A Spiritual Dilemma of Epic Proportion: Reconstructing a New Relationship with the Divine

Chris Renzo, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Given the current state of the world it is clear we face a spiritual problem of epic proportion.  If we are going to heal the ills of the world and create equality between peoples we must start to observe our belief structures and question whether or not they are serving society as a whole.  If peace and equality is our goal it would bode well to question and make aware any belief structure that blocks us from fulfilling compassion and tolerance between all beings. This is a spiritual dilemma becuase it is a call to our conscience.

Belief shapes how we experience life. 

Our belief structures have become so static and exclusive that we have created a world of equal stagnation and separation. We have become intolerant of our differing philosophical and religious views. In our collective stubbornness we remain unaware of how our belief structures underlay the brutality we see within our civilization.  All of this becuase we claim that “our way is the right way.”

We are rushing around trying to fix the symptoms, rather than the cause, of our worldwide problems. We are addressing everything but our most basic beliefs. The problems we see within our political and economic systems ultimately arise becuase we do not live by a spiritual ethic that unites all people and sentient beings. It seems to me that it would serve us to understand and refine our individual and collective relationship with God if we are going to transcend our destructive ways.

It was hoped that organized religion would bring people closer to each other, producing a sense of community and integration.  But our collective society has experienced exactly the opposite.  In some cases organized religion preaches against community integration, claiming that God never intended people of varying races, cultures, and nationalities to intermix, much less marry and procreate.  It was hoped that religion would bring our world a greater sense of joy and freedom, but in too many cases it has only restricted the human spirit by presenting long lists of how one should live.

Each respective religion, or most of them, teach that their scripture is infallible.  Each religion is incapable of being wrong.  Thus the infallibility of differing religious doctrine is what breeds intolerance.  This intolerance, which sustains fear and hate, has condoned war, brutality, and the exploitation of fellow humans for thousands of years.  Remember of the crusades (1095 – 1291) where an estimated 1 – 5 million people were brutally murdered in the name of Christ?  Or how about the Holocaust where 6 million Jews were tortured and killed due to a perverse intolerance.  Or the modern hell on Earth that we see today in Palestine and Israel.  All of this death and stoic barbarism over the word of God?!  No longer can our differences condone any sort of murder.

Creating a New Perspective Requires Understanding Old Ones

We compound our spiritual crisis when we bestow supreme authority of the interpretation of our scriptures to individuals. We elect religious professionals to interpret the “word of god” and in doing so we unconsciously declare that we are not as close to god as a few righteous others.  Albeit we are looking for guidance and inspiration, but I suggest that when we are taught to adopt the interpretations from the “more holy among us” we lose a critical sense of intellectual and spiritual autonomy.  We become “less than” and further away from God than others.  Herein lies one of the central pillars of the power that organized religion has over people.

To interpret the words of the scriptures literally, rather than to seek to understand the underlying principle that they reveal has lead, at the very least to misunderstanding, and in the worst case, to a loss of oriningal wisdom in which religion was grounded.  Our religious leaders claim their are “laws of God” and that they “should not be abandoned.”  We may be banned to ever lasting punishment in hell if we disobey the Lord.  Do not question!  But why would God, the creator of all, be so judgmental and demanding of “his” creations.  Furthermore why would God give us free will just so that God could take it away from us by declaring we must worship “her” in the way that the scripture demands?  Why do we interpret God to be so petty, egotistical, and wrathful?

Those who attempt to control the “word of God” attempt to hold power.  And it is this psychological and spiritual power that has controlled people into certain modes of thinking for thousands of years.  I will take a stand here, not to offend, but to offer an alternative perspective.  I see that most scriptures of organized religions are based in fear.  Fear is what holds the hierarchy in place.  Fear is what makes us interpret god to be a judgmental being.  And it is this fear, of which that has become so normal, that has us fearing, judging, and killing each other.  Even if just in our minds…

The bible would state that we were created in the image and likeness of god, but it seems we have depicted a god in the image and likeness of what we have become: judgmental, intolerant, vengeful, and full of wrath. 

The establishment fears that if people understood full-freedom they would astray from the path that organized religions offer.  The fact that an overwhelming majority of people are good “god fearing people” enables the establishment to sustain their power and its dominant influence as to how we view ourselves, each other, and the workings of life.

In our believed “inherent” separation from “God,” we live without a strong sense of internal guidance for we seek outside of ourselves for answers.  Because we live primarily from the mind we do not truly listen to the callings of our heart.  In doing so we live “out of ouch” and destructive lives.  We fear each other and the Earth herself.

Moving Forward in the Awareness of Our Unity

To bring peace to the world we need to change our visions, our ethics, and our beliefs.

The Golden Age could be upon us, but we need to work for it.  Understanding life and God is not something that happens by accepting ideas without discernment.  We need to start relying on our own God given internal systems of divine intelligence.  I am not asking you to completely throw away your ideology.  I am asking you to think for yourself and go into your heart space.  See if you can make larger and expand your religious beliefs to be more empowering, unifying, and compassionate between the all that is.

Ask yourself, “can I sustain my connection to my religious beliefs while learning to have compassion for others even though their belief structure is different”?  “Can I see all other people as my equal?” “Can I accept the belief that there are multiple ways to God?”

I would love to sit and talk with a cardinal priest or some high religious authority figure so I could ask them a few questions.  I would ask, “what do you think about the idea that Jesus is equal to Budda, to Muhhammed, and to every messenger this planet has ever seen?  I would ask if he believed there to be an inherent equality between all living things?  Are we not elements of the same consciousness…

Think about the consequences if the Pope announced that all religions are “ways to God,” and that all spiritual paths are equal…

Our perception of God as an entity outside of us is the belief that is at the root of all of our troubles.  This idea separates the observer [you and I] from the essence of creation herself.  This adopted belief diminishes our creative power to make manifest our ideals and hopes.  We ignore an aspect of our personal autonomy becuase we deny what we inherently are.

Reconstructing a New Relationship with God

There is no one true religion.  There are no “chosen people.”  No prophet is the greatest prophet.  YOU are the prophet of your life.  You are the chosen one for YOUR journey. 

God has been communicating with, and through, ALL people since the beginning of time.  This connection fuels our intuition, our sense of profound humility, and the knowingness that we are all apart of the “god matrix” living in oneness.  If we want world peace we need to be brave and reassess our relationship with God.

It is time to listen to all of each other, feel each other, and realize that we are one collective organism, one collective culture of peoples.  Our differences become illusory and petty in comparison to the profound realization of our likeness.  If we can open our heart and tolerate others while respecting the fact that their belief is divine to them and it brings them a sense of their own self worth we have made larger our belief structures.  This sense of acceptance and tolerance is of ultimate importance if we are to create a more peaceful society.

It does not matter whether you have a “religious” out look or an “atheistic” one, we all believe in something.  And if we want harmony we must be humble and ask ourselves “Is my vision of reality really better than anyone else’s vision?”  In response to the question we are given the opportunity to observe how influential our ego has become in the experience of our life.  But more importantly, we are given the opportunity to heal ourselves through our humbling and awesome awareness.  Recalibrating ourselves to the vibrations of Earth awareness, communal sensitivity, and compassion for all, brings us in touch with the godliness that is within each one of us.

Creating the new age requires radically changing our way of life.  I say we start by observing our beliefs.

About the Author

Christopher Renzo is a life coach and writer who specializes in helping others get in touch with their source of inner power and confidence to create a more harmonious life. He has been working with clients in a professional manner since 2009 and has been helping people with his intuitive gifts ever since he was a teenager. He holds the notion that once people understand the root of their troubles from a psychological and spiritual perspective, they can break free from the conditions that bound them to a life of discontent. Born and raised in the New York Metropolitan area, Christopher now resides in Berkeley, California. Please visit his excellent blog, Keen Awareness.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • Gina

    Great article. Right on!

  • Libby Tarian

    By the way – I think god is love but god is not just love. God is more than that. Love is an element of god. But god creates carnivores that rip the throats out of prey animals. That’s survival, that’s life, but that’s not love. Love is a beautiful element of life but life is full of things that are essential to survival that are not love. God is “life” which has a far greater reality than just love. But maybe this is all semantics because who can define love? But generally I think we can all agree, it doesn’t mean pain, suffering and death. But those things are part of life. Agreed, if you want to split hairs, the suffering of sickness can be bitter medicine to bring you around to healthier choices that eventually save your life so in a way it’s love but that’s just the duality of equal and opposite reactions and ergo – reality, but lets not get confused with analysis paralysis – there shouldn’t be any pride taken in that.

    The binding consciousness of life, otherwise called god by many if not most humans, is primarily a driving life force, within which love, pain and even death reside in order for the whole to be balanced. I think the belief that god is love has done us great harm because it disarms us in the the sense that anything not deemed loving is labelled ungodly. If you want to be only a defenseless prey animal, it’s fine to hug predators looking for prey just like you, but don’t forget, abusive predators need deterrents to make them think twice. Even herbivores have defenses. Most herbivores will not hesitate to kick you in the face if they feel the need to – if you threaten them. Do you really think you are not responsible for helping teach predators to hesitate. They will still take their kill but they will not grow fat on them. It’s the excess that is a problem. This is what allows abuse to run rampant. So does cheap forgiveness. Forgiveness is earned by the transgressor. Cleansing another persons toxic conscience is way outside the scope of anyone else – although some desire to flatter themselves they can do this in the hope and bad habit of wanting to believe someone else will do it for them when they lack the courage to face their own issues, their own burdens that they put on themselves by ignoring their inner guide.

    Absolution is a personal path that requires work. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There are no cheap deals and there are no shortcuts. When people say you need to forgive people what they really mean is you need to let go of being angry and that’s fine if that’s what you need to do. But that’s not forgiveness and sometime you need to be angry to take action. A certain amount or outrage is necessary for motivation at times. Each of us must judge what we can handle and what’s appropriate and we will each have consequences for those decisions. Life is fair. It may not seem that way if you only account for the physical consequences but far more important consequences are felt spiritually. Fragmentation of your consciousness is the most common price, which combined with deadening and cutting yourself off from your internal connection to everything else is the ultimate price. Because without connection you suffer and some postulate that you can cease to exist – but I am not going to say what I think about that.

    Letting go is detachment and that’s fine, but that’s totally different from forgiveness. It’s a pity when people are confused and do not know how to clean their own house. Forgiveness is of no value unless it is between you and yourself. Your opinion of yourself is the bottom line – nobody else’s opinion trumps that. Because without holding yourself in high regard by earning your own self respect, you have nothing. Everything about you that you value can be taken but nobody can rob you of your own self assessment. I know much if not most of what I’m saying will be hotly contested and I’m not writing to those people. I am lighting a part of the path you are nowhere near so it’s of no value. We can only light the way for people who are right next to us – people who are close on the same path or someone genuinely looking for a new path – an event then, it’s only a signpost, not an entire map. Nobody has that, although religion would like to sell you one.

    Nobody can walk that path for you, and if anyone could carry you, you would miss the journey and grow fat and unhealthy. We all need the exercise. Nobody can take the weight, the blisters, the thirst and hunger and fear and loneliness on some phases of that path from your experience and if they did, they would deprive you of the learning you need from it.

    We are all alone and yet connected at the same time. We all take life to survive, even vegetarians, and we are all loving and giving at times and we are all hurtful to others at times. You cannot be alive without consuming other lives. That is the deal here on this plane. And for those who think talking about “planes” is new age hocus pocus, it’s really not different from a reality withing a multiverse. Science and spirituality are not diametrically opposed. They affirm and complete each other.

    So I’ll reassert that god is life. It’s the balance of meeting life’s needs without excessively preying on any aspect within nature, including our own selves (excessive self sacrifice, martyrdom, excessive self vulnerability in the quest for spiritual superiority) that is key to personal spiritual cohesiveness. I will not call it peace. That again is an oversimplification and an idealistic dream to avoid the reality that at times life is painful and at times it must be. C’est la vie.

  • Rupert

    I Know, I See, I Speak, I Love, I Can, I Feel, I Have.

  • Sorry! I meant, Great article Chris!!

  • Great article Phil, and what’s important, the key thing to take from here, is to learn to connect with your higher self (“heart,” your connection with the Divine) and follow through with your inner guidance (intuition) promptly and consistently, because THAT experience more than any other will show you the way. (Rather than listening to the self-proclaimed “authorities,” as you mention in your article.)

    Because when you follow through with your inner guidance, when you “integrate with your higher self,” something will happen and you will experience some kind of result, which is a piece of the puzzle. Keep listening and following through and you will get many puzzle pieces that fit together. (Note that when you do this, many of the things you learn will be in direct contrast to what you were taught, by peers, society and institutions. Great!) Putting the puzzle pieces of truth together is how you “re-member.” By the way everyone, there is no shortcut to this, no way to avoid this process. You can’t just “connect with your heart” and everything all of a sudden is hunky-dory, you have to take the steps and follow through, you have to LIVE it.

    • Libby Tarian

      Christine and Suzanne point out that the answer is within. It’s not in logic. Your mind is the “receiver” of the answers not the source. The source is…god or whatever you want to call the organizing consciousness of reality. It’s whatever drives a bud to flower, and egg to hatch. The connection to that source is what some call god and others have names for it that physicists have ascribed to it. Regardless, if we choose to, we are connected. That requires trust and humility. Because when you know something because you are listening to your gut, you know truth from lies but you don’t know how, you just know – and every time you are proven right when you ignore it. It requires trust to listen to your intuition which guides you to take a different route home but makes you stop at a store you see and run into a friend you’ve been thinking about but don’t have a way of contacting. It takes trust because we are taught to be “proud” and competitive in our thinking abilities but thinking is not much more than computer data analysis. That’s fine and useful but the gut and intuition are sublime. But it takes trust and humility to take down the walls of your mind and let yourself see far beyond. You have to empty the cup to let it be filled. You have to empty your mind to let intuition and guidance from your god\nature given truthometer, your gut, guide you when your mind says “you can’t possibly have any way of knowing that so don’t listen to your gut and ignore your intuition and take pride in my mental superiority”. It takes trust. They say pride is the gateway sin because pride makes people wall themselves off from what connects us all to the greater consciousness.

      I agree – there is no shortcut to awareness – which far surpasses mental capacity. Awareness is earned, through swallowing pride and daring to be open and respect what you know inside and having the courage to know it despite outside influences trying to bully and intimidate you into allowing them to lead you…astray…so they can collect religious tithes\taxes\collection plate money from you in return for you not having to make decisions on your own, in return for you absolving yourself of all responsibility for your value set. And when you feel uncomfortable about that they tell you to follow them harder and you will be redeemed and you won’t have consequences for your choice to hand control over to them (and pay them for it to boot). You wash your hands of the simple truth that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and they reassure you that’s correct by telling you that you don’t need to worry if you feel uncomfortable (when you gut and intuition screams at you it’s wrong) because “they” will broker your relationship with god and “they” only need a few coins on Sunday or 10% of your income, to seal the deal.

      Religion is a business. Nothing more, nothing less. Jesus supposedly said it himself when asked. He said nobody needs to abandon their families and work and follow him. He said you don’t need to go to synagogue. He said “the body is the temple of the spirit – keep the temple clean and the spirit will reside within”.

      How do you keep your temple clean lol. If the spirit resides within, then maybe it would be a good idea to listen to it. It’s as simple as that.

      And finally, in the words of Peter Gabriel – “You’ve got to get in, to get out”.

      I would like to say happy journeys to everyone but the truth about life is, it’s fair. Nothing is gained that is not earned. Some prizes require great sacrifices that you will sob over – but they are worth it in the end. So a journey that is not dull is what I wish for all seekers. A dull journey is a journey with few memories or learnings.

      I don’t proof my posts so I apologize for typos. That way I don’t second guess myself. That’s the first step in trusting. Peace.

  • Corona FM

    Great article Chris, thanks. Indeed we can’t afford to fool ourselves any longer if we really want to achieve peace on earth, it’s about time! isn’t it? It does takes a lot of courage to face one’s self, but it has to be done, that’s the only war worth fighting I think, if we can call it that.

  • Lynx

    This article captures the spiritual/religious dilemma a 100%.I understand when other people don’t get it because its far ahead of time in terms of peoples current perception of what is and whats not.Its brilliant.

  • who can define the creator? Has anyone ever clearly defined what god is and how we can understand it in 2013?

    • I’d like to define what god is and how we can understand it.

      The mental images held most frequently on the mind of Mankind dictate the manifestations of the quantum field (god) into this holographic reality. Our most common daydreams create our reality individually and collectively, good or bad.

      The quantum field is a servo-mechanism that assumes if you dream of a thing often, you must want it in your future, good or bad. It doesn’t qualify (judge). It only quantifies our daydreams. It’s the only true democracy and it’s happening in everyone’s mind all day long every day.

      To make a better world, We must begin to edit our negative daydreams and author more positive ones. And, We all must decide on one common daydream of a positive future that’s exactly alike. And, We must dream that more often than any opposing image, like the NWO nightmare.

      Send your email address to al.smith@majorityvoice.org for “How We Create Reality,” the free, esoteric knowledge (universal law) that the banksters most pray you’ll never know. It’s the law they use against us through fear to covertly force us to unwittingly help them manifest their NWO nightmare. And, their plan is right on track, because Humanity is ignorant of this simple truth.

      And, as for equality, we are truly different. Yet from a cosmic perspective, We are all valued alike, because each of us is an extension of god experiencing life differently.

  • wolf27

    stopped reading when i came across the 6 million holocaust propoganda. interesting ideas though.

  • The truth is out there

    I disagree with the author humanity has never been in control of anything on this level. In fact the controllers of Earth are not even human but reptilian. This and the nature of their consciousness which are demonic explains some of their actions and policies and why they support the global depopulation agenda.

  • Equality is an issue of perspective. If you are tribal, then those within your tribe are equal, while those outside are different. Nationally, your countrymen are your equals and the neighboring country folk are unalike.

    From this angle, Chris’ point makes sense in the noblest of ways because he is looking at humanity from a perspective grand enough to view us all as equal. Ken Wilbur explains in great detail how human beings are capable of expanding their consciousness in order to view life from more inclusive perspectives as this. In other words, the ability to look out amongst the whole of mankind and view all of us as equal is a quality of expanded consciousness and higher perspective.

    However, in a materialistic paradigm, physical attributes like right hand/left hand or skin color are glaringly unequal. So, Phil is right, as all people are different physically, socially, and culturally, just as no two snowflakes are the same. Here, there is no such thing as equality. There is nothing inherently wrong with this view point, it is simply not what Chris experiences.

    In a big way, this is where the rubber meets the road for all of us ‘new age-ey’ thinkers. We’ve somehow, someway, been able to experience something magnificent in our lives which rings more true than materialistic divisiveness, and we are left with an overwhelming sense that larger consciousness is a higher function of human thinking.

    So in a sense, you’re both right, and everybody wins. How’s that for a happy communistic grand finale?

  • Dan

    Quite a turbulent few responses i see. Well , i was wondering, if i were to have many children then surely i would have the capacity to love them equally. Love in this sense has to be equal, the same goes for my parents, i love them both equally, not one gets more or less than the other. Equal amounts of love to all who read this 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughtful and well-written article, Chris. I also think organised religions mainly use fear and guilt to control followers because if people choose to think for themselves and follow their heart and intuition, these organised religions or institutions will lose their control and influence over them.

    So I think it is important for people to realise that God is love, and love is not confined to any religion or belief system. Love frees people from fear and guilt, and unites humanity as one.

    Peace and blessings.

  • p3

    the pope? r u crazy?

  • dimitri

    Thank you Phil for delivering the bad news.

    Chris Renzo’s position, though perhaps heartfelt, is naive and/or similar to the equality preached by hard core communists. And we all know where that ends up. Or do we? After all, this country cheerfully reelected a hard core communist to its highest office.

    “Unification” and “Oneness” promotions fall into the same category as communist equality.

    — As one of the crop circles from 2010 in England was interpreted: “Beware bearers of false promises….”

    • Dimitri, It is naive only if you have lost faith in humanity and our ability to organize a new way of life autonomously of any government, or authority. I am not talking about communism, becuase the article asks people to question and create on their own belief structure that puts compassion first, puts unity first, as opposed to this dog eat dog world we live in now. The idea may seem naive only becuase it is idealistic, but if we keep creating the same way, within the same system, we will have the same results. No government is going to save us, only we can. Communities need to stand up…locally. And each voice needs to be heard…but heard around the voice that is best for all. We need to act in ways that benefits the community of humanity. And we are currently on a destructive path. It needs to be something we do becuase we decide to do it. Not becuase we are forced into it.

      • Chris, regarding “if you have lost faith in humanity.” I think a better question is whether I have lost faith in Life itself. Do I entertain the idea that the experiences in “my life” do have some kind of “purpose,” that is, happen for the benefit of “my” (and Life’s) continued growth and unfoldment? If that’s true for me, is it also true for the infinitely various multitude of life forms apparently around me? If I begin to accept that it is, then my mission would seem to be to work on my attitude about my experiences and stop holding onto my victim identity(s). If it’s true that Life itself, from which “I” am not separate, has a purpose, then even our “destructive path” must be part of the process.

  • @ Phil, I agree with Dan as well. We are inherently united and I love you to. @ Susanne, thank you for sharing your personal experience. I will look more into what you posted. @ Abinico, I do not think anyone here needs to speak in a patronizing tone. The is the antithesis of the message this article tried to convey. It tried to point out that each persons approach, understanding, and experience with God is Unique and different. In regards to your idea about duality, I feel that God is all these things which you speak of, but God is evil becuase we create evil. If we do not take responsibility for our actions we will never evolve to a place of peace [a place of Heaven on Earth]. God, to me, is something that cannot be fully understood with the mind. This does not mean we should abandon the teachings of the spiritual scriptures either. I also do believe that God lives through us, and in this gift of life, we are given the ability to transcend this duality. Duality is only “inherent” so far as we believe it is and continue to create it here on Earth. I respect you and your opinions and there is no need for any one to speak in ways which attempt to insult to commenter. We are all equal here.

  • susanne

    Many years ago i felt lost, alone in the world and confused, that night i got on my knees and prayed for the truth to come and lead me out of confusion. The next day i found a book (even though i had never been educated or read a book)It blew me away, my life changed overnight and i have been so blessed ever since. The book taught me that the living god dwells within and is waiting to talk to us through the wordless word when our mind is stilled. To know more see fhu. com or see Roy Masters cure stress excersise on youtube or cure stress .org Miracles are very real…

  • abinico warez

    Chris, you obviously do not understand the duality of GOD; God is both good and evil. And then there’s the trinity, but you are far from ready for that concept.

  • Dan

    Phil, Personally I think the article is highlighting the problem of division and the harmony of unification with every thing / one in this world. Id like to think that we are harmoniously unified – yeah you and I Phil. I love you.

    • Phil

      This is exactly the problem. You would like to think that what is not possible is attainable. I can reach out and hold a hand. However that mental, then physical action, does not make my hand and the hand that I am holding unified. They are still separate expressions of mind and matter agreeing to come together. The One is the indivisible Whole. The one has no equal. Logic is divine use it. Your mind and body are part of the the whole of you. The whole of you is trillions of differentiated space, preforming different actions for its place.
      Peace and harmony to you.

      • Phil

        There is no harmony in unification. Go to a symphony and see if every one is playing the same instrument with the same hands. There is only harmony in separated reality agreeing to preform simultaneously.

        • Yes, but it is the melody that is harmonious and beautiful. And yes the symphony has multiple people playing different instruments, playing different notes, but in their unity they create beauty. That is how duality and unison can exist in the same experience. And the decisive factor here is that the intention to play together, in unison, listening to each other, creating together is what creates a masterpiece. If everyone just played whatever they wanted it would not sound right. And so it seems that this metaphor applies to what we are speaking about. If we cannot listen to each other, have compassion for each other, and realize that we are one symphony of humanity existing together we will not create a masterpiece [peace on Earth]. We are having a debate about semantics. The separated reality is the only reality that can create harmony, but it is separate only in our isolation, and we create harmony when we realize that although we are separate we are unified, one human race living on this planet. If we do not act as one we are destructive. All individuals [the separateness] needs to realize the unity if we are going to progress. And the point of the article is that although we may come from different faiths we need to focus on what unifies us rather than what divides us if we are going to progress and evolve.

  • Phil

    Equality is not obtainable for it does not and never will exist. The sooner one comes to the Truth of the individuality of Nature the faster one creates harmony. Equality is a lie, and when one seeks to create a world of lies destruction will ensue. You are not equal to me, as your right hand is not equal to your left. Quit trying to deny fact and experience life in the present moment of truth.

    • Phil, describe to me what you mean when you say that “we are not equal” or that “our right hands are not equal to our left hands.” And how is Equality a lie. Can we not be different and equal at the same time? Different in our culture, beliefs, and looks, but same in our stature as “sons and daughters of the stars, the cosmos, and God?”

      • Phil

        Equality does not exist it is a fictitious idea, based in lies, with the intention and purpose of deception. We are physical beings and in the physical world we form ideas about the meaning of being. Nothing absolutely nothing in the physical world is equal. Evey atom holds its own space in its own place. No you can not be different and equal at the same time. You are not me. I am not you. Neither should be treated equally, and can not be treated equally. Your actions in life are your own, making your reality what it is. I wrote this today if you need more thought.


        • I think that “reality” is much more paradoxical than your view can possibly admit. The “physical” world apparently exists as an infinite variety of distinct forms. However, they are ALL ultimately unstable, and nowhere can you find an absolutely determinable boundary between any of them. On inquiry it becomes evident that the conceptual boundaries I see are based on “my” interpretations, which seem to constantly shift. The vital question is: what, exactly is perceiving these forms? Perhaps That Which is Perceiving in me is equal to That Which is Perceiving in you. And by the way, I’d suggest that all “ideas” are ultimately fictitious – useful but only crude maps that at best approximate aspects of the territory they purport to describe.

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