5 Essential Tips for Buying Kratom Online: Comprehensive 2023 Guide

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Kratom has recently surged in popularity across the United States as well as internationally due to the many health benefits and effects the plant can help treat people with. Many of these potential benefits span pain relief, opiate addiction treatment, relaxation inducement, and even appetite suppression. As more newcomers are being introduced into the world of kratom, it is imperative that they have essential tips when looking to buy kratom powder online. Because there are so many vendors out in the market landscape, we have aggregated a list of the 5 most important things to be on the lookout for when choosing top kratom brands in 2023. By using these 5 tips, you will be able to navigate the vast world of kratom and buy kratom in confidence!

1. Research Reputable Vendors

Reputation and Experience:

First and foremost, it is important that you take some time out of your day to research the kratom vendors that have the products you want. When we look for new kratom vendors to purchase from, we ensure that the kratom vendor is both reputable and transparent. We typically look towards the number of customer reviews, as a ratio of all reviews. To ensure popularity of the vendor, we would also ensure that the kratom vendor has many reviews listed on both their website as well as outside third party sources.

By ensuring that these kratom vendors have had many customer reviews and customer testimonials under its belt, it is safe to assume that the kratom vendor is both reputable as well as experienced within the industry of kratom. We find that choosing the most established kratom vendors is the safest option when looking to buy kratom. By seeking out newly formed kratom vendors, you may have to do more research, but will probably find better deals within the kratom product.

Transparent Product Information:

Most reputable vendors will advertise all of their product information within the website product page as well as within the packaging of the kratom products. Some of these details that are necessary for the kratom products include the type of strain of kratom (which can be based upon vein color or kratom type, such as meng da or bali kratom), where the kratom was sourced (typically within Southeast Asia), how the kratom was harvested, as well as how the kratom was dried to be formed into the kratom powders.

More niche information that is great to have for kratom vendors include the alkaloid contents as well as the benefits of the kratom strains. It is important to note that kratom strains have mildly differing effects between each strain. Some kratom strains may excel within energizing effects while other kratom strains can be great for more relaxing and calming effects to relieve stress and anxiety. The possibilities are endless within these kratom strains for whichever effect you are looking for.

Third Party Lab Testing:

As mentioned in the earlier section, knowing alkaloid contents, specifically around the mitragynine content, is extremely helpful for knowing the potency of the kratom you are purchasing. With third party lab testing, you can rest assured, by having access to a scientific number to measure the strength of each strain and batch of kratom you are receiving. This will help ensure avoidance of any overconsumption and underconsumption by knowing exactly how your body reacts to certain doses of kratom.

In addition to having a simple mitragynine count for the kratom products, third party lab testing reports also test for the inclusion of any potential harmful adulterants, such as bacteria or harmful adulterants that are unsafe for human consumption. Third party lab reports will ensure that the kratom you are taking is completely pure with no outside interferences that can cause bodily harm either in the short term or long term.

2. Knowing the Different Kratom Strains

When looking to buy kratom online, it is important to be knowledgeable on all the different types of strains in the market, so you are able to understand which strain will best be suited for your needs and what you are looking to get out of kratom. Different colored strains typically correlate to the age of the kratom plant. Generally, when you are looking towards strains that are focused on relaxing and calming effects, red vein kratom works the best. For strains that have more of a stimulative property, such as energizing effects, white vein works best. For a jack of all trades kratom strain, we recommend green strain kratom to experience all the effects in a balanced way to ensure that you are receiving the most comprehensive kratom strain in the market.

3. Read Customer Reviews and Testimonials

As mentioned above when considering the reputation and popularity of the kratom vendor, it is also imperative that you read customer reviews and testimonials. These types of feedback from real users will ensure that you have the most accurate and unbiased looks into the kratom products. The review will generally cover the quality of the kratom powder, the customer service of the vendor backing the kratom product, as well as other general processes behind the kratom vendor, such as reliability of the product. By reading through these in-depth reviews, you can determine exactly what to expect from these kratom vendors and how they handle their orders. Remember, every kratom vendor is different!

4. Review Vendor Policies

Before purchasing kratom from an online kratom vendor, it is important to make note of what their specific policies are. Some vendors will restrict shipping to certain zip codes. Additionally, shipping rates also change between vendors. As a general rule of thumb, kratom is illegal in most states within the United States, and almost all kratom vendors follow the same restrictions and guidelines for shipping towards certain states.

Additionally, vendors can provide their policies on returns and refunds as well. These are important to at least glance over. It is important to know if you have any hidden restrictions or you may end up being stuck with a defective batch of kratom.

5. Understand Local Laws and Regulations

Lastly, it is important to understand the local laws and regulations that govern kratom. The laws are constantly changing at both the local and state levels for kratom consumption and sales. By being informed within the laws and regulations, you can make kratom purchases worry-free.


Given the recent acceleration of kratom popularity within the US as well as internationally, kratom has never been easier in purchasing. This does come with a caveat, however, in that you must do sufficient research on the types of kratom vendors you are seeking out. As a general rule of thumb, it is important to research kratom vendors to understand their product information as well as reputation within the industry, know different kratom strains within the market, read all the customer testimonials behind the kratom vendors, review the policies of the kratom vendor and understand local laws and regulations governing the sale and consumption of kratom. With these 5 essential tips for buying kratom, you can rest assured knowing you will receive quality kratom products from reputable online kratom vendors.

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