5 Ways to Stay Mindful in 2015

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2014 was a year of alchemical ascension. A year that placed many obstacles and adversity our way, to test our inner strength, so we could chip away at all that no longer serves us. Alchemy is the process of transmuting base metal into gold, and this was the year for us to transmute any remaining darkness within us, to light. The Emerald Tablets by Doreal is the ultimate alchemical text that describes mans journey here on Earth, and the quote below can best summarize 2014:

“Man is in the process of changing to forms that are not of this Earth. Grows he in time to the formless, a plane on the cycle above.”

2015 is the year to be formless, to be like water…to take the lessons of this year, and make yourself malleable to every experience that life brings your way. This is a powerful year to manifest, as the trials of 2014 have prepared you to be a soldier for the reality you wish to create. In order to stay strong, practicing mindfulness is an excellent way to integrate the lessons of 2014 in to 2015, and the list below contains 5 ways stay mindful in the year ahead.

  • 1. A Happiness Jar, (excerpt from Elizabeth Gilbert):

    “What is a Happiness Jar? The simplest thing in the world. You get yourself a jar (or a box, or a vessel of any kind) and every day, at the end of the day, you grab a slip of paper and write down on it the happiest moment of the day.

    Even on lousy days, you do this. Because even on lousy days, there is one best moment (or at least, one least-worst moment.)

    You stick that little piece of paper in the jar.

    Over the years, you have a record of your happiness.

    On bad days, I will thrust my fist in that jar and go fishing — pulling up a handful of great moments that I would have utterly forgotten, had I not documented them.”

    2. Start a Gratitude Journal:

    A gratitude journal is a great tool for mindfulness, and will help keep your consciousness in a place of appreciation for the present moment. Find a journal that has an aesthetic that speaks to you, and feels really good, then each day either in the morning or evening (whatever works best) write down ten things/moments/people/etc. you are grateful for. Even when you’re having a yucky day, write out what you’re thankful for and it will instantly shift your sight to a higher vibration.

    3: Create a Sigil, excerpt from SigilDaily.com:

    A “sigil” is a symbol. In this context, it’s a symbol that represents a specific goal, desire or ambition that you’d like to bring into your real life. Although sigils are powerful tools, it’s important to understand that there’s nothing inherently supernatural about them. They simply give a concrete form to an idea, and help to focus all of the power of your unconscious mind on making that idea a reality.”

    To learn how to create your own sigil, click here.

    4: Design Your Own Manifestation Board:

    Similar to the concept of a sigil, the manifestation board is another way to imprint your desires into your consciousness so that they can be made manifest. Get a poster board and a bunch of magazines (lifestyle, travel, fashion, etc.) and cut out the pictures, ideas, quotes that make you feel best and glue them to your board. Place the manifestation board in an area where you’ll be able to give it the proper attention, ideally, in a space where you may find yourself doing a lot of meditating, or focusing. Each day focus your intention on the board, and feel into the reality you’re hoping for as if you’ve already achieved it. You can also use your gratitude journal as a way to give extra good “juju” to what you’re looking to attract. Be patient in the process, and be persistent in your passions…before you know it, your wishes will come true. The universe responds to specificity so be specific, and don’t lose focus!

    5: Write a Forgiveness List: 

    When people disappoint you, it’s hard not to take the hurting to your heart. We tend to focus on those that have wronged us, but not in a way that is productive. When we are hurt, we focus on the “why me”, “what did I do”, and “how come this happened”. Instead of playing victim, we can use forgiveness as its own form of alchemy by forgiving those that hurt us, and sending them love instead of sadness. When someone disappoints you, forgive them. The “Forgiveness List” is something you can also do in your Gratitude Journal as well, alongside the things you’re grateful for, write out those that you forgive and think of the nicest thing you can possibly say about them. Sooner or later you’ll see a transformation in how you’re treated, and witness your “magic” in action. You can’t fight fear with fear, or hate with hate…fight with love, and you will always rise above.

    Energy goes where attention flows, and place your attention to a higher vibration this year. You can achieve everything you put your mind to, and there is absolutely no time like the present.

    Wishing you all a happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise new year.

    With love,

    Evolve and Ascend

    About the Author

    Jennifer Sodini is a spiritual intuitive that has been a life-long student of consciousness. Her grandmother taught her Tarot at the age of 8, and submersed her in the mystic side of art, music, culture, and spirituality. She founded the website Evolve and Ascend in 2013, and recently published a children’s book on cosmic-consciousness entitled, The Unity Tree.

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