3 Reasons Why Teens Are Attracted Towards Drugs

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There’s a common concept that the kids who get addicted to drugs are bad kids or have some bad family background. A good percentage of parents believe that kids with rebellious or extra-independent nature use drugs to experiment and then get addicted to it due to their bad company. These can be the reasons, but Turning Point Treatment Center reveals more dangerous reasons behind the tendency to use alcohol or drugs by the kids. Here we’ll try to explain those reasons narrated by Turning Point Treatment Center.

A Way to Come Out of Boring Life

Teens have a mischievous nature, and they want to try something new and exciting every new day. And if they don’t find any such thing, they easily get bored. Most of the times these are the kids who have monotonous routine like getting up, going to school or college and getting back home and spend rest of the time on social media.

In order to get out of this boring routine, they seek for some thrill and adventure, and if they find something like drugs, they don’t hesitate in experimenting these drugs with friends or even with siblings. Now if you find out that your kid’s daily routine is simply robotic and he/she doesn’t have real good friends and activities, you need to encourage them to join some sports clubs where they may find better activities to spend time in.

An Urge to Be Bold

Teenage is the age where we don’t like to be called a kid, and we always try to prove that we are now grown up. And most of the times in order to prove that we accept the challenges that we shouldn’t accept. To show our circle that we are bold enough, we try these substances and hence get addicted. And in such situation, it’s not just one kid who gets addicted rather it’s the whole group who gets involved in consuming drugs which may lead to addiction.

Parents must tell their kids, especially when they enter high school, consuming alcohol or other drugs is not a way to prove themselves as an adult. They must introduce some productive challenges to prove themselves like grownups.

Low Self-Esteem

Some kids are shy or have some physical issues, and that keeps them away from their classmates. They want to make friends and to enjoy with them, but they find it hard because they don’t want to be bullied by their mates. In such situation kids often try to find a way which may give them some confidence, pleasure or at least some relaxation. This urge many ends up in consumption of drugs.

Other common reasons can be depression, curiosity, or stress. Whatsoever, the parents need to keep an eye on their kids, and if they find out any of the above-mentioned reasons, they must come forward and take action. They can either counsel them, or they can also consult some psychiatrist for better results. Teenage is the age when your kid is more prone to such abuses, and you have to be vigilant as parents.

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