10 Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotize1Charlotte Whitelock, Guest Writer
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Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective tool for making massive improvements to your health and wellbeing, and providing you find a caring, professional Hypnotherapist, it can also be extremely relaxing and refreshing, a bit like having a massage for your mind.

Hypnotherapy has come a long way since the days of ‘Stage Hypnotism’, but scenes of people darting around like chickens have given it a bad rep. Being in a state of ‘Hypnosis’ however, just means you are in a relaxed, light trance state, like when you are engrossed in a great movie. Also, for a lot of people the idea of ‘being Hypnotised’ suggests that somebody has control over you, which can make you feel vulnerable.

That is really not the case at all, you can come out of a Hypnotherapy session anytime you want, it’s as simple as opening your eyes.

Hypnotherapy works directly with the Subconscious mind, the storehouse of everything we have experienced throughout our life, all our underlying beliefs, attitudes, memories and habits.

By talking directly to the Subconscious mind we can make some amazing changes to how we think and feel. A client of mine, Claire Morris, explains how Hypnotherapy helped her: “Using Hypnotherapy during my treatment for breast cancer was invaluable. It really helped me to relax and stop my mind racing. Charlotte’s relaxing approach immediately helped release my ill feelings and it was very powerful”.

  • So now we have cleared up some of the cloudy myths about Hypnotherapy, how can it help you?

    1. Habits:
    Let go of addictions, cravings, and behaviours that no longer serve you. Especially helpful if you are trying to adapt to a new, healthier lifestyle.

    2. Emotions:
    Overcome deep rooted fears, anger, phobias and heal old traumas.

    3. Heal your body:
    Think yourself healthy and vibrant and your body will follow, thanks to that wonderful Mind-Body connection that more and more people are becoming aware of.

    4. Feel the joy!:
    A session can leave you feeling positive and optimistic about the future!

    5. Master your mind:
    Hypnotherapy empowers you to change your thoughts and your life. All Hypnosis is really Self-Hypnosis.

    6. Chill out:
    It’s deeply relaxing and refreshing, even more so if you find a therapist you really feel happy and comfortable with.

    7. Bright future:
    Plant new seeds and create an amazing future for yourself.

    8. Rewrite the script , anything is possible:
    “If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain” (Morpheus, The Matrix) : Whatever you can create in your mind can become your reality, go beyond limitations and dont just accept the status quo

    9. “Ommm”:
    Hypnotherapy could open you up to exploring deep relaxation and meditation, possibly leading to spiritual awakening, if that feels like the right path for you

    10. Look hot:
    Not only can Hypnotherapy help you lose weight and boost your self-esteem, it can help you feel more beautiful deep inside which will then radiate out to your physical body and the world around you. So as well as fitting into your jeans again you are also bringing a positive energy into the world. Bonus!

    Bonus! Improve finances:
    If you can reprogram anything, why not create an abundant future?

    About the Author

    Charlotte Whitelock is a trained hypnotherapist. Please visit her website: Blissful Life for more info.

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