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Official Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Study Finally Being Done

Suzanne Humphries, MD, Green Med Info
Waking Times

Parents say vaccines cause autism and autoimmune diseases and many other acute or chronic disease. The question is: is there any truth to this? How many kids have avoidable chronic illness as a result of vaccines?

One way to find out would be to compare vaccinated children with unvaccinated children. The pro-vaccine say of such a study, “it can’t be done,” for various spurious reasons. But is the bottom line that such a study could possibly bring the whole childhood vaccine schedule into question? If unvaccinated children were shown to be healthier, might vaccination rates fall?

Should a comparative study show that that the rate of autism in unvaccinated is significantly less than the rate among vaccinated children, might the Government have to pay a couple of billion to provide these injured people the compensation they deserve?

Those of us who have only been able to provide lip service can now support it, and help to make it happen. The study will look at several potential health differences, and if it is properly done and statistically sound, with results that show vaccinated children suffer the same mental and physical illness that the unvaccinated do, I will concede the argument.

If we all chip in to raise the million US dollars it will take to hire the personnel, do the distribution of questionnaires, analyze the data, and everything in between, the study can be completed.

The lead investigator and the creators of the questionnaire are highly qualified to conduct the study. The lead investigator is a visiting professor in the School of Health Sciences at Jackson State University, has MPH and DrPH degrees in epidemiology from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and an MA in sociology from the University of Essex (UK).

The study already has ethics approval and is ready to roll.

Here is a short radio clip discussing the lack of such a study thus far, and some other information on the childhood vaccination program.

All it needs is funding.

As you can imagine, there are no pharmaceutical or government agencies rushing to donate to the cause of answering some of the very questions now being asked in congress today. We need answers, and those answers will only arrive by doing this study.

Some of the bigger organizations who question vaccines are not donating, so it’s up to us. If you long to know the answer as much as I do, please donate something, even five dollars, to help make it happen.

If you don’t donate anything then please don’t whine about how your kid has no way out of the vaccine schedule, about how there is vaccine after vaccine added every few years, about how nobody listens and the medical profession says there is no proof that numerous medical conditions correlate with the number of vaccines given in a lifetime.

If you don’t get on board then consider that you have just capitulated to, and joined the Paul Offits of the world.

The study is called, “Vaccination Status and Health Outcomes among Homeschool Children.” Research is being done by epidemiologists at Jackson State University.The pilot study involved four states. That data has not been fully analyzed. The upcoming study will be nationwide in the USA.

The proposal for the study states: “This study concerns a major current health question: namely, whether vaccination is linked in any way to children’s long-term health. Vaccination is one of the greatest discoveries in medicine, yet little is known about its long-term impact. The objective of this study is to evaluate the effects of vaccination by comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children in terms of a number of major health outcomes, including asthma, autism, diabetes, and learning disability.

The study involves a partnership between Jackson State University (JSU), Jackson, MS and the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), Salem, OR, which has long been involved in research on homeschool education…This study has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board of Jackson State University.”

The specific aims are

  1. To test the hypothesis that there are no significant differences in prevalence rates of selected chronic illnesses (ADHD, allergy, asthma, autism, type 1 diabetes, learning disability, and seizures) between vaccinated and unvaccinated homeschool children ages 6-12 years, after controlling for potential confounding factors; and
  2. To determine what factor or combination of factors, including vaccination history, is most strongly associated with the selected conditions.

Preliminary research has shown that about 15% of homeschool children are unvaccinated. Since there are 1-2 million such children in the U.S., homeschoolers are an ideal group for this study. Families will be contacted through homeschool organizations via a partnership established between the investigators at Jackson State University and the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), Salem, OR. NHERI will contact and inform homeschool organizations nationwide about the study.

The leaders of these organizations will in turn encourage their members to participate in the study by accessing a designated website. Mothers will be asked to use their children’s vaccination records and to record physician-diagnosed illnesses. The accumulated data will be checked for accuracy and completeness and analyzed using SAS (SAS Institute, Cary, NC, version 9.2).

The study has been underway for 1 year. The researchers have 2 years to go and they need your support to finish the work, namely: They need 900,000 more dollars.

If you think it is worthy please donate now. If more than one million dollars is collected it will be put toward follow up studies to deepen understanding on this most important issue.

Some questions have come in regarding this blog and the study. Here is a FAQ document with much more information.

About the Author

Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a conventionally educated medical doctor who has taken the walk into, around, and out of the allopathic paradigm. She fully and successfully participated in the conventional system for 19 years, witnessing first-hand how that approach fails patients and creates new disease time and again. Prior to medical school, she earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Rutgers University.

Dr. Humphries is on the board of directors of the International Medical Council on Vaccination. She lives in Maine, USA.

Visit her website is

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  • Kate

    I socialise with a group of families and we all have kids. Mine is the only unvaccinated.
    The rest ….. 2 kids have chronic asthma, 1 just mild asthma and have been hospitalised countless times between the three, 1 had a confirmed case of whooping cough, one has allergies to many things, 1 had pneumonia, and they have all had more antibiotics than I can count. My 3.5yr old has has antibiotics 2x since birth and my 8 mth old has had RSV which caused broncolitis and was hospitalised for a week only needing Panadol 2x the whole time. There is your study right there.

  • Ruby

    An interesting study and interesting comments, much to consider around this issue. As a woman hoping to begin having children soon, I am trying to educate myself on this subject in order to make educated decisions. Am I missing something or does this page not have a link at which to donate? It seems that they are not exposing new children to vaccines for the sake of the study but asking the parents of already vaccinated children to share their medical histories, is this correct?

    • Kate

      I agree where is the link to donate did we miss it?

  • Tom (another)

    if the medical industry wants our personal and insurance checks to cash, drugs and vaccines MUST be proven to be safe and effective. otherwise, they are selling defective goods.

  • jeff king

    If all the vaccines are so great, then let’s force all the private schools to give them out too.As well as forcing every member of Congress to take them as well. The rich a**holes of the world never take the medicine they claim is so good for us.

  • Al

    “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”
    Russell, Bertrand. The Impact of Science on Society. 1951.

    Wake up good people.

  • Mr Bean

    There’s a special place in hell for the ones that know yet the truth yet are still promoting these things

    they’ve destroyed countless lives and caused misery in countless fmailies… almost seems like something coming from satan himself

  • adam

    I’m surprised a medical doctor doesn’t see the sticky moral issues with using children as test subjects in a study that could have life-or-death consequences. Moreover, you fail to identify which vaccines specifically that you have a problem with. They all have different ingredients, so railing against “vaccines” in general is like claiming that all vitamins should be avoided. Patently ridiculous.

    And for those of you who think the Amish are the picture of health, it’s called “diagnosis bias.” If one is less likely to seek medical treatment, then to the outside world one may take on the appearance of being healthy even when the opposite is true.

  • How can injecting mercury into infants not be harmful?
    How can injecting genetic material from monkeys, cows, sheep, chickens and pig into infants not be harmful?
    How can injecting live, dangerous viruses into infants not be harmful?
    How can anyone justify doing this for any reason except greed and a total disregard for human life?

  • Boldhawk

    As well intentioned as the study proposed may be it’s backwards, as the public is NOT required to take vaccines to prove they don’t work.

    The study should be conducted by such group/third party by examining the information the FDA used to approve the use of vaccines, and present the result of their study to indicate that insufficient data has been presented, and thus the FDA was out of bounds in their approval; not to mention that even if they did work, citizens should still not be compelled to take them, just like they are not obligated to take any other medicine prescribed by either a medical practitioner or a government entity.

    That’s the issue to deal with, and not go about subjecting a whole lot more people to take vaccines to prove then don’t work.

  • Laurie

    The proof is already known by studing the Amish is one good example…IF these vaccinations were as safe as BIG PHARMA states they are they would be rushing into a study to prove their case…but, they don’t…to me that is the same as guilty in my books….autism has grown epidemic as the same rate as the vaccinations have increased…they go hand in hand…the medical health system is broken due to a bunch of greedy liars holding the reins…

  • jc

    There are 2 populations that prove this without needing a “study”.

    1. The AMISH.

    2. several thousand children that were part of health south insurance ?

    Whoever could do this study would have to be vetted carefully. Too much riding on the outcome. GMO studies have not been done, the recent ones were so horrible, the MSM did not touch it with a barge pole.

    Look the jig is up, people know in their guts and their hearts that the whole vaccine industry is behind this damage to kids, families and lives.

    • Anonymous

      not just Amish, other populations do this with wonderful results oldest child to the youngest never received 1 shot-nothing wrong with them, healthy, strong, never sick- not even the common cold, when others got the chicken pot they never did, they also have great eating habbits they are vegans.

  • Pringle

    You want the public to pay for this study? The government spends about 12 Billion a week to prosecute the illegal and immoral wars in order to kill innocent people – let them spend a paltry 1 million for this study.

    And I can help you for free – there are NO cases of autism in non-vaccinated children.

  • alberto

    The results are already in! Suppressed but in. No Vaccination populations such as Amish, Seventh Day Adventists, etc., autism, ADHD are virtually unknown.

  • Mad Angel on FB

    Don’t we already pay enough for this with our tax $$?

    Hold the FDA’s and the USDA’s feet to the fire….THIS IS THEIR JOB!

  • Deborah

    The fact is that when I was a child authism NEVER existed. This is 100% proof that the “drug companies” are experimenting with children for years.
    Parents MUST revolt…do NOT give your children these shots.
    If you love them then say NO.

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