5 Herbs to Vaporize for Maximum Health Benefit

Herbs to Vaporize

Sofia Adamson, Staff
Waking Times

We live in a new world – one where technology has given people options to do everything their way! This includes how they take in their favorite medicinal herbs. In the past, most people either ingested herbs my making teas and tinctures, as well as cooking them in food. However, today’s popularity of vaporizing, or vaping for short, has caught the attention of more than just cannabis and cigarette smokers. As such, people are starting to turn to vaping as an effective way to enjoy the therapeutic properties of various herbs.

Vaping has gained its popularity by being an effective and allegedly safer way to enjoy tobacco and cannabis. Vape suppliers claim that using a vape reduces the stress put on the lungs when compared to regular smoking. As a result, vaping has actually become quite fashionable and trendy.

  • In addition, vaping allows the substance that you’re vaping to enter the blood stream quickly. As such, people have started to vape various herbs to enjoy their therapeutic properties. If you use herbs, all you would need is a suitable vaporizer. If you’re unsure where to look for such a vape, consult slickvapes.com dry herb collection to browse a variety of vapes at economical prices.

    There are many delicious and therapeutic herbs, many of which may help you relax or be more creative. Yet, it’s always smart to research if your favorite herbs should be smoked. Below are five common herbs to vaporize for maximum health benefit.

    1. Damiana

    You will be surprised to know that there are many medical benefits of damiana, such as repairing the nervous system and helping with urinary infection. When it comes to vaping damiana, you may find that it acts as a relaxant. Some claim that it can even be a great anti-depressant.

    In addition, damiana may increase your libido or cause mild excitement in the body. If you seek that type of “high” but don’t want to smoke cannabis, which will be much more intense, then this herb may be for you. Finally, damiana can add nice flavor to a blend of herbs.

    2. Lavender

    Lavender may be the most famous aromatic herb. It is known for its rich flavor and many therapeutic properties. Some of the benefits include improved blood flow, calm nerves, and better sleep. When vaped, lavender will add rich flavor and aroma to any herbal blend. I may also help you relax and relieve muscle spasms. Further, it may help you overcome anxiety and help you get a good night’s rest.

    3. Chamomile

    Chamomile is usually taken orally in a form of tea. It treats many ailments including anxiety and digestive issues. It grows across Europe and Asia, and is famous for its beautiful fragrance.

    This is another herb to vaporize if you are dealing with stress, restlessness or anxiety. In addition, chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. Some will even say it may boost your immune system function. It may be nice to blend chamomile with spearmint or mint for a wonderful flavor.

    4. Spearmint

    This herb offers a fresh and cooling sensation when vaped. It is a wonderful herb to vaporize either alone or blended with other herbs (like chamomile!). Spearmint’s therapeutic properties include improved digestion, better focus, and relief of respiratory issues.

    5. Thyme

    Do you want to get a taste similar to cannabis in your vape but without the high? Then, you may want to try thyme. This herb may still give you a slight “buzz” but nothing compared to the high from THC in cannabis.

    In addition to sensory effects, thyme is associated with improving hypertension and addressing gastric problems. Vaping thyme may also act as an expectorant, which help clear congestion, relax the muscles of our airways, and make breathing easier.


    The list of therapeutic herbs is quite extensive, with the ones above just a sample of the ones you can vaporize. However, don’t forget that too much of anything can be bad. As well, before you try a new herb for the first time, it may be best to consult a doctor or herbal expert, and familiarize yourself with possible allergies.

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