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Video - Sometimes against a uniform, bright background such as a clear sky or a blank computer screen, you might see things floating across your field of vision. What are these moving objects, and how are you seeing them? Michael Mauser explains the visual phenomenon that is eye floaters.

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Desire: What Do We Really Want? http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/desire-really-want/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/desire-really-want/#comments Tue, 27 Jan 2015 21:52:14 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51645 Wes Annac - Everything we long for here on earth is a mask that hides our true desire; our true longing, which, little do we know, is for a higher state of consciousness...

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Burning DesireWes Annac, Contributor
Waking Times

It’s been said that every form of desire is ultimately a desire to know our creator (and to know ourselves as our creator). All of the longing we experience, which we convince ourselves is for material things, loving relationships, etc. is really a longing for a greater perception; a communion with our creator, who expresses infinite love to all of its children.

Everything we long for here on earth is a mask that hides our true desire; our true longing, which, little do we know, is for a higher state of consciousness where we understand the blissful, spiritual nature of our existence.

We live in a place that seems empty of love or spirituality. Love exists on earth, but it’s minimized to a purely romantic concept that doesn’t do justice to its true purpose. Similarly, controlled religions have distorted our understanding of Source, and we’re taught to believe in a limited, human version of our creator that was clearly thought up by man.

Every religion contains truth and untruth, and that’s why I’m okay with throwing the occasional quote from the Bible (or other religious books) in these articles. Most of us know by now that contemporary religion is highly and purposefully distorted, however, and this is why so many people have turned away from spirituality.

Hardly anyone wants to sit in a church and hear about how they’re miserable sinners who are basically hated by a vengeful creator who’ll send them to hell in an instant if they don’t act right, but most people don’t understand that this is a massively incorrect portrayal of our creator that’s been pushed by religious leaders who want to control the masses.

Control is the main purpose of contemporary religion, but we can transcend all of its nonsense and discover a real, lasting connection with our creator, who, as we’ll discover, loves its children unconditionally and would never want to hurt us or send us to a fiery inferno.

Because our perception of Source is so skewered, we go about our lives looking for things to fill the spiritual void, which is caused by our disconnection from our essence; our Christ consciousness; whatever you want to call the flowing, omnipotent creative/spiritual space within.

Most people don’t sustain their spiritual connections because they don’t even know they exist, and the first thing that pops into their heads when they think of spirituality is religion, which controls its followers with guilt and unrelenting worship.

Since they know religion is distorted and they think it’d be their only real connection with their creator (who, again, their perception of is skewered), they look for a way to satisfy that gap between them and a greater perception.

Most people try to fill it with material things that only satisfy for a short time before they become undesirable, and when the first materialistic high wears off, they do anything they can to continue filling the void and making themselves happy.

All they need to do is consider that God and spirituality could be real and could have nothing to do with distorted religion to discover the greatest secret that’s ever been kept from mankind. Then, all of their worries, pains, fears and desires would be gradually replaced with an unhindered connection with Source, who they’ll discover is a God of pure love and compassion.

“At this same time an immense fire was sent into his soul that inflamed his heart utterly with love of God.” – Blessed Henry SUSO

Our creator doesn’t hate us, and Source doesn’t want to punish us for what we do in the lower vibrations. The point of the lower vibrations is to grow, learn and refine our consciousness to the point that we can ascend into ever higher dimensions, where our understanding of ourselves as our creator will continue to expand.

Our existence in the lower spheres would be pointless if our creator punished us for doing the ‘wrong’ things, and as we’re learning, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are as illusory as these lower vibrations we live in. In truth, we can never do anything ‘wrong’ in the eyes of our creator, and Source loves the evilest, most villainous people.

Our creator even loves the elitist forces who use politics, media and religion to keep us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually oppressed, and if that doesn’t show us that Source loves everyone, nothing will.

“With what love and desire for union (with God) one is seized — what wondering delight!” – Plotinus

If our benevolent creator can find love for the most hateful people, then it stands to reason that he/she won’t hate us for the misaligned things we do while we’re here, which, for the most part, we don’t even realize are misaligned.


Our desires will gradually fade when we learn to replace them with a desire to know Source and the spiritual nature of our existence, but wanting to connect with Source won’t completely diminish them by itself. I consider myself a pretty spiritual person, but I abandon my spirituality at times for materialism or whatever distraction is placed before me.

Becoming aware isn’t enough by itself, and we have to put our awareness to good use if we want to really know ourselves or our creator. We’ll want to keep our spiritual links as strong and flowing as we can, and the best way to do this seems to be to continuously hone our creative/spiritual connections.

Writing and music are great ways to keep our links with spirit strong, and some people intuitively connect with and/or channel their inner voice (which can be called the ‘higher self’), their spiritual guides and other entities who they believe help them with their growth from the higher realms.

There are plenty of things we can do, but in everything, our willingness to keep exploring our consciousness is important. We’ll only go so far if we only want to know Source, and at a certain point, we’ll have to replace that simple desire with concrete action to get ourselves there.

Keeping our spiritual links strong and flowing can be easier than we expect, but it still requires some effort. We still have to do something to get there, and for most of us, living in love and humility as we hone our creativity and spirituality is the best way to stay connected with ourselves and our creator.

“O Lord (my) God, these two things I long for — a Vision and a Talk with Thee.”Zarathustra

Knowing ourselves is important to knowing our creator, and the spiritual path requires us to take serious, discerning looks at ourselves so we can get rid of things that no longer serve us and welcome things that do. We might end up making a lot of personal changes we never expected to make, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

The more we embrace spirituality and the idea that our creator is benevolent and all-loving, the less we’ll care about feeding the material world, with all of its distractions and subversions. We’ll discover that reconnecting with our essence is our main reason for being here, and we might even part ways with things we once enjoyed as we explore and expand our awareness.

We might also influence others to explore their spirituality, and if we stay active and receptive, the result could be that we awaken everyone else to the existence of infinite higher realms and their ability to transcend their surface consciousness and reach those realms. Once everyone’s aware, our fun will really begin.

About the Author

Wes Annac is the author of The Culture of Awareness.  The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

Wes can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter.

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Did You Know the IRS and the Fed are Private Corporations? http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/know-irs-fed-private-corporations/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/know-irs-fed-private-corporations/#comments Tue, 27 Jan 2015 17:44:56 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51624 Pao L. Chang - Most people living in the USA have no clue that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a foreign agency...

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Federal-Reserve-NotePao L. Chang, Guest
Waking Times

Most people living in the USA have no clue that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a foreign agency. To be more accurate, the IRS is a foreign private corporation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and is the private “army” of the Federal Reserve (Fed). Its main goal is to make sure the American people pay their tax and be good little slaves.

Evidence showing that the IRS isn’t part of the United States government

Like the Federal Reserve (Fed), the IRS isn’t part of the United States government. Instead, it is a collection agency of the privately owned Fed.

As published at ModernHistoryProject.org.

The Internal Revenue Service is considered to be a Bureau of the Department of the Treasury; however, like the Federal Reserve, it is not part of the Federal Government (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I.; Public Law 94-564; Senate Report 94-1148, pg. 5967; Reorganization Plan No. 26; Public Law 102-391), and in fact was incorporated in Delaware in 1933. It is pointed out that all official Federal Government mail is sent postage-free because of the franking privilege, however, the IRS has to pay their own postage, which indicates that they are not a government entity.

They are in fact a collection agency for the Federal Reserve, because they do not collect any taxes for the U.S. Treasury. All funds collected are turned over to the Federal Reserve. If you have ever sent a check to the IRS, you will find that it was endorsed over to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve, in turn, deposits the money with the International Monetary Fund, an agency of the United Nations (Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th edition, pg. 816), where it is filtered down to the International Development Association (see Treasury Delegation Order No. 91), which is part of the “International Bank for Reconstruction and Development”, commonly known as the World Bank. Therefore, it is now clear that the American people are unknowingly contributing to the coming World Government.

By looking at the court case Diversified Metal Products v. IRS and the definition of the IMF from Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition, we know that the IRS is NOT part of the United States government and the IMF IS an agency of the United Nations (UN). In other words, these two foreign agencies are unlawfully collecting tax and money from the American people. If you are an American, you should be mad as hell over this! But instead of remaining angry, turn that anger into motivational energy to motivate you to learn how the tax and banking system work.

The IRS, the Fed, the IMF, and the UN are criminal private corporations that are responsible for destroying the economy of the USA and the economy of many other countries throughout the world. Because they are criminal corporations, they have no lawful standing so don’t be afraid of them.

Who control the IRS, the IMF, and the UN?

The IRS, the IMF, and the UN are controlled by the Crown Temple, which is the secret society that controls the Crown of England. The Crown Temple and the Crown of England take orders from the Pope of the Vatican! The Vatican has a strong relation with the Illuminati, but even more so with the Jesuits. These secret societies along with the Nazis, the Zionists, the Skull and Bones, and the Freemasons are known as the New World Order (NWO).

How to stop the IRS, the IMF, and the UN from destroying your life and humanity

The IRS, the IMF, and the UN actually have no jurisdiction over the American people or the people of the world. Their actions of stealing money from the people of the world are unlawful; however, they are legal. Lawful and legal are two terms that you need to study if you want to learn how to stop the IRS, the IMF, and the UN from destroying your future and the future of humanity. For some interesting facts about lawful and legal, read my empowering article titled Did You Know All Debts Are Prepaid and Fraudulent?

Here are two great court cases that explain why no corporation, including the government or the church, has jurisdiction over the common people who are sovereign.

“The law subscribes to the king (in America, the people) the attribute of sovereignty; he is sovereign and independent within his own Dominion; and owes no kind of subjection to any other potentate upon earth. Hence, it is, that no suit or action can be brought against the king, even in civil matters, because no court can have jurisdiction over him; for all jurisdiction implies supremacy of power”.(Chisholm vs. Georgia, 2 Dall. 419,458.)

“The people, or the Sovereign are not bound by general words in statutes, restrictive of prerogative rights, titles or interests, unless expressly named. Acts of limitation do not bind at the King, nor the people. The people have been ceded all the rights of the king, the former Sovereign. It is a maxim of the common-law that when an act of parliament is made for the public good, the advancement of religion and Justice, and to prevent injury and wrong, the king shall be bound by such an act, though not named; but when a statute is General, and any prerogative rights, titles or interests would be divested or taken from the king (or the people) in such case he shall not be bound”. The People vs. Herkimer, 15 American Decisions 379, 4 Cowen (NY 345, 348 (1825)).

The content in the block quotation above was emailed to me by Ez. Thanks Ez for emailing me that information.

One of the “forbidden” truths of the court system in the USA that they don’t want you to know is the fact that there are currently no judicial courts in the USA.

There are NO Judicial Courts in America and have not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464 Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat 138-178)

If you go to court and a judge tells you that he or she is the judge of the law, just say “I object!” And then read the content in the block quotation above out loud to the judge. US judges aren’t really judges. Instead, they are public trustees pretending to be Executive Administrators!

One of the first things you need to do when you are in a courtroom is to tell the judge which role you are playing. Why? Because courts in the USA (this also applies to courts in other Western countries) are all based on presumption. In other words, it is a “game”. This is why it is called a “court-room”. What do people do in a court? They play games, like a basketball game or a tennis game. They didn’t call it the “court” or the “court-room” by accident. Are you starting to see the big picture?

When you walk into the court, you are about to play their game; therefore, the judge automatically presumes that you are playing the role of the trustee (slave). To trick you to consent to be the trustee, the judge will ask you if you are the legal name (i.e., JOHN DOE), which is the name on your driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.

If you answer yes to being that legal name, you just agree to be a legal fiction, which is a corporation. A corporation is a “corpse” or dead entity. If you look at the word “corporation” closely, you can almost see the word “corpse” in it. This is no accident. It is right in your face folks!

In legal term, a corporation is an artificial person. If you want proof of this, look at Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition for the legal term “corporation” and you should see this definition, “an artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state.” Once you agree to be a legal fiction (corporation), it puts you under their jurisdiction. This means that you have to play under their rules. As a result, it is pretty much game over. Why do you think most people don’t win court cases?

Instead of agreeing to be that legal name or legal fiction, tell the judge that you are the Administrator of that legal name. If you want to learn how to effectively defend yourself against the corrupt Western court system, you need to study Natural Law, trust law, contract law, common law, canon law, and admiralty/maritime law. Once you gain enough knowledge of these laws and learn how to use them to defend your natural rights, judges and attorneys will run away from you like scared little children. For proof of this, watch the short video below.

Freeman in Court – Judge Bows to Sovereign – Canada

After watching the video, did you notice how the judge tries to trick Keith into accepting to be the legal name Keith Thompson? If he would have said yes to being Keith Thompson, it would have been game over. Instead of agreeing to be that legal name, Keith said to the judge that he is the Administrator of that account. The account he is referring to is the legal name Keith Thompson. Once Keith claims to be the Administrator, he becomes the master and the judge becomes the trustee, which is the slave. This is why the judge, who is now the slave, bows to his master (Keith) before the judge (slave) leaves the courtroom.

The video above took place in Canada but it still relates to the court system in the USA, the UK, Australia, and many other Western countries. This is because most Western countries are under the rule of canon law and admiralty/maritime law, which are enforced by the Vatican. Those countries aren’t free states, because their people are enslaved through implied consent!

Corporate and State “laws” don’t apply to a sovereign Man or Woman

Each one of us is a sovereign Man or Woman with a soul. We were created by the Prime Creator and were given natural rights. Our natural rights are above all corporate or state rules, orders, codes, statutes, and regulations. Judges are well aware of these things, which is why they try to trick us to consent to be a legal fiction. This legal fiction or corporation is the name written in ALL CAPS. Take out your driver’s license or any government document issued to you and you should see your name written in ALL CAPS.

When it comes to freedom, learning how to defend your natural rights is the most important thing you can do. Once you learn how to defend your natural rights, the IRS and the court don’t want to mess with you, because they know that they can’t lawfully force you to pay tax. To learn how to defend your natural rights, read my empowering article titled Why You Need to Study Natural Law.

The following video does a great job of exposing the IRS for what it really is. I don’t agree with everything in the video, but it does expose some shocking information about the IRS.

Crosshairs: The Internal Revenue Scandal


About the Author

Pao L. Chang is the author and founder of EnergyFanatics.com and OmniThought.org, two comprehensive blogs dedicated to exploring topics about energy, health, conscious living, spiritual science, and exotic “free energy” technology. He loves to explore the mystery of alternative medicine, the science of consciousness, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry, and how energy affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

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Je Suis Hypocrisy? Selective Free Speech & the Secular Inquisition http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/je-suis-hypocrisy-selective-free-speech-secular-inquisition-france/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/je-suis-hypocrisy-selective-free-speech-secular-inquisition-france/#comments Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:46:29 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51617 Matthew Butler - The brutal Paris attacks have been rightly condemned. Yet the tragedy has been exploited to distort the very right it’s become an emblem for – freedom of expression...

The post Je Suis Hypocrisy? Selective Free Speech & the Secular Inquisition appeared first on Waking Times.

CharlieMatthew Butler, Conscious Reporter
Waking Times

The brutal Paris attacks have been rightly condemned. Yet the tragedy has been exploited to distort the very right it’s become an emblem for – freedom of expression – while details contradicting the official narrative are suppressed. This article examines the selective defence of free speech in the aftermath, and how the French Government’s long-running crackdown on alternative spirituality violates the principle of liberty it claims to uphold.

France is known as the land of liberty, equality and fraternity. The brutal murder of 12 people at the office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and the killing of five more in related shootings, was viewed as a direct assault on the country’s values. Charlie Hebdo is renowned for political satire, which has a proud history in France, with its cartoons frequently caricaturing politicians and religious figures, including Islam’s prophet Muhammad.

Islam forbids its prophet being illustrated in anyway, let alone ridiculed. In the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the Parisian tradition of free speech and political satire apparently collided with Islamic extremism. The gunmen, who killed 10 people and 2 policemen before being hunted down and shot dead by law enforcement, reportedly shouted they had “avenged Muhammad” as they left the scene. The paper had depicted him naked in a pornographic pose.

In the West, the Charlie Hebdo attacks have become an emblem for the cause of free speech. The initial consensus was that freedom of expression is an unconditional right with no exceptions, and this freedom includes the right to offend. The slogan “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) was adopted by free speech supporters in the aftermath, with millions turning out for peaceful marches across France in defence of the right to offensive free speech. Charlie Hebdo responded to the attack by depicting Muhammad on its first edition after the massacre, which subsequently sold millions of extra copies in a show of solidarity for the free speech cause.

But the media and political elite’s supposed espousal of unconditional acceptance for offensive free speech in the aftermath of this tragedy has been very selective and hypocritical. A narrative has been spun to suit an agenda while obvious contradictions are ignored. While leaders and media pundits rally behind the banner of free speech, little attention is given to the fact that France has among the most restrictive laws on spiritual expression of any Western country, and the laws governing free expression are unequally applied. The cause of free speech comes with many caveats in the “Republic of Liberté”, where the government is waging a little-known secular inquisition against modern heretics whose right to freely express their beliefs is suppressed.

Before we take a look at those restrictions, let’s examine the background and context to the Charlie Hebdo attacks from which a free speech narrative has arisen that is sweeping aside blatant contradictions as it’s proliferated.

The Global Elite’s Free Speech Double Standards

Charlie 1

An obvious indication the global elite’s embracement of free speech was highly selective and duplicitous, came in a staged photo-op in where they joined arms to march in Paris. World leaders did not actually lead a public march as some reports claimed, but marched separately away from the public. They included representatives of regimes that have terrible free speech records. Examples include NATO allies Saudi Arabia, which beheads more people than ISIS and brutally punishes dissent, and the government of Egypt, which took power via a coup and is currently imprisoning foreign journalists.

A number of governments present in the march have moved to rush through increased internet surveillance measures in the tragedy’s wake, with UK Prime Minister David Cameron even floating banning encryption. Mass surveillance is not conducive to free speech. Nor is punishing free speech that exposes state malfeasance, as the US government does to whistle-blowers. And while governments and intelligence agencies call for more powers to prevent such attacks, they cannot explain how spying on everyone will thwart individuals they already monitor. The perpetrators of this attack were well-known to intelligence services and already on a watch list. In the case of the FBI, many terror plots they thwart have been funded and organised by themselves.

Question Marks over the Official Story

The Charlie Hebdo gunmen had returned to France from fighting the Assad government in the Syrian civil war – the same Syrian government that NATO members (including the government of France) wanted to bomb and overthrow two years ago. Support for direct intervention faltered, but the US government and its allies armed, trained and funded jihadist-linked “moderate rebels” to fight the Syrian government in a proxy war instead. In many instances these same trained militants and weapons have ended up in the ranks of ISIS, now calling itself the Islamic State, which is also fighting the Syrian government. Fighting the Islamic State has given NATO a rationale to directly intervene militarily in the region again with airstrikes to halt their advance. Yet even as ISIS is bombed in Iraq and Syria on the one hand, jihadist-linked militants continue to be trained by the US military on the other even while they continue to mass-defect to ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Questioning the foreign policy wisdom of arming jihadist-linked militants to fight proxy wars who later become terrorists enemies – a precedent that goes back to the 70s when the US government backed the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan which spawned Al Qaeda – has not been a major component of mainstream media coverage, even as the covert arming, training and funding of jihadist-linked militants continues. Instead, the same governments and intelligence agencies involved in these questionable covert machinations have called for further powers, restrictive laws, and funding to fight the terrorists their foreign policy supports.

Neither has there been much use of free speech in the media to question the official story of the Paris attacks, such as probing into how and why a police chief investigating them suddenly and inexplicably committed suicide while working on the report, or why the trained killers conveniently left identification in the back of a getaway car, or why the alleged perpetrators were simply able to return from a NATO proxy-warzone and carry out an attack on French soil while on a terrorist watch list. Other details are ignored too. A video which seems to show a policeman was not actually executed at close range by a shot to the head, as reported in the mainstream media, was censored by YouTube’s “safety mode”, while the French version was removed by Google completely.

The many anomalies have led some to suspect a wider agenda in these attacks, and posit the possibility it may have been a false flag operation pinned on French-born militant “patsies” trained in the Syrian proxy war.

Whatever the case may be, what is clear is that the attack’s narrative has been heavily controlled and exploited to serve an agenda while other facts and questionable government actions are ignored.

What’s also clear is that the “free speech” cause has been hijacked and manipulated by those who attack this principle themselves, or apply it very selectively. This is evident when you look at the flagrant double standards and restrictions that apply to free spiritual expression in France, which are amongst the harshest of Western countries.

Selective Liberty: Free Speech, Hate Speech and Religious Expression

The same human rights provisions that protect freedom of speech in France also protect freedom of religious expression:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.”

Article 9 of European Convention of Human Rights:

“France … shall ensure the equality of all citizens before the law … It shall respect all beliefs.”

Article 2, Constitution of France.

France has attracted criticism for its 2004 law forbidding overt religious expression in public schools. Although known as the “French headscarf ban” the law actually bans any overt religious attire, such as the crucifix or the Sikh turban, being worn at public schools. The ban on face coverings introduced in 2012 goes further, banning the Muslim veil from being worn anywhere in public. The legislation does not directly single out the Muslim veil, but was widely understood to have been written for that objective.

Human rights groups have criticised both laws for curtailing freedom of religious expression. Whatever you may think of a particular religion or the veil, if you advocate freedom of expression even when it is offensive, then it is hypocritical to argue that it is OK to publicly vilify a religion, but not OK to publicly express your religious beliefs peacefully.

These double standards are also apparent in the selective application of laws and social conventions about hate speech. A week after the French government backed the right to offensive free speech, it arrested 54 people for offensive comments (not actions) deemed to be “defending” or “glorifying” terrorism.

Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept caused a stir when he pointed out the more extreme cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo would certainly be considered hate speech if directed at Judaism. To demonstrate this point, the online publication tried to find an illustrator willing to “create cartoons that mock Judaism and malign sacred figures to Jews the way Charlie Hebdo did to Muslims” but no cartoonist was found willing because “doing so would instantly and permanently destroy their career, at least.”

Greenwald later wrote about the government’s hypocrisy of arresting an offensive French comedian for his controversial views after defending the right to offensive free speech:

“France is about as legitimate a symbol of free expression as Charlie Hebdo, which fired one of its writers in 2009 for a single supposedly anti-Semitic sentence in the midst of publishing an orgy of anti-Muslim (not just anti-Islam) content. This week’s celebration of France – and the gaggle of tyrannical leaders who joined it – had little to do with free speech and much to do with suppressing ideas they dislike while venerating ideas they prefer.”

Perhaps they prefer certain ideas because they spur on and validate the open-ended war on terror?

The debate over whether free speech should have any limits, and whether “hate speech” laws should exist at all to restrict it, is an old one, and views can be taken either way without condoning violence. But whatever view you take, most would agree that whatever laws exist should be applied equally and without discrimination. It is hypocritical to condone and celebrate vilification in one instance while cracking down on it in another. Equality before the law is another fundamental right that is supposed to be protected in western nations, alongside freedom of expression.

Targeting Alternative Spiritual Groups: A Secular Inquisition

But there is another double standard in France that get less attention, and that is the discriminatory treatment of small spiritual groups targeted and harassed by the mainstream media and the government. France does what has not been done in a western country since the Inquisition: separate beliefs into acceptable and unacceptable categories by essentially setting up a blacklist of “deviant sects”.

“In 1996, 7 members of the French parliament published a list of 172 so-called “sects”. This list was then strongly criticized by international Governmental institutions, for being a blacklist of religious movements. In 2005 the French Prime Minister issued a circular stating that this list had no legal value and should no longer be used. However, since that date, the list is still in use by some government officials, and of course by journalists and police.”

European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom (EIFRF)

The label “sect” is an equivalent pejorative to the label “cult” in English-speaking nations. Many of the groups on it are considered mainstream religious denominations in other countries. Because the blacklist has been widely circulated, people involved in the groups can have their freedom of belief and association curtailed in many ways. According to Human Rights Without Frontiers:

“The groups were raided by police and military squadrons, their offices searched, the leaders arrested, and the groups were banned from participating in community festivals and from renting conference rooms. Many of their members, French citizens, lost their jobs or were denied promotions once their affiliation with a so-called sect was unmasked.”

Human Rights Without Frontiers (source)

EIFREF reports that parents have lost custody of their children based on holding a belief deemed heretical by the State, people have been driven to suicide from harassment, and religious premises have been vandalised with impunity because the vandals feel they have the protection of the government which has labelled that group “bad”.

A legal distinction between “good” and “bad” beliefs was passed with the About-Picard law in 2001, also known as the anti-sect or anti-cult law, which seeks to distinguish an acceptable religion from a sect. Such a distinction is discriminatory and arbitrary and it is not the place of a government in a “free” country to assess and police the legitimacy of beliefs. Although done in the name of “Laïcité” (French secularity), this actually goes against the principles of secularism: the separation of church and State goes both ways, and is also supposed to ensure that government does not interfere in private citizens’ religious liberties. In France, secularism has morphed from a separation of religion from the state into a crusade to separate heretical beliefs from society altogether.

There has long been an anti-religious streak in France ever since the French revolution with its reign of terror and religious suppression. The irony now is that the supposedly enlightened secular State has taken a leaf out of the medieval inquisition playbook of the Church it overthrew. Today, so-called “sectarian” groups are treated as modern-day heretics in what is basically a secular inquisition, enforced by the government agency MIVILUDES with the support of the media. The agency’s full Orwellian name translates into English as “Inter-ministerial Mission for Vigilance and Fighting against Sectarian Deviances”. According to EIFRF:

“MIVILUDES, throughout the years, has engaged in numerous campaigns not only against new religious movements targeted as “sects”, but also against small communities of older religions, whether Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or other. They have even organized raids in communities, arriving with journalists and making strong derogatory comments in order to further their agenda of labelling these communities as “sects”.

someone could think that this only applies to new groups, small unusual groups, New Age or Satanist or any small religion, and think that “this will only happen to others”. The truth is that MIVILUDES and anti-sect associations have been targeting Catholic communities, Evangelical Christians, Hindu communities, amongst others, as “sects”.  The sect is the religion someone wants to get the rid of.”

In 2009 at the first MIVILUDES conference, the French Secretary of State compared groups guilty of “sectarian deviances” to “mutating viruses”. The government has claimed a group is guilty of “deviances” if it commits “mental manipulation” which occurs when “one or more people start to believe in certain ideas which differ from the ideas generally accepted by society”.

Just think for a moment about how inconsistent that is with the government’s supposed support for freedom of expression even when it is offensive – you are guilty of “deviancy” for having and expressing beliefs and ideas which differ from the status quo, and if “one or more” people agree with you the government can raid your premises and destroy your life.

Not surprisingly, these measures find commonality with authoritarian regimes. The slippery concept of “mental manipulation” in France has its precedent in the offence of “plaggio” enacted under Mussolini in Italy in 1930, which he used to target political opponents and dissidents who were accused of the psychological “subjugation” of others.

When passed, the French anti-cult laws found strong support in China which only sanctions five government-controlled religions, and cracks down on any other groups which the government labels “evil cults”. As reported in The Washington Post in 2001:

“China’s Communist leaders have finally found a Western human rights model they like: France’s new anti-cult law making “mental manipulation” a crime. Hong Kong’s Tung Chee-hwa indicated he is studying the French precedent for possible use against the Falun Gong movement because it has “more or less the characteristics of an evil cult”; he pledged to “keep a close eye on their every move.” Mainland authorities have already cracked down on the group and other spiritual and religious practitioners who resist government thought control.

Chinese officials now triumphantly canvass American academics, touting the French law as partial vindication for China’s much-criticized human rights posture. They delight in noting that France’s National Assembly passed the measure unanimously and with widespread popular support.”


When the laws of the “Republic of Liberté’” are welcomed by an authoritarian communist government that persecutes religious minorities with live organ harvesting, we have problem.

Liberty, equality, fraternity?

france-300x215Freedom of expression was supposedly extolled in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, but while the government actively defends “offensive” free speech on one hand, it represses the expression of beliefs, ideas and opinions it finds offensive on the other.

It seems points of view that play into the manufactured “clash of civilisations” narrative and the global “war on terror” are exalted, no matter how vilifying they are, while equivalent expression directed elsewhere is muzzled as “hate speech”. And when “free speech” vilifies a group or ideas within society the elite wishes to criticise, such as “sects”, then it is celebrated, and the government even enacts laws to selectively discriminate against and suppress the groups and ideas it finds offensive, with mass media support, stifling their freedom of expression. When minority religious groups are actively suppressed and harassed by a State and media apparatus for their thought crime  as heretics of a modern-day inquisition  is the government really living up to its motto of “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” (liberty, equality and fraternity)?

In France, all people, beliefs and ideas are treated equally, but some it seems are much more equal than others.

While the support for free speech is highly selective and conditional in France, it is not alone in the Western world for employing double standards concerning the free expression of beliefs and ideas which are outside the status quo. A similar suppression occurs in other western countries through fomenting fear and paranoia toward alternative spirituality with support of the media, and exploiting suspicious isolated tragedies to fuel a far-reaching backlash. This results in minorities being tarred with the same brush due to the actions of a few, and treated in ways that would never be acceptable to favoured groups within society. These attitudes and double standards are widespread in the West; France has just gone a step further by putting this prejudice into law.

Unless the laws and social conventions concerning free speech, hate speech and religious freedom and expression are applied equally in the West, than any claims we make to being the bastion of liberty and freedom of expression will ring hollow.

About the Author

Matthew Butler is a freelance writer with a BA in Journalism, an open mind and a keen interest in defending personal freedom and uncovering the truth. He’s been exploring spirituality and consciousness for 10 years and writes at The Conscious Reporter about issues that affect and suppress human potential, consciousness, alternative beliefs, and the right to free expression of spirituality in the world.

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Revolutionary Family Shows True Meaning of Self-Reliance http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/revolutionary-family-shows-true-meaning-self-reliance/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/revolutionary-family-shows-true-meaning-self-reliance/#comments Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:20:48 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51611 Cole Mellino - By growing all of their food themselves, except staples such as wheat, rice and oats, they are able to eat fresh and delicious, organic food for $2 a day per person.

The post Revolutionary Family Shows True Meaning of Self-Reliance appeared first on Waking Times.


This urban homestead produces 6,000 pounds of food a year.

Cole Mellino, EcoWatch
Waking Times

Think you can’t grow much food in an urban area? Think again. One family’s 4,000 square foot farm in Pasadena, California “not only feeds a family but revolutionizes the idea of what can be done in a very unlikely place—the middle of a city.” KCET reporter Val Zavala gives us a glimpse into the Dervaes family’s Path to Freedom Urban Homestead. “I brought the country to the city rather than having to go out to the country,” said Jules Dervaes, who created the farm with his three adult children, Justin, Anais and Jordanne.

They grow almost all of the food they need. Ninety percent of their all-organic, vegetarian dietcomes from their garden. The operation involves 400 varieties of vegetables, fruits and edible flowers, which is 6,000 pounds of food a year. They raise eight chickens, four ducks and two goats, which provide them with eggs and milk. Chefs from high-end restaurants come directly to their house to buy their excess.

When asked if he had any doubts in the beginning, Jules admits he did. “I kept thinking this place was too small. There’s no way that we are going to be able to feed ourselves, plus I never thought we’d be able to grow the vegetables for the market,” he said. Dervaes decided to embark on this endeavor because he was concerned about what was in his and his children’s food. He wanted them to eat organic, GMO-free food, and he knew the best way to ensure that was to grow it himself.


The Dervaes’ say they love their homesteading lifestyle and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

The family has a solar panel on the roof that provides all of their electricity. Not that they use much. Most of their “gizmos,” says Anais, “are hand-powered” like their hand-crank smoothie maker. That puts their electricity bill at about $12 per month. Their car runs on biodiesel, which they make from vegetable waste that restaurants drop off at their house for free. These people have all the hook ups.

But it’s not all sunshine and flowers (though they have plenty of both). The Dervaes’ work very hard, make roughly $20,000 a year and have to deal with weather-related disasters, pests, disease and now climate change. Justin said, “we’ve been gardening so long that you can sense things are off. We have this little bug, the Junebug, that comes out in June, but now it doesn’t come out until July, August and September—so something is off.” Water is also a serious issue. With the drought in California, Jules has relied on clay pot irrigation, an ancient form of irrigation, to conserve water.


All that hard work is well worth it when the family sits down to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

By growing all of their food themselves, except staples such as wheat, rice and oats, they are able to eat fresh and delicious, organic food for $2 a day per person. They have attracted a lot of attention since they began homesteading in the mid 1980s. Many homesteaders have emulated their model. They offer workshops and events on their farm, and they even have a blog. They are proof of the bounty you can grow on one-tenth of an acre.

Watch here as KCET’s Zavala reports on this revolutionary family:

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The Facts About the Measles Outbreak and Vaccine http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/facts-measles-outbreak-vaccine/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/facts-measles-outbreak-vaccine/#comments Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:08:55 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51533 Tess Pennington - As many of you are aware, the measles outbreak continues to spread into multiple states. Here is what you can do about it.

The post The Facts About the Measles Outbreak and Vaccine appeared first on Waking Times.

VirusTess Pennington, Contributor
Waking Times

As many of you are aware, the measles outbreak continues to spread into multiple states. With 70 confirmed cases now reported, and contradicting information as to whether a vaccination will stop the virulent disease, it is time to begin preparing for yet another possible epidemic in the United States.

In an attempt to get a handle on this epidemic that has crossed over into multiple states, health officials are emphasizing the importance of getting a vaccination. However, many are wondering if it is even possible to control the outbreak at this point. Once a measles outbreak has started in a community, it is very difficult to stop it. Moreover, since the outbreak began at a popular tourist destination, those who are infected span from local, statewide and even international travelers. Getting a grip on this outbreak could take months, and all the while, infected more and more as it rages on. As, you continue reading you will see how ineffective it could be to get a vaccine.

Here’s what we do know:

  • At this point, there are 70 confirmed cases. The people who have been infected range in age from 7 months to 70 years old.
  • Those most at risk are individuals who are unvaccinated, pregnant women, infants under 6 months old, and those with weakened immune systems.
  • Health officials have been unable to locate “patient zero,” but they believe it was either a resident from a country where measles is widespread or a Californian who went abroad and brought home the virus.
  • Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals were infected with measles. The vast majority had not been vaccinated, and a quarter had to be hospitalized.

The Facts

Though the measles virus was eradicated in the U.S. since 2000, it can still enter the country through an infected traveler.

About the virus:

  • The measles virus is spread from person to person through the air by infectious droplets; it is highly contagious. Measles is highly contagious and can be transmitted from four days before the rash becomes visible to four days after the rash appears.
  • It takes an average of 10–12 days from exposure to the first symptom, which is usually fever. The measles rash doesn’t usually appear until approximately 14 days after exposure, 2–3 days after the fever begins.
  • You cannot get the virus more than once.

Treating the virus:

  • Measles is diagnosed by a combination of the patient’s symptoms and by laboratory tests.
  • There is no specific treatment for measles. People with measles need bed rest, fluids, and control of fever. Patients with complications may need treatment
    specific to their problem.
  • Measles can be a serious disease, with 30% of reported cases experiencing one or more complications. Death from measles occurs in 2 to 3 per 1,000 reported cases in the United States. Complications from measles are more common among very young children (younger than five years) and adults (older than 20 years).
  • Measles can be especially severe in persons with compromised immune systems. Measles is more severe in malnourished children, particularly those with vitamin A deficiency. In developing countries, the fatality rate may be as high as 25%
  • If someone is exposed to measles, medical experts suggest you notify a doctor regarding the exposure. Immune globulin (a blood product containing antibodies to the measles virus) may prevent or lessen the severity of measles
    if given within six days of exposure.

Why the MMR Vaccine May Not Help Stop the Outbreak

Although health experts suggest a vaccination shot will help prevent the spreading of this virulent disease, and even tell unvaccinated patients that measles vaccine may prevent disease if given within 72 hours of exposure, there is contradicting information on this. Past measles vaccinations leave an exposure gap and as the CDC states there are studies that support this claim. Studies indicate that it takes between 4-5 weeks to develop immunity. “In one study, 86.6% of vaccines had evidence of mumps seroconversion at 4 weeks after immunization and 93.3% had evidence of seroconversion after 5 weeks.” Further, the combination MMRV vaccine used to treat those with measles is not licensed for those over 12 years old, nor is the vaccine recommended for those with evidence of severe immunosuppression, or who are pregnant.

Further, in a recent article on the outbreak at Disneyland, I discussed how hospitals may be unprepared to deal with the increased measles cases within the community:

The reappearance of measles has fueled widespread concern among health officials. Many are concerned that the hospitals are ill-equipped to deal with the influx of measles cases which could create an even more life-threatening event. Delay in diagnosis of the disease and infected patients who were not isolated immediately (similar to the Ebola scare that occurred in the United States) can potentially fuel the infection rate of this disease.

In a report that ranked U.S. hospitals and states on their ability to deal with outbreaks only proved how unprepared these medical facilities are. Many states ranked low in comparison to other countries. On a scale of 1 to 10, half the states and Washington, D.C., scored a 5 or lower, according to the report released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Trust for America’s Health. The hospitals were measured on matters as diverse as food safety, vaccination rates, hospital-associated infections and being prepared for emerging threats. Source

If the hospitals are ill-equipped to deal with communicable diseases at a basic level, how will they deal with an increase in measles or other communicable disease cases? Due to the extreme contagiousness of measles, this could pose a huge problem in regards to treatment and prevention.

According to an article at Live Science, Dr. Stephen Ostroff, of the Pennsylvania Department of Health states in regards to measles, “[It] is really quite extraordinary in how contagious it is,” Ostroff said. He notes that if you were not vaccinated against measles, and you were in the same room as an infected person, the likelihood that you would get the disease is greater than 90 percent.”

There is a Chance That You Can Still Get Measles Even If You Are Immunized

This article is not another attempt to push immunizations. In the case of measles, there have been outbreaks that occurred even in immunized communities. In 1985, a measles outbreak occurred in Corpus Christi, Texas – a virtually fully immunized (>99%) school population. This has happened countless other times as well. In 2008, there was also an outbreak in San Diego, California. So, there is a chance you can still get measles even if you have the vaccine.

The question begs to be asked if there is a perfect storm brewing. If hospitals are already at a disadvantage in dealing with contagious outbreaks and the susceptibility of catching measles is still present even in a vaccinated population, what will happen if cases still increase?

What to Expect

As this virus continues to rage on, businesses, schools and hospitals could adversely be affected. Since the outbreak occurred, two dozen unvaccinated students at an Orange County high school were sent home for three weeks after an infected student showed up. Moreover, as more cases are confirmed, local businesses could begin closing its doors in order to prevent employees from being infected.

 In The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare You For Any Disasters, I outlined how important it is to prepare for epidemics and pandemics.

It is imperative to understand how contagions behave, how quickly they can spread and how important it is to be prepared ahead of time. When an outbreak occurs, those living in close proximity to others (especially in cities with high density populations) will be more at risk. Pregnant women, infants, elderly people, or those with chronic medical conditions are at the highest risk and could be the first of the population to contract the contagious illness. Moreover, schools and daycares, workplaces, and community events are germ-ridden cesspools for attracting unwanted illness and diseases. Studies are finding that sneezes and coughs cause illnesses to travel much farther than originally estimated.

In a novel study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researchers show that coughs and sneezes have associated gas clouds that keep their potentially infectious droplets aloft over much greater distances.

This cloud actually enhanced the range and travel length of the smaller droplets, helping them travel farther than was previously thought—particularly the smaller ones, which travel up to 200 times farther than previously estimated. According the study, the fluid droplets expelled in coughs and sneezes are a combination of sizes—ranging from 1 micrometer to 800-900 micrometers that can span the entirety of a room. Therefore, they can penetrate the room and ventilation systems more insidiously. Understanding this phenomenon can help you better prepare your home to prevent airborne viruses from spreading.

Because the measles takes an average of 10–12 days from exposure to the first symptom, those who are exposed infect everyone around them. It is essential to take precautions, as this outbreak looks like it is here to stay. As well, if exposed, a person will need to prepare to quarantine themselves for up to two weeks and stay away from those with compromised immune systems. Here are some suggestions for things to do while are under quarantine.

So how does the average person properly prepare for this type of emergency? Similar to other emergencies, we simply prepare as much as we can because any steps taken toward preparedness are better than none at all.

Following is a list of suggested preparedness supplies needed to deal with the measles for your home:

  • Store 1 gallon of water per person per day, in clean plastic containers. Avoid using containers that will decompose or break, such as milk cartons or glass bottles.
  • Supply of nonprescription drugs and pain relievers
  • Cold medicines and decongestants
  • Anti-diarrheal medication
  • Sunglasses (Eyes can become extremely sensitive to sunlight with one is infected with measles)
  • Essential oils
  • Vitamins that have immune boosting enhancers
  • Fluids with electrolytes
  • Bleach or disinfectant
  • Soap
  • Tissues
  • A thermometer
  • Hand wipes
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers or homemade hand sanitizer supplies
  • Protective clothing
  • Disposable nitrile gloves (2-3 boxes)
  • Garbage bags
  • N95 masks or N100 respirator masks for use when the sick person is coughing or sneezing (can be purchased at hardware stores and some drugstores)

As well, practicing social avoidance such as staying away from airports, concert halls or community-wide events until health officials are able to stop the spreading of this virus will be advantageous on your part. Prepare accordingly and be ready.

About the Author

Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals. When a catastrophic collapse cripples society, grocery store shelves will empty within days. But if you follow this book’s plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply, your family will have plenty to eat for weeks, months or even years. Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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The Secrets Hidden in the Pyramids of Egypt http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/the-secrets-hidden-in-the-pyramids-of-egypt/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/27/the-secrets-hidden-in-the-pyramids-of-egypt/#comments Tue, 27 Jan 2015 14:51:38 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51438 Video - Could it really be that the great structures were built not as tombs for the pharaohs but for something much more powerful than the mighty Egyptian kings themselves?

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Waking Times

Video - Watch this eye-opening video about the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids. Could it be that ancient civilizations were actually more advanced than us? Could it really be that the great structures were built not as  tombs for the pharaohs but for something much more powerful than the mighty Egyptian kings themselves?

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Thinking: A Criminal Act? http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/26/thinking-criminal-act/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/26/thinking-criminal-act/#comments Mon, 26 Jan 2015 20:28:40 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51528 Julian Rose - We can all play our part in countering this world-wide attempt to suffocate the voice of truth and to replace it with a global ministry of lies.

The post Thinking: A Criminal Act? appeared first on Waking Times.

jail prison barsJulian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times

“If my thought-dreams could be seen, they’d put my head under a guillotine…” – Bob Dylan

Well Bob, I’ve got news for you – they can – and that is what lies in store for all of us unless the ‘thought police’ fail to get their newly evolved ‘anti humanity’ mind scanning weapons legally integrated into everyday life.

As ‘the war on terror’ is notched-up to a further level of intensity, and the false-flag flagellations of New World Order exponents start outnumbering the real flag emblems of nation states, we know that we are witnessing a serious expansion of the control system’s morbid attempt to dominate humanity and completely crush the power of independent thought and action.

Have no doubt, this is the intention. The current ongoing shepherding of great swathes of human beings into mind controlled pens of fear and passivity, is the precursor of a time in which any independent thought process will be treated as a serious threat to the ‘normality’ of a subdued and static status quo.

A ‘thought crime’ would include ‘envisioning a better world’ and considering ways of bringing it about.

But hold on … aren’t we here already? Those who challenge the status quo’s perpetual commitment to war, resource mismanagement and rabid social inequality, are already seen as a threat to the state and singled out as potential terrorists.

It is only a small step from here to governments backing early warning counter-terrorist security measures that would legalise the brain scanning (overt and covert) of ‘suspects’ held to be harbouring illicit thoughts. As such thoughts, the argument would go, would be deemed to be forerunners to inciting anti social and criminal behaviour.

Thus, to implicate the offender as a threat to the establishment, all that is needed is evidence that certain neurons situated in the area of the neocortex associated with ‘free thinking’, were actively engaged over ‘x’ period of time – and that this was sufficiently ‘abnormal’ for the individual to be singled out for special attention.

Under the designation ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’ we can already have our brains scanned and not even know it.

Yet the legacy of a largely brain-dead humanity is already strongly in evidence, and independent thinking individuals are an unusual enough commodity to be considered ‘rare breeds’, marginalised and even castigated, in this bleak era of fear induced mass conformism and mind numbing political correctness.

We who follow our hearts and deeper intuitions do indeed belong to the rare breeds stable – and every attempt is being made to ensure that the stable door is locked and bolted so that we can no longer pass our messages to the outside world.

On the flip side of the same coin we have ‘thought control’ – which is at an advanced stage – having been a major part of the control system’s sinister arsenal for many decades. A weapon with a special place in the carefully orchestrated strategy that surrounds the ever expanding ‘war on terror’.

The recent Charlie Hebdo horror debacle serves as a powerful reminder of just how easily millions can be instantly brought into line – when their everyday slavery is threatened by a sporadic act of preordained violence.

Let us briefly recount this phenomenon: a satirical magazine in Paris publishes, not for the first time, a stupidly insulting depiction of Mohamed. Right on cue, a clique of highly trained ‘Muslim terrorists’ perform an instant mini-massacre in a Jewish supermarket and then occupy the magazine’s HQ. The building is surrounded and the invaders are shot.

The violence, being vivid, open and rebellious, is depicted by mainstream media headlines, statesmen and the thought police, as a preposterous threat to the sanctity of freedom of speech and very fabric of French society. Tens of thousands of placards bearing the words “Je Suis Charlie” are instantly rolled-out, and the largest number of French citizens since the liberation of Paris at the end of World War 2 – well over 1.5 million – solemnly take to the streets holding up these placards “Je Suis Charlie.”

And what really is this statement saying?

It is a show of solidarity with a sick periodical that deliberately inflames racist passions by pushing the legal parameters of freedom of speech to their limits – deliberately stimulating controversy and thereby attracting ‘scandal value’ sales. It is a political tool to incite hatred and racial prejudice.

Meanwhile the perpetrators of the killings are held up as symbols of Western hating Middle Eastern/Moslem sects, bent on dispensing carnage and death to a civilised, humanitarian, law abiding Western nation. All of which is one huge lie – from beginning to end.

Outstanding for its outlandish hypocrisy is the extraordinary omission of the hell that has been unleashed, year in year out, on the peoples of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria .. by a carefully crafted US/UK/France military consortium. Those who master-minded the post 9/11 secret service sponsored vilification and destruction of anything that dared stand-up to the hegemonic perpetual war ambitions of nations bereft of any vestige of humanitarian, spiritual or self respecting values.

If the Charlie Hebdo attack had indeed been carried out, of their own free will, by those down-trodden and abused citizens of countries bombed to hell and back by US, UK and French invaders, the millions who took to the streets of Paris would be none the wiser. Their herd-like narcissistic response had already been assured.

They had been successfully mind controlled into seeing only that their freedoms and cultural mores had suffered an ‘unprovoked’ challenge.

This is the sedation formula which has been used in every one of the so called ‘terrorist attacks’ fomented and staged by the CIA, MI5 and Mossad triumvirate over the last two decades – and well before. Attacks that enabled posturing public figureheads to pronounce an indefinite ‘war on terror’ – the terror which they had themselves been instrumental in setting in motion.

Mind and thought control leads on directly to internet control. Charlie Hebdo film footage that showed contradictory evidence to the mainstream story, got taken down after more than 2 million hits in less than 24 hours – and there was no ‘blood and gore’ on show – no excuse for the complete removal of this evidence.

All of us who run websites seeking to expose the lies and reveal the truth, know just how tenuous the situation is. Shots keep being fired across the bows of our information ships – and increasingly into them. It’s being going on for years. But now, as the battle lines of extremism are once again been drawn and the orchestrated warmongering drum-rolls intensified, the glimmering lights of truth are systematically being shut down.

The widely documented David Icke insight: the establishment’s rolling-out of its provocation formula ‘problem, reaction, solution’ is in full swing. The ‘solution’ requires little speculation: a complete clamp-down on any and all information that contradicts the controlling establishment’s phoney ‘terrorist inspired’ battle plan… “all in the interests of public safety and long-term security”.. of course.

We can all play our part in countering this world-wide attempt to suffocate the voice of truth and to replace it with a global ministry of lies. By resolutely refusing to be corralled into the grey soup of mass indoctrination we will be boldly flying the flag for the liberation of humanity.

It has come down to this. Holding our ground, thinking creatively and keeping open the lines of communication: these are now the primary tools of the resistance. The lines in the sand that we will never allow ourselves to retreat from.

It is from such acts of bravery that victory can and will be realised.

About the Author

Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and author.

He is currently president of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. His latest book “In Defence of Life” can be purchased on www.amazon.com or by visiting Julian’ web site atwww.julianrose.info

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Benefits of Buying Bulk Foods Include $ Savings that will Surprise You http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/26/benefits-buying-bulk-foods-include-savings-that-will-surprise/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/26/benefits-buying-bulk-foods-include-savings-that-will-surprise/#comments Mon, 26 Jan 2015 19:51:08 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51574 Infographic - Details on how you will reduce waste and how much you'll save when committing to buying organic bulk foods at the grocery store.

The post Benefits of Buying Bulk Foods Include $ Savings that will Surprise You appeared first on Waking Times.

Waking Times

Infographic - In 2012, Portland State University’s Food Industry Leadership Center conducted a study to identify the benefits of buying organic bulk foods instead of their packaged counterparts. What they found was staggering: A shopper can save an average of 89 percent by purchasing natural and organic foods in the bulk foods aisle of a grocery store. Buying bulk is also the most environmentally friendly way to shop. See below for details on how you will reduce waste and save on your grocery bill by committing to this one simple shopping option. The full PSU study can be downloaded here.


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Millennials: Escape the Credit/Debt Matrix http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/26/millennials-escape-creditdebt-matrix/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/01/26/millennials-escape-creditdebt-matrix/#comments Mon, 26 Jan 2015 17:44:16 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=51539 Susan Boskey - Systems run the world and the largest of them is the monetary system, affecting all others throughout the world.

The post Millennials: Escape the Credit/Debt Matrix appeared first on Waking Times.

labyrinthSusan Boskey, Guest
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Cast off the chains of market-structured consciousness. — Jay M. Handelman (1999), “Culture Jamming: Expanding the Application of the Critical Research Project”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, December, 2014, 1 in 5 of the Millennial generation (birth years from early 1980s to early 2000) live in poverty and have lower rates of employment compared to their Baby Boomer parents of a similar age in the 1980s, one of the most prosperous eras of American history.

Obviously, the Millennials need a place to live (besides with their parents), clothes on their back, food to eat and resources to care for their children. Not to mention time and money for travel, and doing fun things, as well. Oh and then there is saving and investing for the future. Go figure…

The problem is, like the saying about seeing the nose on your face; it’s hard to see it. The world of commerce has gradually overwhelmed and may totally smother whatever non-commercial essence of life is left, having nothing to do with money or its demands. While commerce has always been with us, today, everything not nailed down seems to have become a brand of one sort or another that vies for dominance over the others.

Social standing and status, though also always with us, has risen in importance among the 99%. The judgment of someone’s value leans heavily on image: the kind of work they do, the type of car they drive, what degrees they hold, what brand clothing and accessories they buy, where they live, and who their friends are. Perception is everything; truth, not so much. No one wants to admit that these things are often true because nowadays, keeping up appearances is a make-it or break-it proposition of survival.

Yet, all the while, a dark side of living large in 21st century world of commerce lurks in the background. Personal debt does serious damage to mental and physical well-being, health, marriage and family behinds closed doors.

Most people, under age 45 or so, are unaware of the uptick in the surround-sound nature of commercialism because they grew up with it. But for those of us who are older, we see how no aspect of life is beyond being turned into a service or product. The worst part? Human life itself appears more like a commodity than ever before.

The criteria for human value, to the world at large, has shifted from that of someone who champions high ethical standards at work, has personal integrity in his dealings, and who is committed to doing the right thing no matter what, to someone who, at work, is willing to do whatever can ensure the greatest commercial viability and his own personal security, and get away with whatever s/he can in their personal dealings. The more noble qualities of human nature are unwittingly being sacrificed on the altar of commerce. Most do not realize the cost: ending up as two-dimensional beings, mere cogs in the wheel of commerce without a heart capable of compassion.

There’s a deeper reason Millennials are having such a tough go of it in a world now resembling Disneyland, but you’re not going to hear about it on CNN. Indeed, NAFTA, the off-shoring of American jobs, continues to rob jobs, but to get to real solutions beyond Band-Aid measures for any problem, it is imperative to go to the root cause.

Systems Run the World Not People

Systems run the world and the largest of them is the monetary system, affecting all others throughout the world. All aspects of life are captive to the system that rules money, including the natural world and so as the (global) monetary system goes, so goes everything else.

Money is a private product. It comes into existence almost exclusively when issued by a central bank at the moment money is borrowed via a loan, making it a debt instrument. The system called fractional-reserve banking means loans are paid back with interest that compounds (increases exponentially) over time. Business owners add the interest on the money they borrow (debt-service), to the consumer price of their goods and services. As a result of what some call wealth extraction, over time debt-based money of every nation loses value, understood as the loss of purchasing power (get less, pay more). What was purchased in the United States in 1913 for $1.00 now cost over $24.00, a fact easily confirmed on any online inflation calculator.

This expanded view of money is the portal to many new insights. For example: Who would have thought that the financial/banking industry, the largest “educator” of consumers about money and finance, would omit such vital information about the negative impact systemic money mechanics (how money is issued) have on one’s personal finances? By this omission, people earn, borrow, and spend in ways they otherwise might not if they had this additional piece of financial data. But because over 70% of the American economy is based on consumer spending, systemic self-preservation appears to trump the ethics of full disclosure.

Once in the know about the fact that all banking and therefore, our economy, is actually based on debt, and that money loses value over time as an ongoing systemic event, the light bulb goes on. You also begin to understand that the system of commerce has had to crank up every possible revenue-producing prospect it has to make up for money’s compounding loss in intrinsic value.

Nonetheless, for the Millennials (and everyone else for that matter), there is a way out, a way off the vicious cycle of credit and debt. When one’s intelligence and effort are turned towards learning what it will take to restore the quality of life for the long term, the game changes and options open even as the world is increasingly dominated by the profit motive.

About the Author

Susan Boskey is author of the book, The Quality Life Plan®: 7 Steps to Uncommon Financial Security. The information in the book not only exposes the systemic-root cause of the 2008-09 economic meltdown but, perhaps more importantly, provides critical steps to help everyday people turn the tide and build real wealth. To learn more or to purchase the book, visit her website athttp://TheQualityLifePlan.com

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