Psychologists Explain Why People Refuse to Question the Official Version of 9/11

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September 11th is the most polarizing event in modern world history. After looking at the aggregate of the accumulated facts and analysis that has emerged since the day itself in 2001, many people find it impossible to believe the official version of events, and since no serious government investigation is considering new evidence or professional analysis, people are left to decide for themselves if there is more to the story.

Due to the sheer volume of information that defies the government’s explanation of events, to believe the official story it now requires some sort of trick of the mind, or some sort of subconscious unwillingness to even entertain a contrary possibility. Regarding 9/11 truth, people will say the most absurdly illogical things, such as:

“I wouldn’t believe what you’re telling me, even if it were true.”
“I don’t need to look at the evidence.”
“I don’t want to know the truth, or I’d become too negative.”
“If that were true, someone would have leaked it by now.”
“That’s ridiculous, there is no way our government would harm us.”
“What makes you think we even deserve to know the truth?”

So, why is it that people have such a hard time even questioning the official version, and why is it difficult for them to even look at alternative information about the events of 9/11?

“At this point we have nine years of hard scientific evidence that disproves the government theory about what happened on September 11th, and yet people continue to be either oblivious to the fact that this information exists, or completely resistant to looking at this information. So the question becomes, why? Why is it that people have so much trouble hearing this information?

From my work  I think we would be remiss not to look at the impact of trauma.” – Marti Hopper, Ph.D.

Trauma Based Mind Control Works

Firstly, it is critical to bring attention to the severity of trauma incurred when witnessing and processing an event of this magnitude. The nation, and much of the world, is still suffering from mass, collective PTSD, and as time goes by, our exposure to more acts of terror only amplify our attempts to bury this trauma within the psyche.

The darker and more horrifying the affront to our humanity, the more effective we are at burying it. The shock and awe theory of consciousness.

“Many people respond to these truths in a very deep way. Some have a visceral reaction, like they’ve been punched in the stomach. To begin to accept the possibility that the government was involved is like opening pandoras box. If you open the lid and peek in a little bit, it’s going to challenge some of your fundamental beliefs about the world.” – Robert Hopper, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Protecting Worldview Home

Psychologists highlight how the human mind has a tendency to look out for its own security, protecting itself from ideas that challenge core beliefs. When your worldview comes into serious doubt, it can feel like everything is crashing down, and that you’re being thrown into the great wide open with no security. Much as the body shifts into fight or flight mode when danger is clear and present, so too, the mind has tools of evasion from harm.

“When we hear information that contradicts our worldview, social psychologists call the resulting insecurity, ‘cognitive dissonance.'” – Frances Shure, M.A.

The mind tries to survive by allowing conflicting information to exist simultaneously, unconsciously choosing to bury that which causes the most disruption to the comfort of held beliefs.

In the case of 9/11, and other events where the media plays a critical role in creating a narrative of what happened, one cognition is always the official narrative which typically supports presently held beliefs about society, and the other cognition can be based on fact and evidence, but since it challenges to undermine the safety of such illusions, it is thusly over ridden.

“9/11 truth challenges the beliefs that our country protects us and keeps up safe, and that America is the good guy. When your beliefs are challenged, fear and anxiety are created. In response to that, our psychological defenses kick in, and they protect us from these emotions. Denial, which is probably the most primitive psychological defense is the one most likely to kick in when our beliefs are challenged.” – Robert Hopper, Ph.D

The result is disharmony, the collapse of a very important worldview and a source of psychological protection. What is left in its place is insecurity, vulnerability, and confusion, triggering a survival mechanism.

Cognitive dissonance

Final Thoughts

9/11 is a crime and a public trauma so grand, that for one to look deeply into it will require them to change or adjust at least some of their fundamental beliefs about the world. Cognitive dissonance, which can lead to the most bizarre reactions to controversially true information, is the mind’s way of hunkering down and weathering the storm in self-protection.

“The terror associated with our unstoppable annihilation creates a subconscious conflict or anxiety called cognitive dissonance. We try to cope with having to accept two contrary ideas. – Gary Vey

This is why the 9/11 issue is so important in our collective awakening. It is so big, and so well-documented that it can lead to a complete reevaluation of our entire worldview and social systems, and a huge leap forward in consciousness and awareness.

If we can think of our world view as being sort of our mental and emotional home, I think all of us would do just about anythign to defend our homes, defend our families…” – Dorothy Loring, M.A., Counseling Psychologist

Take a look at the following presentation looking at why our minds tend to shut down when confronted with the alternate view of 9/11:

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About the Author

Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and Offgrid Outpost, a provider of storable food and emergency kits. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

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  • Haider
  • Haider

    film name Long Kiss Goodnight staring samuel jackson, year 1996, 5 year before the event.
    chek n clink this link and hear yurself

  • Haider

    Yah all conspiracy theory, truthers be damned, but one thing i cant seem to understand how come it was revealed many many years back in a movie where the actors says we will bring down the terror on new york and obviously blame the muslims. I think tjey should place the movie clip here

  • alex

    Excellent article. I’ve been studying mind control for a couple of years now and it’s something that very real. Like they say, most people are “asleep” and need to wake up!

  • Alan C

    And you tower above Dr. Leary in what way? What you do is prove that a *little* knowledge is a dangerous thing. By the way, I assume you mean Alan WattS. You know, if you can’t even get the names right….

    • anna miller

      Alan Watt and Alan Watts are two different men. So your attempt at insulting me actually demonstrated your own ignorance. A simple search on your part, would demonstrate to you they are two different men, and that indeed, Timothy Leery was involved with the CIA and knew full-well about their purposes. People do not like it when their icons are taken down. How can we expect the Controllers to face their own egotism when people within the Truth Movement are so tied to ego, they must make attempts at unfounded insults to a fellow member? Our nation is filled with people who refuse to grow up.

  • BeUtahful

    9/11 Truth will awake a sleeping giant, The People

    • Alan C

      When might that be, Utah? It’s been 15 years and the Sleeping Giant is still snoring about 9/11 as far as I can tell.

      • OldeSoul

        Perhaps Utah meant The People Who Matter. I don’t mean to be snobbish here but anyone who hasn’t figured out 9/11 yet, at least to the point of accepting that the official story isn’t true, are going to be left behind simply by choosing ignorance over knowledge. I’m not going to elaborate on what I mean by “left behind” either. I’m sure you can figure that out.

        • Alan C

          You mean like the LaHaye and Jenkins crowd? Otherwise I’m lost at your allusion.

          • OldeSoul

            No, not that Biblical rapture silliness. Be patient, it will be obvious soon enough.

      • Haider

        snoring and busy in electing a president who has libya, syria, iraq fiasco on her hand, how dumb people are .

  • Julian O’Neill

    I think though where we may disagree is your opinion that the psychedelic movement of ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’ created a general apathy, and ‘moral decay’ amongst the youth, and your belief that ‘Too much infettered pleasure is not feasible in the physical realm of energy. It will always lead to decline.’ I do not agree. I cannot stand researchers like Watt, and Jan irvin. They are paranoists, and paint the ‘elite’ as being like gods and managing every aspect of our being and creativity. What such ‘conspiracy theory’ does is really totally disenfranchise our sense of power, and induce learned helplessness, which as you will know is a psychological mindcontrol. It is claiming that the elite, or whatever you want to term them are SO powerful that any movement we may form, including Feminism is their doing, and that can only SERVE them by creating such myths of their ‘omnipotent power’. Watt is a dour humourless man who is anti-psychedelics, and Jan Irvin cannot stand anyone who dare contradicts him.
    It was psychedelics which really encouraged the anti war movement, and ecology movement, and the challenge to the patriarchal nuclear family by exploring communal living, and polyamory. I have no problem with that and do not see it as moral decay. it has nothing to do with how Crowley saw his sexual rituals which were for the goal of control. He drove his sexual partners mad! there was no love. Magick is all about CONTROL. Pushing one’s will onto others/will to power.

    • anna miller

      The Controllers take all naturally arising, grass-roots origin and infiltrate for purposes of control. Having think-tanks of professional social engineering such as Tavistock Institute, they likely predict psycho-social trends and then plan infiltration accordingly. For instance, hijacking a naturally occuring desire arising within humanity to have a healthier balance between male and female. The truth is that many of us do not like to see our cherished icons criticized. It wounds the ego and long-cherished notions. Do you not see a concerted, organized effort to degrade and subvert the youth today, with cultural icons such as Maddona, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, former Disney squeaky-clean pre-teen who enthralled millions of young girls who now emulate her behavior? And what about the extremely degrading rap music in which many black AND white youth emulate? But of course sex,drugs and rock-n-roll was a spontaneous movement? Did you know the traditional key tuning of hertz standards for music was changed before the hard rock movement? People really need to understand that social engineering started in earnest post WW2, via Frankfort School & then Tavistock Institute. The boomer generation became their lab rats. Remember LSD experiments had been going on via miltary/CIA long before the hippie movement, as well as mind contol MK Ultra. Timothy Leary admitted he was a CIA operative. How and why do you think LSD was flooded into the US? literally flooded. I think LSD can expand the mind too, but I don’t think that was the original intent of the CIA. The Controllers always underestimate the power of the human spirit. And oddly enough, we do live in a realm in which pain appears to be rewarded, and pleasure punished. We can observe this truth in our own lives as well as observing others. Look at the numerous rock starts that were destroyed by too much pleasure. And observe the awakening of those in the Truth Movement, in which humans must experience the pain of learning much of what they thought was true, were actually lies. The rewards of being willing to feel that pain though, has enormous rewards, likewise choosing willful unconsciousness because it makes one feel good not to delve into the depth of deception keeps a person enslaved and wilfull unconsciousness en masse could cause the very extinction of our species. The truth hurts. Crowley’s statement of “do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law” is illogical. In physical realm, too much pleasure caused disintegration. He was a very sick man. If he wanted to rebel against Yahweh, he should have stood for everything good, noble and wise. I have heard the complaint about Alan Watt, there is some truth in it. That is why he is a limited hang-out. I find Jan Irvin to be a magnificent researcher. One does not need to agree with each independent journalist on every issue to glean wisdom & knowledge from their work. I even glean some truth from the likes of Alex Jones, knowing full well he is a gatekeeper.

      • OldeSoul

        To Anne (and Julian if you see this comment) thanks for the intelligent (and loving) dialogue on this topic. You both make excellent points. The “tune in, turn on… etc.” quote can be viewed in two ways, as both of you noted. Indeed it was contrived and floated into the mainstream by the CIA, but it backfired, which is why they had to institute the Charles Manson/Hippie psyop before their ill-fated experiment really took off and people began to “tune in” en masse. Being old enough to have ” been there” gives one a unique perspective when viewed backwards with an awakened mind. Again, thanks to you both for sharing your thoughts and research.

        • anna miller

          Thanks Olde Soul. Yes that entire Charlie Manson bullshite. I used to wonder, now how come Charles Manson gets to have long hair and a beard in Federal Prison? It really freaks me out sometime, looking back, at how innocent we all were. Did you ever read “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment”, by Thaddeus Golas? It wrote it as a guide for LSD trips, to help people navigate the experiences. Peace to you.

          • OldeSoul

            I also get freaked about having been so gullible. That all changed for me on 9/11, the day I awoke from my stupor.

            I have not read Golas’ book and I’m so glad you mentioned it in one of your comments above because I already checked it out and ordered it the other day. Thank you, and peace to you, Anna.

          • anna miller

            I hope you ordered Golas’s second book, Love and Pain.
            The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment, his first book, was a guide for people opening up via LSD trips to space consciousness. While Lazy Man is a wonderful book, Golas had not completeted his thesis and it took decades of deep thought in the long development regarding his space energy mass epiphany. It is deep information, and might startle you to your core, it did me. Supposedly his publisher’s rep, burst out into tears after reading the manuscript, and it almost got axxed. But the book Love & Pain, has meant everything to me, and brought to me immense comfort and understanding. I think it is brilliant and it staggers my mind why more people haven’t discovered the work. I hope it brings you comfort and understanding as well OldeSoul. And may all that is good, wise, and lovely, come your way! thank-you.
            PS-Thaddeus was a very interesting man, his auto-biography explains his life in San Francisco at the height of Hippie movement. He was a bit older than most, so I expect that gave him a different insight. Yes, Thaddeus was an old soul as well. Peace to you sister!!!!!!

  • Matilda Faltyn

    A very good article and astute topic choice.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    This was written about and understood back in about 2005 already.

    • anna miller

      The Truth movement is like a bus, picking up new passengers all the time. Those within the movement sometimes get impatient with repeat efforts to reach new passengers. Stay patient, think of it this way, at one time you yourself were a newbie, peace brother.

  • wally63

    We had the likes of Walter Cronkite TOO F’ING LONG on the Jew Tube! He set the trend of folks buying everything he said as TRUE AND UNQUESTIONINGLY CORRECT. Now, the Lemmings who watch the news just allow their minds to upload all that the MSM tells them and then they are programmed BEYOND anything the Moonie Cultists thought possible. Deprograming them is just as hard or perhaps harder than deprogramming the Cult members as well. Of course, the MSM is the propaganda branch of the Federal Gov’t. There is no real news these days, just endless propaganda. Pravda and Tass would be proud.

  • L Garou

    They’re skeered, plain and simple..

  • Julian O’Neill

    The most taboo part of the 9/11 investigation I have found myself is trying to point out the occult code clues. I have been mostly met with absolute silence or being told to shut up about it as it will ‘confuse people’. But it is VERY important to look into what drives the insanity behind what we are witnessing going on in the world which to many sane people makes no sense whatsoever, and THAT dissonance can have drastic effects on consciousness. Because it is like living in a mad hatter’s tea party where reality makes no sense.
    This situation is similar to what happened in Nazi Germany when all that utter insanity unfolded. NOW it is ‘safe’ for people to look at the myths which were driving their insanity—the myth of the ‘superman’/’Aryan’, many investigators also claiming evidence to show how the top SS were into occultism.
    I see that insanity as continuation with what we have now. it is the same desire to own the world and everyone, and behind this is the belief those top ones planning it are ‘gods’. This idea comes from a Luciferian myth which is an inverse of the ‘God’ myth of organized religions.
    So there is that.
    But also there has been much emphasis on WHAT happened, eg how the buildings came down, and so on, and FAR less on WHO done it!! YET the evidence is there clearly! Here are two important videos to support what I mean: 9/11-Israeli Job? Means,Motive,Opportunity

    Israeli Truck Bombs On 9/11

    People like Judy Wood divert attention *away* from this obviously extremely crucial evidence with her fantastic theories which get used to discredit real evidence we could use in a court of REAL law! And of course grassroots informing of the people!

    • Muhammad Abbass

      If you start with that it might not help. You need to start with the smaller things they can at least grasp by shifting one paradigm but you’re expecting them to jump too far by taking them past three levels or so. You don’t approach the first night of your honeymoon with a blushing virgin bride, with bondage, leather and whips. In fact for the virgin 9/11 Truther you’re calling in Fido as well by doing the illuminati occult symbolism.

      • Julian O’Neill

        lol, I get you, but you know I had to do it, and I really do not like to patronize people, adults, but even younger by holding back. People have the right to know, and what they do with it then is their choice. But you know we are all deeper than you may think. I very well may be met with silence, bemusement, defensiveness, hostility, ridicule etc, how ever, the deeper ‘unconscious’ realms of our selfs will pick up on what has been shared, shown, and that is why I continue making the effort.
        What amazes me is that a lot of the people I have tried to engage with are people in the psychedelic movement who –being psychedelically experienced myself–I would expect would be more akin to this kind of subject, and yet they too, leaders and followers, choose to be silent. Maybe it IS too weird. it is weird to me. I am not even saying I know what it means, but I do see a code, and a seeming use of magick in the things these people in power are doing. And I just think it is wise to be aware of it, because their power depends on us being unconscious of it, and hence it is often called ‘hidden in plain sight’.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Yes well as a veteran of 9/11 truth, there are many posts online of mine as far back as 2002, and a veteran of three marriages now and starting them at 19 every time I have gotten it right now after all the practice I can tell you…I refer you to my original allegory again. 🙂 Softly softly catchy monkey as the Ashanti are reputed to say.

        • anna miller

          ” What amazes me is that a lot of the people I have tried to engage with
          are people in the psychedelic movement who –being psychedelically
          experienced myself–I would expect would be more akin to this kind of
          subject, and yet they too, leaders and followers, choose to be silent.”
          I have noticed this behavior as well Julian. It could be a hold-over from New Age beliefs, another religion that was cooked up by the Controllers, as they knew that people were waking up to Matrix Religions and so had a recycled religion up and running and waiting. A big part of the New Age belief system was avoid any negative thinking. IE reasoning is evil. And also there is the pleasure principle. In general, people prefer the pleasure of agreement, and avoid anything painful. You are very wise. Thanks for your comments.

    • anna miller

      excellent post Julian, thanks for taking the time and effort.

  • i think this article is very accurate. i think looking at it in a broader understanding it gets even clearer. It’s like the trauma and the unvoiced deception still lies in the collective unconscious of most and even if some people might truly accept the evidence that the gov’t was involved, a viable real reason behind it is not immediately forthcoming. But if you consider that motivation could be for the masses to simply be triggered in fear — so that the Reptilians and other negative denizens of the ethers get their hit of delicious emotional ooze — it makes perfect sense. 9-11 is like the trauma of an incest in early childhood which is repressed because the truth is routinely denied — even the fabric of family life is specially constructed to shield the truth. Yet since it is collectively unconscious (all family members generally are privy to the real facts), it is continually prodded and stoked — so it can be repressed again. Repression is very active. And in the case of the collective psyche of the Western world, the fear is triggered with every ‘terrorist’ event — and the emotional hit is provided. So the media is like the fabric of the family where an incest occurred — continually re-creating and re-living it in righteousness over some other perpetrator, never THE TRUE perpetrator.

  • ignasi

    not cost anything to do most basic question “two plus two” and not even know the wisest government.

    If we talk about why only four aircraft we see two?

    I do not want to be the team of idiots

  • Rachel Thompson

    Cognitive dissidence is one aspect but not the whole story. It’s more complex in detail but simple in concept. There is a combination of facts at work all interrelated. Other considerations are normally bias, applied and innate authoritarian psychology, group-think, willful ignorance, and an inability or fear of critical thinking. None of that is surprising when we live under life long indoctrination and propaganda that support and promote such social engineering that enforces innate human preferences for wishful thinking. It’s a big circular jerk and the way to break the chain is by critical thinking and thus facing actual truth willingly. To quote myself, people rather believe than know and when a fact upsets belief they will commonly reject the facts. People want to believe they can trust authority, IE government, they want to buy into the propaganda, it’s easier. Just knowing this can put one on the road to reality. Raw truth will rock your world and nobody wants that.

  • Craig Johnson


  • Hilary Kitching

    Great article which has been spoiled with a video by one of the top cover-up figures in so-called “9/11 truth’. Why didn’t you post a video by Dr Judy Wood? Is that a step far too close to the truth to have you post it here! Tut, tut Alex.

    • anna miller

      Hillary, perhaps I have misunderstood you. I thought from your previous post, you were a troll. What do you have against David Ray Griffin?

  • lindajoyadams

    Some of never doubted OBL did it as I knew he would as he was already obsessed with the twin towers in 7/88. And I tried for 2 years to get someone to listen to me and I was not the only one trying to warn those in charge. THE ELITISTS DO NOT WISH TO KNOW THAT THEIR CREATION TURNED ON THEM. THAT IS THE BIGGEST DENIERS IN THE BUNCH AND THE COVER UP OF 1/89 LED TO CORRUPTIONS INCREASING DOWN 9/11/01 MADE IT HAPPEN . I do not have to know how, I never doubted it was him. from my observations back in 7/88 before I understood as an SSA employee as all 90 of us were and had no idea of anything about al queda and little about the wars in the world as we had no 24/7 cable news as we do now. So there was arrogance and denial aplenty ahead of time by those who should have prevented it. I know no I was one of many warning and no one listened. and the 9/11 commissions did not go back before 1995 so they blew it bid time in stopping the internal corruption in the govt that led to it occurring in the first place and what the 911 commission was to be doing for Congress to pass better laws. 2 from NJ headed up the commissions who were in office there when our attack occurred with injuries dn deaths since from those injuries and the cover up of that is what goes on the internal corruption inside the govt and now govt contractors and it never ends as some want war and not peace in this world. . Linda Joy Adams

  • anna miller

    This was a wonderful article, I’m going to share with others. Thank-you!

    • Hilary Kitching

      Don’t be fooled by the words of David Ray Griffin. Remember empirical evidence is the truth that theory must mimic. Think forensics, not psychology.

      • Mike King

        Tell us Hillary about the “empirical evidence” which proves that 2 planes turned THREE NY skyscrapers to dust and aerosol, due to “fire.” And while you are it. tell us of the “empirical evidence” that this deed was carried out by Osama Bin Laden.

        • Hilary Kitching

          I don’t need to Mike. I’ve given the reader all the heads up in the previous comments I’ve made on this topic. If folks choose to reject it, it’s up to them.

          • Eudoxia

            You are the type Ray Griffin and others are referring to when they mention cognitive dissonance. The readers who come here do not require a heads up from you. Stick to Fox and CNN where you’ll get all the empirical evidence you need brought to you by a corrupt government and ruling elite class of psychopaths and there is plenty of “empirical evidence” to support that fact.

          • Hilary Kitching

            So the government is to blame for 9/11 is it! Lol

          • Eudoxia

            You can shill for the official story all you like darling, you are now however outnumbered. All you do is make yourself look terribly retarded. Be a good little troll and go take your Prozac along with a bit of flouride and don’t forget your flu shot because because your brain may be deficient in mercury of course it’s good for you the government told you so! Pathetic there are still humans (albeit questionable in your case) like you still out there.

      • anna miller

        Are you referring to the empiracal evidence that 19 Arabs got past the most powerful Air Force in the world, US air traffic controls, and intelligence apparatus? Or the evidence of the fall of Building 7, a massive, steel-framed 47 floor concrete building falling demolition-style in 6 seconds? And the fact that BBC reported the fall of building 7 a full 20 minutes before it fell? Or the facts that post 9/11 numerous legislation was passed which derided constitutional rights of the citizenry? Not to mention the NATO invasion of the Middle East and creating profitable wars for the bankers and war machine. Are you referring to that empircal evidence? Because I really want to know what “empiracal evidence” in which you are referring.

        • Paul Mitchell

          The empirical, circumstantial and materiel evidence is simply staggering – and since 911the official story lines for each successive mini New Pearl Harbor (in an attempt to augment the big “New Pearl Harbor”) have become less believable but more acceptable by an increasingly uninformed, psychologically repressed majority society. Anna Miller, you are right on.

    • Matilda Faltyn

      Well said.

    • Alan C

      Who do you intend to share it with? Those who are already awake about 9/11? It likely will validate what they already know so that might be a good thing. But those who don’t get it? To quote Sam Harris, “If someone doesn’t value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic?”

      • anna miller

        I actually do share with people sitting on the fence, or are basically unaware. It is our collective duty to take this risk. I read somewhere that the average person has to hear the same things repeatedly until it begins to sink in. I’ve probably been called every name you can think, the truth is more powerful than my feelings. I especially offer infomation if they are pushing a matrix belief unto me.

        • Alan C

          Good for you! If I call you any names they’ll be nice ones! Keep spreading the truth and I hope it’s largely fruitful.

          • anna miller

            The key is don’t give up. I can’t give up, the truth has a way of burning once the fire is lit. And I consider it fighting for our species’ very survival. It toughens you up too. After awhile of being called names, so what? I know these people are just under various levels of mind programming. They are scared, and respond with knee-jerk programmed responses, like Pavlovian dogs or trained seals. A steady, drip drip drip that’s the ticket! peace to you brother, and don’t ever give up.

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