5 Hacks To Help You Live A Longer And Healthier Life

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If you are looking to enjoy the fruits of longevity, then the solution lieswithin the lifestyle choices you are making, day on day out. There is no such thing as an elixir of immortality. And that’s actually great news. You don’t need to spend a fortune on magical pills or unproven treatments to beat the reaper. Plenty of studies have shown that people who tend to live a longer and healthier life is the result of proper dietary and lifestyle habits. Nothing magical or esoteric.

Therefore, here are the lifestyle choices that you need to cultivate in order to live a longer and healthier life. Longevity is within your reach once you realize that it’s not that complicated.

Sleep Well

The simple act of logging more quality slumber hours can add years to your life. Good sleep is linked to a longer and healthier life, according to countless studies. And research has shown that if you’re sleep deprived, then you run a higher risk of premature death, whether it’s due to diseases or accidents. This could be a result of the impact of sleep itself on overall health or it could be because other diseases impact both longevity and sleep duration.

On the other hand, good sleep helps you fight stress, prevent weight gain, and keeps your energy levels high. Good sleep is also key to learning and memory.Therefore, make sure to get quality sleep. Aim for seven to nine continuous sleep during the night’s time. If you like to slumber during the day, do not nap for more than 25 minutes.

  • Plus, make sure to set the right sleeping environment. Get rid of your TV and stop engaging in other mind stimulating activities after 9 p.m. Furthermore, have a small and early dinner. Going to bed with your digestive system firing on all cylinders intrudes your ability to fall asleep and lessens its quality afterward.

    Whole Foods

    When it comes to achieving optimal health, eating whole foods is the ultimate strategy. Whole foods are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, fibers, and each kind of food provides its own unique mix of health-promoting phytonutrients. Eating these kinds of foods will definitely steer your body toward optimal health.

    Therefore, make sure to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits. If you are looking to shed some weight, then you should limit your fruit intake until you have reached your desired weight. Make sure also to consume plenty of G-BOMBS foods. G-BOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds)are the foods with the most prevailing anti-cancer and anti-fat storage properties.

    Run From Cancer

    Cancer is still a big killer, worldwide. Nevertheless, engaging in regular cardio exercise has been shown to reduce the chances of developing this agonizing disease. According to research published by the Harvard University, regular intense aerobic activities, such as running, high intensity circuits, rowing and swimming reduces the chances of developing this disease by more than 60%. Opting for this training approach builds an unfriendly environment for tumor growth, making it almost impossible for the cancerous cells to take hold and thrive.

    Therefore, make sure to add cardio to your training program. There are many options you can choose from. If you’re a regular gym-goer , then do circuit training or hit the treadmill. But if you prefer being in the outdoors, then pick the cardio option you like the most. According to numerous studies, running is the best option. But if you are a beginner, be careful; do too much and you risk injury and burnout.

    Have More Sex

    You can live longer through having more sex. In fact, a Welsh study concluded that adults who had sex twice per week run a lower mortality risk—about 50 percent—than those who only had sex a couple of time a month. This is great news, mainly because matters regarding aging and sex are being taken more and more seriously by the medical community.

    Having regular sex can trigger all sorts of hormones and endorphins, helping you live a more meaningful and stress-free life. Being positive and having good relationships are the foundation of emotional wellness, which has been directed linked to longer and healthier life.

    Stop Smoking

    Smoking has lethal consequences. In fact, according to researchers, smoking is one of the 10 leading risk factors for death. Approximately half a million Americans die each years due to smoking-related ailments such as lung disease, heart diseases, stroke and cancer, costing up billions in health care and productivity losses. Smoking is one of the greatest avertible death causers that there is.

    If you are not a smoker, then you are in a good place. Nowadays, it’s easy to avoid smoking. Many states have passed law barring smoking in public, and just recently, the State of New York passed a law prohibiting selling cigarette to anyone under 21; other states are expected to follow suit soon.

    Nevertheless, if you are smoker, you know too well the stories. I don’t want to sound like a broken record. However, don’t fret yet. You still have time to quit, and actually reverse the effects. In fact, for those willing to stop smoking, mortality was similar with never-smokers. The earlier you stop the better.

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