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By: Linda Wed, 26 Jun 2013 04:41:57 +0000 Great article Chris! The insanity that prevails will only change when enough of us make the shift to the heart. So love – yes. It might sound airy fairy, but the truth is – love is the force that CONNECTS. What we have here, on the planet is a massive DISCONNECT. The wealthy and the rest of us. Demockery – haha, good one. That is it exactly. The illusion of democracy. The reason? we find ourselves being controlled by rampant ego-maniacs. These people are sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, ruled completely by fear and ego.The good hearts are filtered out, they don’t get to the top, to positions of power. Love is the opposite of fear and it is fear (and its agent, the ego) that has created the ‘situation’ we find ourselves in. It isn’t our fault – there are agendas at work here that were put in place eons ago. However, it IS part of our evolution to be here now, at this crucial time – where fear and ego have taken us to rock bottom. Now our task is to come together, replacing competition with cooperation, disconnection with connection, and fear, with love – and to create, together, a new earth. It’s a mission – that’s for sure. Coming together is crucial – and this we are seeing, all over the world. So there is cause for optimism. It WILL happen. But it may take a total collapse of the existing order first. At least we know we are infinite beings.

By: Al Smith Mon, 31 Dec 2012 21:47:19 +0000 “Federation of Europe” could be named United States of Europe or “666.”

By: Rachel Sat, 29 Dec 2012 23:33:30 +0000 I think you misunderstand what the author means by this necessity for ‘love’. So many people already know about how corrupt and screwed up the world has become, but do not know what to do, and lack the strength to do whatever that is.

The idea of love being key is based on the understanding that with love comes a connection to our true self who is very strong and knows just what to do–not based on logical reasoning alone, or even the need to think, but just to act in an instant, everytime perfectly, understanding what needs to be understand every instant, perfectly, in a way that is completely untouchable by the simplicity of our mundane thinking brains and purein essence, truly perfect, flawless.

Simple reasoning with logic cannot even touch this type of reasoning, this power, this “love”. Music teaches it, dancing…art that improvises, life that improvises, words, poetry. That is what I think the author means. Love makes things better, the whole world better, the more love, the better the world, the more love, the better the “government” (or “anarchy”).

By: DarkStarAz Sat, 29 Dec 2012 21:41:20 +0000 “…the rich live a decadent lifestyle…” Per cpita the wealthy are no more decadent than the middle class or those in poverty. Probably less so.

By: Anthony Clifton Fri, 28 Dec 2012 19:45:08 +0000 the first democracy was a paid mob screaming “CRUCIFY HIM” ….


although they were not voting…or speaking in “Yiddish”…

learning a little history and using a little common sense would eventually lead to Men loving their children enough to find out the Truth…GET THE FACTS {straight}….and do what is Righteous.

Jesus declares in Matthew 13 the “workers of iniquity” will be rounded up and put in a fiery furnace…

True conclusions are only reached using true information, it is no mystery really that the Truth haters print the currency, own the media and operate a kosher crackhouse called CONgress…

one can “tolerate” a rabid pit bull mauling a child for only a short period of time…{no offense to pitbulls intended}

By: Al Smith Fri, 28 Dec 2012 05:41:27 +0000 Great comment!

One of the first things People will do when We get real democracy started is to apprehend the banksters (all predators) who unlawfully own the so-called “free” world and Us, confiscate their stolen quadrillions of Our wealth and redistribute it directly and equally to their victims: the People. That should kick start the global economy that they destroyed and enable children to play outside again. See my comment below.

By: Al Smith Fri, 28 Dec 2012 05:26:20 +0000 What We call democracy today makes a mockery of very concept of democracy. So, I call it demockery.
Real democracy will be a publicly owned and controlled, interactive system designed to transparently define and fulfill the true will of the Governed regarding anything that affects them. As the Peoples’ will is publicly defined, it will automatically begin to manifest.

The claim that democracy has ever been a reality is pure propaganda. We, the over-governed, certainly never made the democratic decisions to have continuous war, to widen the wealth gap, to institutionalize crime, to incorporate government or Us or to reward the banksters with trillions of dollars for sabotaging the global economy as their banks continuously foreclosed Our homes in which they had NO INVESTMENT whatsoever.

Having our friends and neighbors rule Us will certainly be infintely better than leaving Our rule in the very hands of the few psychotic banksters who’re waging their secret, eternal War On Us with every conceivable covert weapon. After all, only We will always have Our best interests at heart. Only We can’t be bought off or extorted! Our will CAN be done at long last!

It’s time to try out genuine democracy ~ Our unity ~ our masters worst nightmare. We’ll run things Our selves… but from our easy chairs at Our convenience from our personal reality control consoles at‘s Issue Forum System or some system like it. Let’s responsibly assume our rightful power, create real democracy, get reality firmly under Our control and ensure peace, justice, security and prosperity for Posterity! (And, you better come along to make sure it’s done right.)

By: kris Thu, 27 Dec 2012 12:06:08 +0000 I’m not into this love-and-light stuff. What’s needed is a complete turf-out of self-interested politicians and a cleansing of all seats of government all round the planet. There is oodles of money stashed away in huge accounts, controlled by the wealthy 1%, while the rest of us have to work and pay taxes, or receive benefits if working opportunities have been destroyed. Of course, many receive nothing at all.
I’m not in America, but Europe, where smug politicians are driving towards “harmonisation”, a trick designed to convince the people of Europe that they should unite as one country, despite the massive differences in culture, economy and language. Such unity is actually communism, where everyone is reduced to the lowest common factor; personal aspiration is squashed, individuality frowned on and legislated against. The enforcement of “equality”, so that people have no gender, no identity, no recognition as male or female; where husband and wife are words being eliminated, as are mother and father, as “equality” rips through the institution of marriage and the churches.
A Europe where the nation-state is being vilified and people are fed weasel-worded propaganda to brainwash them into worshipping the federation of Europe as an ideal country, with their “masters” in control in Brussels.

I hate it all. Don’t bang on about love and compassion saving the world. It won’t. It will only be useful AFTER we’ve got rid of all the lying control-freaks that currently run our lives, and that will need force; violence if need be. THEN money will be released and THEN the mending can start.