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The Mirror World, Mass Surveillance, and What We Can Do to Change It

return-of-sophia[1]Julie Henderson, Contributor
Waking  Times

Not only is another world possible; she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. –Arundhati Roy 

This is a statement that I’m sending to document the fact that I am a survivor of ongoing torture tactics that include everything I’ve just mentioned. For a period of several weeks, I received electric shocks that pulverized my body from head to toe, experienced severe blows to my head and eyes (crown chakra and pineal gland), and experienced phases of feeling so intensely drugged and knocked out that I could barely function. For the record, I am 100% sober and straight edge, a vegan with a very rarified diet, and I work out seven days a week.

In addition to being physically and mentally tortured, I am now being followed and stalked by agents. Two men showed up today at my gym and I crossed paths with them “by chance” after my work-out. As I did so, I heard one say to his colleague, “Turn around; it’s her.” They then proceeded to stare me down as we all walked to our cars and they followed me as I left and journeyed home. I hear death threats and my dreams and journeys in these inner worlds all reveal exactly what people like Stuart Wilde and others warned humanity about: now is the time when humanity’s collective shadow and darkness rises to the surface for us to see, observe, understand, process, heal, and transform into something different.

Unless we look at the collective ugliness which we are all partially responsible for, we can’t reach the beauty that we are also capable of creating together. “Humanity’s darkness comes out to be destroyed,” and we are all here to bare witness to that event. However, that darkness and shadow is the precise source of things like the NSA, executive orders that completely insult the Constitution or the founding parents of the nation, and rob human beings of their divine right to be free, autonomous, sovereign individuals who bare unique energetic signatures and modes of expression. If we take back our power as strong individuals with no fear of the dark, then we can process the shadow rapidly to make way for a desirable version of the Brave New World.

Reality’s grand Doppleganger and the Individual’s power in an Inner World Dramatization

One of the most groundbreaking discoveries that the metaphysical author and healer, Stuart Wilde, is responsible for is the Aluna (Spanish for “Of the Moon”) Spirit World, also known as the “Mirror World” which stands opposite to this one. It essentially represents the spiritual, metaphysical equivalent of humanity’s collective consciousness. Every thought that we have goes to create something: like an algorithm of its own with its own equation, which also takes the form in our consciousness of angels, demons, dragons, fairies, or anything else we’ve imagined as humans since the dawn of our evolutionary leap from the reptilian to the prefrontal cortex (the “God-brain”).

In other words, the Mirror World is where Carl Jung derived his rolodex of humanity’s symbols and archetypes, and it’s where Joseph Campbell and other anthropologists, sages, and teachers of the ancient wisdoms all receive downloads and information about the hidden nature of our 3-D physical reality. What we experience in our physical world is actually the product of energies that have taken place perhaps months ago in the Aluna because time moves faster in there and events that happen here are preceded by occurrences and happenings in there. The Mirror World is the place where everything from love affairs, marriages, and births, to wars, economic rises and falls, plots, false flags, and other secret operations are conceived and set in motion. Once something happens in the inner worlds, it is bound to surface at some point here in the physical plane.

The degree to which human beings wake up to their sacredness and the role that they play as co-creators in those inner worlds (which is, again, where everything a human being experiences happens first) is the degree to which we individually and collectively reclaim our power and potential to create a more beautiful world. It’s where peace can replace war, forgiveness and justice can replace misunderstanding and injustice. It’s also the place where you can perceive, through meditation and introspection, what is likely to occur down the road, which is why many prophets such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Stuart Wilde were often hugely successful and spot-on with their predictions about world events.

There is another side to the Mirror World that can heavily influence a person’s dreams. Dreams offer a doorway into those realms where everything takes place first before it happens here in our day-to-day reality. Everyone and everything on this planet has a mirror double–from a desk, chair, table, house, or car, to a human being, animal, plant, relationship, or anything else you could imagine. Everything carries a vibration, an equation, and a resonance that can be seen and felt in there just as it can be seen and felt here.

Turn up the volume on your dreams to discover the Truth about what’s happening on an Inner Plane

My dreams and visions have offered a gateway that made it possible to perceive those worlds. When I journeyed with metaphysical teachers who simply wanted to heal people, help them resolve their lives, and take care of the earth which is the only home we have to share together until a new world emerges, I became a target for harassment by those individuals or agencies that do not want to see humanity evolve and exhibit any modicum of individuality. I am also a musician, artist, photographer, and writer, and for a period of several months if not years, I hit a dry spell of creative productivity which I couldn’t trace until recently. Creativity was my first language, and it made no sense that I would have hit a block that I had to work so hard to overcome. I sought to determine the source, and what I discovered is intimately linked with the rise in mass surveillance of human thinking and activity. Predictive behavior technologies, mind control, hypnosis and brainwashing, physical torture, and a general assault on one’s sense of purpose, passion, or direction are all tactics that they have used to silence our “one inch of integrity” (hat tip to V for Vendetta).

Within the past couple of years since I’ve begun researching the true hidden nature of world events and the people who attempt to control and enslave humanity, I have become a further target of intense torture, ostracization, and unfair, unjust treatment at the hand of those who seek power and domination over a human beings divine right to be free. In the inner worlds, a person can actually meditate and observe how the fascist state is taking over and trying to control people with a new kind of terrorizing hypnosis that brainwashes them into silence. (Even now as I type this, I am experiencing pain which I will describe as a means of the torture that is coming to anyone who speaks out or stands to be counted.) And in dreams, I can absolutely see the beings that hide behind the disguise of agents in this world who actually inflict this torture on individuals who don’t jive with the status quo.

One such dream, which is entirely pertinent to this topic, went down like this:

I saw the U.S. President testing human brains and conducting experiments on individuals without their knowledge. In the dream, he was upset because he couldn’t control my mind. He expressed frustration over the fact that he couldn’t determine if I was “right-brained or left-brained” because I exhibited creativity and intuitive intelligence regardless of which region of my brain they attempted to remotely control. I broke free of that form of control and maintained balance, interconnectedness with my environment, and the ability to think freely and produce creatively without obstruction. Even now as I write this, I can feel the pressure and pain that they are trying to inflict at a distance. I woke from the dream only after hearing him state these words verbatim, “I guess no one can control the Feminine Spirit.”

The Feminine Sprit represents everything about our humanity which is natural, in flow, living in accordance with what the ancients referred to as the Tao or natural order of things. It’s the energetic code and signature of a divinity that allows for nature to heal Herself, for animals and plants and human beings to live in a sensual symbiosis with one another unhindered and unobstructed by external forces or the darkness that so often attempts to manipulate what it can never own or control: the soul’s true liberation and spiritual freedom. The planet, referred to by some as Gaia, Mother Earth, the Goddess, or the Divine Mother, has a soul and spirit of her own which is eternally free. She can change things around as she so pleases, and the efforts of the controlling elite to manipulate her take the form of HAARP, generated pandemics, chemtrails, and other tactics they are employing to reduce population and preserve a phony eternity that they will never have.

What We Can Do to Change the Rising Tide of Conformity

“Can’t stop the spirits when they need you;

this life is more than just a read through.”

:: Red Hot Chili Peppers ::

I read an outstanding article by Jon Rappaport which dissects the very manner in which these agencies are attempting to destroy humanity’s potential for liberation and free thinking by way of studying the brain’s inner mechanics and attempting to disrupt the carrier signals, synaptic connections, or other neural pathways that allow for creativity and the proper dissemination and flow of information. He discusses in the article the fact that scientists have not yet been able to thwart the evolution of our consciousness, which occurs spontaneously at times as is made apparent by periods of history that saw sudden bursts in creative expression, philosophical exploration, and other new discoveries or innovations. It’s as if some Divine Intervention entered into the scene which no authority was prepared to handle or accommodate, and that intervention allowed for the Eurythmy of the Soul to once again dance freely.

When you are engaged in creativity, those forces cannot hinder your balance. You naturally call upon the divine principles of balance, because all functional creativity depends upon symmetry, beauty, softness, poetry, and grace to assist you in generating new thought. As I sit here and attempt to compose my thoughts to articulate a point, even something as simple as life is beautiful and worth preserving, I am being maligned, attacked, punched, tortured, and shouted at by energies that are terrified of a mind that can think for itself. It’s a symbol of freedom and liberation in a sea of rigidity, tyranny, and forces that are so desperate not to lose control of a situation which has already surpassed their control–that is, the human spirit’s undying and unending search for its true liberation and divine heritage. There is a light that can withstand all pain, any threat, all manner of darkness, and every attempt that it might encounter en route to its authentic divinity.

My throat is being tortured, my head is being bashed, and my hands have been itching like mad. There is a reason for this: what they cannot attempt to control remotely they seek to threatened with increased pain. At some point, the soul surpasses known boundaries of sharp-shooting pain that are inflicted with the intent of inducing silence. If a person feels fear when they attempt to create, when they search for inspiration, or when they seek out modes of creative expression that speak to their authentic nature and role as co-creators with the Divine, then they can easily be controlled.

However, an individual who can withstand that pain, who has no fear in the face of such narrow-minded, brainwashed, and cruel attempts at thwarting humanity’s effort to evolve is a very powerful individual. She or he, without doing anything other than expressing their authentic freedom, beauty, and grace, are engaging in the simplest act of honoring themselves and the God-force within them. This is not a revolutionary act to attempt to create, and yet in present day society, we are surrounded by those energies and forces that do not want us to speak. Instead, they pray for our silence. They pray for our submission, and they go to great ends to ensure that we choose fear over our feelings, our perception, or our innate ability to create.

In another recent dream, I saw that there were agents trying to cause and inflict pain as I sat to write, to pick up my guitar and play and sing, or to love my relatives and project love into my surrounding environment. Simultaneously, I was speaking with this beautiful woman who assured me that they could cause me no real harm, do no real damage, and were nothing to fear. She said this was because their power source is obsolete, it will fall away, or it will be trumped by the light which sustains and gives life to all things.

The real power is in Truth, which needs no defense, and there is an intrinsic balance, symmetry, and beauty to Truth which further nourishes it. The dark, controlling elite forces are built upon that which will not last: asymmetrical structures sustained by codes that implode upon themselves thereby causing evil and darkness to perish or vanish. All that is left behind is the natural state, the natural flow of energy and information, and the purity of an equation that resolves itself or is balanced in the end, as the Oracle says in The Matrix: RevolutionsNo source or force of control can maintain the resonance of liberated souls whose purpose is to cast off the fear they create, destroy the shackles they try to impose, and defeat the asymmetry they use as a language in our subconscious ears.

As I write this, the pain continues to increase to varying degrees, and it appears that different regions of my brain are being tampered with or tested. As I walk about and do even the most basic of tasks, it is sometimes still a challenge to remain conscious, awake, and aware of exactly what is going on without some external force (or internal subliminal message which tries to weave its way into my consciousness) attempting to redirect my energy and my subconscious thoughts towards things of no importance.

Worse yet, I sometimes find that I am receiving terrible input or feeds from surrounding energies that seek to cause depression, sadness, loneliness, or despair. The greatest means such a controlling system has to bring down a free-thinking, liberated mind or soul is to isolate it and make it feel miserable. But there is something that lives inside every human being, and it is a divine spark of consciousness that is capable of more than just the destruction that they seek and upon which they rely: that is, it is capable of creation, preservation, and destruction at once, encapsulating the full spectrum and full gamut of the creative process of life, death, and rebirth.

Each one of us as awakened individuals is capable of such feats of creation which help us break free from the chains of mundane, repetitive cycles. We might shuffle about to make ends meet, but behind closed eyes and in deep peace we are rebel dancers, bards and majestic poets, and hilarious philosophers or thespians bent on shining through these days we have to fill. No amount of pain can stop a soul from evolving, because what a soul is is eternal and forever preserved. As long as a human being is aligned with his or her soul and its divine inner promptings, she or he is completely protected and safe within a realm that cannot be breached by unwanted energy. Furthermore, she or he is connected to every other bouncing, vibrant, buoyant, blissful and awakened soul who is working from a place of symmetry and balance with no intent other than to produce further beauty in this world.

If you are an awakened individual with a sense of responsibility for looking after the planet, other humans, animals, and generations to come then you will be sensitive to the Inner World happenings and promptings that are filtering through at an alarming rate. You are never alone, no matter how depressed, lonely, afraid, or in despair those dark forces try to make you feel as you work hard to secure your freedom and escape from their imposed tyranny. Tyranny is eventually toppled because it’s resonance has within it the very mechanics of its own downfall. It is an imploding structure that eventually tears apart at itself, taking down the components that rely on it or are sustained by its false connections, asymmetries, and inorganic nature. You are intimately connected with all life, part and parcel of a vast network of beautiful vines and etheric strings that link you to other souls who are determined to preserve the thing inside them which is still worth preserving–even if it’s only one inch of integrity.

It is small and it is fragile, and it is the only thing in the world worth having.

We must never lose it or give it away. We must never let them take it from us.

“Valerie’s Letter” V for VendettaWachowski Bros.

About the Author

Julie Henderson is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area whose journey and writing has appeared in anthologies, literary magazines, and online journals including In addition to writing, she is a 3-D installation artist, photographer, singer/songwriter, metalsmith, and urban Taoist. Find her on the web here,, and here,

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  • Drew

    Think you need to see a shrink.

  • rick

    Can I use this information to help me clean tile grout?

  • norandmurr

    First, Julie, let me say how sorry I am, you are the victim of some alphabet psych-op. You sound very psychically and spiritually strong; you’re friend is right, whatever the method they’re using, it’s unlikely it can hurt you, but it can make your life miserable. The first thing I would tell you, in all seriousness, and especially since you have recollections of feeling drugged out, is to see if you have been implanted. They have been doing implants much longer than people think, since the 1960s, but technology changes and they love to experiment on the “useless eaters”, to quote David Rockefeller. You need to have someone go over your body, head to toe with a magnifying glass, including your scalp, noting any scars or unusual marks, no matter how tiny. If you find anything, unless you know it was there prior to this attack, mark it with a waterproof pen. If you find anything, get to a doctor, preferably one you can trust and won’t think you’re crazy, and get him to order a scan. I see you are in the Bay area, so I’d steer clear of Stanford, only because of their past involvement with this particular kind of research. It goes without saying, try not to be followed. This isn’t fear or paranoia….you are being watched. If you ARE chipped, get it removed. Next, if you are near any type of cell or transmitting tower, get away from it if you can, and while you’re at it have any “smart” meters or devices removed from your home. If it was me, I would steer clear of late model cell phones, GPS devices, anything that can receive or transmit. No sense making it easy for them. The physical pain must be extremely difficult, but they have to have a way of triggering it, and if you can find it, you can spoil their game. Beyond that, I’m going to give you a link to a file on mind control that has a mind boggling amount of information on these programs.

    I hope some of that helps you. In all honesty, while it’s possible, I don’t think your research on the globalist cabal is responsible for your attacks, only because when they feel truly threatened by what someone has to say, they don’t bother trying to control their minds, they just eliminate them. Some victims are used for their “events” like the Naval Yard shooter in DC, who had gone to the police in Ct, a couple of weeks prior, reporting he was being followed by two men, and they were putting voices in his head. There are many others.

    At any rate, the light always does prevail. Even as we speak, those who have lorded control over humanity for centuries (bloodlines), and who have orchestrated our wars and raped our planet, are finding their power bases crumbling under their feet. As people awaken and see this reality for what it is, they start to demand truth. Truth is starting to pour out every where, and names and dates are being reported. MSM has just become a distraction so people won’t see the man behind the curtain, but the truth is even starting to resonate with a few of them. Where as you once had to delve deeply to find some of this info, it’s now being reported on sites like Veterans Today which is liable to have a broader base of readers than some alternative sites. If no one drops the ball, we may soon be seeing some of the world’s “best families”, and most important people, being exposed for what they are…..war criminals, drug traffickers, traffickers in human flesh, pedophiles, money launderers, and creators of Ponzi schemes. I don’t know how much headway you have made on your research, but here is a link which will tell you pretty much anything you want to know. This is an archive site so the info isn’t slanted in one direction, just collected. From there it’s just a matter of using discernment. Just a warning….as I’m sure you know, truth isn’t always pretty, so just be fore warned. Some is pretty dark, but that’s where psychopaths dwell. This is an absolutely huge site that contains files within files. You will notice the file “Mind Control” is not listed in the files on either side of the page (although a few of it’s sub-files are). If you can’t find something you want, you can check “Index by Area” of do a site search. I have been researching this topic for 40 years, although I spent many years focusing on the spiritual/esoteric part of my journey, rather than the doings of those who want to claim us as trading collateral, I can always find new and interesting info here. A computer makes it so much easier to connect the dots, especially in connecting the earthly/material realm, our spiritual realm and the extraterrestrial. Many things which seemed out of place or confusing become clear when you see the whole picture.

    I must admit I am not familiar with Stuart Wildes and haven’t read his books, but I find his Mirror World an overly complicated. I do believe the vibration of every action or thought pattern goes out into the universe and creates something new, but isn’t mirror world really only accessing our higher consciousness and tapping into our abilities to create or receive information?

    I sincerely hope you get some relief. The very fact anyone could target another human being to experiment on their mind, reveals just how much we all need to come together to create the kind of world that works for all, not just a few.

    • This is exceedingly helpful, hopeful, inspiring, and generous of you to have taken the time to share with me. Thank you for reading this post and for caring.

      Love and strength to you,

  • Your DreamVisions The RealSide LifeIS, can be your ticket to RealFreedom when properly understood. We are all more than just a physical body, we are Beings of Light moreso than just the five vehicles we work with in the PsycRealms. What we are experiencing here is an Educational Process to Become MoreAware of The RealU, Your RealAwareniss. Find me on the Internet, DUANE THE GREAT WRITER and I will send you a Free NUBook in PDF Format. I am here to share My RealSide Experiences… Have Fun!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks very much. Here’s the thing… They are creating synthetic dimensions without our knowledge or awareness, which means they are pumping synthetic dreams. They do this using the information in your subconscious and superconscioisness which they attempt to store–also without your knowledge and against your will. Be careful and be sure your dreams are authentic… A computer (their weapon of choice for messing with us via programming) cannot come up with anything original so it has to use information in existence… Check in with your soul and rely on your feelings instead of your thoughts… Thats the only way some of us can/will/did escape….

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