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Terror Threat LevelZen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

They’re drooling over this one. All the scenarios they’ve been working on converge very neatly if they pull what they’re threatening “might happen” this Fourth of July weekend.

If you listen to these two so-called warnings by these insiders you’ll hear the same talking points carefully repeated but all based on vague suppositions and strangely weak and no doubt made up facts and statistics. The “ex” CIA guy goes so far as to say he won’t be surprised if next week they’ll be sitting there talking about an attack that happened over the weekend, although they both reference “multiple attacks”, a type of false flag spree we’ve long discussed as a potential tool to ramp up the police state.


Here’s a few of the clear objectives of their multi-pronged plan based on their own words and actions leading up to this weekend:

–Their on-going idea is to further inflate the image of domestic as well as worldwide terror, while furthering their police state clampdown. This would ramp it up big time. Even if nothing happens, they get this same reaction as well as more forces in place and evaluate America and the world’s reactions.

–False flags are being exposed continually and awareness has grown exponentially. The official story of 9/11 has been completely debunked and staged so-called terror events have become almost ludicrous to a massively growing amount of people worldwide. They likely feel they need to shore up public sentiment in the favor of the terror narrative.

–Displacing any kind of patriotic celebration, the biggest of which is the 4th of July celebrating America’s independence, with one of terror is a social engineering traumatic mind control trick. They often do these during Christmas for the same purpose. They’ve already accomplished must of this just through propaganda: message: independence equals terror.

–The Feds are establishing more “command centers” around the county – “just in case” of course. Those will be permanent and there will be a lot more in addition to their fusion centers and military outposts already in place.

— Ramp up the big bad common enemy meme by demonizing Islam, generating more backing for their entire middle east war and genocide campaigns.

–Syria is being fingered as the source for this “radicalization” via the internet, and again we’re supposed to just take their word for it. The move on Syria is on and they need to make sure Americans are on board.

— Keep an eye on this “radicalization” via the internet talking point as it’s their latest term and fear mongering axe to grind in order to establish draconian controls over the web and further suppress the free flow of real information. Notice it’s all based on vagaries and hype.

–Oh, that’s right, Jade Helm just happens to be starting in just over a week. What a coincidence. Maybe after something drastic happens Americans will stop bitching about their rights being taken away and homes and towns invaded and guns confiscated — after all, ISIS is behind every rock and tree recruiting and building bombs. Mustn’t leave any protection or pressure cookers lying around that could be used by the enemy.

What insanity. May the Americans catch on for once that they’re being played!

From FOX News, of course…

FBI setting up command centers to monitor terrorist threats over July 4 weekend

The FBI is establishing command centers around the country to monitor any potential terrorist threats around the July 4 weekend, a federal law enforcement source told Fox News.

The source said while there is no specific, credible threat surrounding the holiday, its symbolic nature offers a potential target for terror groups like ISIS. Authorities are particularly concerned about soft targets like shopping malls and other areas where there are large gatherings of people and rather light security, according to the source.

Information from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies will be sent to the command centers so officials can gauge the threat level and respond quickly.

Another law enforcement source told Fox the FBI’s strategy has shifted toward getting ISIS supporters off the streets as soon as possible, given that it’s hard to predict when one might go operational. This could include arresting individuals on lesser charges and then building a broader case once that person is in custody. Source

Here’s the CBS story with the other stooge talking with CFR reps disguised as newspeople:

Stay alert, but don’t fear or react irrationally if something does happen, now or at any time. There has been a long lead up to all of this so I’m assuming you’ve made conscious preparations.

I’m not predicting anything, they are. I just want to lay out what drives these psychopaths so you’ll be better prepared.

Be well. When we call them out on their plans it can head things off at the pass, but nothing’s guaranteed in a world gone haywire.

Love, Zen


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The Magic of Synchronicity http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/04/the-magic-of-synchronicity/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/04/the-magic-of-synchronicity/#comments Sat, 04 Jul 2015 12:18:58 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=60927 Amy L. Lansky - Our collective energies can produce amazing material things, but also magic.

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SynchronicityAmy L. Lansky, PhD, Contributor
Waking Times

You know the feeling. You’re sitting in a café or standing in line at the supermarket, and suddenly you meet a complete stranger who, for some inexplicable reason, seems like an old friend. You are on the same “wavelength.” Your energies mesh, and afterward, you walk away feeling invigorated and optimistic – perhaps even younger! That’s the power of similar vibrations.

Or consider another common experience: the uplifting effect of being part of a group focused on an exciting endeavor – a community project, a thrilling sporting event or concert, or perhaps praying or meditating together. Entering into a collective experience with others often seems to magnify its effects, because everybody is literally “vibrating” in the same way. Just as two violins playing the same note create a resonance that reinforces and amplifies the sound, the effect of two or more people getting onto the “same wavelength” can create an enhanced experience that exceeds the sum of its parts.

The power of similar vibrations can manifest in some surprising ways. Consider, for example, its application in the realm of psychological and physical healing. Both medical studies and practical experience have shown that when patients attend support-group meetings with others who have similar health problems, their collective energy provides a stimulus that enables change and healing to occur.

This phenomenon has even been measured scientifically. For example, researchers have found that not only can humans use intention to influence the behavior of otherwise randomly-behaving machines, but that connected couples working together – that is, people “on the same wavelength” – have the ability to exert even greater influence [1]. Taking a lead from these results, researchers Dean Radin and Roger Nelson of Princeton placed random-output devices at a variety of intense community venues: music concerts, sporting events, and even Burning Man gatherings in Nevada. The results were significant and nothing short of mind-boggling. As the researchers predicted, the machines did indeed deviate from their otherwise normal random behavior in the presence of these collective “high vibe” events [2, 3].

If our collective energies can affect machines, it’s not surprising that they affect us too. In fact, this has also been measured scientifically. One series of studies on the effects of transcendental meditation, for example, found that if enough meditators work together and focus their intentions on a specific goal, they can achieve some pretty amazing things – for instance, lower the amount of violent crime in a city for extended periods of time [4].

Another phenomenon that might be related to the power of similar vibrations is synchronicity – the coincidence of seemingly unrelated events that share a common meaning. A typical example of synchronicity is when the beloved clock or watch of an individual breaks or stops at the precise moment of their death.

The phenomenon was first described by famed Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who also coined the term “synchronicity” [5]. His first striking encounter with a “meaningful coincidence” of this kind occurred when one of his patients was describing her dream about a golden scarab beetle. Suddenly, Jung heard a rapping on the window. When he opened it, a rose chafer beetle – the insect most similar to a scarab in Jung’s region – flew into the room. Jung quickly put two and two together. He realized that the mythological meaning of the scarab – an ancient Egyptian symbol for rebirth – was highly pertinent to his patient’s problems, and that the recounting of her dream was the reason why the insect had appeared in waking life.

When you think about it, the phenomenon of synchronicity has some profound implications. In particular, the universe may not be operating like a cold, meaningless machine after all. Instead, the reality we experience each day may be flooded with, what I like to call fields of meaning. Each field of meaning has a particular vibration to it, and objects, individuals, emotions, symbols, dreams, and events that share this vibration may resonate with one another and then, as a result, co-occur in time and space. If so, this may be what causes a synchronicity. In other words, in addition to simple cause and effect (“A causes B causes C”), synchronicity may be another fundamental mechanism that determines how our reality unfolds.

If you look back on your life, I’m sure you can come up with a few personal experiences of synchronicity. Often, these amazing coincidences occur at key junctures – when you meet your true love, when you get the job of your dreams, when fate seems to open a door. Somehow, the intensity of our desire may create a field of meaning that brings fortuitous synchronicities our way. Here are two pretty amazing examples from my own life.

Back in 2008, when I was writing a book about this subject [6], I spent a few days focusing on the work of British biologist Rupert Sheldrake and his theory of morphic fields – a theory that also directly relates to the power of similar vibrations. Sheldrake proposed the concept of morphic resonance as a way for similar or related things, such as members of the same species or emotionally connected individuals, to communicate with one another. He then used his theory to explain a variety of otherwise unexplained phenomena – for example, how animals have been able to evolve similarly on very distant parts of the planet, even when no physical contact between populations was possible [7]. After a day of reading and writing about Sheldrake’s ideas, I was greeted by my husband returning home from his job at a computer research laboratory in Silicon Valley. “Amy, you’re not going to believe this,” he said. “Tomorrow, Rupert Sheldrake is giving a talk at my lab and you and I are going to take him out to lunch.” What?!

Now please understand; talks about esoteric subjects like Sheldrake’s morphic field theory are not commonplace in computer research labs. In fact, Sheldrake’s talk was poorly attended. It just so happened that one of the lab’s researchers had met Sheldrake in Scotland and had invited him to speak the next time he was in our area. Before I could even finish writing about Rupert Sheldrake, I was sitting and having lunch with him. Coincidence? Or synchronicity?

Here’s another charming synchronicity that occurred the summer of 2013. Every year, my husband and I take a vacation in an idyllic lake-filled region of Ontario, Canada called Muskoka. In 2013, we decided to drive cross-country from California to Canada for the first time, and we brought along our iPod filled with many thousands of songs to serve as our musical accompaniment. Over the course of our trek, we drove 5,000 miles meandering through the northern states of the USA on our way to Canada. At the end of the summer, we headed south to my hometown of Buffalo, New York, to visit with family and friends before flying home to California.

Now, most years, when we make our voyage south to Buffalo, it means the end of a relaxing summer vacation. As a result, I’m usually a bit sad as we cross the Peace Bridge over the Niagara River into Buffalo. But that summer, having just explored the vast expanse of the United States, I felt differently. I was happy to come back home. And just as we were beginning to see road signs indicating that the Peace Bridge was near, our iPod started playing a song that we had not heard all summer. First we heard the introductory bars of music, and then Ray Charles began singing: “Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…”

“I can’t believe it! Another synchronicity!” I said to my husband. As the song continued, I marveled at this amazing “coincidence.”  I felt blessed, transfixed, delighted, charmed. And sure enough, just at the very moment when we hit the center of the bridge where three flags fly – first the Canadian maple leaf, followed by an international flag, and then the American stars and stripes – Ray’s voice reached the climax of America the Beautiful: “From sea to shining sea!” Wow.

Think about it.  The world may not be so random after all. We humans may be much more than passive observers of a meaningless universe, buffeted about by chaotic chance.  Instead, we are all active co-creators, and not just in obvious ways. Our individual states of being, and especially our collective states of being, affect everything and everyone around us – indeed, how reality itself unfolds.

Of course, the wisdom teachings of many indigenous cultures already underscore this truth. In fact, some spiritual teachers stress that an increase in synchronicities can be a sign that one is on the right path. Knowing this, I was even more thrilled when Ray Charles’s voice heralded my return to America.

So keep your eye out for synchronicities when they occur. Don’t shrug them off – watch what comes next! And share your “good vibrations” with the world. They really do have an effect, perhaps even greater than you realize.


[1] R.G. Jahn and B.J. Dunne. “On the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness, with Application to Anomalous Phenomena.” Foundations of Physics. 16(8), 721–772 (1986).

[2] R.D. Nelson, et al. “Field REG Anomalies in Group Situations.” Journal of Scientific Exploration, 10(1), 111–141 (1996).

[3] R.D. Nelson, et al. “Field REG II: Consciousness Field Effects: Replications and Explorations.” Journal of Scientific Exploration, 12(3), pp. 425–454 (1998).

[4] J.S. Hagelin, et al. “Effects of Group Practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington, DC: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June–July 1993.” Social Indicators Research, 47: 153–201 (1999).

[5] C. Jung. Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal: Key Readings. London: Routledge (1977).

[6] A. Lansky. Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within. Portola Valley, California: R.L.Ranch Press (2011).

[7] R. Sheldrake. The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature. Rochester, Vermont: Park Street Press (1988).

About the Author

Amy Lansky was a NASA researcher in artificial intelligence when her life was transformed by the miraculous homeopathic cure of her son’s autism. In 2003, she published Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, now one of the best-selling introductory books on homeopathy worldwide (http://www.impossiblecure.com). Since then, Lansky has broadened her investigations to include ancient and modern teachings about consciousness, synchronicity, meditation, and our collective power to evolve and transform our world. The result is her second book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within, published in 2011 (http://www.activeconsciousness.com).  Her blog can be found at http://www.amylansky.com.

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Collectively Realized Creation vs. Mutually Assured Destruction http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/04/collectively-realized-creation-vs-mutually-assured-destruction/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/04/collectively-realized-creation-vs-mutually-assured-destruction/#comments Sat, 04 Jul 2015 12:07:17 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=60955 Julian Rose - We are at a crossroads, so which path will we choose?

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Trees and StarsJulian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times

Final Call

This title speaks to the opposing ambitions of two forces at large on our planet. Those which work towards the realisation of a great vision – and those which work towards the annihilation of all vision.

Although they stand at diametrically opposite extremes in the process we call ‘life’, their presence is increasingly felt within the everyday workings of our planet.

The concept of ‘collectively realized creation’ is rooted in the collective unconscious of humanity. In all of us. It is that which informs our desire to live – and to outwardly express that desire. To express it through actions that reflect the depth and wealth of the divine sparks within each one of us.

Whereas ‘mutually assured destruction’ (MAD) – a term used to describe the East-West ‘Cold War’ nuclear missile build-up of the 1980’s – has no part in the human script; but is nevertheless a state towards which our planet is being pushed by forces that appear blind to their own madness. But then perhaps madness cannot ever recognise itself.

As it is, it has turned-out not to be that hard to set humanity rushing off in the opposite direction from that which informs the flowering of collectively realised creation. All it took was the devising of a confidence trick to make we humans feel guilty about that which fulfils our simple heart-felt joys.

Once successfully seeded, the relentless stoking of this ‘guilt/fear’ confidence trick, caused it to take a stronger and stronger hold on the psyche of humanity, until the great majority had taken it upon themselves to purchase an insurance policy with ‘Mutual Assured Destruction plc’.

An insurance policy guaranteed to so deaden the voice of the natural life force – that Collectively Realised Creation could no longer make itself heard – or barely.

MAD soon became a monopoly – a mutual insurance company with a global membership far exceeding any similar outfit.

However, sometimes some of its clients still inadvertently feel an unpleasant twinge of consciousness. A brief painful glimpse of truth, whose origin is usually traced back to Collectively Realised Creation. This pain is very irksome – so its sufferers rush to put in a claim with MAD, which after all, guaranteed protection against the promptings of truth.

MAD is generous in this – it pays-out – as well as offering its claimants further protection free of charge!  Its happy clients head at once to the glittering arcade for their brand new flat screen TV, microwave and I-pod. The zombie purchaser does not see, of course, that each purchase provides further fuel to the sycophantic ambitions of Mutually Assured Destruction.

It is no surprise that MAD has become somewhat bloated on the poisoned fruits its own success.

A success unprecedented, not only amongst other ‘mutuals’, but amongst multinational corporations in general. In fact, sensing the opportunity to still further increase its empire,  MAD recently brokered a deal with the architects of ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’. And in a wedding made in hell, the satanic duo headed-out to silence, once and for all, the never entirely repressible energies of Collectively Realised Creativity.

The Full Spectrum Dominance school of top down control has long since been interested in the complete transcendence of limitations. That is “getting beyond gender, law, nature and time and space” (John Dyer). They are the people behind the establishment of the world’s vast trading blocks, the Agenda 21 scam, smart grids, biochemical weapons and the push towards a progressive take-over by artificial intelligence – the transhumanist agenda.

They are Bilderberger emanations; the architects of TTIP, NAFTA, the military industrial complex, atmospheric aerosol geoengineering and the deliberate fermentation of world wars. The full realisation of their game is the establishment of a One World Government.

But these dark agendas used to be hidden. They were fermented in great secrecy; they were known only to a few. They were subject to Masonic and Jesuit blood oaths of obedience ‘not to tell’. But all this has changed. I wouldn’t be writing this article if the knowledge and exposé of these agendas weren’t rapidly gathering momentum; if a broad awakening wasn’t well under-way.

So it is, that in this 21st century, our blessed planet Earth has become the theatre for a mighty show-down between diametrically opposed forces: those of Collectively Realised Creation and those of Mutually Assured Destruction. Utterly antithetical visions of the future – increasingly played-out in the here and now.

There can be little doubt that the bloated over confidence of MAD is currently suffering incessant puncturing by the bright arrows of collective truth. The entire empire of what we know as ‘the status quo’ is rocking on its hinges – and the door marked PTB threatens to become entirely unhinged.

Collectively Realised Creation is gaining in self confidence daily. She is staging a major come-back, and MAD knows it. That is why this is such a pivotal time for us all. For planet Earth, its animals, trees, rivers and seas.

Within the volcanic eruptions that manifest with ever greater frequency, a symbol of yet greater eruption can be felt. A trembling in the air and at the very depths of existence. A huge metamorphosis rising ever closer to the surface of all human affairs. Birth pains of the world to come.

We should expect the unexpected in apocalyptic times like these.

As things get increasingly brittle, pipes burst, electric circuits fuse and people loose their marbles.

Uncontained acts of savagery and torture stage their pent-up violence, openly. Mind controlled mental cases go on the rampage. While the sons and daughters of millionaire bankers sip champaign on ice in six star hotel bars as millions face starvation in foreign deserts of exploitation.

It’s all up on the screen now, in fifty shades of red and green.

Yet, simultaneous to these manifest scenes of destruction, are scenes speaking boldly of creation. Of the building of unity around great humanitarian initiatives. Of overcoming the torment of weaknesses that provide ready fuel for the vampiric MAD to avidly gorge itself.

It is here, amongst the rising Phoenix of awakened passion, that we belong. We who feel the sap rising in our salty veins – who sense the powerful portent in the great show-down of diametrically opposite intents now engulfing humanity – demanding an unwavering answer to the ever prescient question: ‘to be or not to be’ ?

But we know that in truth – there is no ‘choice’. For we are the Collective Force of Creativity. It is we who are awakening from our prolonged and listless sleep.

Yes, and it’s a seriously rude awakening. Because after wiping the sleep from our eyes, we find ourselves looking straight down the barrel of nothing less than MAD’s merciless machine gun – which will surely fire us – should we fail to rise-up as one – at this – our final call.

So draw unto yourselves your divine courage, dear friends. For rise we must – and rise we will.

To defeat that which would forever repress us and keep us from fulfilling our reason to be.

About the Author

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of ecological farming, integrated rural economies and decentralised community regeneration. Farmer, writer, holistic thinker, broadcaster and activist: Julian campaigns against all attempts to sterilise our living earth and creative aspirations – and expresses belief in the power of the human spirit to awaken and direct our passion for life.

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How to Conquer Your Fears and Control Your Emotions http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/04/how-to-conquer-your-fears-and-control-your-emotions/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/04/how-to-conquer-your-fears-and-control-your-emotions/#comments Sat, 04 Jul 2015 12:00:20 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=60762 Video - Stress expert Roy Masters explains how you can conquer and control your emotions to overcome fears, addictions, anxiety, etc.

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Waking Times

Video – Stress expert and coach of radio’s longest-running counseling program, Roy Masters explains how you can conquer and control your emotions to overcome fears, addictions, anxiety, etc.

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Is America Really the Land of the Free? http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/03/is-america-really-the-land-of-the-free/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/03/is-america-really-the-land-of-the-free/#comments Sat, 04 Jul 2015 00:49:30 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=60916 Pao L. Chang - Are you aware that there are two versions of the US Constitution?

The post Is America Really the Land of the Free? appeared first on Waking Times.

American Flag SunsetPao L. Chang, Guest
Waking Times

In the USA, many Americans are getting ready to celebrate Independence Day or July Fourth with fireworks, parades, concerts, family gatherings, beers, and barbecues. Many Americans know that on July 4, 1776 representatives of the 13 colonies got together and adopted the Declaration of Independence, thereby declaring independence from Great Britain.

The Declaration of Independence (1776) gave the 13 colonies the legal right to claim that they were independent states and no longer under British rule, which was not totally true. As for The Constitution (ratified in 1789), it was the document that gave specific details about the political and court system of The United States of America and the rights of the People.

Did You Know that the Organic Constitution for the USA was Replaced by a Corporate Version?

What most Americans do not know about “The Constitution for the United States of America” is that it was replaced with a corporate version called “the Constitution of the United States of America” in 1871. Did you notice that the two titles are slightly different?

The organic constitution has a capital “T” in the word “The” and the corporate version has a lower case “t”. When it comes to the legal system, an upper and lower case letter in the first letter of a word can change the meaning of that word, even if it is spelled using the same letters. Another thing you should know is that the word “for” in the title of the organic constitution was changed to “of.”

The act that created a corporate version of The United States of America is called the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. Here is an excerpt from one of my previous articles titled Why Your Legal Name is Written in All Capital Letters that explains why the current United States of America is a corporation.

When I say the “United States,” I am talking about the “Federal United States” or the “United States of America, Inc.” and not the Continental United States (the landmass). The United States of America, Inc. is operating as the United States of America (Minor) and has a total of 57 states. As for the Continental United States, it is operating as The United States of America (Major), which is made of 50 separate nation states.

The United States of America, Inc., which is the United States of America (Minor), has unlawfully taken over The United States of America (Major) more than a century ago. The act that made this possible was the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, also known as the Act of 1871. As a result, anyone who becomes a United States citizen is a citizen (employee) of the corporation called the United States of America, Inc.

The United States of America, Inc. resides in Washington D.C., which is a district that has a 10 mile radius. This district is not part of The United States of America (Major). In other words, the United States of America, Inc. is a foreign corporation. Any American who had signed a contract and swore a solemn oath to this corporation had basically committed treason against The United States of America (Major).

The Birth Certificate Fraud

The Republic for the USA still exists but it exists like an old empty house filled with dust and cobweb. This is because nearly every American has been tricked into agreeing to join the corporate version of the USA. This trickery was achieved through the birth certificate and the U.S. Citizenship contract.

Here is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about the birth certificate.

In the USA, birth certificates are not really birth certificates but are securities that are traded in the stock market. In other words, the U.S. birth certificate is a bond that is used to represent each of us as a “product” or property of the USA, Inc. The people who claim to own our birth certificates make millions of dollars by selling and trading them on the stock market. To these people we are a product, which is even worse than a slave.

The government agency of the USA that is responsible for turning our birth certificates into securities is the Depository Trust Company (DTC). The DTC securitizes our birth certificates by giving each of them a cusip number and then selling them to the Federal Reserve (Fed). The Fed then uses our birth certificates as collaterals for the national debt of the USA, Inc.

Through this deception, the U.S. federal government and the corporations that control it can legally claim us as their properties and everything that we produce is technically theirs until we claim our rights and learn how to dispute their legal claims. Since you now have a general idea of what it truly means to be a citizen of the USA, Inc., do you still think that you live in a free country?

Is the USA Still the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?

Nowadays, when we celebrate July Fourth in the USA, we are not really celebrating freedom, because we are not sovereign or free. The United States of America is not the land of the free and home of the brave anymore. Instead, it is the land of the greed and home of the slave. After watching the video in this article, you will most likely agree with me that we do not live in a free country.

If you are planning to get together with friends and families this July Fourth weekend, get together for the reason that you want to spend some quality time with them. Do not get too excited about celebrating freedom, because you and the rest of the American people are not living in a free country.

The following video is a must watch for anyone who cares about their freedom, sovereignty, and future. This video is one of the best videos that I have seen about freedom and sovereignty. I knew most of the information in this video, so it did not surprise me much. However, I also learned some very important information, helping me to understand our political and legal system a little better.

If you are new to this kind of information, the video below titled Season of Treason will blow your mind to the moon! A great video to watch for the Fourth of July weekend to remind us that we should never take freedom and education for granted.

Season of Treason Full Movie

About the Author

Pao L. Chang is the author and founder of EnergyFanatics.com and OmniThought.org, two comprehensive blogs dedicated to exploring topics about energy, health, conscious living, spiritual science, and exotic “free energy” technology. He loves to explore the mystery of alternative medicine, the science of consciousness, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry, and how energy affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

Author’s Note: If you want to know more about how the legal system works and how the birth certificate is used to enslave you, I recommend getting a copy of the second edition of Staradigm and read chapter 8. Be advised that the first edition does not have chapter 8.

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AspirinSayer Ji,  Green Med Info
Waking Times

Millions use aspirin daily without realizing its true dangers. The good news is that there is a natural alternative which preliminary research indicates is safer and more effective.

Aspirin is taken faithfully by millions every day as a preventive measure against heart attack, often without the user having any awareness of the serious health risks associated with it, some potentially fatal. You can view over 60 adverse effects of aspirin on the GreenMedInfo.com’s aspirin research page if you have any doubts about how serious a concern this is.

Aspirin’s widespread popularity is based on its much-touted blood-thinning properties. But there are safer, surprisingly more effective and far more natural alternatives on the market today.

For instance, pycnogenol, a branded form of an extract of French maritime pine bark, can be found on the shelves of thousands of health food stores around the country, and unique among natural products, has a broad base of human clinical research supporting its use for a wide variety of health conditions. You can view GreenMedInfo.com’s pycnogenol research page take a look at the published research.

Moreover, in cross comparison tests, pycnogenol has been found at least as effective as aspirin in preventing blood from clotting, but at significantly lower doses and with a superior safety profile.

Smoker’s Study Proves Pycnogenol More Effective and Safer Than Aspirin

In a previous article titled, “The Powerful Aspirin Alternative That Grows on Trees,” we featured a 1999 clinical study published in Thrombotic Research that found that when habitual smokers were given either 500 mg of aspirin or anywhere between 100-200 mg of pycnogenol, the pycnogenol group experienced equivalent platelet aggregation inhibiting effects but with much lower bleeding times:

“Thus, smoking-induced enhanced platelet aggregation was inhibited by 500 mg Aspirin as well as by a lower range of 100-125 mg Pycnogenol. Aspirin significantly (p<0.001) increased bleeding time from 167 to 236 seconds while Pycnogenol did not.These observations suggest an advantageous risk-benefit ratio for Pycnogenol.”

This is a highly significant finding, as aspirin-induced bleeding can result in significantly increased morbidity and mortality. One might ask, if pycnogenol is as effective a ‘blood thinner’ as aspirin but without the same side effects, then what is the downside of using the natural alternative?

New Study Confirms Pycnogenol’s Superiority to Aspirin

Research comparing pycnogenol to aspirin as a blood thinner has been sparse, but a new study promises to add additional weight to the previously reported finding of pycnogenol’s superiority. Published this year in the Italian journal Panminerva Medica and titled, “Recurrence of retinal vein thrombosis with Pycnogenol® or Aspirin® supplementation: a registry study,” researchers compared the use of either pycnogenol or aspirin in the prevention of retinal vein thrombosis recurrence after a first episode.

Retinal vein thrombosis is considered to be a relatively common condition intimately related to other conditions that afflict the vascular system, such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis and diabetes.[1]

The study methods were described as follows:

Possible management options – chosen by patients – were: standard management; standard management + oral Aspirin® 100 mg once/day (if there were no tolerability problems before admission); standard management + Pycnogenol® two 50 mg capsules per day (for a total of 100 mg/day). Number of subjects, age, sex, distribution, percentage of smokers, and vision were comparable.”

The results were reported as follows:

Recurrent RVT was seen in 17.39% of controls and in 3.56% of subjects supplemented with Pycnogenol® (P<0.05 vs. controls). There was RVT in 15.38% of the subjects using Aspirin®. The incidence of RVT was 4.88 times higher with standard management in comparison with the supplement group and 4.32 lower with Pycnogenol® supplementation in comparison with Aspirin®. Vision level was better with Pycnogenol® (20/25 at nine months; P<0.05). With Pycnogenol®, edema at the retinal level was also significantly reduced compared to the other groups. Pycnogenol® has a very good safety profile. In the Aspirin® group 26 completed 9 months and 6 subjects dropped out for tolerability problems. In the Aspirin® group, 2 minor, subclinical, retinal, hemorrhagic episodes during the follow-up were observed (2 subjects out of 26, equivalent to 7.69%). This pilot registry indicates that Pycnogenol® seems to reduce the recurrence of RVT without side effects. It does not induce new hemorrhagic episodes that may be theoretically linked to the use of Aspirin® (or other antiplatelets).”

As you can see, the clear winner in this comparison study was pycnogenol. Not only was the incidence of recurrent retinal vein thrombosis almost five times higher in the aspirin group, vision and retinal swelling (edema) was significantly lower in the pycnogenol group, as well. Moreover, whereas the pycnogenol group had no reported side effects, 6 of the 26 subjects in the aspirin group dropped out due to tolerability issues, and 7.69% of the aspirin group (2 subjects of 26) were found to have retinal bleeding as a side effect in the follow-up period.

Nature Provides Time-Tested Solutions

We really shouldn’t be surprised that a naturally occurring complex of phytocompounds (i.e. pycnogenol) should outperform a synthetic drug, considering that our bodies have co-evolved for millions of years with natural things, (e.g. foods, herbs, spices), and only a hundred or more with synthetic ones, (e.g. patent drugs). Pycnogenol, as a bark extract, is about 65-75 percent proanthocyanidins (procyanidins), a class of polyphenols found in a wide variety of plants, many of which have been in the human diet since the inception of our species and before. Some classical examples include green and black tea, cranberry, bilberry, cocoa beans, cinnamon, and black currant. Polyphenols, of course, are powerful antoxidants, as well as signaling molecules, which likely perform a variety of gene-regulatory functions, that may have value in a wide range of health conditions. Indeed, we have indexed over 150 health benefits linked to polyphenol consumption on our database alone.

Suffice it to say that as the biomedical machine moves forward, and we see an increasingly voluminous body of literature investigating the health benefits and mechanisms of action underpinning natural interventions for disease prevention and treatment, we will become increasingly compelled to choose time-tested, natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals, as the former are not only much safer but often more effective than most scientists and physicians ever dreamed possible.

WARNING: Never discontinue a pharmaceutical product without the guidance of a physician. Doing so could have serious, if not life threatening side effects. This article is for informational purposes only. Nothing here is intended as or should be substituted for medical advice. 

Additional References

[1] Prisco D, Marcucci R. Retinal vein thrombosis: risk factors, pathogenesis and therapeutic approach. Pathophysiol Haemost Thromb. 2002 Sep-Dec;32(5-6):308-11. Review. PubMed PMID: 13679663.

About the Author

Sayer Ji is founder of Greenmedinfo.com, on the Board of Governors for the National Health Federation, and Fearless Parent, Steering Committee Member of the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC), a reviewer at the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

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Evolution Begins at Home: 4 Ways to Apply the Alchemy of Self-Overcoming http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/03/evolution-begins-at-home-4-ways-to-apply-the-alchemy-of-self-overcoming/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/03/evolution-begins-at-home-4-ways-to-apply-the-alchemy-of-self-overcoming/#comments Fri, 03 Jul 2015 21:30:32 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=60905 Gary ‘Z’ McGee - Going from a preconditioned state to a reconditioned state is no picnic, but the alternative is worse.

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Eye of the CosmosGary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“Time makes ancient good uncouth.”James Russell Lowell

Evolution begins at home. If you overcome yourself again and again, you might earn the right to overcome the rest of us. You might even earn the right to become a catalyst of the first order, a particular “flavor” of human being that has the wherewithal to hone their ability to inject the infinite into the finite. You might become Christ-like or Buddha-esc, or even Gandhi self-similar or MLK-comparable. You might even be able to put the thorough into Thoreau. Indeed, the single best way to change the world for the better, to really send out ripples of progressive, healthy evolution into a distilled sea of unsustainable entropy, is to, after standing on the shoulders of giants, live by exemplary example.

Here are four ways to whip yourself into shape, so that you can do precisely that:

1.) Kick Your Own Ass

“The people I trust the most are those who are always tenderly wrestling and negotiating with their own shadows, making preemptive strikes on their personal share of the world’s evil, fighting the good fight to keep from spewing their darkness on those around them. I aspire to be like that, which is why I regularly kick my own ass.”Rob Brezsny

Forget about revolution. You call this evolution? No, it needs to hurt first. It needs to be uncomfortable first. It needs to make you cry, laugh, hate, and love, all in one breath. Now is the time for action. And I don’t mean “going green.” I mean getting uncomfortable. I mean getting in touch with your wildness. I mean not just knowing but understanding, deep down, that your lifestyle is overindulgent; that your lifestyle is obese, ugly, and unhealthy. And then doing something about it. Go crazy. Get wild. You probably need to lose your mind before you come to your senses anyway. Like Isaac Asimov said, “Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what’s right.”

Challenge yourself. Dig down deep and question yourself. Insult yourself if you have to. Stir unrest. Kick all of your preconditioning out of its culturally contained box. Like Tony Robbins says, “Passion is the genesis of genius.” Free your inner genius by passionately pressurizing your inner demons. Demons are to coal as genius is to diamonds. With enough pressure, with enough passionate alchemy, you can transform demons into diamonds.

Kicking your own ass is the Art of Self-interrogation. The price of admission is a commitment to infinite improvisation and eternal dying. You’ll have to ask yourself soul-shocking questions and kick your inner-layman’s ass again and again in order not to become complacent. You’ll have to dig down deep into that inner irreverence, imagination, and sense of humor. Just remember to enjoy the ride. Free your inner rebel, so that your inner sloth doesn’t devour the world and then carelessly shit it out.

2.) Wash Your Own Brain

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”Carl Rogers

World War III is a war of abstraction. It’s a war on (and in) your mind and your perception of reality. There’s a chess match going on in your head and the powers that be are winning it. Like Diane Di Prima said, “The only war that matters is the war against imagination. All other wars are subsumed by it.” Those in power are clinging to their power for dear life. They want you to believe that they deserve their power. They will do anything to maintain it, including, but not limited to, conditioning and brainwashing you with political propaganda and divisive claptrap in order to oppress you into victimized submission to an unhealthy system of human governance. It’s up to you to wash your own brain. It’s up to you to unwash the brainwash. And you do this by questioning everything to the nth degree. The good news is, as Thich Nhat Hanh succinctly put it, “Thanks to impermanence everything is possible.” The bad news is, most things are improbable, especially without a lot of hard work.

Test your perception of reality. Challenge your own worldview. Learn how everything is connected to everything else. Learn moderation. Then learn about progressive, healthy sustainability. And then, congratulations, there is a gargantuan iceberg of further knowledge hidden beneath the surface that no human being has ever uncovered in the history of humanity. Seek to uncover it anyway. Like Clarissa Pinkola-Estes advised, “Be homesick for wild knowing.” Reconnect with the natural world. Relearn Derrick Jensen’s “language older than words.” Then let it sink in how we have gone too far as a species, how too much of a good thing is overkill. Wake up and smell the oil spill! Like William Irwin Thompson said, “An overdose of an antidote becomes a poison in itself.” Unwash the brainwash, rinse with reason, dip into Mother Nature, dry with heavy questioning, and then repeat. It’s so easy it’s laughable. Then again, it’s so laughable that it’s a cosmic joke.

3.) Heal Your Own Pain

“He who fears to suffer, suffers from fear.” –French Proverb

Don’t fear to suffer. Face your fear instead. Embrace it. Then transform it into courage. This will be uncomfortable, but self-overcoming is anything but comfortable. When you gain the courage to kick your own ass and wash your own brain, then you gain the powerful ability to transform the bliss of ignorance into the pain of knowledge. It’s almost like your very own Morpheus pops in and gives you the existential option of choosing between the red pill of truth and the blue pill of deception. This is no time to vacillate. Proactive self-reinvention is in order. Decidophobiacs need not apply. Pain is inevitable, but there’s no reason Pain itself cannot be transformed into information. It’s what we do with that information that matters.

Okay, so knowledge is pain. Bummer. But so what? Let’s learn from that pain. What does it have to teach us? And what steps do we need to take in order to heal ourselves? One of the first things to arise after swallowing the red pill of truth is the heavy burden of having been deceived. Cognitive dissonance is a formidable foe. One that utterly destroys the majority of people. But this is something that we alone must overcome. Indeed, a huge part of self-overcoming is gaining the ability to navigate through the uncomfortable alchemical process that occurs between an outdated worldview and an updated one. Going from a preconditioned state to a reconditioned state is no picnic, but the alternative is worse: unceasing deception.

Healing your own pain is as simple, and as difficult, as practicing self-compassion and self-forgiveness. Be compassionate with your preconditioned plight. It wasn’t your fault. You were merely a victim in an extremely unhealthy and unsustainable system of human governance. Fearlessly forgive yourself. Then proactively go about reconditioning yourself. Reconditioning your preconditioning is the first step in self-healing. Then all you have to do is keep practicing it. And foster a good sense of humor. There’s no reason why you cannot transform the information gained from pain into a fun endeavor, or even a thrilling adventure. The icing on the cake of healing your own pain is cultivating a good sense of humor. Like the immortal Kurt Vonnegut advised, “We are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.”

4.) Be Your Own Hero

“Life should be lived to the point of tears.” –Albert Camus

So you’ve kicked your own ass, you’ve washed your own brain, and you’ve healed your own pain. Now it’s time to take all those tiny steps of self-overcoming and transform them into the much larger and much more precarious steps of self-overcoming known as self-heroism.

It’s time to transform the blood-sweat-and-tears gained from kicking your own ass, into the hard-fought-for-soul of being a force to be reckoned with. It’s time to transform the clutter of crushed mental paradigms leftover from washing your own brain, into a cultivation of connected dots that can catapult you into a heightened state of awareness. It’s time to transform the existential angst and cognitive-dissonance-residue garnered from healing your own pain, into a courage and a sense of humor of the most high. Like Friedrich Nietzsche ingeniously opined, “The great epochs in our lives are at the points when we gain the courage to rebaptize our badness into the best in us.”

It’s time to transform the outdated, unhealthy, and unsustainable mode of human governance into an updated, healthy, and sustainable mode of human governance. And that’s going to take self-made heroes. It’s going to take people with the capacity to kick their own ass, wash their own brain, heal their own pain, and then transform it all into a kind of cosmic heroism. It’s going to take people with a particularly unique flavor of courage. The kind of courage that causes Power itself to tremble in its makeshift throne. It’s going to take the kind of people who are a force of nature first and men or women second. The kind of people with the audacity to look into the mirror of their civilization and declare, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Read more articles from Gary ‘Z’ McGee.

About the Author

Gary ‘Z’ McGeea former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.

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The Four Horsemen of the Weather Apocalypse http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/03/the-four-horsemen-of-the-weather-apocalypse/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/03/the-four-horsemen-of-the-weather-apocalypse/#comments Fri, 03 Jul 2015 19:36:04 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=60896 Catherine J Frompovich - Weather Geoengineering, Chemtrails, Aluminum and Alzheimer’s.

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ContrailsCatherine J. Frompovich, Guest
Waking Times

Weather Geoengineering, Chemtrails, Aluminum and Alzheimer’s: The Four Horsemen of the Weather Apocalypse

J. Marvin Herndon (born 1944) is an American interdisciplinary scientist, who earned his BA degree in physics in 1970 from the University of California, San Diego and his Ph.D. degree in nuclear chemistry in 1974 from Texas A&M University. For three years, J. Marvin Herndon was a post-doctoral assistant to Hans Suess and Harold C. Urey in geochemistry and cosmochemistry at the University of California, San Diego. He is the President of Transdyne Corporation in San Diego, California. A listing of more than a dozen of his peer-reviewed papers can be found on Dr. Henrdon’s Wikipedia page.  January 20, 2015, Dr. Herndon published his concerns about weather geoengineering on GeoengineeringWatch.org’s website. [1]

After reading Dr. Herndon’s June 2015 article, “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India,” [Current Science, Vol. 108, No. 12, 25 June 2015, 2173-2176] I just had to interview him, since what he discussed needs to be mainstreamed globally—something the controlled media and vested interests are discouraging, and even preventing. So, following is my extensive interview with Dr. Herndon.

What is the most important significance of your recently published scientific paper?

1) It provides scientific identification, evidence that can be taken into courts of law; 2) it shows the horrific public health consequences of coal fly ash aerosol dispersion; 3) it shows the scientific community that ignored the whole matter to be institutionally corrupt; 4) it debilitates those who would say there’s nothing to the particulate trails because, if there were, the scientists would have investigated it and not a single scientific paper on the subject has been published (before mine, that is).

What prompted you to investigate or get involved with aluminum issues as being tied in to weather geoengineering?

In the Spring of 2014, I began to see particulate trails across the sky that were increasing in frequency and in intensity. By November 2014 the spraying was taking place on a near daily basis sometimes obscuring the otherwise blue sky with dark artificial clouds. I got involved to use my training as a scientist to discover what material was being placed in the air that I, my family, and the citizens of San Diego are being forced to breathe. I did that, and the first scientific paper on the subject was just published. Subsequently, I have collected my own rainwater samples, had them analyzed and discovered some really important measurements that someone made in 2011. In addition to aluminum, there are a whole host of toxic chemicals that come out of coal fly ash. I’ve written this as a new paper and submitted it for publication. Basically, the new paper confirms, with great certainty, the results of the just-published paper and addresses major public health issues related to the ongoing spraying of coal fly ash into the troposphere. I first submitted that paper to a journal called Environmental Health Perspectives, which is published by one of the US National Institutes of Health. The paper was rejected immediately without review and, despite my appeals, was rejected with finality. What does this say? It says that the US National Institutes of Health, whose mandate is to protect and improve public health, acts contrary to that mandate and hides the identity of the toxic material as coal fly ash, and hides the associated health risks from members of the scientific community and from ordinary citizens. US National Institutes of Health is, in my view, complicit in an activity that I allege constitutes crimes against humanity.

Climate change apparently began with the UN’s 1988 report. Why do you think the UN went out on a limb like that?

There are three reasons: money, power and control. Many in the UN thought that countries that produce large amounts of carbon dioxide could be forced to pay poorer countries through some mechanism such as carbon credits. Initially, this was all about transferring money from richer nations to poorer nations. I suspect that the UN would like to run all of the geoengineering activities. What a frightening thought! What the IPCC does is to evaluate various people’s climate models. Models are not science. Models are computer programs subject to the well-known dictum “garbage in, garbage out.” So, you have a committee deciding on which models are more likely to be correct and assigning a probability. That’s nonsense. The real problem is that the scientific community, the so-called establishment, has sold-out. They no longer act as scientists. In all of the years that people have observed particulate trails, how many university scientists have investigated those? None! Or at least no one has published a scientific article on the subject until I did recently. That is shameful behavior for the scientific community, but it’s all about money, power and control. I suspect there are sympathetic scientists out there, but they are too afraid to stand up and act like scientists on the matter. If they did, they would be “excommunicated,” lose their grants, lose opportunities for promotion and, perhaps, lose their jobs. Practically everyone involved in geoengineering, and climate control and related activities, does so for the same three reasons: money, power and control.

In 2008, you wrote the paper “Variables unaccounted for in global warming and climate change models,” which was published in the Sept. 2008 issue of Current Science, wherein you claim political, financial, and self-aggrandizement interests were the “spawning” mechanism for the idea of anthropogenic global warming/climate change, which took hold, especially with media mainstreaming. Why do you think that concept or paradigm had to be invented? Do you think any political “payback” came into play, since Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore lost to Republican George W Bush? Or, are both on the same geoengineering wavelength?

I would say that both parties are on the climate change/geoengineering gravy train.

In that paper you claim there is another explanation other than human activity. Will you please tell us what you think it is, and how you came to that conclusion?

This is actually a long story that the reader might like to investigate on my website NuclearPlanet.com. The story begins in 1979 when I realized that the inner core of the Earth might have a different composition than had been thought for 40 years. My paper on the subject was published in theProceedings of the Royal Society London in 1979. While I was awaiting publication, I thought that there would be debate and discussion (as there should be), and that people who had well-funded laboratories would take the idea and run with it, leaving me in the dust. That did not happen. Instead, it was as if the paper had never been published. It was completely ignored, my renewal grants encountered problems, I was “excommunicated” and out of the academic business. But, I was onto something important and kept pursuing the matter on my own and making one discovery after another. Eventually, I came to understand that when the Earth formed initially, it formed as a gas giant planet, like Jupiter, with the rocky part crushed by about 300 Earth-masses of gas and ice. When the sun ignited, the super intense solar wind stripped the gases from our planet leaving a compressed rocky planet without ocean basins. Over time, pressures built and the earth began to decompress. This potentially variable decompression is responsible for the surface geology, for emplacing heat at the base of the crust, and is the driving force for earthquakes. There is geological evidence to support variable heat output from the Earth. There is also evidence that the Sun’s output is not constant. Yet these two powerful energy sources are assumed constant in climate models.

If, as you state in your June 2015 paper, “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India,” [Current Science, Vol. 108, No. 12, 25 June 2015, 2173-2176] the idea for geoengineering apparently came from observations of major volcanic eruptions and that their ash remains in the upper atmosphere (stratosphere) for close to a year, what do you think, then, was the real incentive for weather geoengineering and why?

Initially, weather geoengineering was meant to benefit agriculture, but later it became weaponized for military purposes. Then along came global warming with all the political and financial benefits.

If weather geoengineering has been going on for a while, why do you think it’s been ratcheted up dramatically since 2013? Coincidentally, USA weather patterns since 2013 have been dramatic, especially East coast winters! Any comment about that?

“Why” is the big question! Unlike the geoengineering academics talk about, i.e., spraying particles into the upper atmosphere (stratosphere), the ongoing covert geoengineering sprays coal fly ash into the troposphere, the lower atmosphere, which mixes with the air people breathe. The particles do not remain suspended in the lower atmosphere for long periods of time as they do in the upper atmosphere, so spraying has to be done on a daily basis. If the spraying of coal fly ash into the troposphere is being done to counteract global warming, it is a questionable practice. The artificial clouds may block sunlight during the day, but at night those same clouds keep heat from leaving the Earth. Moreover, dispersed particulates pose the impediment to rainfall which operates counter to cooling the Earth. Coal fly ash does that plus something even worse: it absorbs water, so it changes the natural rainfall patterns. So one must wonder, is the intention to combat global warming or to cause global warming so as to melt the Arctic ice to get at the oil beneath. In either case, the consequence on humans and Earth’s biota [ecology] is horrific.

Weather geoengineering can be seen in the skies in the form of airplane exhausts that widen to form what I call “blanket clouds,” which can cause a cloud cover over a perfectly cloudless blue sky within an hour or so. We know that they are not jet engine exhausts, since it’s almost impossible for modern jet engines to create what are called contrails. Some real contrails can occur when atmospheric conditions are correct at higher altitudes. They dissipate within a minute or so, and do not spread out to create an artificial cloud cover. However, the sky trails, referred to colloquially as “chemtrails,” are created at lower atmospheric levels by deliberately spraying “stuff” into the air. Can you please tell us what that “stuff” is?

The “stuff,” as I discovered scientifically, is coal combustion fly ash. When utilities burn coal to produce electricity, two kinds of ash are formed: heavy ash that settles out and fly ash that would go up the smoke-stack unless it is trapped with electrostatic precipitators, as now required by Western governments because coal fly ash contains impurities that were in the coal, but in concentrated form in the fly ash. These toxic impurities are readily leached, that is, extracted into water. That is one reason why this substance is such an environmental hazard.

Can you explain why coal fly ash is used as the principal ingredient? If it’s an industrial byproduct from the coal burning power producing plants globally, is weather geoengineering a disposal means for a hazardous waste, similar to fluoridation of water supplies for aluminum wastes and the fertilizer industry?

1) the particle size is ideal; 2) it’s an industrial waste product that’s available worldwide on a huge scale; 3) it’s cheap because utilities would have to pay the costs of securing the product from the environment; 4) the utilities already have in place the production facilities and transportation network, out of public view. But using coal fly ash has serious, deleterious consequences for human health, Earth’s biota [ecology], and natural weather processes. Moreover, its utility is limited unless its purpose is to cause drought. [I find it rather interesting that you should say that!]

In your paper you state that coal fly ash from different European power plants was analyzed and also exposed to water for 24 hours, and then the water was analyzed. Some pretty dangerous elements were found in the water that had been extracted from the coal fly ash, e.g., radioactive uranium and thorium, aluminum, barium and strontium! Coincidentally, those very elements have been identified in rain water samples collected. Please expound upon what that means for human health, the Earth’s biota, and possible species extinction(s).

In a word: Horrific. My just-submitted paper deals with the subject, so, to prevent compromising its publication, let’s wait until after it is published.

Absolutely! However, I’d really love to interview you about it as soon as possible after publication. I guess my next question apparently is moot at this point: What are the negative aspects and effects of coal fly ash and the elements found in it? I guess I’ll just have to wait for the answer in the published paper.

Are there any health risks to what’s being sprayed? Who are the most vulnerable?

In the just-published paper, I discussed the health risks of aluminum in a chemically mobile state as relates to neurological disorders. The most vulnerable are the children [fetuses] pregnant women are carrying, children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune and respiratory systems. There is much more information in my just-submitted paper.

Do you think chemtrail particulates contribute to the dramatic rise in asthma and lung disease, plus Alzheimer’s and other dementias? Are there any other health problems that can be attributed to or associated with “chemtrails” or coal fly ash?

Yes, and if correct, there will be a big spike in their occurrence in the USA after January 20, 2013.

Can you explain what’s being found in rain water assays in Europe? Have similar rain water assays been done in the USA, especially in California? Do you know of any areas assayed in the USA?

Most of the post-spraying rainwater analyses are done for aluminum and barium; occasionally strontium analyses are requested. The problem is that, comparatively speaking, there have been relatively few chemical analyses worldwide. The reason is because there is no well-funded research program on the subject, so individuals typically collect the samples and pay for the analyses from commercial labs out of their own pockets. Generally speaking, rainwater analyses for the above three elements are similar throughout the world where such measurements have been made. Regrettably, as can be seen from my recently published paper, there are comparatively few data points.

Apparently then, rain water assays performed in both the USA and Europe produced similar results, as those done elsewhere in the world. I find that not only interesting, but rather incriminating.

As an aside, what do you think the “geopolitical” reason is for creating a deliberate drought in California, which is the premiere fresh food producing state in the USA?

That’s a good question, but an unanswerable question. It’s hard to believe that those who ordered the spraying are unaware of the drought potential. It would make a lot more sense, if it were the case that ISIS ordered the spraying. Do our officials hate America enough to destroy the potential for food production in its most important agricultural state? The problem with covert operations is not knowing the intent. There may be several agendas in play here.

I’d venture to say that there may be vested interests at work to create “water wars” that would lead to water use taxes, similar to the much-ballyhooed “carbon taxes.”

In your paper you mention that in one area of Northern California, after an electrical storm, rainwater was collected, which contained 3,450 μg/l of aluminum when compared with a sampling of 10 days earlier that yielded 850 μg/l of aluminum. Those are dramatic figures, especially after the electrical storm. What do you think contributed to such a huge difference?

I do not know what might have contributed to such a huge difference. As the three elements “fingerprint” were not measured, nothing can be said as to what the source of aluminum was in that instance.

Can you please talk about why the federal or states governments aren’t doing anything about analyzing rainwater and publishing results? Can the answer be similar as to why radiation measuring devices in California were turned off after Fukushima?

The quick answer is that they are all “in the tank.” The EPA was supposed to certify coal fly ash as a hazardous material, but surprisingly did not. Moreover, the allowable limit for aluminum in drinking water was raised significantly. And, as I described above, the US National Institutes of Health rejected the opportunity to advise the scientific community and others of the identity and public health risks of aerosolized coal fly ash.

Do you think coal fly ash has been sprayed for close to 15 years in the USA, and what does that mean for agricultural and drinking water quality; agricultural soils and food crops uptake of aluminum, which should not be an element in food crops; and ambient outdoor air quality?

I have one analysis of rainwater from 2002 showing the three element fingerprint of coal fly ash. Chemically mobile aluminum has deleterious effects on plant growth. Aluminum corrupts the soil and damages plants. But of all of the consequences, I suspect the worst is on humans, who have breathed coal fly ash for years.

As an aside, I’m a retired natural nutritionist and I never remember learning, or reading, about aluminum as a “nutrient” in food crops. Caution about aluminum cookware has been known for years, since acid/alkaline balance transfers come into play during cooking with aluminum cookware.

You state that weather geoengineering is “clandestine.” How can that be, when its effects are in plain sight above our heads daily? Who is doing the spraying? I understand there are airlines devoted to doing just that on a global basis, plus U.S. military planes, and those planes do not file flight plans and at times have almost caused accidents with commercial airliners.

Even when visible overhead, the operation is clandestine or covert when specific information is withheld, especially the chemical composition, the purpose, the public health consequences, etc. and there exists in its place, an organized pattern of disinformation.

One of the most disturbing facts you point out in your article is that weather geoengineering—especially the aluminum associated with it—is associated with neurological diseases including autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, and others. Additionally, that humans have not evolved with a natural immunity to aluminum. Of course we haven’t, because most of the aluminum was found embedded in the earth’s crust and not available to humans in “free form” in the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food we eat.

In your paper, you mention that in the Ganga Alluvial Plain of India, seasonal rainfall delivers toxic quantities of aluminum to the Gomati River Basin. Also, you question where it’s coming from and also how to determine the source. Can you please expound upon your theory and what it would prove?

As you state above, aluminum is securely locked up in silicate compounds. Thus, neither the plants nor creatures of Earth developed any defense mechanism for chemically mobile aluminum. The Gomati River is a tributary to the Ganga River, or Ganges as we call it. The Ganga River is extremely important to the people in India. With all of the sources of its pollution, the ritual bathing that takes place is in relative safety. Apparently, there are organisms that cleanse the river. If mobile aluminum were to destroy those organisms, it would cause a massive problem.

I proposed that Indians conduct experiments to determine whether other countries’ coal fly ash geoengineering is causing the high levels of mobile aluminum, or is it a consequence of India’s coal burning power plants that do not sequester coal fly ash.

India has an Alzheimer’s disease problem, as do many countries of the world. According to this,“Alzheimer’s in India is quickly becoming more and more common…” According to a paper published in 2012, southern India has a much higher rate of Alzheimer’s than rural northern India. What prompted your interest in India’s Alzheimer’s problem and not the USA’s?

My interest in aluminum-implicated neurological disorders caused by coal fly ash is the same throughout the world. I suspect that the aerosolized coal fly ash may be a leading cause.

“Worldwide, Alzheimer’s is found in at least one among 10 persons who are more than 80-year-old and one out of four persons who are above 90 years. In India, there are nearly 50 lakh [in 100,000] dementia patients of which, roughly 70 to 80 percent have Alzheimer’s. The Indian numbers are expected to double by 2030, and the costs involved are expected to increase three times.” (Source)

In India, more than 4 million people have some form of dementia. Worldwide, at least 44 million people are living with dementia, making the disease a global health crisis that must be addressed (Source)

Here is a map representing the death rates per 100,000 globally from Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

Isn’t weather geoengineering a blatant disregard and breach of the Nuremberg Code, especially since there is no citizen informed consent about what apparently is a global “scientific experiment” going on for years for some ultimate purpose? Would you like to guestimate as to what that purpose may be?

As I understand it, there are UN prohibitions against using weather modification against other countries, but it is permissible within one’s own country. In reality, weather is a global phenomenon.

[Realistically, couldn’t weather modification be considered an act of aggression against another country—interfering with a country’s ability to raise food or experience severe floods or drought?]

In the USA, Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death! In 2015, Alzheimer’s and other dementias will cost the nation $226 BILLION. By 2050, those costs could rise as high as $1.1TRILLION. In the USA, every 67 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s. [2]

I note that you state in your paper that “After the US President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in for a second term in office on 20 January, 2014, geoengineering activities escalated sharply, becoming a near-daily occurrence in many parts of America.”

Could you please elaborate further on why you think that has happened?

That it happened, I observed firsthand, as did many people who look at the sky with concern. Why? Perhaps an unholy alliance between scientists without moral values, who are arrogant enough to think they can control nature, but who are ignorant of why they cannot, and those with vested interests, who have the same absence of moral (humanitarian) values.

However, in a January 2014 Press Release didn’t President Obama say, “Hundreds of countries are carrying out weather modification programs, and we’re doing it better than any of them. However, this has been secret for too long. The American People need to know about what we do to make sure our children have something to eat each and every year. It’s true we need more oversight for geoengineering projects, so I’ve signed an executive order establishing an international third party oversight group to not only investigate for abuse but also to keep the public informed about new and existing geoengineering programs.”


“Geoengineering is necessary for our country’s agricultural industries and keeps millions of Americans employed every year. Our efforts in high altitude microwave technology at HAARP combined with the innovations in cloud seeding technology introduced by the jet fuel industry gives the American People a level of control over the elements unprecedented in the history of mankind. American Scientists are quickly approaching capabilities which will not only curb global climate change, but also to put an end to disastrous hurricanes and typhoons. For decades these programs have been kept secret out of concern for national security, but I have decided there is no need to keep this program a secret. Sensational reports that the United States will exist in a ‘bubble’ as the rest of the world heats up uncontrollably have no basis in scientific fact.” [3]

Geoscientists seem to have little understanding of that which is not known, especially, the multitude of diverse and complex interactions that keep nature in a state of equilibrium. More realistically than the above optimistic-nonsense, due to geoscience tinkering with nature, our planet and its life-forms will suffer severe consequences unleashed by the foolish and inhumane.

Here is a NOAA National Climatic Data Center map showing land and ocean temperature percentiles from January to December 2013. Personally, I wonder how factually realistic it is, especially what’s shown for the eastern Pacific Ocean, where the legend indicates a “new average.”


Furthermore, I’d like to point out that scientifically-speaking, what’s seen in the skies sprayed above us is referred to as “weather geoengineering” or weather modification or even atmospheric engineering, and not chemtrails, the colloquial term most readers are familiar with. However, chemtrails also are known as the Jet Fuel Cloud Seeding Program (JFCSP) working in conjunction with the classified High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP) which, apparently, are being managed by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and DARPA.

Thank you, Dr. Herndon, for sharing your scientific expertise. We look forward to another interview with you in the near future about the effects of aluminum on humans and all life forms.


[1] http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/well-known-scientist-sounds-the-alarm-on-geoengineering/
[2] http://www.alz.org/facts/overview.asp
[3] http://chronicle.su/2014/01/22/haarp-and-chemtrail-geoengineering-systems-protect-americas-climate-says-obama/

About the Author

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on Amazon.com and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on Amazon.com are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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Documentary Film – When money drives almost all activity on the planet, it would make sense that people understand it. Yet simple questions often get overlooked, such as: where does money come from? Who creates it? Who decides how it gets used? And what does this mean for the millions of ordinary people who suffer when the monetary and financial system breaks down?

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California Mandatory Vaccine Debate Heats Up as Celebrities Speak Out http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/03/california-mandatory-vaccine-debate-heats-up-as-celebrities-speak-out/ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/03/california-mandatory-vaccine-debate-heats-up-as-celebrities-speak-out/#comments Fri, 03 Jul 2015 16:26:09 +0000 http://www.wakingtimes.com/?p=60880 Jed Shlackman - The recent passage of California's mandatory vaccine legislation is causing outrage.

The post California Mandatory Vaccine Debate Heats Up as Celebrities Speak Out appeared first on Waking Times.

Jim CarreyJed Shlackman, Contributor
Waking Times

The national debate over vaccine safety and childhood vaccination exemptions gained further attention this week as California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to restrict exemptions for childhood vaccinations required to attend school in California. A Miami area Congresswoman, Frederica Wilson (D), has proposed a similar legislation at the national level, furthering the push to force medical treatments with recognized and unrecognized risks on healthy people. This type of force led the actor Jim Carrey to call Governor Brown’s actions “fascist” in his social media tweet.

Vaccine manufacturers acknowledge that there is some level of risk of adverse effects from using their shots, while the amount of risk involved has been widely debated, with the vast majority of adverse reactions to vaccines either never reported or never recognized, due to the reporting and association bias created by medical claims that vaccines are safe and that the adverse events must be due to some other cause (without investigation or proof obtained to support that assertion). Despite the obstacles to reporting and having a vaccine injury acknowledged, there are many cases of payouts from the Federal Government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and thousands of parents who report they have no doubt that their children were harmed, sometimes severely, by routine vaccinations. The law which established the compensation program was designed in part to protect vaccine manufacturers and medical institutions from legal liability and financial repercussions for harm occurring due to vaccinations.

There are also conflicting research studies and epidemiological analyses being presented to back the arguments presented by vaccine defenders and vaccine critics. With so many vaccinations being given and so many additional environmental hazards that children are exposed to it is hard to design research that can truly ascertain the effects of individual vaccines and of cumulative exposure to vaccines. Results that have suggested a possible link between vaccines and health issues such as autism and allergies have been ignored or discounted by those defending vaccine safety, citing study design weaknesses or differing results presented by industry-linked studies. Unfortunately, few people have the expertise or understanding to thoroughly analyze research and discern the weaknesses in a study or detect methods used to manipulate data to alter the statistical significance of correlations and effects that appear. Many people claim that the science behind vaccine safety and efficacy is clear, but from a true scientific perspective of careful investigation this is a gross misstatement. The evidence that has accumulated showing that there are serious risks involved with carrying out vaccinations is hard to refute, so those defending coercive vaccination laws routinely ignore the evidence and refuse to publicly debate knowledgeable vaccine critics.

One major element of the arguments used to defend vaccines is the claim that they have been a major public health advance, which reportedly brought an end to epidemics of polio and smallpox. Many people take those assumptions for granted, without realizing that there was never any controlled scientific research done which confirms those claims. Infectious illness epidemics follow patterns and cycles where they appear and dissipate with or without medical intervention. Historically, vaccines were introduced to the population mass when the diseases were already naturally dissipating, and it has even been suggested by some researchers that vaccines help perpetuate epidemics further by creating cases of an illness generated by exposure to the microbe in the shots.

Most modern polio cases, for example, are triggered by the vaccination for polio, with many cases of polio type illness and paralysis occurring after vaccination but being given a different diagnostic name. Deaths and injuries due to polio or a polio equivalent are still occurring but are getting renamed in order to perpetuate the illusion that vaccines successfully eradicated polio and to hide the reality that these deaths and illnesses are currently being triggered by the vaccine exposure. This occurs even as the public has not been told that doctors successfully treated polio with IV vitamin C in the 1940s. In fact, complications occurring from illnesses such as measles and polio and influenza are known to be strongly correlated with malnutrition. Provide proper nutrition and people are much less likely to fall ill when exposed to microbial illness agents and less likely to have any complications if they do get sick. Since the science is pretty clear on that, why isn’t there a government push to make sure children get enough nutrients to prevent illness? It is well documented that a majority of the population have nutritional deficiencies, and supplementing needed nutrients would be an obvious measure to prevent illnesses, yet the public health authorities are ignoring this issue while focusing on forcing people to take injections that carry risks and cannot create a healthy immune system.

Herd immunity is another plank in the foundation of arguments for forced vaccination, yet it too is an idea based upon false assumptions and deception. As immunologist Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych states “Although the evidence for vaccination-based herd immunity is yet to materialize, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Just a single publication by Poland & Jacobson (1994) reports on 18 different measles outbreaks throughout North America, occurring in school populations with very-high vaccination coverage for measles (71% to 99.8%). In these outbreaks, vaccinated children constituted 30% to 100% of measles cases. Many more similar outbreaks, occurring after 1994, can be found by searching epidemiologic literature. The herd-immunity concept is based on a faulty assumption that vaccination elicits in an individual a state equivalent to bona fide immunity (life-long resistance to viral infection). As with any garbage in-garbage out type of theory, the expectations of the herd-immunity theory are bound to fail in the real world.”

The basic theory underlying vaccination is to foster a specific type of immune system response in the presence of a particular pathogen. That type of immune triggering is just one facet of how our immune system is designed to manage and protect against harmful organisms. Thus, the full natural immune response is not what vaccines are leading the immune system to exhibit. By promoting a limited and imbalanced immune response, vaccines may actually foster greater vulnerability to infection when future exposures to pathogens occur. The form of immunity that is fostered by vaccines is a weaker or more limited immunity than naturally obtained immunity – this is why people are told they need “booster” shots, as the previous shots don’t really provide strong, lasting immunity. The best way to build immunity is to have a healthy balanced immune system and have natural exposure to a pathogen while you are in that healthy state. Then, your body will respond properly so that you don’t become ill and you are now protected against that organism if there is a future exposure. Vaccines cannot create a healthy, balanced immune system – they can only trigger an imbalanced and limited form of immune system response. When this occurs, you may only have mild symptoms or no symptoms of an illness, even though the pathogen is now chronically present in your body because your body failed to launch a full, balanced immune response. This can lead to chronic weaknesses in the immune system and autoimmune illnesses. Researchers have found a pattern of hyperimmune antibody response to the measles virus strain from vaccines in autistic children, suggesting that the vaccination leads to an imbalanced reaction to the viral material that inhibits the body’s ability to effectively neutralize an infection, with resulting complications associated with the virus and the abnormal immune system activity.

There are many studies showing evidence supporting the hypothesis that vaccines are often fostering imbalances in the immune system. Even in the latest research by those studying proposed HIV vaccines, it is admitted that the effects of vaccines can be a “double-edged sword.” While attempting to trick the immune system to respond to injected microbial materials may appear to foster some form of immunity, the risk of adverse systemic effects occurring as a result of this attempt to outsmart the natural intelligence of our body and its immune function is quite significant. Since vaccines can only stimulate the body to apply a portion of its own intelligence to neutralize a pathogen, our body is able to perform that job just as well or better without vaccines. The idea that we need vaccines to prevent illnesses is a form of delusion, as when we are healthy in our immune function and are exposed to a pathogen we won’t get the illness, regardless of whether or not we were previously vaccinated for the illness. Rather than trying to stimulate an imbalanced immune response to several specific pathogens out of thousands that we could possibly encounter, why not focus on building a healthy body and balanced immune functioning so that we will properly handle any potential threat that the mind-body system may encounter?

About the Author

Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed., LMHC is a professional counselor, hypnotherapist and regression therapist, Reiki master and energy healer, and a sound healing musician and writer who is based in Miami, Florida. Jed has degrees in counseling and psychology from the University of Miami and has been working as a counselor and healer with thousands of clients over the past couple of decades. Jed’s website is www.phinsights.com, his facebook links are www.facebook.com/jedishamanreiki and www.facebook.com/jediholistichealing – Jed can be found on Twitter as #jedishaman and his meditation and music recordings are at jedishaman.bandcamp.com. Jed’s holistic wellness articles as the Miami Holistic Health Examiner can be viewed athttp://www.examiner.com/holistic-health-in-miami/jed-shlackman

Jed’s book Consciousness, Creation, And Existence: A Guide To The Grand Adventure is available from Amazon.com and other book sellers.

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