Memorial Day

Isaac Davis
Waking Times

America is a deeply disturbed nation and it often seems that the myths that define our culture are in drastic conflict with the current motives and actions of our government.

On July 4th, we celebrate ‘freedom,’ or at least a version of freedom that had more relevance to a young nation who 200 years ago was tossing off the shackles of British Colonial rule.  But the irony of celebrating our ‘freedom’ at at time when government agents grope our genitals before boarding an airplane is so absurd that its easier for the common person to wave an imported flag than make a genuine attempt to process the cognitive dissonance involved in lying to yourself about something so obvious and so important.

Yet, Americans continue to jump when told, only asking how high.

And today we are to celebrate Memorial day, which is supposedly an opportunity to pay reverence to the courage and honor of all the young men and women who have given their lives in military service to the United States.

Like many readers, my Grandfathers served in WWII, and as a child growing up I used to sit on their knees and listen captivated to stories of comradery, brotherhood, honor, courage, and righteous violence.  And like so many other Americans, I grew up believing in the benevolence of our nation and it’s foreign entanglements.  I was proud because of what they did, only to learn later in life that there was more to each war than the simple black-and-white rationale of good versus evil.  Someone at the top always got to walk away with a bag full of cash while the tombstones of our neighbors, friends and family members multiplied.

  • But growing older and wiser means that one has to individuate, to find his unique self, in order to live a genuine life.  And like many other Americans, this journey of personal awakening and revelation has illuminated many not-so-hidden horrible truths about the people and institutions that have goaded some of our best and brightest onto the battlefield.  There is no purity left in this institution we call America and the motives for sending our troops to kill and be killed are too questionable to jump on this bandwagon and pretend to mourn for its fodder while tanking lite beer and gnawing on BBQ’d factory foods.

    I often wonder…  If so many of our courageous and honorable young people had not been killed at such an early age, before they could apply their ingenuity to serve our communities, how much greater would our nation be right now?

    I know that I’m not alone with this sentiment on Memorial day.  As today’s veterans gather amidst the machinery of a Police State to return their battlefield medals of honor, like they did during Vietnam, and as the war on terror sucks down the blood of it’s first generation, I know that deep down, behind the Iron Media Curtain, many Americans also weep the stupidity and unjustness of continuing this charade of honor while the vampire of Nationalism feasts endlessly on our young people, our wealth, and the lands of others.

    Waving the flag and celebrating the deaths of many tens of thousands of our best young people is unacceptable because it does more to honor the system and institutions that make war into a lucrative business and peace an impossibility, than it does to preserve the memory of our soldiers.

    Now that we know that the State is capable of forever creating wars for us to ‘serve’ in, perhaps it is time for our definition of courage to evolve a bit, so that the Americans taking risks by exposing the lies and corruption of a war hungry government are remembered and honored as well.

    Watch this must see video about what we truly should be remembering today.  Remember.

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