Compassion in Action: The Rule to an Expanded Consciousness and More Happiness

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“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”Plato

According to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we are all meant to be happy. In his words, “Neither social conditioning nor education nor ideology affect this.” The trick to true happiness may be surprising though – it turns out it has more to do with how we treat others than any concern we may have about our own selves. His statements are supported by recent studies of brain activity by numerous researchers from Princeton to Berkeley.

The Dalai Lama also tells us that unless we are gravely ill or lacking the basics in life, there is no reason to feel unhappy, unless our minds trick us into thinking we are. In fact, when the body is content, we pretty much ignore it altogether. It is only when we are ill that we realize we have taken one of the greatest happinesses – health – for granted. Our minds are the big stumbling block when it comes to happiness because they recorded every single event – no matter how small, no matter how seemingly inconsequential. In his wise way, the Dalai Lama suggests that compassion just might be the way we overcome the incessant ramblings of our own minds – the worry, the fear, the anxiety, the greed, the hate, and the longing that make us unhappy.

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.”John Green

Compassion can be defined as concern for others. It doesn’t eliminate the self, but it makes the self a part of the whole instead of the separate, isolated, suffering being ruled by ego alone. As Bob Marley so eloquently and simply put it, when we reach out to others, we can feel ‘one love, one heart.’ Literally, compassion means ‘to suffer together.’ It sounds almost futile, but the irony is that this togetherness is what brings us out of our funk! Compassion may, in fact, serve as a greater evolutionary impetus to compel us to act. How can we make changes if we don’t feel someone else’s pain as our own?

In one example provided by a recent experiment conducted by psychologist Jack Nitschke at the University of Wisconsin found that when mothers looked at pictures of their babies, they not only reported feeling more compassionate love than when they saw other babies; they also verified unique activity in a region of their brains associated with positive emotions. Nitschke’s finding suggests that this region of the brain is attuned to the first objects of our compassion—our offspring. It is from here that it can grow to include others, also.

In another study conducted by Joshua Greene and Jonathan Cohen of Princeton University, it was found that when subjects contemplated harm being done to others, a similar network of regions in their brains lit up. Our children are obvious recipients of our compassion, but when complete strangers—victims of violence—two very different subjects, are united by the similar neurological reactions they provoke, it helps us to understand how important compassion truly is. This consistency strongly suggests that compassion isn’t simply a fickle or irrational emotion, but rather an innate human response embedded into the folds of our brains.

Usually when we face obstacles we tend to shrink. We become so small that our focus becomes relegated to just our needs, our wants, our lack or problem. The interesting thing is that at any one moment, someone else is feeling the same pains, for a different reason, and the only way to truly get the mind out of its own little, contracted space is to help someone else with their problems. It is a way to instantly widen our view and give the very thing we need for ourselves – love, empathy, concern, understanding. Ironically, it is when we give these things away, that our own problems seem to lessen, and in giving what we desire for ourselves, we create a feedback loop which expertly, perfectly, gives us back exactly what we gave.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”Albert Einstein

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao TzuParamahansa YoganandaRob Brezny,  Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.


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  • To paraphrase the one and only Benjamin Franklin: There’s no shame
    in being ignorant, only in being unwilling to learn. Thank you for helping me

  • notdalaianything

    All good thinkers know, with few realising, that Knowledge is merely the Potential to its Empowerment. This is the reason why Religion & Religiosity, The Mesmeric Tentacle of The Bookie, oka Sell-Buy-Sell, is the first port of call whenever a fact needs attaining. Religion being the Knowledge which lacks empowerment, however, facts that are unproveable mostly, if not always, end up being owned by their mesmerised salivates, the MO of Humanity being Of Ownership Issue.

    Knowledge, especially the knowledge which is seldom realisable, is meant to distract and entrap the unwary. This is because without the ability to discern what the knowledge is truly meant for, that knowledge is merely meant to unleash its unwary seeker onto the tango which leads to nowhere real. This is also the reason why the first gift of [re-]realising one’s spirituality is the power to discern/discriminate absolutely – absolute as in being unmesmerisable and unchangeable. Without this funamentaly ability to be absolute, relativity, oka The Gamble, is all there is.

    Malevolence is a myth in fact and finality because like Darkness vs Light, Malevolence is merely when Benevolence is absent. Due to the fact that Malevolence is also an Energy Transformer like us humans, It does not have the power to truly destroy. This is because only those who are able to truly create are those who are able to truly destroy. Malevolence other option then is to distract and entrap, which It realises by distracting and then capturing another’s Attention. This is where Knowledge comes in, especially the Knowledge which is usually unattainable.

    Humans are Of Materialism for obvious reasons and for us to realise reality, we need the tangibility that is material. The joke then is that Knowledge, especially that which is not tangible, is somehow magically at the top of the human listing of reality. Especially the knowledge that is of Religion & Religiosity. This is why Fashionista Numpties deploy the religion that is their fashion to jack their “prices” sky high resulting in their salivates begging for more, the association being that via the tangibility of cost and exclusivity, one is then able to book a seat at The Final Photoshoot with one’s religiosity.

    Spirituality exists but being not material, it excludes almost all. Especially those who are mired into their materialism, collectivised as Fame, Fortune & Immortality. Thoughts are a direct function of language which is a direct function of speech. As such, in order to have real thoughts, the thoughts which enable one to, say, perform arithmetic, an extremely simple act of thinking, one must have the cpacity and capability for fuller if not full speech. All were once spiritual because The Spiritual only works through those who lack thoughts. For animals and vegetation, spirituality is easy because they lack thoughts.

    A human infant lack thoughts because it lacks a language. Within this era of thoughtlessness, “Nature” is one’s guide as She is to all the non-thinkers like animals and vegetation – via the spiritual 6th Sense of Absoluteness – although the communication is one-way if only because without thoughts, one has zero means of communicating back. As we develop language and therefore thoughts, a moment will arrive when our spiritual self will be relinquished for the seemingly brighter light of thoughts – that of using and religiously imbibing the 5 malleable senses of materialism as the be-all, end-all.

    Humans are gifted thoughts for ONE reason only and that is to develop Conscience, Conscience being firstly the consciousness and secondly the awareness that one is niether animal nor vegetation. Humanity being of Relativity, oka Duality of Nature, our thoughts are both of weaponry and utility. It is when the weaponry realises its utility that Fairness, oka Selflessness or Self, will gain ascendency over Selfishness, oka The Other. This is the resaon why Reality is Self/Empowerment/The-Kinetic whereas Others’ Reality is merely one’s Relativity/Knowledge/The-Potential.

    As nice and goody-2-shoes as it may look and sound, expecially for unwinding the malevolence which one could sense in this era of “The Free Flowing of Information”, especially the overly informed oka “Conspiracists”, humans are not going to magically and suddenly “Awaken” and gain “Consciousness”/”Conscience” and other favs of The Desire for Purity. This is because without an absolute change from selfishness to selflessness, a change is merely for believing-in. This is because without Purity being within Desire, there is no such thing as The Desire for Purity. Even this Simplicity Eludes as people charge in the manner of The Light Brigade into the arms of Malevolence because He knows how the dual natured are constructed. Finger-pointing at others but seldom at self. More so when after having introspected, few ever truly change. No wonder Uncle Tomme and his Kabalistic Kabin Krew is mesmericaly immersed into his, “Change We Can Believe In”, Frivolity & Nonsense because he knows his mesmerised will not change. Especially when a change to the mesmerised is about Fame, Fortune & Immortality – beginning with running amok in the street after being given a free phone of all things.

    The Divine, oka The Evolutionarily Spiritual realises this which is why the sanctity of Spirituality will remain unattainable by those mired in their Fame, Fortune & Immortality. Only those who who have become unconditional will be able to realise their spirituality. Afterall, without a puppet ever realising that it is but a puppet, becoming human is but a dream. Should your cup be brimmed to overflowing with being “Awakened”, especially Jest Like Zat, first ensure that said cup is not filled with dreams and mesmerisms. A human cannot awaken when he has yet to realise what is absolute or not, let alone how to ascertain what is absolute or what is relative. If you have not heard that being gifted with the sense of/for absoluteless, perhaps you ought to ask why. Perhaps because the book you’d read or what you were never told, was never realised?

    Should the above be mumbo-jumbo, that is merely one cannon on the loose but what if it is true? What then is all that “Awakening” marlarky about? Another column inching toward the Abyss imagining that they are going to their heaven like those Blow ‘Em Uppers and their Virgins in Pradise? More so when the “saved” think that they are the awakened saviours? The joke then is that they too are the finger pointers but par excellence. This then is the danger that is the double-edged sword of Thoughts. When said sword is swing back to lop off your head when you are thinking that is is on its way to chopping off Malevolence’s. Humans cannot use any agency of thought to counter Malevolence because one’s thoughts IS Malevolence. If true, how will Humanity be able to solve and resolve Humanity’s Inhumanity? By more thinking? By unleashing one’s religiosity onto its religion? By adding Fuel to the Fire?

    It is benevolent to finally realise that there is no such thing as The Desire for Purity when there is no Purity within that Desire. When one is Of Darkness, Darkess is all there is. In order to purify, Purity must be at the beginning and the ending. Although Humanity is Of Duality, we have one saving grace and that is The Human Body. Like it, believe it, realise it, or not, we do not own our body other than being its lifelong tenant. One reason why all instinctively treat their body as rented accomodation. Refracted on the Spiritual Dimension of The Body is “The Tree of Life” or “The Virat”. TToL is where The Qualities/Principles of Divinity reside and these “residencies” are potentiated by the Incarnations of The Avatars. For example, when Jesus Christ incarnated and then departed, His Divine Qualities of Forgiveness & Resurrection is then potentiated within all humans who are born on Earth. Potentialted. That of Knowledge lacking Its Empowerment. To awaken Christ within is to become Of Forgiveness and doing so will enable the aspirant/seeker to “Resurrect”. That is only Jesus Christ. What about, say, The Buddha? Buddhists are attired in saffron-coloured robes. This is the colour of The Ego which is why Buddha’s mantra is, “Do not harm others”. When one speaks of Buddha, however, one must also mention His contemporary, The Mahavira, [these 2 entities being always born as contemporaries] whose “followers” are attired in violet-coloured robes. This is because The SuperEgo, oka The Conditioning, is violet coloured and Mahavira’s mantra is, “Do not harm your self”. As if by magic, the Beginning and Ending colours of the visible light spectrum is Red and Violet. And so on it goes.

    Should the above be the reality, Exact Knowledge is vast but then, The Divine realises so which is why Innocence, the expression of Wisdom, is the way to realising the infinite vastness Of Exact Knowledge without fragmenting one’s mind – that of tunneling further into the dungeons of The Minds that is Malevolence sitting on our heads. When one has yet to realise one’s true infrastructure, what then is the meaning of being “Awakened”? When you have yet to walk, what is running? Tripping over and over again with tripping over then being the reality as opposed to running. And that is how Malevolence owns. To distracting and then capturing/freezing one’s Attention for the moment when Destruction arrives, The Attention in ancient parlence being, “The Essence of Divinity”.

    Just because you have “earned” your wages does it then mean that you are to spend it on your “sinning”? If so, don’t you think that Malevolence, as mythical as It is, has a point keeping you binned for the moment when? As the ancient translated to the modern by Gandhi observes, “We must be the change we seek”, and rushing out to start another revolution without is not going to change a single thing within. This is because Reality is “When There is No Other” – when Diversity realises [Its] Collectivity.

    The reason humans are able to discern between benevolence and malevolence is because that is the message The Divine is sending – “What about you?”/”Are you able to see Me yet?” It does not mean finger-pointing, oka Anger, whose sole duty is to realise its latency, Guilt. It is also benevolent to realise that when the urge to be conditional surfaces, it is because unconditionality is absent,
    Unconditionality/Detachment being another word for Love, Love being The Expression of Truth, Truth/Knowledge being an Accumulation and has no/zero means of gifting It essence to another without being Love/Empowerement. On the other hand, “Love” for humans means expectation and/or demand, oka conditionality, which aims to attach/bind, the “Love” which is seldom by Truth’s/Knowledge’s side because all human/dual-natured behaviours are tethered to its dichotomy.

    Humans cannot “Expand” their “Consciousness” via knowledge because without the ability to truly discern/absolutely-discriminate [what the knowledge is truly for like in “Nuclear Power”, say, where Fusion/Unity is the reality and not Fission/Division], Knowledge is but a double-edged sword. This is also the reason why nothing Of Science has Conscience, Science being all about Fame, Fortune & Immortality, oka The Materialsim that is Humanity. When a human re-switches on his spirituality after having acquired thoughts and relinquished them via the utility within thought’s weaponry, he will re-establish his 6th Sense of Absoluteness but this time around, it will be 2-way. Then, prayers, mantras and even a mere ole word will not only work, they are for real – so long as the request is not something Frivolous & Nonsensical [F&N] like how to make “Israel” the “Centre of The Middle East” sorts of malevolence.

    The aim of Spirituality is for tangibilising The Divine which is to end Malevolence’s efforts of establishing Gambling/Blind-Blindedness/Religion-Religiosity/Being-Chosen as Reality/Permanence when they are actually Relativity/Transience. When one’s choices are for real, taking a choice says everything about self whereas prior to one’s absoluteness of self, using gambling as the excuse might seem to work but like Comforting [which is Cruelty in latency/finality] and Free This, That & The Other, especially others’ almost free resources, that is merely limiting/caging self for one’s moment of real destruction. And the vacuity within humanity justify this model via, “For the sake of Progeny” and similar F&N, whereas in reality it is gambling away Progeny’s future. How convenient The Middling Truthers, oka The Politikos and Propaganda’s wetdreams, are. Then, like Knowledge, Truth neither has a Beginning nor an Ending. No wonder the dream of these miscreants is to offer the Illusion-Delusion of living happily ever after – just the freezing severed heads and mwthods for maintaining skin like a baby’s bottom. Or so relate their Toothfairy before sleeping it all off like a baby dreaming about Fame, Fortune & Immortality – the same dreams that “Conspiricist” have.

    Like it, believe it, or not, Truth, which is latterly/latently Love, has zero inkling of what Fame, Fortune & Immortality is otherwise, they’ll come dispensing diamonds and pearls floating on a magic carpet as well as showing mere mortals what Powar is really like. Much like The Pet Tentacle of The Bookie, The Chosen One, is always harping on about. Realise that to disable a myth is not to allow it access to your inner sanctum – the place where [their] Thoughts [of The Past or Future] cannot reside/intrude/own. If true, how will any human stop thinking? Not by thinking about it for sure. How do you see? Not by reading a manual but by expressing your empowerment. This is because reading about How To See is for blinding with the religiosity within the manual used for maintaining the blindness. Those who think that reading some Scripture is nonsense ought to find out whether reading some article about “Awakening The Consciousness” is the same or will it spur one to realise what Consciousness and Conscience is all about. Realise if nothing else that reading/knowledging about the impossible is called mesmerising the mesmerisable if only because that is what mesmerism is all about. Being like in a zombied state is not being mesmerised, it is called being made aware of and that is one thing Mesmerism will never do. Tell you that you are going to be befooled – not that the article above is about befooling if only because its aim is of benevolence. But then, what good will knowing that Malevolence is acting when you do not have the means to coutering it without sinking all if only because all are on the same boat. One thing The Ego is good at is to shoot its own feet so long as others are able to see and hopefully accept its “greatness”/mesmerism. Be aware that if one’s vision is limited and Malevolence is lurking around, Blind-Blindedness is a dead certainty. This is because Malevolence has neither Rhyme nor Reason for what It is or what It does whereas Benevolence is beyond Rhyme & Reason. As for that piggy in the middle, wee us, Rhyming & Reason is all we’ll ever do, Justification being another word for Guilt which is merely another word for Anger. The piggy Tango to Nowhere Real other than cycles of the same thing. Ad infinitum – until Someone calls it Quits.

    Realise too that all should have the ability to see through the Illusion-Delusion which happens to be Divinity’s desire and aim too. We cannot help others by Preaching, Knowledging, Informing, Truthing, etc. We can only enlighten another and that is via being An Example. Should one be able to, say, fly, and started flying hither-thither, then all the “flightists” will gather around other than those who are afraid of height/flying. As such, why doesn’t The Divine appear and let all become saints overnight? Because all, including the beggars, thieves, and so forth, will be acting like saints too whilst remaining unchanged with the likes of Choseness cornering the market for the Tickets to The Final Photoshoot. Back to Square One. What better then is to let those who are Pure within their Desire attain Reality and become an example for those who are desirous to becoming pure thereby relegating those who merely desire something pure to repeating their error until they too have learnt the lesson or become addicted to the error. Enlightenment, therefore, is about Divinity becoming Reality for those with the sight to see. Via the Divinity refracted within reflecting. As said, if only humans will not do anything, the world will become right overnight. A human will never realise Reality if all he is and ever wanted is to become materialised/limited/Relativity/Of Fame, Fortune & Immortality. As if by magic, these are the type who preach about God. No wonder they are so rich, famous and worshipped. Which says one thing about the worshipfuls, of course, but that aspect is left to the individual and The Divine for when their moment arrives. Afterall, no one breathes for another – unless one is a politician, a propagandist or in the Advertising Trade. The way to dismantle the façade/myth of Malevolence is to enable the individual becoming the passage for Reality. ANY other way is merely doing Malevolence’s bidding. Without one single exception. In addition, Divinity cannot act without humans affording Divinity the channel to act. This is what is meant by Forgiveness & Resurrection after complementing The Ego with The SuperEgo. It does not mean some preacher/intellectual/worshipper becoming a great saint and similar Frivolity & Nonsense.

  • dimitri ledkovsky

    Over the years I’ve become mildly resentful of the constant mouthing off that is released upon the public in the form of quotations and example setting from this Holiness guy called THE Dalai Lama. What in hell makes him Holy? He’s no more holy that you or me. Aren’t we all “children of god”?

    Dalai always has this cute formulaic advice to dish out, which oftentimes is impractical or entirely inaccessible due to being stuck in the realm of idealism.

    Dalai has been well cared for by U.S. taxpayers’ (CIA) generosity and by the largesse of his deep pocketed Hollywood connections and fundraisers. He has little to be concerned about. He can afford to run all over the globe proffering guidance and “teachings”.

    What else does he do? He meditates 3 hours a day. I wish I had that luxury. I’m limited by obligations to sitting for an hour if I’m lucky.

    And so??? I guess this is an appeal for some moderation when dipping into the always handy “wisdom” of Lama. My eyes just drift to the paragraph where the “wisdom” is over and the rest of the story continues.

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