The Uncharted Territory of Remote Healing (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this series on the phenomenon of remote healing can be read, here.

If I experience something that heals me… really helps me live with less physical and psychological pain, then that’s my experience and it happened. And if it happened because a healing energy arrived from someone far away and nobody else saw it or felt it but I did, then that’s my real-deal remote healing experience.

Subjective or not, there’s no New Age “beam me up Scottie” stuff here – it’s just brave souls, theoretical physics, metaphysics, skill and much loving kindness.

In a previous article on remote healing, featuring the work of Soren Dreier, I talked about the ‘how’ of it, and also spoke about causes of disease as bad food, too much food, no nutrition, toxic substances, viruses and bacteria, stressful thoughts, attachment to negative emotions and so on. I wrote about healing of the physical body, and pointed out that disease moves from the energy body into the physical body.

In this 2nd in the series, I’m going to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole. We’re going to revisit the accumulation of stressful thoughts and attachments to negative emotions as potential origins of physical disease. So much of it is related to fear and our adaptive behavior as we seek to control what is happening to us.

As we know, if we study this kind of work, our thoughts are manifested in our lives… change your thoughts and emotions, and reactions and opinions, and you will change your life. It took me a long, long time to understand the truth of that information and put it into practice in my life. And it took me even longer to look at how my psychology would affect my etheric or energy body, which in turn affects my physical body.

  • Understanding of this reality came from years of studying Stuart Wilde’s work and the work of his students. Healing was a natural outcropping of what Stuart taught. The first time I ever watched energy healers at work was during one of Stuart’s Las Vegas seminars. Khris Krepcik and Jeff Casper were working on people who had signed up for a healing, and I was watching closely from the front row. At one point Khris turned toward me, made a few movements with his hands, and went back to the work he was doing.

    That night I enjoyed the first full night of sleep in months. The next day I couldn’t help but wonder… did he do something?

    Years later, during the final stage of my husband’s life, I knew that I had to get some help. The pressures of caregiving had been burning me out and it felt like I was in a chronic panic state. I contacted Jeff and arranged for a remote healing.  This decision would lead to a series of remote healings in the midst of the most psychologically and emotionally difficult time of my life.

    Psychological patterns and emotional attachments can be seen in the etheric body, sometimes as artifacts and hooks, etheric dirt, certain color clusters and more, all of which the remote healer can remove. But of course if thought and behavior patterns don’t change, these will soon be replaced by more. In addition to your own issues, unhealthy emotional projections from others can take form within your etheric body when you have an affinity to those projections.

    It’s amazing to me that our emotional patterns and attachments are written in the energy body. If the healer is able to read it, and the recipient is able to take ownership of it, profound change can occur.

    Over time, from the first session to the last, reports came from Jeff that led directly to areas of my own psychology that I knew were afflicting me. These issues were deep, and it took strength and honesty and courage to do the transformation work. Sometimes, just like with physical disease, we don’t want to let go of our emotional and psychological patterns. We erroneously believe that they are our strength. The truth is that they are our hidden coping mechanism.

    After one year of working on the issues Jeff pointed out, I asked him if he encounters difficulty if the recipient doesn’t want to release attachments. He responded that yes, that can happen, and it can make the healing challenging but it won’t prevent the work from being done. If a person’s ego, mind, and emotions hold on, the healing will be a slower process, but if they let go and open up, deeper energetic work can come in.

    Well, I hoped that I hadn’t given him too much of a challenge. In the beginning, I hadn’t really wanted him to see the condition I was in, but there’s no hiding place in the etheric… it’s the real you with all of your crap attached, and no smiles can take it away. So you need to trust. I opened up to the healing in ways I had never done before. I was tired of sickness: my intent was to get well.

    Confidence in the healer’s own cleanliness of spirit is vital to trust as they must know themselves well and work to keep their energetic systems clear. Stuart Wilde was a personal friend of Soren, and a mentor and friend of Khris and Jeff. For years I had considered Stuart the metaphysical front line. This gave me a solid foundation of trust – I could be vulnerable, and be safe, and be helped and healed.

    Of course there are other remote healers that I don’t know, and I certainly mean no disrespect for any of them. When you have found a person whose skill you can see, whose heart is warm and loving – someone who has done the work on themselves – then the trust relationship can begin. And in the end, of course, your remote healer leads you toward taking responsibility for your own energy, and self healing.

    It’s really a beautiful world, isn’t it… this renewal. And there’s more to come!

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