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Adam Lanka, Contributor
Waking Times

Remember, we are a part of this planet.

It is a new year; the living spaceship we call Earth has completed yet another successful revolution about the sun. The orbiting process seems to have been pretty uneventful from a distance, but looking closer onto the surface of the ship tells a very different tale.

The human race is at a crossroads; we as a species are undergoing a shift that is reflected at every level of our society and the larger system that we have created for ourselves upon this planet. Our consciousness is expanding, and with this comes a growing awareness of how not only ineffective, but dangerous the dominant paradigm is towards our continued survival as a species.

The Malthusian-Darwinian paradigm preaches competition, consumption, and survival of the fittest. It suggests that this is the defining characteristic of existence, that this is what happens throughout the rest of nature, and that we as humans are now fitting into the mold. It serves as the justification for our ego-centric, materialistic, capitalistic existence, attempting to convince us that this is what nature programs into our cells.

This is a lie. This is misinformation, perpetuated by the people who benefit from the system in its current state. A society truly modeled after nature is no new concept, humans have been living this way for thousands of years, and it is one based upon harmony and mutual-cooperation. Numerous ancient civilizations have lived in harmony and sustainably with the Earth. We know that it worked then, and we know that it can work now.

  • In nature, most animals spend their lives living in harmony, with brief periods of competition, not the other way around. Competition does exist, but this only happens when animals are competing after the same resources or are attempting to occupy the same niche. The level of competition present is also dependent upon the scarcity of resources within an environment.

    If one’s intent is to destabilize, divide, and conquer in order to establish a small faction of controlling elites, what way could be more effective than the tactics currently being implemented? By creating a focus upon scarcity, upon competition, upon the ego, upon consumption, and upon fear, the control system successfully influences the choices that we make in order to harness our energy and funnel it towards their own corrupted endeavors.

    It’s not that this mentality is outdated, for never was there a time in our history where this could actually be deemed an acceptable or effective modality of existence. This mentality is poison, it is fundamentally flawed, and it is time that we apply not only our feelings but our logic to the situation that we have let carry on for too long.

    We do not need the system to survive, the system needs us.  It needs the constant influx of our energy to continue spinning and to stay in motion. It is short-sighted, benefits few, hurts many, focuses upon unbridled consumption, constant production, and is highly inefficient. Technology and quality of life is great, but is not worth sacrificing our planet, our freedom, and our lives. We can have all of these things. We do not need to give this fractured, failing system our power.

    Let us return to the Earth, let us return to the rhythm of life that we feel pulse through our bodies and fills every cell of our beings. Let us return to our home, let us make all our decisions based upon how it affects us, others around us, the planet, and the entire universe. We get to choose where we express our energy, and the more of us that choose sustainable living practices, harmony and quality over consumption, fear and quantity, the faster we shall make the change come about.

    The organic vessel Earth has been around for a long time. If we want humans to continue to be a part of its journey through the cosmos, and to step into our next evolution of consciousness and our place within the universe, it is up to us. Choose, wisely. Choose love. But ultimately, each and every single one of us must choose.

    Unconditional love, and gratitude.

    About the Author

    Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and physicist. His passion and interest are in bridging the gaps in the dominant paradigm, uniting science and spirituality into one journey of consciousness, and elevating the vibration of humanity. To learn more about Adam, please visit his personal blog, The Wanderlust. Find him on Facebook at Gateway Explorations.

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