Epigenomics and How Natural Nutrients Heal Genes

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Since the emergence of epigenomics, which is the study of how epigenetic modifications affect the genetic material of cells or the entire organism, geneticists have discovered that the human genome is a lot more complex than they have ever imagined. For example, DNA sequencing technologies that are currently available to mainstream geneticists can only decode roughly 21,000 known genes that are involved in protein synthesis in the human body. This only decodes a very small percentage of the human genome.

The 21,000 known genes that are involved in protein synthesis make up nearly 1.5 percent of the human body’s DNA. This means that roughly 98.5 percent of the human DNA structure, which is often referred to as “junk DNA”, is yet to be decoded. However, certain advanced DNA sequencing technologies that aren’t available to mainstream geneticists have decoded the human genome beyond the 21,000 known genes.

The roles of genetic switches

Geneticists have discovered that the human genome consists of not only genes, but also a highly complex genetic switch system, composing of millions of genetic switches. These genetic switches are used by the human body to turn genes on and off. So far, geneticists have found slightly more than 4 million switching sites, which only cover roughly 8.5 percent of the human genome.

  • Each of the millions of genetic switches in the human genome affects certain specific gene activity and expression. When these genetic switches are defected and not working in harmony with the other systems of the human DNA, it can lead to faulty gene activity, which can cause health problems.

    Genetic switches, food toxins, environmental toxins, and electromagnetic pollution

    There are many things that can cause genetic switches to not work properly. One of the most effective things is genetically modified organism (GMO). Certain geneticists believe that the unnatural genetic materials in GMO can interfere with the natural functions of genetic switches in the human body. This is why GMO has been linked to all sorts of health conditions, including but not limited to infertility, birth defects, immune disorders, growth problems, premature aging, and cancer.

    Besides GMO, food toxins, environmental toxins, and electromagnetic pollution can also interfere with gene activity and expression. Electromagnetic pollution is very effective at disharmonizing the natural frequencies of the human body. To learn about how electromagnetic pollution harms your body, read my informative article titled Frequency Healing and Electromagnetic Pollution.

    How natural nutrients heal genes

    Certain scientific studies have shown that by “tweaking” the epigenome of an organism using nutrients, they can reverse damages done to the genes of that organism. Other scientific studies have found that the way an offspring is raised and nurtured can affect the offspring’s genes in positive and negative ways.

    The epigenome is just as critical to the development of humans as is the genome. For example, by changing the diet of genetically fat and yellow agouti mice to one rich in methyl donors, found in onions, garlic, and beets, researchers have found that they could change the offspring to slim and brown mice. By epigenetic intervention, they had modulated the critical agouti gene, dramatically changing the mice’s offspring. Nutrition was responsible for dimming the gene’s deleterious effects, from fat and yellow mice to mice that are normal, slim, and brown. (source: Eversole, Finley. Energy Medicine Technologies: Ozone Healing, Microcrystals, Frequency Therapy, and the Future of Health. Inner Traditions. Rochester, Vermont, 2013.)

    Epigenomics is still somewhat new but it is already showing some amazing potential for healing all sorts of health conditions. With more research in epigenomics and better understanding of how genes work, geneticists will soon be able to reverse cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other “incurable diseases”.

    To be able to unravel the secrets of genes and DNA, scientists and geneticists will need to study the linguistic structure and electromagnetic property of DNA. They will also need to study the language of the living energy codes of matter, which is made of light, sound, frequency, and vibration. For an interesting article about the language of matter, read my article about frequency and vibration.


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