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The need for authentic creativity is vital.

Ancient Taoists taught that creativity is the vehicle through which we may align and harmonise with the wider Universal vibration of Qi and spiritual energy.

My Wu Wei teaching is this…

The Way or Tao of the Universe is to create, transform and flow in an energy of abundance, grace and love. Your creative imagination also works in exactly the same way – this is Oneness.

All energy, including that of creativity must be expressed – it cannot be held or suppressed.  This is why it’s so important to communicate your creative energy and ‘flow’ in a way that is positive, authentic, inspiring, imaginative and resourceful.

This is particularly true during more challenging periods of your life, when your harmonious Wu Wei will be tested and your internal energies, particularly your energy of creativity and creative imagination, will immediately swing out of balance like a heavy pendulum. When this happens your creative mind will either imagine negative, scary and fearful scenarios or conversely, it will offer no you creativity at all: no vision, no originality, no inventiveness, no solutions and no hope!

Both of these energetic extremes are blocking, restrictive and result in ‘red light’ negative emotional feelings that tell you that your creative energy is out of balance. At the same time you’ll also become more sensitive to criticism, both from yourself (self-talk) and from others. Criticism will only ever pour more cold water over your creative fires and suppress and block your energy.

  • So my message is that you should always value your creativity, take loving control of this energy within you, and be mindful to express it positively so that it allows you to stay within your Wu Wei centre of harmonious balance, where you’ll be vibrating closest to Universal energy and Source.

    Celebrate your creative energy and most importantly just do it for YOU! Remember that creativity is a deeply personal thing – this natural, creative connection is your birth-right, which allows you to express yourself and uphold your own personal Te, or highest truth, virtue and integrity.

    Tao Tips

    Ideally you should be positively creative at least once a day.  Don’t misunderstand creativity by thinking it only means being an artist, musician or writer. In fact the energy of positive creativity can be expressed in many varied ways: dressmaking, cookery, gardening, DIY, problem solving… even telling your children a bedtime story can be extremely creative, rewarding and authentic. The energetic vibration is one and the same.

    You may find the process of being pro-actively creative a little unnatural, awkward or daunting at first. Don’t think about what others may say or what positive or negative feedback you may receive as this will compromise the intention, energy and benefit of the process. Remember criticism NEVER motivates! For this reason it can be helpful to keep your creative endeavours personal and private to you. The good news is that Universe will still receive the positive vibration and you’ll immediately begin to experience the benefit of the re-connection to Source.

    Tao Affirmations

    ‘I express my unique creativity in all that I do.’

    ‘I choose to live my passion.’

    ‘What other people think of me is none of my business – I am my own person.’

    ‘My creativity connects me to Source.’

     ’I am creating abundance in my life.’

    About the Author

    David James Lees is a spirituality and wellness author, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, counsellor, hypnotherapist, NLP Master, and a Member of the British Acupuncture Council. David has a lifelong interest in Taoism, Taoist philosophy and Qigong, and was first taught meditation by Chinese Tibetan Buddhist monks when he was 16 years old, which helped him tackle a profound stutter. After qualifying as a TCM practitioner in the UK, David trained for a number of years as a Qigong instructor with Doctor Shen in London and Master Wan Su Jain in Beijing, and was later ordained as a Taoist Master in the sacred Wudang Mountains in China. Today, David is a trusted advisor and broadcaster on emotional health issues and alternative therapies in the UK. You can follow David on his blog: www.WuWeiWisdom.comFacebookTwitterPinterest and Soundcloud.  For the latest information on David’s therapies, classes, workshops and special events visit Peak House Practice.

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