Breaking Through the Delusions of Government and Mysticism with Stefan Molyneux

Waking Times

Violence is a language we must unlearn.

In this short animated clip, Stefan Molyneux, of, makes the parrallel that the statism is just another form of worn out mysticism that is only relevant to those who have been indoctrinated for it as youths, and that it is ready to be relegated to the dustbins of history.

Overcoming the idea that the state is a necessary part of our lives is critical in the moral evolution of mankind because at its root, statism is violence. The state, any state, cannot exist without imposing organized violence upon people in various degrees, for various reasons.  Without this violence as its final arbitrator, the power of the state is nil and people are forced to co-exist in a voluntary manner.

This uncomfortable and overlooked paradox about our current world order and our beloved governments must be recognized and acknowledged in order to heal this suffering planet, as it is this top-down violence against other people, ourselves, our planet and other species that is laying waste to the beauty, harmony, and potential of Planet Earth.


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