5 Things That Prove We Live in an Upside Down World

Upside Down WorldMike Sygula, Contributor
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1.Our Food

It is obvious that we should eat as much natural food as possible. As soon as they are seeded our plants are corrupted by fertilizers and pesticides while most   groceries contain some preservatives and additives. Factory farms use industrial methods to produce more and more meat, eggs or milk as fast as possible. These include raising large numbers of animals in enclosed spaces, often requiring special medical assistance to keep them healthy in cramped conditions. Some farms use growth hormones, artificial lighting and sophisticated machinery. Food manufacturers try to figure out different techniques in order to extend the lifespan, improve the taste and reduce the cost of their products. This is often achieved by commercialised agriculture that compromises global ecosystems. Artificially altering our food is also endangering our health and causing more sickness, threatening anobesity pandemic in many developed countries. We have reached the point where what is natural is much more expensive and more difficult to obtain than what is not.

This video perfectly expresses some of my thoughts:

  • 2. Our Health

    Our health is vital to us and we should always try to look after ourselves. Whenever we have any health problems, we should look for the most natural remedies and minimise the side effects of the treatments. However, nowadays what is natural is often the “alternative” treatment and chemical supplements are the most well-known and well promoted medications. It is harder to make money from natural treatments, it is quite difficult to patent nature. It is also important to add that pharmaceutical companies often focus on treating the symptoms and not eliminating the root causes of illnesses. The reasons for this are obvious; their priority is expanding and increasing their profits.

    3. Focusing On the Exterior And Ignoring The Essence

    One example of this is our obsession with physical appearance. The cult of celebrity, how our bodies look, what types of clothes we wear etc. All of this pointless self-promotion has become so much more important than the true essence of who we are and whether we are living in harmony with ourselves.

    We often see celebrities with amazing bodies wearing fashionable brands but their minds are spoiled and their attitudes are selfish, they think they are “better” than the rest, many of them can’t handle the fame and end up with psychological problems, dysfunctional families and substance addictions.

    4. Focusing On what is Meaningless and Ignoring What is Important

    Today, many more people are interested in following pointless reality shows or soap operas than seeking to understand the nature of reality, or the fact that we are destroying our planet. Those really important issues attract significantly less attention than all of that meaningless trivia. For example, I came across this video on YouTube:

    in which one lady is eating a chili pepper with obviously unpleasant consequences. This video has over 14m hits whereas videos like this one:

    where kindness is promoted only get seen by a few thousand people.

    Some might say that public interest in meaningful topics will be less enthusiastic because of the complexity of these subjects. However, issues like environmental degradation or world hunger or even human kindness are not really difficult to understand. Most people are aware of these subjects but choose to ignore them and prefer to enjoy their favourite cat videos. I do agree that everyone should make their own decisions on what to do with their lives. However, this lack of interest in really important issues has a negative impact on crucial aspects of our lives. Our ignorance threatens our survival on this planet.

    5. Violence In Entertainment

    Video games as well as movies are full of violence these days, the amount of ferocity seems to be increasing every year. A few months ago GTA 5 was released and has become one of the most successful video games ever; as a character in this game you can kill, steal, torture and commit other barbaric acts. Many movies also contain a great deal of violence. Killing and suffering is everywhere in the entertainment industry. But do we really enjoy looking at suffering and bloodshed? Imagine someone next to you got killed. I can assure you that it would not be an entertaining experience. You would be horrified, perhaps be traumatised for many years. Most of us don’t like to see others suffering in real life; so why is the movie and gaming industry imposing all of that on us? Wouldn’t it be better to see something more inspiring, inducing positive emotions?

    Is this what the world should look like? Absolutely not. We need to act to change this mentality. We have to make wiser choices and educate others. You can start by sharing this article.

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