Death and the After Life

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Waking Times 

Everyday in your sleep, nature provides you a tiny glimpse of death. Death is akin to sleep. Sleep provides you deep rest. Sleep heals you, comforts you, and makes you fresh for the next day. Similarly, death provides rest to your soul. What is death? It means dropping the past. You drop one body and get into another body. Everything in this universe is changing; everything is dying.

Death creates a void. When someone dies a vacuum is created suddenly, and being totally with that vacuum you know that you also are that vacuum. What are you? What is your life? It’s a total void. Not only is death a void, but life too is a void. This realisation is Nirvana.

Buddha said that life is a void and void is truth and that forms are illusive and they have no existence. The formless is the only existence and it governs the form. The mind is formless, and is it not the mind that is ruling your body? For example, is the body or the mind moving a car? It is the mind. If the mind is not in the body, the body alone cannot do anything… There is a greater formlessness overseeing entire Creation. You are the centre of that greater formlessness; whatever you call it.

In ancient days people were asked to meditate in burial grounds. This gave a sense of dispassion, a feeling of void so your mind did not wander. In meditation you realise that you are not just the body, but you are more than the body. This realisation annihilates the fear of death.

Some are afraid to go to bed. They fear they may not wake up. Knowledge of death will improve the quality of your life. It makes you stable and strong and roots out fear. The Self is beyond death; the knowledge makes you immortal rather, you become aware that you are immortal and that there is something in you which never dies. The first law of thermodynamics says that ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed’. Our mind is energy and thus it cannot be destroyed…

Why are some people born in violent environments and others in comfortable environments? These come from previous impressions. It doesn’t matter how your life has been, but the last thought is very important. You might have noticed the last thought in your mind before falling asleep will be the first thought when you wake up. Similarly, your last impression will be the first impression in your next life.

At the last moment, all we did in life will come to us in a flash. If you always do things that are life-supporting, the same impressions will carry on. That is why all human values, like friendliness and compassion are given great importance; they are investments for the future. The human body is precious because in this body you can carry as well as erase all negative impressions.

No one knows when their last moment is. When it comes, you cannot have a new impression; the last or strongest impression is what will pop up. In the Gita, Krishna says: “Look Arjuna, you don’t know, you never know when the last moment comes, so don’t wait for the last moment. All the time, keep me in your mind, and meditate to make that as the strongest impression.” So don’t wait for the last moment to have a good impression.

Source: Times of India

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  1. Susanne says:

    Try fhu, com for a long lost meditation that is lifechanging instantly.

  2. David says:

    Twaddle. When you’re dead that’s it, game over, lights out, kaboof! Gone. End.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Death is the opposite of life.

  4. Brownhawk says:

    Just because he was the Buddha doesn’t mean he possessed the ultimate Truth. I say this because it is important to make the distinction between what’s called “Enlightenment” and “Awakening”.

    If we consider Buddha to be enlightened, then I would ask what ‘light’ are we referring to here? Buddha was said to have had many incarnations before having broken through the life-death cycle, and I believe this was the case. But we are mistaken if we believe this to be a PREREQUISITE for doing so.

    True Awakening understands that this World, as it is presently constituted in its EXCLUSIVELY physical, thus MORTAL state infers that it has been imposed upon by an influence for which it serves to sanction a reality of death.

    The immutable Divine Intent is for the experience of Life only, and for death to be an anathema.

    I could go on and on, and in fact I have in the form of a fairly short e-book I wrote. Anyone interested can get it free by contacting me at:

  5. qoa says:

    Death is a requested sensation experienced at the end of the trial of life; for this life form is a trial, a test. Our death is the transition to another lifeform, provided you believe in it. Death is as alive as life itself. Both of them make up part of the Ark of covenants. As the divine Alpha and Omega said: I am the life, I have vanquished death; those who are living and enjoying capitalism are the living dead, for this strange life system is the devil itself desguised as a life system based upon the laws of gold, not the Sacred Scriptures.

  6. Hilary says:

    This article made a lot of sense to me…in fact I might look more into Buddhism. So, it is not the form which is the source of divine power (whatever it may be called)but the formless. But whatever brought about the formless must have had form. Or not! Just a thought. :-)

  7. Hilary says:

    I would argue that the mind is not althogether formless, as it is co-dependent on the brain and chemicals which have form, however as we cannot see the actual machinations of the mind as it works, just the end-result (being thought) it would make sense to deem the mind as ‘formless’.
    However, as i said earlier, the apparent formlessness of the greater whole must surely have a source which has form in order for the formless to create the divine energy source and of course life itself.

    Interestingly, Einstein said that “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”. Is there so kind of huge energy exchange occurring at the cosmic level, between differing forms? Still, something must have begun this colossal energy exchange whether it be divine or evolutionary. :-)

  8. Nicko says:

    Anybody who says death is “kaboof,” the end, that’s it, that’s all, kaput, lights out, etc., cannot be taken seriously. Firstly, they are speaking with an absolutely closed mind. Secondly, HOW THE *#%!\#* DO THEY KNOW? An open mind is the only way…

  9. martin burford says:

    death is most certainly the end of things as we know it in our dimension and limited minds. I myself have witnessed a peak into the afterlife after a bad motorbike accident the light which is spoken about is most certainly real and I must say a calming relaxing experience. no one can say exactly what happens so there can be no real argument as no solid evidence exists scientifically. so view it with an open mind not the macho boll&&cks we are dead we are dead line as you like all of us just don’t know for sure. look deeper than the human initial reaction allows and maybe open your mind and even enlighten yourself to the possibility that the spirit does live on and energy does not die. certainly I have seen many things to question the theory that once we are dead we are dead. many things I can to this day not explain but I firmly believe the end is not the end for the spirit energy of the human body it occupies and we will never really know as if this is true think about it we must of occupied many outta bodies and perished physically dying with the spirit energy passing to another carrier ie body. brings a new debate about people who claim the after life and swear with what I might add some very good memmories of places and people who lived centuries before they were born in their present body.

  10. Richard says:

    Death is life’s reflection.

  11. Jin says:

    Very nice article, sleep is the cousin of death.

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