10 Killer Tiny House Designs

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Images – With the skyrocketing prices of real estate, construction materials and labor, as well as the trend to reduce consumerism and lessen the individual’s impact on the planet, many people are becoming smarter about the homes they live in. They are using eco-friendly building materials, such as hemp. As well, they are more economical by using products such as ready-to-assemble cabinets.

But most importantly, people are choosing to live in smaller homes – literally. Check out this amazing variety of tiny house designs which make for an innovative way to downsize from a larger home, live off the grid, and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • This small shell house has an all-white interior and exterior. It uniquely repeats the shell design throughout the homes living space, bedroom and bathroom.


    (Photo credit: Iroonie)

    A truly unique house located in Japan was built with style and space constraints in mind. It was built in three levels and lots of windows to maximize the possibilities of this small lot.


    (Photo credit: littlethings)

    The “glamper” concept was created by Aidan Reeve of UK-based Tinywood Homes. It is an example of how even a tiny space can provide luxury such as a hot tub and fireplace, in addition to comfort and functionality.


    (Photo credit: Aidan Reeve)

    The lifePOD designed by the South African team of Collaborate000 architects is super modern, functional and energy efficient. The 183 square foot design can be combined with more modules to make a larger home or a community.


    (Photo credit: Brett Rubin)

    The home below is actually an old garage transformed into a 250 sq. ft. fully-functional home by its owner, multidisciplinary artist, designer and welder Michelle de la Vega. Almost all of this tiny home’s fixtures and furnishings were either salvaged or donated.


    (Photo credit: Michelle de la Vega)

    This cottage was originally built to house pigeons until its owner, Angèle Parlange, a fabric/fashion designer and author of Creole Thrift, transformed it into a breathtaking tiny home.


    (Photo credits: apartment therapy)

    This little cabin is made from cob, a mixture of sand clay and straw. It was designed and built by members of Cobworks. What makes this tiny house unique are its curved walls and arches, as well as its monolithic strength to withstand earthquakes.


    (Photo credit: Tiny House Blog)

    The mobility of having a tiny house is one of the big selling points for homeowners such as Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard, who decided to travels throughout the US in their tiny home. See some amazing photos of their 125-square-foot house and their journey at Huffington Post.


    (Photo credit: Tiny House Giant Journey)

    The Archipod isn’t really a fully-equipped house, but a simple pod that offers an economical option to commuting to the office each day. For anyone with the option to work from home, a separate “garden office” could mean easier separation of work time and family time. as well as less time in traffic.


    (Photo credit: Archipod)

    Imagine a vacation in the Alps with a breathtaking panoramic view. This is the experience envisioned by designer Peter Jungmann, who created this vacation home which sits at the feet of the Alps in Austria.


    (Photo credit: Ufogel)

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