Italian Activist Reproaches Local Police Serving Corporate Interests (Video)


Local Italian activist peacefully and honorably chides local riot police for protecting corporations and the mafia, poisoning themselves and their neighbors with carcinogenic tear gas, attacking and beating the elderly, and serving corrupt masters who lie to all.  When local government systems fail to protect the land or it’s people from plunder, what choices do local families have nowadays, other than to confront riot police fronting for the corporate takeover?

“The italian government decided to dig a tunnel inside a mountain rich in uranium and asbestos that, according to local protesters, will be spread everywhere, severely compromising the environment and the inhabitants’ health. 22 Billion Euros of public money will be spent for the work, labelled as useless by the locals. The involved companies are not acting cleanly and the tender was held in such a way that only some chosen companies could take part.”

Be sure to turn the English subtitles on.

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