4 Signs Wikileaks is a Government Managed Election-Year PsyOp

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They say that in politics nothing happens by accident, and given the sophistication and continual onslaught of propaganda coming from government and from corporate media, taking anything thing which becomes ‘news’ in America today at face value requires a hefty dose of willful naivety.

We know that even non-profit news agencies such as PBS will heavily edit the statements of legitimate presidential candidates such as Jill Stein in order to control public opinion. We know that the U.S. Army embeds psyops soldiers at local TV stations around the country to influence or even to approve of what appears on the nightly news. We know that the CIA engages in projects such as Operation Mockingbird to influence media and to counter cultural revolutions by means of infiltration. We also know that the world is already on the brink of World War III, and that in war, the first casualty is always the truth.

Why then, in a climate of such broad deceit are we to trust that the saga of Julian Assange and Wikileaks is what it is pitched as: a brave whistleblower risking his life to come to the aid of the American people by exposing government secrets?

  • In appreciation of this perspective, here are four reasons to consider that the Wikileaks program may be yet another engineered (CIA?) operation to control the narrative at a critical juncture in American and world history where global powers are pushing for total world war and the wealth of the world is being swiftly delivered into the hands of the world financial elite.

    1.) Exceptionally high drama in the Assange captures public attention. With oddities such as supposed attempted hits on Assange, appearances by Pamela Anderson, who recently brought Assange lunch at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, encoded Twitter messages by Assange, and now the recent internet block of Assange by the Ecuadorian state, the story is unfolding like a John Grisham novel. It has become so dramatic, so intriguing, and so unbelievable, while crescendoing at such a critical time in the 2016 election, that it is has been made impossible to ignore.

    2.) Wikileaks is controlling the narrative of the election. Such a high volume of releases by Wikileaks floods the zone of public attention, creating an unavoidable distraction from more important issues, such as the developing war with Russia, the slow-burn collapse of the economyU.S. support of ISIS and Syrian rebels, and the ongoing domestic issues of the expanding surveillance and police state.

    Furthermore, the releases are coming as partisan dispatches, focusing almost exclusively on the Clinton campaign, giving the impression that Clinton is being treated unfairly, which creates the perception that she needs support. Additionally, it gives this camp fodder to blame Russia for aggression against the West while NATO and the U.S. encircle Russia and push the Neocon-Israeli agenda of a new world order created out of chaos.

    3.) Wikileaks is shedding light on relatively petty issues, helping to bury the major crimes of the Clinton family. When an aircraft has been targeted by an incoming missile, in defense it releases flares which give off heat similar signatures while obfuscating the authentic prize. In this case, the true history of the Clintons has now become irrelevant among the flow of juicy details about their campaign communiques. While there are indeed many important revelations coming from Wikileaks about how Hillary views the American public and about her true allegiances to the globalists and the banking cabal, the true breadth of her crimes is going undiscussed.

    4.) Legitimate whistleblowers are not allowed to damage the U.S. empire. Those who have information which could truly be harmful to the imperial state are always silenced. Either they are prevented from speaking out before doing so, or their message is not allowed to be distributed by the mainstream media and especially not given the mass attention that Wikilieaks is receiving. The fact that Wikileaks is appearing to blow the whistle on government crimes is a sign that they are being permitted to do so.

    Final Thoughts

    As news outlets, both mainstream and alternative, jump all over the recent Wikileaks releases, spinning them this way and that way to suit their own political agendas, the fact remains we are under the heavy influence of sophisticated propaganda. Any political narrative that captures the attention of the public and of the media in general is suspect because of the ongoing history of subterfuge, social engineering and mind control.

    In light of this, surely the entire Assange operation warrants suspicion as well.

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