The Planned Obsolescence of Humanity

Barbara H. Peterson, Guest Writer
Waking Times 

Remember when things lasted a long time? I recall going with my dad to the hardware store, and being able to find just about everything needed to fix anything on the ranch. Need a gasket? Just get the gasket material and cut your own. Got a gadget that won’t work? Just get the part that’s broken, replace that one part, and the gadget works again. Not so, today. Today, we buy something, and if it doesn’t work, we simply throw it away and get a new one, because that is the way things are made.  They are not made to last. They are made to break and the sooner, the better.

This is planned obsolescence, and it has been eroding our society ever since it was set in motion along with mass marketing and fast-tracked, courtesy of Edward Bernays, who set up the first “public relations” department for the express purpose of using propaganda as a tool to manipulate the public for profit. We are now strangling in its grip, oblivious to the reality behind the slogans and hype, and successfully programmed to think this is normal, standing proud in our ignorance.


With a need for instant gratification firmly entrenched in our nation’s psyche by an army of professional con artists out to make a buck, the concept of a throwaway society reared its ugly head to the delight of those behind the scenes, greedily rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the windfall they were about to receive – profit without end. And this is the society in which we now live. A society based on instant gratification and planned obsolescence.

I noticed that this nation’s “fix it yourself” mentality started changing years ago. Parts that were once easily obtainable became “no longer available.” Want a part to fix your whatchamacallit? Nope, can’t have it – gotta get a new one. The parts aren’t available anymore, and good luck getting your whatchamacallit open to replace anything in it. If it breaks, don’t fix it, throw it away and buy a new one.

Cars that were once made to be worked on by home mechanics now take a computer specialist to diagnose. Who cares? After all, if consumers buy a new car every couple of years or so, who needs them to last? Can’t wear the same dress to the party, gotta have a new one, along with shoes to match. Last year’s style simply will not do.

Yes, the corporations have programmed us well. We are a nation of wasteful consumers, keeping the gluttonous purveyors of gadgets, doohickeys and flash in champagne and caviar. Thank you, Edward Bernays, for your ever so helpful insight into enabling corporations to program the masses for wasteful spending in order to line the pockets of greedy, blood sucking leaches whose only purpose is to use us up and spit us out. You see, planned obsolescence does not merely apply to things. It also applies to people.

We are living in a world where very powerful people behind the scenes hold license to decide who is to live and who is to die. They get to pick and choose who the throwaway people are. The expendables. The ones who hold no worth in their eyes. Through some sort of arbitrary judgment – one lives, one dies, and the rules always change.

The rules change because the object has no say and no value – functioning merely as a piece on the grand chessboard. And if you happen to be the flavor of the month, you get to live. But only for a time, and only if you are nice. Really, really nice and obey your masters. But it won’t be forever. Forever is much too good for the pawns. Pawns are meant to be sacrificed, just as we are being sacrificed on the altar of big business and decaying from whatever poisons the propaganda machine put forth by Bernays directs us to take.

We’re poked and prodded, drugged into submission, shot full of poisons, and fed toxic waste. We are, each and every one of us, a statistic in a planned obsolescence program. And while we are breaking down from stress, toxins, chemicals, GMOs, vaccines, and medical quackery, to name a few, we are generating a whole lotta cash for a whole lotta people, as well as providing valuable data while we serve as guinea pigs for experimental research in genetic modification.

But what the hey? After all is said and done, the puppet masters will survive! And they will garner more and more cash and power to play at immortality. The goal? Remaking the world and its inhabitants from the molecule up. We the people are living under planned obsolescence. And we don’t even know it because we are being systematically fed comfortable lies by a propaganda machine in the guise of public relations for the express purpose of profit, power and total control.

But it’s okay, our replacements are right around the corner. After all, the bodies we have can’t last forever. Let’s throw them away and get new ones. What say we make them bigger, better, smarter and more controllable than the obsolete model. The human model.

Why not build super soldiers that we can just replace when we feel like it? Expendable. Throwaways. Or factory workers, or maybe housekeepers, maids, miners, firefighters, police, truck drivers…. The possibilities are endless. One gives you trouble, just throw it away and get a new one. And when the time comes to shed this mortal shell, just hop right on into the artificial body of your dreams, courtesy of a brain transplant, or maybe your brain on a chip, implanted in that disposable body.

Natural humans would become as obsolete as last year’s iPod.

A powerful dream, eh? Complete control over life and death. Intoxicating. And also dangerous. Very dangerous. Not to mention foolish, disastrous, maniacal, insane, against nature and all that is right and natural and good. Man replacing man and nature. The same species that thinks nuclear power plants on fault lines are an okay idea. Go figure. But seriously, what could possibly go wrong?

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

About the Author

Barbara Peterson is the author of the critical blog, Farm Wars, where this article originally appeared.

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  • Joel

    I was really enjoying this well written article, until the moment you depicted vaccines and gmos as ‘breaking down’ the human race. At that point, you lost all credibility as an author and I stopped reading.

  • Ian T. MacLeod

    As time passes, the self-styled “elites” get more and more arrogant, more and more careless, and more and more TWISTED. Their “Luciferian rituals” in which fathers rape and torture immature daughters and servants steal unwatched infants from hospitals for the poor so the celebrants have human blood to drink, human flesh to roast like an animal and eat. These creatures are badly inbred, and the only reason they’ve gotten so far is that this was all begun by ancestors of theirs who were whole and hale in mind and body who laid plans and very specific plans. Among those appear to have been directions on how to raise children as sociopaths: without conscience or empathy or sympathy, who are motivated only by greed and power. A huge part of what today’s “elites” feel a need to do is to hide hints in movies and other things – “in plain sight” – about what they are doing or intend to do, as if the rest of us have nothing better to do than to try and read their plans in the most insipid entertainments, though some are excellent works despite the interference. But they delight in turning us against each other, in warping ethics into senseless rules that cause more harm than good.

    They have turned police who were sworn “To Protect and to Serve” into what has been called “the Biggest Street Gang in America”; many are now just thugs in uniform, and it’s getting to be safer for people to hope they survive an attack by criminals than to call the police for help and get raped, tasered, beaten (maybe to death), shot and left lying for hours to bleed out with the paramedics watching and forbidden to touch the injured innocent until after (s)he’s dead and police have “secured the scene” – and stolen whatever they wanted while planting “evidence” to charge the RP with. They turned the greatest industrial base with the best workers, work ethics and benefits on earth into a production line for trash designed to fall apart shortly after purchase so buyers have to buy more and more. Then they finally destroyed the industries altogether, and started sending the work out to countries who have near slave-labor, selling the commodities back here for prices that say they were hand made and high-quality, and then sending the profits offshore: everything goes out, NOTHING comes in. Everything has become “for-profit”, from the government and all regulatory agencies to law Enforcement agencies to the medical profession and pharmaceuticals and on and on, and at the very bottom of it all, there sit We the Victims. Now we eat poisoned food and almost can’t FIND good, wholesome, non-toxic organic foods. (those are mostly illegal). The air is full of chemtrails (with over 50 very toxic organic, metallic, inorganic and synthetic diseases and other ingredients), radiation and other crap we can’t see and mostly can’t protect ourselves from; the water is full of fracking chemicals, chemtrail ingredients, fluoride, chlorine and other poisons, the oceans and the food fish (which are dying off or being fished into extinction) are loaded with Corexit and oil, radioactive particles that include plutonium, and dead and dying cetaceans and pinnipeds decorate beaches all over the world. Tests are finding more and more ways in which GMO “fake-foods” damage our immune systems, nerves and organs, and we are in every possible instance forbidden to know which foods ARE GMO. “Vaccine science” turns out to be a crock, only good for injecting multiple poisons (like mercury, formaldehyde, over 100 unknown viruses and multiple nerve toxins and sterilizing agents) and active diseases into infants and adults who were suckered as children and never learned better; vaccines confer NO appreciable immunity but instead bypass the immune system and inject those toxins and various microorganisms into unprotected human bodies. Food production has been curtailed to the point where the starvation of MILLIONS is unavoidable this year, so we’re told. Americans especially are being hit with various mind controls techniques, chemicals and strategies 24/7, especially children (THAT is the purpose of the U.S. school systems now) that make it hard to think, keep us exhausted and on the edge (and too often INSIDE that edge) of poverty and too worried to think of much else.

    The final goal, so we’re informed, is 10% remaining of today’s population that have been dumbed down and demotivated, unable to defend themselves or their loved ones, believing that they have NO rights whatsoever (they’re working hard now to convince us that’s true, and things are better so), and then the “elites” can REALLY get busy. They intend to genetically engineer servants – sexual, technical and so on, making sure they’re attractive and pliant, mostly uneducated and short-lived. After accomplishing all of this, they believe they’ve discovered a way to make themselves immortal (while peons die of old age in their mid-thirties) and they can live happily ever after, with no more shortages of people to torture, murder, rape and rob. Of then they’ll have to turn to predation on each other. Now THAT is a basic part of their character. Lovely thought for the “maturity” of humanity, isn’t it?


  • Eldred Coot

    People are already being replaced. Unemployment is raising. The auto industry uses robots to weld vehicles. Other industries have followed suit. When machines do the work there are more jobs to eliminate in offices that handled employee recored, tax deductions, insurance, etc. It is just another phase of making debt slaves. When the masses are slaves the elitist will have the magic solution. Give up the constitution surrender your freedom and we will provide all your needs. The sheepeople will never wake up they have been conditioned since childhood to be wasteful follow the trend and buy more and more. Doom is upon us.

  • Tamara


  • windy

    “After all is said and done, the puppet masters will survive! ”

    I don’t think so. The puppet masters are pathetic drones, unable to provide themselves with the means of survival without the skill and ability of the oppressed. When and if the sheeple awake and refuse to provide for them they are done.

    • * I’ll be happy to see that glorious day arrive…much like the equalizing existential justice, dealt to the Nazi collaborators.

  • Ken

    Can you say ‘light bulb conspiracy’? The plan is to keep you in training, always a freshman, never a master as a master needs better pay. Keep you always in debt, as a debt slave, keep you always broke, so you must rely on the puppet masters.
    Today, tomorrow or the next generation, history always has an ugly end for leadership that proves to be greedy, selfish and inept towards the public.
    And with the internet, their time is short, very short.

  • Honest Harry’s Used Cars

    Yes, planned obsolescence is being designed into everything these days. It’s good for the economy in a Keynesian way.

    Even your mortgage and your education loan are being generally designed to go obsolete before you can pay them off.

    More bankruptcies put more people to work in high-paid foreclosure-related jobs. Bankruptcy and the resulting poverty are good for the Keynesian economy of Ben Bernanke.

    Bankruptcy and poverty help keep inflation somewhat under control.

    Planned obsolescence is being built into our healthcare system too. It’s called ObamaCare. And those who go to the doctor under ObamaCare -will have to go back, because most cures will only address some of the symptoms, leaving you sicker than when you came through the hospital door.

    God Bless America.

  • * I’m just as pissed, about this archon promulgated nightmare as you are!
    …Did you notice, in the propaganda vid, how nature is displayed as unexciting & stagnant!?…methinks these neo-con morons, have no comprehension & are in direct abject ignorance of NOW

  • dimitri

    More Russian Five Year Plans doomed to fail. And if they don’t, then we’re all Soilent Green.

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