yourself, trust that you are exactly where you need to be at this time. Also know that if you repeat a certain stage, you are helping to solidify the lesson.

1. The Catalyst

A life-change, paradigm-shifting event jolts you awake. Alternatively, a series of gentler, minor awakenings occur until you are fully awake and aware.

Example Events:

  • Near-death experience
  • Life-threatening illness
  • Depression, break-down
  • Spirit visitation
  • Meeting one’s soulmate

Typical Emotions:

  • Disbelief, shock and awe: Having a hard time believing it happened
  • Fear: Not understanding what’s happening
  • 2. A Shift in Perception

    You begin to see things differently and that alters how you perceive your life.

    Example Events:

    • Job dissatisfaction
    • Relationship issues / Longing for Soulmate
    • Desire to move / Needing a change of scenery
    • Loss of interest in hobbies
    • Questioning the status quo

    Typical Emotions:

    • Discomfort: Your life no longer feels like it ‘fits’ you.
    • Confusion: You’re unclear about what is happening, and you don’t know how to deal with it.

    3. Journey of Discovery

    Your field of awareness expands, and new information streams in.

    Example Events:

    Typical Emotions:

    • Thrills and Chills: Feeling titillated, but also a bit frightened, each time you connection with the spirit realm
    • Isolation: Not feeling comfortable sharing your experiences with friends and family, and not knowing where to turn for help or guidance

    4. Seeking to Understand

    You begin to see magic in the mundane.

    Example Events:

    • Thirst for spiritual knowledge
    • Voracious reading
    • Seeking likeminded individuals with whom to share your experiences
    • Going to psychics/intuitives for readings
    • Attending classes and workshops
    • Traveling to sacred places (i.e. Sedona, Manchu Picchu, Stonehenge)
    • Seeking your true purpose

    Typical Emotions:

    • Excitement, joy, exhilaration: Craving more experiences, and wanting to share your experiences
    • Impatience:  Feeling like you can’t learn fast enough

    5. Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

    You begin to consciously seek a deeper connection with Source.

    Example Events:

    • Meditating
    • Doing Qigong, yoga, or other of mindful activities
    • Creating: painting, writing, singing, etc.
    • Studying healing modalities (i.e. Reiki)
    • Honing your intuition (i.e. conducting your own angel card readings)
    • Strengthening your relationship with your spiritual guides
    • Wanting to heal the world

    Typical Emotions:

    • Joy: Feeling the reconnection with your higher self and Source
    • Eagerness: Wanting to share your gifts with others

    6. Owning Your Spiritual Gifts

    You start to trust your connection with Source.

    Example Events:

    • Answering your own questions and healing yourself
    • Teaching, mentoring, guiding and healing others
    • Pruning and purging outmoded beliefs
    • Eliminating stress (i.e. change of job or relationship)
    • Living with integrity and speaking your truth
    • Being your own role model and forging your own, unique path

    Typical Emotions:

    • Happiness: Being able to help yourself and others
    • Confidence: Knowing you are on the right path

    7. Reintegrating with Your Soul

    You begin to manifest a life that is in true alignment with your highest self.

    Example Events:

    • Loss of previous fears, interests and desires
    • Letting go of the need to control, worry, and plan; living more fully in the Now
    • Creating, playing and laughing with childlike abandon
    • Thinking about life outside of 3-D Earth

    Typical Emotions:

    • Peacefulness: Finding inner stillness
    • Detachment: You are no longer as wrapped up in the drama of ego

    About the Author
    Kim Hutchinson of Clayhut Healing Centre – www.clayhuthealing.ca – is an intuitive, empathic spiritual healer and teacher who offers Multidimensional Healing and Guidance worldwide.

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