The Rockefeller Foundation’s True Plans with Golden Rice: GMO for Population Control

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If you know a little about the Rockefeller family’s history, what at first seems like a story of a benevolent clan of wealthy individuals, intent on financially supporting cultural and agricultural development for the world, along with sundry other social endeavors, gives way to a more sordid tale.

In the 1990s, the Rockefeller Foundation approached one Swiss Doctor, Ingo Potrykus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, who specialized in plant engineering, specifically of GMO rice. It was in his lab that some of the first genetically modified rice was produced. This scientist and his team infused rice with daffodil genes in order to increase its beta-carotene. At first glance, this seems like a benevolent enterprise. This bio-fortified rice was meant to feed starving nations and be a solution to the ‘world food crisis.’ Also, since the daffodil bacterial gene spliced with the rice added Vitamin A, it was thought that it could prevent blindness caused by Vitamin A deficiency. This invention was called ‘Golden Rice.’

This was not the first experiment funded by the Rockefeller foundation, however, as evidenced in a keynote speech given in October of 2007 by Judith Rodin, who stated that research concerning genetically modified rice had been underway for over 65 years. Rodin told the Foundations audience:

In the sixty-five years since they began, we’ve funded the work of Golden Rice’s engineers, Dr. Peter Beyer, Dr. Ingo Potrykus, and others for more than fifteen of them. I’m delighted to announce, today, that we will be providing funding to the International Rice Research Institute – which we helped establish almost fifty years ago – to shepherd Golden Rice through national, regulatory approval processes in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. And we hope this is just the beginning.”

This means that GMO foods have been in the making as a national food supply for more than half a century.

  • The very questionable intent of the Rockefellers is obvious in this statement issued by Akinwumi Adesina when he addressed a black Congressional Caucus in 2007:

    “Regarding genetic engineering, by and large, African countries do not currently have in place regulatory frameworks that allow their use for food production. Many challenges face the introduction and cultivation of GM crops in Africa, including fear of GE crops.”

    Others who have been both direct and indirect spokespersons for the Rockefeller foundation have commented that GMO foods were necessary due to third world poverty, deforestation issues, CO2 emissions, and increasing climate change; however, a recent appeal offered to the United Nations by an aggregate of several African Nations (a favorite example of GMO-supporters for the food shortage-related need to produce genetically altered foods) stated that GMO food was not only detrimental to health, but actually damaged age-old agricultural techniques and artisan farming practices that have been passed down for centuries. They argue that organic food can indeed feed the world.

    Furthermore, many third world nations are rejecting GMO food, even as they starve and face drought, ever concerned about the long-term problems that GMO could cause their people and environment.

    Now, here is where it gets completely convoluted. In an editorial written by Dean Klechner, a member emeritus of the World Food Prize Board of Advisors, he offers that Bill and Melinda Gates in cooperation with the Rockefeller Foundation’s intent to spark a ‘green revolution’ in Africa commented that it must also be a ‘gene revolution.’ The Foundation has even bragged about its long-term intentions, without openly using the term ‘eugenics’, which is what it seems to outline quite blatantly.

    In the ‘The Rockefeller Foundation’s International Program on Rice Biotechnology’, they state:

    “The Rockefeller Foundation has a long, complex, and rich history in promoting agricultural development throughout the developing world. The Foundation began its major field-based program in Mexico in the 1940s, which led to the series of technologies, insights, and processes collectively known as the ‘Green Revolution’. (…) Through a series of strategically placed grants, some of the world’s premier laboratories were invited to participate in the program.”

    When you match this statement with comments like those of Ted Turner, who told Audubon Magazine, “. . . with a total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal,” you can see how this institution is playing God. They are creating food which we must become reliant upon, which then makes us reliant upon their medicine, which then determines the rate our populations grow or decline. This is especially evidenced in recent findings that GMOs cause infertility problems in women, birth defects, and, in recently released news, inflamed uteri in pigs to such a degree that they cannot conceive, as well as bowels that are so agitated that pigs often ‘bleed out’ or die from GMO-induced gut bleeding.

    Under the guise of world population explosion and the need to counter global environmental concerns, the Rockefeller foundation plans to eliminate large swaths of the population via GM foods. They have people in numerous high offices that are perpetuating their idealism. Even Nina Federoff, who serves as the scientific advisor to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, states:

     “A new Green Revolution demands a global commitment to creating a modern agricultural infrastructure everywhere.”

    Also consider this statement issued in an annual report in 1963 by the Rockefeller Foundation:

    “The Foundation conducts international projects for the improvement of the world’s four most important foods – corn, wheat, potatoes, and rice.”

    Now that that the public is being educated by scientists who don’t work for the foundation, about the damage that these four major GMO crops are wrecking on the human form, we can see very clearly what the Rockefellers have planned all along. There is nothing ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ about food that makes your organs fail, your genes more likely to grow cancerous cells, or your ovaries to develop cysts. It seems almost too bizarre to fathom, but the 50-year development of altered rice, corn, soy and wheat are just the beginning of an overarching design to reduce the world population through disease and impaired reproductive abilities.

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