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Don’t Look for Answers – Find the Questions

Zen Gardner

Researching the internet for information has taught me so many things. First of all, explore. Remain open and take the time to follow your heart and the leads and little nudges you’re given.

I know I’m preaching to much of the choir here, but these basic principles have such a wealth of wisdom to be gleaned.

We also soon find out the deeper one gets in the labyrinth of rabbitholelandia, the lonelier it appears to become. It isn’t really in the cosmic sense, but we become estranged to our previous ways of thinking and quickly realize our very lives are about to be drastically changed when we truly adopt the new Truths that are becoming increasingly apparent.

Baby AND the Bathwater – Out They Go!

And estranged we become. Thankfully. The first period of a genuine awakening is the most difficult for most since everything, as in everything, gets reset. There’s really nothing to hold on to from your past or previous conceptions of anything if you’ve had a bonafide wake up. Oh, there are ideas and some concepts that seem to endure from tidbits learned along the way, but it’s not the same.

Everything takes on a new living, continually changing, wonderfully creative amorphous nature.

Quantum physics has one of the best explanations if you want to try to rationalize the experience of awakening to consciousness. We’re living in a land of probabilities and nothing exists except in our minds when we aim our attention in some direction. Then it theoretically “exists”. But it’s just probabilities in a bunch of empty, yet energized space, coagulated by thought and intention within the perceiver.

That clear enough? Ha!

We Really Don’t Know – Do We Even Need To?

If we look for some catch-all solution or theory of everything it can lead to a lot of frustration. Not to say it isn’t worth the pursuit, but the pursuit is ultimately the end in itself.

Besides trying to fit the ocean in a tea cup and various other apt analogies, we simply will never grasp infinity with a finite mind. Quantum physics has pretty much put Newtonian and empirical science on its head, or better yet, blew it out of the building.

And yet again, what building?

They are all constructs is my point. Some apparently are group imposed like Jung’s archetypes that float in the collective subconscious like blipping inter-dimensional star ships or something, and some are like morphing ephemeral gossamer wafting through the ether as in societal trends and fashions.

We don’t know, but we have these conscious impressions. Which, ironically, are way closer to reality than anything you can touch or feel.

The beauty of it all is that our pursuit drives us to the end of the finite mind and into the infinite–our true observing yet indwelling consciousness and connectivity to each other and everything in the Universe. And that very hunger that drives us to find that resource and manifest it is what should direct our daily lives. Because that is where all of society’s and mankind’s solutions already exist.

Once we operate in that conscious awareness and the allowing of Love and Truth to express, everything else will follow.

It’s in the Going, not the Arriving

This is a bit of an aside, but as the mind’s questions and hunger for knowledge start to get satisfied and the false construct that has been foisted upon humanity gets exposed, a tremendous peace and assurance sets in. Somehow you know all is well and as it should be. Yet you also have free choice as we keep on living within this dimension where we find ourselves within these vehicles called bodies we’re automating around.

I know, very sci-fi.

Once you find out about the wonder of it all, the temptation is to just sit back and groove on it. Yet there’s this war going on around us. Not only this fear and scarcity based prodding to constantly worry about our survival, but nasty beings have somehow positioned themselves in places of power and are abusing the vast masses of other beings here on this planet.

Herein is the dilemma. What do we do about it? What can we do about it?

And that’s for each individual to find out based on their new found connectivity with consciousness. And to act on it.

“Cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?” Expediency asks the question, “Is it politic?” And Vanity comes along and asks the question, “Is it popular?” But Conscience asks the question “Is it right?” And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Nicely summarized, wouldn’t you say? Respond.

You Have to Ask the Right Questions

As we’re seeing here, any so-called answers that may be out there are going to be fluid, adaptable, often seemingly nonsensical, and constantly changing.

In spite of a world built primarily on rational confinement, the answer’s the same.

You really can’t nail jello to a tree.

But man, asking the right questions will keep you putt-putting down the path to greater truth, love and freedom like nothing else! People ask me how I find all these cool, apt illustrations for my articles. It’s all in the search question. And sometimes I’ll spend more time looking for the right illustrations than I will on the text!

You know why?

As many of you have found out, research is all about using the right key words, especially now with CIA/Google screwing with the search algorithms or whatever the hell they’re doing lately. It used to be easier to get to the information but they’ve screwed with it to make it more difficult. I like to use Startpage but they use Google anyway for images.

Secondly, when searching you run into so many amazing articles and cool blogs! If you use the images feature things will come up that catch your attention and off you go down the rabbit hole sometimes for hours! I end up with so many tabs open I’ll almost crash my computer!

It’s so much fun!

Ask the Right Questions and Outcomes Lose their Importance.

Being aware enough to ask the right questions is a big leap in consciousness. It has a lot to do with questioning everything. That requires detachment from emotional or otherwise over-involvement in your surroundings.

Takes some doing, but it’s primarily about commitment.

Many people can’t afford to stand back from the worlds of influences around them. They’re employed by manipulative people with whom they have direct dependencies. Or they’ve submitted to a societal network of some branded form of interacting they can’t get free from, such as circles of friends with similar likes and dislikes, or family with strong cultural and/or religious ties, etc.

Breaking free from that is no easy task. But that’s only true if you value those connections more than your connection to conscious truth.

Therein lies the rub.

You very often can’t have both. You can live peaceably with the unenlightened but you can’t do it for long. You have to establish a conscious living lifestyle, and let the chips fall where they may. It’s a decision everyone faces at many levels all the time. For the real Truth researcher, it is extremely profound with vast implications, and which we absolutely revel in.

It strengthens you.

I’ve sold almost everything I own. I live simply and frugally as best I can. Most of all, I dedicate my time to what I love. And that is the pursuit and propagation of Truth spoken in Love.

It’s almost like a leaky boat in reverse. I want to punch holes in the false paradigm around us and let the vast waters of Truth flood into this arid wasteland inside their lying matrix as fast as I can. And helping others question what they’ve been handed from any and every source, including me or anyone, is a healthy pursuit for a healthy, conscious humanity.

Don’t Be Attached to the Outcome

Big tip to help anyone stay conscious. Follows from the above.

Don’t be attached to the outcome. This can be anything from a simple planned activity to attempting to achieve some lifelong accomplishment. It could be the most limiting and debilitating thing anyone can do to their life.

Society operates totally on this one-track mindset of setting goals and making everything fit to obtain that goal. Besides that, they’ll sell you their goals!

This type of thinking is like putting cats in a box. It’s idiotic.

Goals should be very temporary, very fluid. How are we going to follow life’s signs or let synchronicity lead us into its magical realm of wonder if we’re set in our ways? There’s no room to get in.  It’s like people fuming at the stop light instead of grooving on the sights around them. How often do we all fall for this “hurry, push, push, don’t think” insanity of the world around us?

It’s designed to distract and keep everyone distracted and operating in tension in the micro world of limited mind.

Cut Loose and Stay Free!

Let things pass. Cut your ties with energy wasters. Free your time to live and love and learn. Watch what occupies your mind and heart during any day. How much is worry, playing “what if” games, or spending time on regrets or longings for stuff of any sort?

Get free. Do what you can do and watch the Universe/God/Source/Chi or whatever floats your boat kick into action! But you gotta make some commitments with action. Pare down your life to the essentials. Get away from mass media,  wrong food addictions, and other energy vampires.

Just do it. One thing will lead to another. Get serious about your desire for Truth and Love in your life.

Universe responds. Because it is, always has been, and always will be! In fact, time is another illusion, but that’s for another “time”….ha!

Ah, Universe! Now that’s all the “Universe-ity” humanity needs!

Have a great continual moment!

Love always, Zen

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