Censored Images from Venezuela Reveal Economic Collapse is Only for the Poor

Venezuela - 1Alex Pietrowski, Staff
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The divide between rich and poor in our world has perhaps never been as wide and as visible as it is today. The world elite are making more money than ever, and as they’re buying more ridiculous and more lavish toys than ever, the rest of the world is already feeling the pinch of a manipulated global economy in decline.

The nightmare of bad government has always been felt most severely by those who do not belong to the ruling elite or the protected upper classes of society, and recently, events in Venezuela serve as yet another example of how socialist governments can ruin once thriving national economies by sanctioned corruption. Now it is becoming evident that even in the Venezuela capital, Caracas, breadlines and hunger pangs are only for certain classes of citizens.

Most of the press coverage of the ongoing economic and political crisis in Venezuela have shows the struggles that many are facing in Caracas, where electricity and even food are being rationed by the government and the currency is undergoing extreme inflation. This is undoubtedly causing serious civil unrest, and the nation is drifting ever more closely to civil war as public calls for the ouster of unelected socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro escalate.

News reports around the world have focused on images of empty store shelves, long lines at bakeries, fights over small distributions of rice, chicken and other basic food stuffs, as well as intense clashes between citizens and police. Interestingly, though, it appears the suffering in Caracas is not at all universal.

Venezuela Looting

Recent looting of a grocer in Caracas. Image Source.

Venezuelan citizen Agustin Otxotorena recently posted a series of photographs to his personal Facebook profile that paint a different picture of life under economic collapse in Caracas. After becoming annoyed by so many relatives and friends overseas asking him if he was doing okay in the crisis, Otxotorena took photos from certain parts of Caracas showing that for many in the socialist capital, food is plentiful, and stores are fully stocked with meats, wine, liquor and pretty much anything a modern consumer could ask for.

“Agustin Otxotorena, a Basque executive living in Caracas, grew tired of constant calls from friends and relatives in Spain telling him that there was no food in Venezuela, so on May 20 he began publishing photos on Facebook of supermarkets in upscale sectors of Caracas filled with goods.” [Source]

Venezuela - 4

No shortage of food here.

The pictures have been featured in some corners of the internet, but some major news sources such as the ABC news bureau in Venezuela, have also opted to censor the images.


Venezuela Economic Collapse

The truth about economic collapse and government corruption is universal and enduring: it is simply not for the ruling class and wealthy elite. This has and always will be the case, unless some major shift can move us away from centralized, managed economies and the typical state of government corruption we see around the world today.

“If you have money there is champagne … vodka, Belgian chocolates … lobster, brand-name clothes, exclusive restaurants … nightclubs, beaches … yachts, golf clubs—a whole country within a country where there are no poor, women and children are blond, go to exclusive schools, exclusive universities, and vacation, where Blacks or poor are the waiters …” [Source]

This shocking headline from the Daily Mail in 2015 illustrates how the world’s rich can gain plenty from economic calamity, always at the expense of the poor and middle class:

“Rich are now 64% richer than before the financial crash while the poor have lost more than HALF their wealth.” [Daily Mail]

During the great famine of China caused by insane communist party policies, tens of millions starved to death while party members and the ruling elite lived in luxury and abundance. The same was true during the famines of Communist Russia under the terror reign of Joseph Stalin. During Hitler’s rule, when hyper-inflation had people going to the bakery with wheelbarrows full of cash, party members and the wealthy class, again, had access to anything they needed or wanted.

Caracas is still the land of plenty for those who live on the right side of town.

Caracas is still the land of plenty for those who live on the right side of town.

Two other salient points emerge from this story, the first being that basic preparedness for economic collapse and social unrest is a wise move for any modern person, and secondly that the media plays a key part in crafting reality.

Breadlines and economic suffering are always the products of corrupt government, and are always intended to squeeze the working and lower class only while giving more power to the elite. Given the truth about how economic collapse disproportionately affects different classes of people, have you done all that you can to protect yourself and your family from civil and economic unrest by putting together even basic preparations?

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Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com and Offgrid Outpost, a provider of storable food and emergency kits. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

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  • zarcon zarconinni

    The Media is mostly controlled by Power that serves the political and economic goals of the minority. It’s important to filter all information with that knowledge. These are particularly dark and selfish times. The Elites don’t mind socialism for themselves such as Wall Street being supported by cheap money released by the government to be ultimately paid for by the majority. A massive military budget that the people must pay for etc.

    But if the people want a Universal Health Care System, well, that’s the kind of socialism that is discouraged by the Media. The Western Elites wants Venezuela resources cheaply. Thus a socialist government is discouraged because such a government would spread the wealth out.

  • wakingtimes

    No, I’d say it’s more of a hit piece on mainstream media. The article mentions the failures of socialism.


    • nobody

      Please show us a clear example of any government system that has not been an overall failure. I’m not disputing that socialism has perhaps failed Venezuela, but IMHO it seems to be more an issue of human behavior than the concept or system itself.
      (corruption, greed, lust for power, etc.)
      I’d also like to point out that the typical dogma around here is the US is a ‘free country’ and a ‘democracy’. The evidence shows otherwise, and also that it has failed…or is it again simply the morons that are doing those particular functions in the government system?

  • Sam Nelson

    Let’s face it through all the famines and plagues in Europe and there were centuries of these horrors in Europe, the wealthy always did survive and even prosper. This is nothing new, in fact the same ruling families from Europe rule there in south America, something left over from their slave trade and the sugar plantations. HoHumm, it is just too bad for the classless poor people, they just didn’t have the right parents, and, though they are good enough to make the rich richer with their productivity they aren’t good enough to survive the times when the rich need to take a break away from it all.

  • BitchSkank

    These photographs are not proof of what you say. How do we know these are not old photographs?

    I followed the reference link in your article. People in the comment section of that article insist that article is propaganda and that the photographs are not real. There are trolls in that comment section as well and people pointing them out.

    It seems to me the only people who can possibly know what is going on in Venezuela are the people who are there now. Be careful what you believe and examine carefully where your evidence comes from.

  • saanichtonian

    “During Hitler’s rule, when hyper-inflation had people going to the
    bakery with wheelbarrows full of cash, party members and the wealthy
    class, again, had access to anything they needed or wanted.”

    I’m sorry, however this statement is incorrect. The weimar hyperinflation happened from 1921-1924, 9 years before Hitler came to power, and yes, wheelbarrow loads of money was needed to buy just about anything at that time.

    Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 and lead the recovery of the German economy, which was accomplished by issuing a value based currency, instead of debt based ‘currency substitute’ as is used today in almost all western countries.

    Did you ever wonder why any truly sovereign country would borrow their own currency into existence at compound interest from private banks? Why would any country hand away their own power to create a country’s currency?

    I merely ask that you please do *some* investigation before rewriting history.

    • nobody

      Hitler was Time magazine’s ‘man of the year’ 193? not sure the exact year anymore, but it’s readily available info last time I looked.
      Thanks for helping with the other stuff…

  • Lancifer Wildwood

    Socialism has 2 classes. Serf and non-serf.

    • MinistryofSilly Walks

      Not only socialism… :p

      • joepeeler

        If we had a free market and not this corporatist-socialist hybrid creation in the U.S., our ‘serfs’ would live like the wealthy in Venezuela.

  • same slogan as usual and always “kill the poor” … yet there is nothing anyone can do about everyone’s abundance, which has nothing to do with physical things, or even mental emotional spiritual things. What we can do is change our perspective.

    “rich” neighborhoods or wherever, are only slightly more disguised.. “ghetto prisons”. Everyone being two paychecks away from being home-less in this cult-ure. Therefore Everyone is homeless, on their home planet, in this cult-ure.

    property is theft / theft is property, also its delusional, as we own nothing here, not even a thought is ours. we are nothing that these 5 senses can register. lost in mental concepts, going nowhere fast

  • JosephConrad

    The ARTIFICIALLY POOR should have the address and location of the store and

    • Jo

      You’re not to bright..are ya?

  • billed

    Every 1 should purchase a Nutribullet so that all food is mixed with water that is uncooked. Ok best if Vegan Diet but that is a lot cheaper. I have a Vulcan Diet which is similar 2 Vegan, but I wear leather shoe and consume Fish.

  • Alma Miranda

    The same thing happened in Cuba. Only the rich drank coffee and ate good food.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Ditto Soviet Russia when only those of high ranking in the Communist Party lived well.

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