Scientists Pursuing Clinical Trail into How Cannabinoids Can Treat Brain Cancer

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Video – There has been a lot of anecdotal evidence that cannabis can help cancer patients, with many people worldwide self medicating. Now, a team of scientists in Spain plan to show cannabinoids to be effective for the treatment of certain types of cancer and give patients and health care professionals the opportunity to medicate with cannabinoids based on scientific data rather than anecdotal success stories.

Dr. Velasco and his team in Madrid have already completed research that suggests that cannabinoids (the active components of cannabis, CBD and THC) can help eliminate Glioma Initiating Cells, which fuel tumour cells. Their research could lead to a major breakthrough in cancer therapy. Check out their story below and see how you can help them begin an independent clinical trail planned for September 2015 with 30 -40 patients in 4-6 Spanish hospitals. More about their crowdfunding campaign here.

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