A Simple Technique to Sense Your Intuition

Pao L. Chang, Guest Writer
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Learning to sense your intuition can be tricky but it is not as hard as you may think. Before you can sense your intuition, you need to first believe that you have an intuition. Next, you need to understand what it is. Your intuition is a part of your higher senses that allows your body to synthesize emotional energy codes in a linear pattern. This process allows your conscious mind to process the emotional energy codes, which in turn gives you the perception of feelings.

Your intuition is a knowingness within you that comes without explanation or proof. This knowingness takes place at the cellular level and beyond. Some of us like to refer to intuition as the “gut feeling.” It is important to know that your intuition is not limited to the area of your gut because it sometimes can come from within every cell of your body.

How to sense your intuition

Learning to sense your intuition can be hard because it is sometime difficult to distinguish between your intuition or your ego. To make sure it is your intuition that you are sensing, you need to know how it feels when your intuition is communicating to you. Your intuition will usually communicate to you in a subtle way. A lot of the time, your intuition will communicate to you when something is wrong or a bad event is about to occur.

Try to remember a negative experience that you have in the past. You may want to choose a negative experience that occurred not too long ago. Before the negative experience happened, do you remember a feeling within you that urged you in a subtle way not to take action. This feeling will usually feel like something is not right. Try to remember exactly how this felt. This feeling is usually your intuition telling you not to take action because something bad may happen. As you think back to your negative experience, try to remember all the details before and after the experience. Think about how your intuition was communicating to you. Once you learn how to sense your intuition, the next time it tries to tell you something, you will know that it is your intuition and not your ego or some other entity.

  • The simple technique that I mentioned above may or may not work for you. If it does, keep practicing the technique because it will strengthen your connection with your intuition. The next time you are about to go somewhere and you feel this subtle urge within you that appears without explanation or proof telling you not to go, you may want to think twice about not going. If you do go and something bad happens, reflect back to the exact moment that you felt the subtle urge and remember this exact feeling. After a few times of doing this, you will know when your intuition is communicating to you.

    Why you should learn to communicate with your intuition

    Your intuition plays an important role in your life because it is there to guide you to achieve your goals in life. By achieving your goals in life, you will feel happier and your life will feel like it is going somewhere instead of in circles. Once you become good at using your intuition, you can use it to help you find the right partner or friends. When you first meet someone, try not to let your emotions run wild and try not to be nervous or fearful. Put yourself in the observer mode and then look at that person right in the eyes when you are about to shake his/her hand. With the help of your intuition, try to sense his/her soul or vibe. If you feel a lot of negative intentions or energy coming from him/her, you may want to stay away from him/her unless negative experiences are something that you enjoy.

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