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In The Face of Tragedy What We Focus On Defines Our Priorities, Expands Our Consciousness

Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease
Waking Times

When we hear mainstream news reporting on violent tragedies at home or overseas, why is the only focus on the act itself and its perpetrator(s)? Especially for those incidents where many pass on– why do we not place a greater importance in remembering those who gave their lives so we could learn, rather than creating drama and promoting the emotional burden of the event? The Earth is moving beyond dimensional realities that have restricted our awareness to polarity and victim-perpetrator relationships. Where we place our focus moving forward is paramount and will define our priorities while expanding our state of consciousness.

Our inner awareness of thoughts, emotions, memories, images all reflect in our reality. When extreme acts of violence occur within this reality, they may often be exploited and used to change or further reinforce our current level of awareness.

For example, there are thousands of innocent children who die every day in the midst of many wars and economic turmoil initiated by the same politicians who hypocritically demand the disarming of their own citizens due to mass shootings such as those that recently took place in Colorado and Connecticut. The lives lost overseas are just as cherished and significant as those on our own soil, yet the distortions in the media neglect to make those comparisons so that a segment of consciousness echo that distortion.

The focus is always on the perceived evil that men do. There is never an emphasis on remembering the actual victims or their names, only the gunmen and the image of how they are portrayed in the media. Despite many of these gunmen passing on themselves, they continue to be vilified, persecuted and chastised for months and even years after the fact. They represent the continuous creation of evil entities that serve as symbols for a malevolent purpose.

We have been conditioned to ignore the thousands of children who die every day at the expense of what politicians claim is freedom, yet an opportunity is never missed to exploit the deaths that can easily bind to an emotional objective and serve a political function.

The majority agree to these psychological tactics, otherwise they would not exist. With the consent of the majority, there are great powers on Earth that influence the movement of this psychological conditioning which ultimately defines human behavior and our culture. We have accepted this conditioning so that many souls on Earth may influence a change in their vibrational alignment.

The powers that be are also wise to our ascension. They are holding on to the old world because they think they can stop the wave of positivity that is surrounding the Earth. They can’t, but they still must try with the only tools they know creating choas, fear and control.

We have all programmed ourselves into believing that there are actually victims and perpetrators. All you are seeing is perspective. The entire universe is created from projected frequencies which change the vibrational states of all things including people. There are only transmitters of these vibrational states and their receivers. The finest components of our DNA are designed to receive these frequencies and our biology responds to them.

The vibrational universe empowers us. If we do not enjoy the status of our lives, we can transform how we think and feel and the universe will respond. In a vibrational universe, there are no victims, only matching vibrations. Therefore, the victim of a crime is as much responsible for the experience as the perpetrator. It may be an offensive and outrageous statement to many, but it is fully supported by the laws of the universe.

These universal laws continue to be aggressively denied, but the scales are tipping at a phenomenal pace. The only reason the mainstream media continues to have voice in the hearts and minds of people is that the great powers of Earth (of which we are a part of) understand how to manipulate a segment of mass consciousness into maintaining a specific vibration that suits the status quo, but that is reversing itself.

We are making huge strides in our ability to see beyond polarity consciousness and understand that we are all connected, including those who are the perpetrators of mass shootings and what we consider to be their victims. They are all a unit formed under a contractual obligation to provide services to one another–to expand consciousness on a scale much greater than ever imagined.

We May Not Need Any Drama To Change The Earth 

When will the next world war begin? When will the global economy implode? When will the next event occur that assaults human rights on a territorial scale? Perhaps all, some or none of these things will happen. We’re all deciding right now. One of the things many who are ascending have hoped for is drama. Many of us have thought that a match must be lit and a bomb must explode for profound changes to occur and the rest of humanity who we consider to be in an “altered state of consciousness” to wake up. Not necessarily.

We are processing enough things on an individual level that no major events may need to occur collectively for people to increase their vibration. The high drama may not be required at all. Time will tell, but things would be far worse on the planet right now, with many more devastating wars and economic implosions if humanity was not breaking though individual milestones that are positively affecting the collective.

We must all look within ourselves for the solutions as it is the only place we will find them. Do you feel angry, powerless, victimized, fearful, controlled? It’s time to clear those emotions and understand how they have served you and what they taught you about the programs and vibrations you are holding. Once you realize this, you will instantly release those frequencies, change your vibration and put that out into collective consciousness so that others can benefit and absorb your formula on how YOU integrated these issues. You may then even serve as a template frequency and example for others.

We will never create any change outside of ourselves. The illusion of separation makes us believe that we can control or change other human beings. We can’t and we never will.

Change comes from within and until we start seeing ourselves connected to everyone and everything, we will continue to experience challenges to produce change.

Everything on Earth is perfect the way it is. If we didn’t want to experience this version of reality, we wouldn’t be here. We have all agreed to participate in a lower vibrational reality and have benefited from that choice. It has now evolved and led us to experience higher densities in the fourth realm and the opportunity to create higher frequencies and unlimited abundance.

When we begin altering our state of being from a position of victim to a postition of creation and start manifesting from a position of experimentation rather than observation, we will fundamenally change the dynamics of matter itself. How we interact with our world at that point will no longer be burdened by our emotions or victim-perpetrator relationships. That doesn’t mean we won’t have emotions, however they will no longer dictate how we see our world or each other. Our emotional range is becoming thinner and what awaits is an advanced processing from our heart center that has never been achieved in human form.

We’ve all picked a very good time to be on this planet. We’re all here for a reason and let’s just say we will all want to stick around for what’s coming around the corner.

About the Author

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

  • Angel

    Brilliant article! Thanks, Michael. It takes a long time to realize how our reality is being manipulated. We do not see because we have been conditioned to accept we are little and powerless. But we are not. Exactly right, that the clearing and processing we do on ourselves is reflected out there. A lovely little piece by Susan Jeffers, who recently passed on, outlines how everything we do is important, no matter what, as long as we do it with love. Cleaning the toilet, cooking a meal or making business decisions, if we realise we are all one then we do it with love, kindness and compassion.

    And the children in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq, Gaza or Syria are just as precious and important as those in our countries. Ban war and landmines, they kill more children than anything else.



  • Steve B.

    Some of the shit didn’t make sense. What it comes down to is you have to take care of your own kind and by that I mean your own race. Which means the different races should be separate. We can not live in racial harmony. It won’t work. It never has, because every race was brought into a country for their labor skills. The blacks were brought here in the USA and Brazil because of the hot conditions working the fields and when they were no longer needed they should have been sent back to Africa. The Jews come here everytime they had a failed revolution in Russia. Muslims and Asians come here for a better life. But their countries have so many people we just can’t take in even 5% of their people it would be 70 million Indians and 70 million CHinese and it wouldn’t make a dent in the populations of their ocuntries. But it’s a one way street. Damn few white people are moving to Aisa or India and even if they did they could suck up 20 million people like nothing.

    • Anonymous

      It may be an inconvenient truth but let me remind you, the land that you currently occupy did not and does not belong to any one race – if we are talking ownership then the indigenous peoples of the land you call America must take pride of place. What surprises me is that someone with the apparent intellectual capacity of an amoeba would take the time and trouble to read such an article. Were that I was less forgiving I would suggest that you crawl into a cave and die but fortunately I have every hope that if you continue to interact you might just absorp and metamorphise into a fully fledged human, so read on.

  • Steve B.

    The guy said those lives lost in other countries are just as precious I didn’t read the whole article, but what I read didn’t seem so bad. This country is controlled by Israel and it’s why right now there is so much war in the world. There will never be peace. We have no reason to fight. We can buy the oil. But this ocuntry likes to dump drugs on it’s people and that’s why we are at war and it’s nice if we can get their natural resources cheap. Everyone in the USA is equal from the honky to the lowest negro. But not when it comes to other countries. They are just animals to be exploited

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