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The Extra-Terrestrial Intervention Agenda and the Transformation of Humanity

Flickr - Matrix1 - Patrick HoeslyChris Bourne, Openhand Contributor
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Note: This is part III of a 3 part series on ET Intervention by Chris Bourne. Please visit Part I here, and Part II here.

Breaking the Intervention

Recently, the precarious situation for Humanity here on 3D Earth has intensified beyond belief. We’re witnessing a wholesale onslaught of our natural eco-systems by an ET Opposing Consciousness acting behind the scenes, pulling the strings of power. GMO, geo-engineering, sweeping control of business and banking, the false flag war on terror, an intense media clampdown, altogether strongly indicate the intention to control our planet, creating a synthetic reality with humanity enslaved within. It will not succeed! A new evolution on 5D Earth will liberate humanity and Gaia will reclaim the physical plain. This third part of the series, is about how can we each be a part of that realignment…

Unwinding the matrix progressively

“The Matrix” is an iconic film of our time. But as many others, I also believe it to be a powerful metaphor – a divine message – to humanity during these times of great upheaval and thereby great opportunity…

We are indeed living in a matrix of energy: various frequencies of vibration, purposefully entwined to separate mankind from higher conscious awareness. Past life memories have been wiped and DNA progressively downgraded by a toxic onslaught to sense and sensibility. The only meaningful solution is evolution – elevation into a more highly divine form – something I’ve felt given to call “Homo Divinicus”.

I’ve been working behind the scenes as a part of a higher dimensional team. It was realised that although perhaps desirable, the matrix could not be brought to a sudden end. It would risk catastrophe and chaos. The Opposing Consciousness alliance consisted of several inter-related species. If these could be progressively realigned with the source, then the matrix would unwind in a more manageable way. It had to proceed as a ‘managed demolition’. I strongly believe we’re now witnessing the early stages of this. It’s why there’s so much controlled desperation witnessed in the choices made by our world ‘leaders’. They’re losing their grasp on power.

It was the higher Annunaki Consciousness that began to realign first. Although able to operate through individual form, it is a highly advanced – collectivised – consciousness, able to bring manifesting power to bear as one, and act through people. That’s what made it so powerful. In my knowing, it had been disconnected from the source during the tumultuous ascension of the Sirius Star system some 120 million years ago. Since that time, the Annunaki had been ‘floating adrift’ – disconnected from the source – filling the void by creating and manipulating synthetic realities.

The power of unconditional love

Unconditional love wins the day! It’s the only thing that can. But it has to be a deep empathic love. It has to be one that understands the plight of the sufferer. One that can hold the space, tolerate intense darkness, yet not judge. It has to be strong – forgiving yes – but not swerving from truth either. If you can stomach this darkness seeping through your pores and yet not flinch back, then you have the capacity to truly help: right in the midst of the distorting density, you may help OC (Opposing Consciousness) connect a silver thread of light, all the way back to the source. This is what we helped them feel and thus how they realigned.

The head of the ‘snake’ is now gone, in a malevolent sense. I now experience them predominantly helping, benign, although there may be misleading factions that still take time to come back into alignment. It leaves the ‘reptilian’ body of the snake. It’s what I call the “raptor consciousness”…

It’s that fearful, untrusting energy that doubts the natural benevolence of the universe and therefore seeks to control life. We’ve probably all felt it: it is one that distracts from the pain of disconnection from God through excessive consumption. You witness it now, rife across society, from the comfort food we eat, to sanitised aggression and the distractive gadgets we ‘entertain’ ourselves with. It’s that which twists and turns nervously in the quiet space. It’s one that tries to impose will. It epitomises the very pain of existence itself. This is what humanity is now faced with.

And as the head has been severed, the raptor body is writhing in the final throws, the last acts of desperation. Even so, it is not about us fighting it. Standing firmly in our truth yes, but not judging or creating negative polarity “us and them”. It’s about recognising this energy is a manifestation of our inner selves and working to heal that. We’re beginning to unravel – within ourselves – and as we do, the outer world begins to unravel too. The darkness is amplified into the light for everyone to see. That’s why there’s still such lightly-veiled-animosity present in world politics for example.

So how can we each deal with that?

Realignment in our own behaviours

This raptor consciousness forms the bedrock of society. But deeper still, Homo Sapiens is a hybrid species with this consciousness interwoven within our DNA. It can be unraveled and repaired, that’s why evolution is so important to us. The physical is the mirroring reflection of the spiritual…

If you can realign within your being, find the truth of who you really are, and express that the whole time, then the universe will have no choice but to manifest an appropriate vehicle for you. Yes, there is no greater power in the universe than the authentic expression of “I am“. It has the power to change you, and positively influence the world around you.

It’s all about reclaiming sovereignty of being. Humanity has devolved the responsibility of choice to ‘greater powers’ for far too long. Whether it be a politician, religious leader, the company you buy from or even the corporation you work for, we’ve accepted programming to make choices that serve only the Intervention Agenda. We’ve denied for too long, the buried aspects of our own darkness, our own lack of responsibility. We’ve swept choice under the carpet of denial.

Well now it is time for us to each take a clear look in the mirror, take back our responsibility for being, reclaim our power and become the Captain’s of our Soul.

We do it by Walking the Path. It’s the constant conscious choice in every moment, responding to higher truth. But the crucial thing here is, that you make choices that are totally authentic to you. Not ones that you’ve witnessed in some spiritual leader and now wish to replicate. This simply creates the spiritual identity, which is divorced from the true depth of reality. It plays to the raptor consciousness, because the facade you’ve created is paper thin. There is no real depth of energetic power. It laughs back at you!

The key is to realise in all distortion there is a hidden truth. Even the raptor consciousness, at it’s core, demonstrates the willingness to dive headlong into the fullness of life. Not to deny or falsely renounce. If you can be totally swallowed up in the physicality of life – and yet still find yourself in it – then you send out a realigning beacon, even down to the depths of the ‘reptilian’. It respects and listens to you.

Tips and Advice

I’ve had the good fortune to work with wonderful people around the world, activating consciousness, finding this truth within themselves – their own truth – that which they process and realise for themselves. There are some key tips and advice I can offer from the work, to accelerate the unraveling of Opposing Consciousness in your life…

  1. Become as nothing: Opposing Consciousness wants you to either acquiesce to it or else fight it. Either builds emotional energy which they can drain. If you can accept the distorting influence, not shirk back, but instead be ‘as nothing in it all’ then the OC can have little affect on you.
  2. Taking back your power: It then becomes possible to take back your power by softening into any internal contraction you feel, no matter what now happens in the world. This causes the deeper infusion of soul and the unleashing of authentic expression which then creates authentic reality.
  3. Confront karma: Many people have now begun to process out the intellectual and emotional reactions of ego. But we must go yet deeper still. The last great attachment is to non-attachment! Full engagement with what’s taking place in the world will activate karma, which we process by accepting and softening into. Allowing it to arise and expanding through the internal contractions. In so doing, we reclaim the hallowed space of pure presence.
  4. Dealing with Implants: As unpleasant as it may seem, there are several levels of implant in our bodily fields, which we’ll get to notice over time as internal sensitivity increases. This is a fundamental part of the Homo Sapiens ‘condition’. But once internal intimacy increases, and we can feel these distorting frequencies, we already possess the power to remove them by willful intent.
  5. A positive force for change: Walking the Path of such inner purification, leads naturally to increasing non-compliance with the unjust and inhumane ways of society. We each become a beacon, infusing soul and in so doing, emitting an unraveling frequency that causes the matrix to break down and OC to realign. Our natural beingness becomes a positive force for change.

Reclaiming this beautiful planet

People across the planet are indeed now taking power back into their own hands. It is breath-taking to behold. I believe it’s also essential to read the general path of events forwards to indicate where this might be heading. No one can predict the future in a universe of infinite possibility. But there comes a point when events conspire to reveal steps that now seem almost inevitable. If we can intuit what is actually happening through the distorting veils, it will prepare us better to deal with what unfolds.

What can be seen through the veils?

Caused by the malevolent ET Intervention, we’re witnessing a speed of decline in our natural eco-systems that is unprecedented in the Earth’s history. Even in comparison to the previous five mass extinctions, the facts show that we are now amidst the sixth, and it is by far the quickest. I believe the Powers-that-Be know this. That’s why there’s no real concern about climate change. It’s why they’re risking all with aggression and control, last ditch attempts in order to propagate the synthetic reality they’re building at all costs.

But Gaia has had enough! She has had enough of an unjust, consumptive society that brutalises and steamrollers sentient life as a matter of course. It is time to relinquish ‘stewardship’ of this beautiful planet back to her. In fact it will happen whether or not the system surrenders. Increasingly, natural events of monumental proportions will reclaim the surface of the earth. How can I say that with such confidence? Because it has already begun. I believe Fukushima was an example of that. It is not that Gaia is working with intent. It is not in any way about ‘punishing humanity’. That’s a lower based consciousness. It is simply because life always finds a way to return to natural harmony and balance. The more we resist, the stronger the realignment affect will be.

I’d say there’s two ways this can now go: either society surrenders control and unwinds its unjust ways now, in which the transformation can be relatively smooth. Or else the resistance and disharmony propagated through control and manipulation, builds intolerable stress, which boils over and breaks down in a catastrophic way.

I believe humanity currently hangs on the knife edge of this precarious balance. Still, which ever way it goes, there is absolutely nothing for us to fear from this. Yes it could result in your death, but the very moment we came into this world, we were destined to die – to pass on – into another experience. This is utterly inevitable. What is not predetermined, are the circumstances you create in your life – the destiny you write – by your daily actions. This choice is entirely up to you.

Do you choose to live in fear of what is to come? Or do you approach it with the love and openness of a courageous spirit completely aligned with the divine source? I’d say this is the choice the mirror of unfolding events is increasingly asking of us.

The Transformation of Humanity

Birthing is frequently a challenging process! Humanity has its karma of the eons to confront and unwind. That’s what manifested this alien intervention in the first place. But if you wish to attain mastery – as I believe the soul in each of us does – then pray not for an easy life. Pray instead for the courage, wisdom, commitment, unswerving passion and unconditional love to endure a challenging one! This is the opportunity that is now presenting itself to every single one of us.

Excessive consumption defines the raptor consciousness that is in our own blood. Fear, doubt, distrust – when running uncontrollably rampant – create a fear based reality that tries to control the natural uncertainty of the universe. It cannot succeed. It will not succeed! And we can accelerate its unraveling in each and every choice we now make. We can either continue to acquiesce to that fear based mentality, or we can open our hearts to unconditional trust in the universe and thus have the natural flow of love coursing through our veins instead.

You become what you express. When we confront the darkness within in ourselves, when we make higher truth choices that we can feel in our hearts, then we embody soul. This light ripples through us and radiates out into the field. It is this non compliance with the intervention that sends a clear message to Opposing Consciousness… “This is where I stand. This is the love that truly feeds my soul. Disconnection from the source is no way to live. I am a truly divine being.”

When you send such a beacon out, when you believe it in all your heart – exactly because you’ve confronted your darkness and peeled it away – then there is nothing that can stop this realigning flow. I believe humanity was gifted this opportunity to help the Opposing Consciousness unwind and realign. And every single one of us has the power to amplify this affect. Ultimately, it will lead to The transformation of humanity.

About the Author

Chris Bourne – At the age of 40, I was involved in a life threatening car crash in which I thought I would certainly die. This precipitated total inner surrender and a rapid reconnection with the conscious life force through all things.

I found myself suddenly able to experience and contemplate through multiple dimensions of reality to see the deeper purpose of life itself. It was then I began to fully realise my true reason for being here.

During the crash, time seemed to slow right down and I was guided back through key moments of my life. I was realising that every moment in our lives has but one underlying purpose – to reveal an aspect of truth about ourselves to ourselves. I was beginning to dissolve every belief and value our society had conditioned within me.

This was my initial awakening to the magical unifying consciousness of the soul. Over the eight years that followed, I was guided through four other inner ‘Gateways’ of consciousness. I have since come to know the process as the five key expansions on our journey of Enlightenment and ultimate Ascension into multi dimensional living – our divine birthright.

My consciousness expansion however did not end there. It continued to blossom and expand. I became acutely aware of a highly evolved, benevolent presence, working through the weave of life since the dawning of time itself. I have come to know this Group of Nine intimately. It guides my life and is the basis of Openhand itself.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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21 Comments on "The Extra-Terrestrial Intervention Agenda and the Transformation of Humanity"

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  1. Meter says:

    A remarkable view with much wisdom. You do a great job of conveying higher dimensional aspects in your words.

  2. zx83b says:

    It’s important to be the ‘opposing consciousness’ to articles like this.

    I find it objectionable that hotdog vendors get to post their marketing pieces to trawl on sites like this for their prime fodder, the lost and the lonely, the damaged and the desperate, that lucrative small percentage of any given community that thinks the next weekend course of commodity consciousness ($225 with a $7.50 ‘conscious meal’ you simply MUST have if you’re REALLY committed to being sold consciousness!!) will be the big break through they need.

    Whats that? hotdog vendors? oh yes, commercial spiritualism (thanks belsebuub) the rough end of the enlightenment trench.

    These parasites set up shop in some spiritual tourist trap like say, where are you based Chris? right! Glastonbury! and lure in the marks with the promise that if you hand over a big sweaty wad of cash they will ‘make you one with everything’.

    Of course all you’ll get is a temporarily comforting product that soothes your cravings for a while, if you want more you have to go back for your fix, IF you can afford it!. Lovely isnt it? offering all the consciousness money can buy, that just has to be the real deal doesnt it?.

    It’s clear this guy loves the ‘Matrix’ films and ‘Jurasic Park’, hence the painful puns in his article, but all he seems to be channeling here is ‘Shallow Hal’

    This article’s just a badly cobbled together pastiche of all the old now quite dated revelations that have been floating around the net forever, mixed in with a bit of story so it can be palmed off as a self-realization.

    If you think this guy, like he does, might be the second coming, you really need to put him through the false guru test. I guarantee you he will fail. Its amusing and informative, a fine tool to weed out the tools in the wannabe spiritual guru community and find something genuine.

    I cant say it enough, No more guru’s, no more leaders and no more lies that is the truth vibration.

    If these guy’s have been put here for a reason it’s to show us that we dont need them.

    • zx83b,
      That is an excellent link on false gurus, thank you!
      India has the same BIG problem. Here is a fascinating recent report from OUTLOOK INDIA, an insightful intelligent online Indian magazine you might enjoy.

      * The Hold
      The psychology of how godmen come to control the minds of millions of devotees [in India]

      How Devotees Are Brainwashed Into Fandom
      .Systematically create a sense of powerlessness in the person
      .Control the physical and social environment; control the devotee’s time
      .Keep the person unaware of what’s going on & how he is being changed step by step
      .Manipulate rewards, punishments and experiences to check the expression of the person’s former identity
      .Manipulate rewards, punishments and experiences to promote conformity
      .Set a closed system of logic, a hierarchy permitting no feedback, with top-down orders

      I have come to the conclusion that the era of gurus is over. We may and do learn from each other as peers, but we must enlighten ourselves. The real guru is within each of us.

      zx83b: “I cant say it enough, No more guru’s, no more leaders and no more lies that is the truth vibration. If these guy’s have been put here for a reason it’s to show us that we dont need them.”


      • zx83b says:

        Hey V.Susan,

        Thank you for the link, a prophet making a profit! All those poor devotee’s, the only thing they got enlightened was their wallets! :)

        Have you come across anything in the Sanskrit texts regarding false guru’s and false prophets?.

        • delphinius says:

          Yes, it is the age of the ‘Sat Guru’ within…”sat” being sanskrit for Truth – the “True Teacher” in each of us.

          I have stumbled across Mr.Bourne’s syndicated articles on various spiritual and esoteric knowledge sites and have genuinely wondered why the administrators have not exercised greater discernment. His articles should really come with a health warning.

          I have no problem with his basic knowledge being a little flawed. He has clearly cobbled together information from many other sources without any real depth of understanding or unique perspective to offer. Again, ‘horses for courses’, people are at different levels of their journey and if thats the level he is at, that’s fine.

          However, my alarm bells start ringing when this mediocre knowledge is cast as profound teachings littered with spiritual self-aggrandizement. He consistently sets the “I’m special” trap for the unaware traveler who wanders into his lair”

          As a self proclaimed higher dimensional being with greater knowing than we mere mortals possess, he claims his separateness whilst preaching oneness.

          He offers to use his specialness to ordain us as initiates into his special club, (only achievable for a fee through his five gateways to ascension program), whilst preaching unity and self-empowerment.

          He writes to his initiates, “thank you for completing the feedback loop”.Yes, indeed, for Mr. Bourne is a FEEDER. Caveat emptor, Buyer beware…

          • delphinius: “Yes, it is the age of the ‘Sat Guru’ within… SAT being sanskrit for Truth – the ‘True Teacher’ in each of us.”

            YES! Yes, yes!!!
            Thank you, delphinius!

            “It is your own business to have it.”

            In the Kashmir Shaivite, Swami Laskhmanjoo’s recorded teachings, in the DVDs of Abhinavagupta’s commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita recorded in 1990, the year before his death, this master of Kashmir Shaivism revealed something deeper.

            In the context of Bhagavad Gita Chapter IV.34, in which Krishna tells Arjuna that by respect and humble submission, by enquiry and service, the ones who Know will teach you.

            Abhinavagupta interprets these ‘knowing ones’ as your own sense organs, meaning the mechanics of consciousness, your discriminating intellect (buddhi) and the senses within you that receive and collect the enlightening data that will lead to your Liberation (moksha).

            Ultimately you are your own master. Swami Lakshmanjoo reasons this out simply: Krishna was the greatest [then living] master, yet he is directing Arjuna to go to a master – when standing right before Arjuna is the ultimate master, Lord Krishna, who speaks as the God within us.

            Master means YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS!

            As Swami Lakshmanjoo says, “It is just a joke! Master means your own consciousness. You have to insert your all-force in your own consciousness. Then you’ll find it out. Don’t try to catch me. I have nothing to do with this. It is your own business to have it.”

            Realizing our real nature as God Consciousness is achieved by our own efforts. We lift ourselves up out of delusion by our Self, the God-within [Bhagavad Gita VI.5]. We cannot wait passively for some magic touch or look that will carry us into our goal. We are responsible for our own enlightenment – and with great courage and dedication, we must take up this task of inserting our all-force into our own consciousness.


        • zx83b: “Have you come across anything in the Sanskrit texts regarding false guru’s and false prophets?.”

          * Symptoms of the Kali Yuga
          From the Sanskrit texts the Vishnu Purana and the Linga Purana:

          Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.

          People will prefer to choose false ideas.

          • zx83b says:

            Oh I like that Susan! :

            “Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.”

            Nailed it. :)

            It’s a nice perspective for this time isnt it?. As we migrate from one age to the next, the external guru slowly transitions to the become guru within.

            Perhaps you could view the discussions on this thread as a microcosm of that.

            Beautiful. :)

  3. Faye says:

    Morning … this is a great article for sure .. I consider when it’s all said and done … the gravitational field holding in place 3 surface interdimensional realties and it’s first overhead open skyline hidden from surface view .. with it’s preceding 4 levels of open inner dimensional skylines .. will all hold a much Higher accelerated frequency but no longer of the electron contaminated matrix/hologram ion streams … this is why the very elements of the stream holding in place multi-levels of heavens and multi-levels of earth’s inner dimensional realities , are under process of dissolving … this superimposed reality we see now will ‘self demolish’ until all things remaining do set in the true barren atmosphere of this planet which has long since been laid waste with polluted waters, seepage of radioactive gasses from machines filling the atmosphere and filled with dumped waste from every direction … for those not knowing the truth and have not shifted into the Positron frequency zone … it will appear that a great destruction has swept through their world … when in fact they will be seeing the earth surface as it really is without the matrix-hologram barrier .. but even that will be only the beginning of earth core related woes … this is why the Harvest Frequency Shift is necessary to sweep a people over into a new Positron governed gravitational field holding in place a New Earth Matrix and a New Matrix of Heaven and the fullness of it’s New Hologram Utopia setting .. .

  4. Al Smith says:

    Circumloquatious mumbo-jumbo! With a 135 IQ, after reading this long-winded diatribe, I haven’t the faintest clue about what the author expects us do to facilitate our evolution out of the fake-Jewish Zionist banksters’ matrix of lies. I suspect that it’s much simpler and far easier to understand than this complicated load of crap. And, I’m fairly certain that simple minded folks will evolve out of this trap, too, but without having to comprehend nonsense like this.

  5. Al Smith says:

    Also, let’s break another myth that’s supported in this article.

    There is no such thing as karma, as evidenced by the fake-Jewish Zionist banksters’ typically long, healthy, happy lives in the lap of luxury after murdering millions of us, hijacking our currencies and governments and destroying our world.


  6. Victor Gagnon says:

    zx83b and Al Smith.
    I have a question for both of you ” What makes what you know (your comments) as being Right and what Chris wrote as being Wrong! In my opinion you both appear to have strong judgements regarding his article. Why? and how does it serve you? Do you ever ask yourself why you have to judge anything, Why do we all judge and we all do. Where do you acquire your information that says I know better or I am better. Is anyone really better than each other because of knowledge? I think not. I would assert that these are all just opinions, article and replies and we accept them or reject them but either way the acceptance or judging is still based on all what we really know. Our brains hold data and each of us can only recall our own data (our subconscious) and from our own data we then make decisions. The memory data in our brain is there for us to remember what we have learnt so that we can keep trying to gain the experience and turn our knowledge into wisdom. Its always about change but so many think that change is simply putting on a new pair of shorts. Yes!! Both the article and your judgements are about the past. Judgements will harm your physical body. Dis-ease! Shakespear said it best there is no Right or Wrong only thinking makes it so.
    So Chris’s article has a lot of very good information to simply contemplated or make wrong if you choose but if one wants higher consciousness than one must be open to all things being said without judgement. Being the observer of life. Is it not better to love and learn to love each other instead of judgement and name calling.
    If you are from the Spiritual world of change and have higher consciousness then you will understand my words if not then you will judge them. Ether way its all just an opinion and it means nothing. Yes!! In the end how important is your opinion?

  7. zx83b says:

    Hey Victor,

    You pose an interesting question, and no I’m fine with honest inquiry, so no hissy fits here.

    Have you looked at Chis’s site? its quite revealing as where this guy is coming from, particularly in his responses to his acolytes comments and his incredibly manipulative messiah like videos.

    His site is a throwback, years out of date, mired in the love and light brigades syrupy sweet empty platitudes and self indulgent ego stroking. I’m not referring to alternate media but the new age dead end of spiritual stagnation which many people are getting wise to.

    It’s a site with an underlying mantra of sales and commercial spiritualism, I dislike this guy’s marketing strategy of writing poor articles which are designed not to share greater understanding but to shift product and self promote. Chris wants set himself up as a face and a name so bad its making his hair fall out.

    You cant rely on a man’s truth when it is inextricably linked to his livelihood and his self appointed status in the community.

    This guy claims in the article above to have led a team that has shifted the co called ‘opposing consciousness’ in this world. Thats like claiming to have defeated the devil and on the false guru test can be listed under the point called ‘talking shit’ which he does a lot of on his site as its a safe place where he is never challenged. It’s hubris, fantasy and pure ego. Anyone who had really done that work would never boast about it to gain credibility, but fantasists and charlatans would and do.

    I’ve noticed he loves story and uses that in the classic false guru manipulative technique of using ‘knowing’ and ‘past lives’ to make any claim he wish’s, allowing him to spout endless revelations as gospel truth.

    With regard to your assumption of judgement and opposing beliefs, I have not disputed Chis’s information that he has clearly hooked from elsewhere, but his own assertions which often are absurd and factually incorrect to and embarrassing degree, take for example this from the above article :

    “The key is to realise in all distortion there is a hidden truth. Even the raptor consciousness, at it’s core, demonstrates the willingness to dive headlong into the fullness of life.”

    This above statement is pure bullshit, his ‘raptor consciousness’ at its core is manifested as the psychopath, what Michael Tsarion refers to as the self-murdered man.

    Looking into the core of a psychopath is like looking into an open sewer, these creatures (Human beings no longer)do not ‘dive headlong into the fullness of life’ but consume and destroy all life around them to feed their endless emptiness. To state the exact opposite as an immutable truth is both irresponsible and frankly foolish.

    It demonstrates very well that this guy is a poor study and not the sharpest tool in the box. Understand, I dont care if he is a lazy researcher or what level his intellect runs at, except he wants to be a spiritual teacher, he wants to be given money for a service he simply isnt equipped to supply, and he has placed himself in a wider more discerning community and spouts his claptrap directly in my view.

    In this case I do not exercise judgement but discernment and I dont care to see provable falsehoods and say nothing.

    Check out the link above Victor, skim through Chis’s site and then put him through the test. He is a massive fail.

    Live and let live is good but on seeing a predator approach, should one sit quietly in harmony with all doing nothing but send love and light to the predator? or should you be responsible and sing out?.

  8. Peter Langes says:

    Why have none of the great masters past or present ever mentioned this? It seems that interpreting this article to be anything more than a metaphor would indeed be a blunder.

    • Peter Langes,
      Wonderful insightful query.
      The great masters never bother with the astral planes – which they consider to be a hinderance, a distraction, and a complete waste of time.

      * ALL magic, occultism, and sacrificial rites for personal gain fall into the category of manipulating the Temporal Illusory Realms and are a complete waste of your time. 

      Unless you enjoy being one of those little silver balls in a pinball machine. 

      Just as laboring to acquire the Siddhic powers, that will unfold quite naturally as you evolve, is a waste of time and effort.

      Just as channeling ETs, spirits, and angels is nothing more than a time-pass. How can they gift you with the enlightenment they themselves do not possess?

      Only the God within you can bring you Home.

      Withdraw from the objects of the senses, and turn your complete and total attention to the God-within your Heart.

      Sacrificing and renouncing your attachment to the temporal illusory hologram based on Knowledge of the Real will bring you liberation.

      Why settle for the small results today or tomorrow, when the Eternal Oneness of Union awaits your call!

  9. Victor Gagnon says:

    zx83b thank you for your reply and I am happy to know you have a light heart which in part is what we need to do in life. We take life way too serious.
    I get that you truly don’t understand where I am coming from. If you read this article and did not know who it was from would your thoughts still be the same? If these articles or writers bother you then why do you read them? Who would you reply too? Could it be your Ego is needing to be right. I was simply trying to ascertain the reason why it is you get annoyed and judge this individual and his article and website. To be honest I have not read all of this article and don’t remember going to his website because it does not interest me but I always have a look to see if there is anything that I can learn about myself as I have with writing my reply to you. What I am saying and why do I say it? What is my intention? My intention is to share knowledge so that we can all grow in our life and learn to love each other the way we have not. All I ever do is look at an article and I become aware of how I feel. It is very easy to distinguish a truth. You see anytime we or you or anyone who speaks or writes then it becomes all about you/me. It is your experience of life in your reply that creates your stories. “It demonstrate very well that this guy is a poor study” Your story and true only to you not to all who read the same article. Yes. as my comments are only true to me. So many think that there is this “TRUTH” out there and in reality it does not exist it only exists in each of our personal truths. Have a close look in our Social Consciousness of the world and I am sure you have, everybody needs to be right!! Yes. It was once said that the Universe is made of stories not stars.
    Contemplate how each story you hear controls your way of living until you decide to be the observer of the world or of just your life. Try to go through one day without judging anything, anyone, anyplace. I promise you amazing results if you simply contemplate your emotions and where do they come from. I would suggest mostly from your past like everyone else.
    In our world there are things that we “KNOW” and things that we “KNOW that we don’t KNOW” (a plane can fly but how do the mechanics work) and then there are things that we” don’t KNOW”, that “we don’t KNOW”, ” we don’t KNOW”. Its a state of being and you don’t know that you are doing these things. They are called blind spots in our lives and they run our background life. Its the programming that you have had up until now and is still running in the background of your life and If you can take time to contemplate what I have said then you may gain an insight into your life that will be extremely beneficial.
    Life is all about change and it is not easy to change.
    Remember there is no truth to these words as they are simply my truths, my opinions.
    Love yourselves into life.

    • zx83b says:

      Hey Victor,

      So you have not read the entire article? neither have you checked out the author’s site? and presumably not done or looked at the false guru test?

      How can you hope to offer an informed response if you have not done these things?

      In fact you do not appear to have referred directly to any of the content in my posts at all, but instead question whether or not I am in ego and running a story?.

      By implying I am giving an ego response you imply error in what I have said?.

      Relate for me if you would which aspects of my posts you find incorrect? I could then offer a more concise response.

      Since you are referring to me with regards to trying non-judgement for a day, I’ll simply say judgement and discernment can be hard to ascertain from the perspective of a third person, far more important to verify if the information offered is the truth.

      There’s an article Chris wrote on ‘free energy’ it’s posted here someplace. Chris was unfortunate to pick a subject to proselytize on that had a hard technical edge to it’s back end. Although on the surface it appears to be a very esoteric subject.

      So what happens is Chris writes a pile of bullshit that was completely incorrect and provably fantasy and ego. He hadnt bothered to do any research on it at all, or he would have come across the enormous body of knowledge that there is on this subject.

      He’s a fool and a fraud. I not saying this with hate or ego but with knowledge. If you had studied his site and the responses his acolytes give him, you would see that he is used to making up whatever he likes and never having it challenged.

      Constantly having whatever he says instantly accepted and praised on his little site and in his ‘groups’ really hasnt helped when he posts the same utter tripe to a much wider audience. His ego certainly couldnt handle it, on the free energy article he was rather dismissive of comments which failed to praise him. And I must say since then he has been notable by his absence here!!.

      I would have to say amongst the many excellent writers here he does not belong. His weak articles are rather lightweight and anachronistic, throwbacks to the days when we accepted such unsubstantiated works.

      If he cant be bothered to check the facts, you have to wonder what the actual reason is that keeps him writing and posting these articles. Beyond ego and spiritual commercialism what else is there?

      • delphinius says:

        Hello Victor,

        I read both your posts with interest. This thread is an important discussion because it explores the impact of the ‘Truth Vibrations’ on those would-be ‘teachers’ who are still desperately clinging to the old structures and belief systems. We are witnessing the falling away of the glamour of the false-gurus, as we choose to embrace our sat-guru within.

        Mr. Bourne is of an old time when, in our madness and our yearning for miracles, we turned to the snake oil salesmen offering us the ‘magic beans’ we so readily craved.

        You asked ZX83b and Al Smith to explain their position, and zx responded with both specificity and moderation. Rather than engaging in a discussion about the dangers of false gurus or any of the detail in Mr. Bourne’s article, (which I note you have not read in full or contextualised by visiting his website), you have chosen instead to adopt a passive-aggressive response, notably:

        “It demonstrate very well that this guy is a poor study” Your story and true only to you not to all who read the same article. Yes. as my comments are only true to me. So many think that there is this “TRUTH” out there and in reality it does not exist it only exists in each of our personal truths.”

        This is called “SPIRITUAL ABDICATION”. It’s a well-known ego trap within the New Age movement. It basically says, there are no universal TRUTHS, no collective moral absolutes and no personal soul responsibilities that I can be held to.

        There ARE objective standards for measuring falsehood, deception/delusion , poor research and factual inaccuracies. Mr. Bourne has been found woefully lacking in these areas and many on this thread have expressed their consternation.

        This is not to say that there cannot be divergence within the Collective Truths of the day or that Collective Truths do not evolve as humanity changes its mass frequency… Of course, we are all at different stages in our personal journeys with different personalities and experiences ,but this is within a Collective Reality, for we are all unique and yet the same.

        Even the much revered ancient spiritual texts recognise universal truths, collective histories, behavioural absolutes and collective prophesies… V.Susan Ferguson offers us one of these collective truths on this thread:

        “ Symptoms of the Kali Yuga”
        From the Sanskrit texts the Vishnu Purana and the Linga Purana:

        “Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.”

        “People will prefer to choose false ideas.”

        Then there’s the sub- category of the “SPIRITUAL F**K YOU”, which goes something like this… “well that’s your Truth, and I have my Truth which means you can’t ever challenge me and I don’t have to hold myself to account because its just my Truth, and its all story anyway which means none of its real so I’m going to patronise you without really saying anything because I don’t want to challenge you directly, but FU……”

        As an objective standard, I think we can call that a ‘passive aggressive’ response under the general umbrella of SPIRITUAL ABDICATION!

        So let me conclude with a “story” you may find of interest! The Druids of ancient Albion would identify a psychopath early and ensure that this individual could never gain power and responsibility within the community. Perhaps this wisdom is now returning…..

  10. Victor Gagnon says:

    Wow you guys are both simply amazing and you are both right. Thank you for response.
    Love yourself into life.

  11. Sovereignty says:

    Amen to the personal sovereignty, each will find the power needed to the extent that each reach for personal resposibility in their lives. Anyone who has hit on a DMT pipe will tell you we are capable of processing 10,000 years of life experiencial data in only ten frikin minutes. We have the hardware to seriously kick up the consiousness bandwidth and take our rightful place in creation but before that can occur for anyone they will have to choose it as it will not happen on its own.

    Interesting times, indeed and best wishes to all of those who would even contemplate such outthere matters.


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